GH Update Monday 2/23/15

General Hospital Update Monday 2/23/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie walks into Kelly's' and overhears Spinelli admitting to Nathan that he realized that Ellie was right that Spinelli is still in love with Maxie. Maxie goes to speak to both guys.

Jordan is staying in a secret motel, keeping a low profile and talking on the phone. She notices Anna at the door who reveals to her that she is back working with the feds.

Spencer Cassadine visits Sonny and tells his uncle he believes he is a great father to his baby. He tells Sonny he's very happy he's out of prison. Sonny then reveals to his nephew that he has not forgotten his birthday present. Sonny then goes into the other room, brings out a big present with a bow and informs Spencer that it's something he can wear to the event his father is hosting.

Sloane goes to visit Nikolas, revealing that they share a “secret” that nobody is supposed to know about . Sloane further reveals to Nikolas that he has to “find something to do “ with “Jake Doe” just in case Jake regains his memory. Nikolas then clarifies to Sloane that they both know that “Jake Doe” is not this guy's real name.

Jake awakens from surgery in the OR when Elizabeth asks him if his memory has come back to him and if he knows who he is.

When Maxie walks in on Nathan and Spinelli after overhearing their conversation, Nathan reveals to her that Spinelli informed him that he and Ellie broke up because she believed Spinelli was still in love with Maxie and Spinelli admits that she is right. He then asks her how she feels about the fact that Spinelli has been hiding all of this throughout all of this time.

Anna goes to see Jordan and admits that she is relieved that she has been reinstated into the feds. They have apparently given her Sloane's old job. What she intends to do is get to the bottom of all the secrets that Kyle Sloane has.

Sloane indicates to Nikolas that he may not know Jake's true identity although they both know that Helena has conditioned him. Sloane seems to also have an agenda.

Spencer tells Sonny he knows that Sonny was a hero and saved many people from a villain who wanted them all dead. Sonny clarifies to his nephew that he had to do that for his son.

At the hospital, Carly admits to Sam she finds it very odd that nobody knew that Jake was “missing”. They both realize that Jake has come out of nowhere and nobody has a clue whom he is, where he's from or anything about this man's identify before he was first admitted to the hospital.

After surgery, Elizabeth informs Jake she remembers before he went under for surgery, he revealed that he knew who he really is. So, she asks him, does he now remember? We then see what appears to be Jake having unclear visions. He then admits to her that he does remember.

Anna tells Jordan she is convinced that Sloane helped Lomax rig the election so that Lomax could fire her and give Sloane her job. She also reminds Jordan that she knows that Duke threw out the ballot box. They both know that before that even happened “someone” had already tampered with, opened and then sealed up the ballot box to cover up the fact that they did it. They wonder who that would be.

When Nikolas is talking privately to Sloane, Spencer returns home and is ready for his birthday party. Sloane leaves Nikolas alone to talk to his son. Nikolas reminds his son that he has some festivities for his birthday. Spencer tells his dad he's the best father there is and he needs to own his greatness. When Nikolas is alone, he admits to himself that he sure does not feel that way.

At the hospital, after Jake is recovering from surgery, Sam remarks to Carly she can see that Carly has really grown attached to Jake. Carly admits that after Sonny pushed her away and Jake was there, she grew to like him. It was very hard for her to turn him in when she found out he committed those crimes, she admits to Sam. She also admits that if they find out that Jake lives far away and has a wife and family, she will be very sad to have to say good bye to him. Hearing that, Sam asks Carly if Sonny knows of her attachment to Jake.

Shawn goes to Sonny's home and they have the same conversation about Sonny's past present and future relationship with Carly.

Patrick goes into Jake's recovery room and assures him that the micro-chip in his brain has been successfully removed. Elizabeth is very anxious to see if he's regained his memory. Yet we do not yet find out what he may or may not remember.

At Kelly's, Nathan is suspicious to find out that not only did Spinelli lie to him about having broken up with Ellie because she was correct that he is still in love with Maxie. He finds out that Maxie knew about that and hid that important information from Nathan. He demands that Maxie tells him when and how she first found out that Spinelli broke up with Ellie because of her. He asks her if Spinelli confessed his love for her on Valentines Day and she invited him to play house with her and Georgie in the house. And he demands to know if she intended not to even tell him about that.

Elizabeth talks to Jake after he's awoken, telling him that she may not have heard of him before the accident but she feels she already knows him. Hearing that, he asks her if she could enlighten him. He tells her he knows he is a good man who is honest and honorable and who is not going to let Helena control him ever again. Carly walks in, overhears the conversation and appears puzzled and perplexed.

Shawn finds out that Carly may be “interested” in this guy, Jake who almost blew up The Haunted Star. He asks how on earth that could happen. Shawn also admits to Sonny that he and Jordan were asked by Duke to throw out the ballot box and he is not entirely certain as to why. He also warns him it's obvious that Sloane is up to no good with Lomax and it might have something to do with what Helena Cassadine's dirty deeds and the fact that she may have controlled Jake to do what he did not intend to do.

Anna admits to Jordan that they both know that the ballot box was found at Wyndermere which may cast suspicion upon Nikolas although Anna does not believe that Nikolas would do anything like that.

At Nikolas' home, Spencer has a party with music and his peers attending. Both Emma and Josslyn seem to “like” Cameron and fight over him. A DJ announces the man of the hour, Prince Spencer Cassadine. Spencer enters looking like he's in a boxing ring with two hot girls. He wears a tuxedo and announces that he’d like to thank his father for making this a perfect night. He also thanks all of his guests for helping him celebrate his 10th birthday. He mentions, especially the love of his life Ms. Emma Drake. We hear more music although Cameron antagonizes him. They fight over Emma and the clothes each of the two boys is wearing. Cameron reminds Emma that Spencer is not the only one who has lied about who likes whom. He wonders if he can trust Emma or Josslyn with their feelings for him.

Nikolas admits that that guy known as Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. In the process he (Nikolas) has been lying to Carly and Sam and everyone who cares about Jason. Why? SO that he could take over the power of an organization that Jason may rightfully own. He admits that privately to himself and is not “ok” knowing that he's responsible for this.

Jordan informs Anna that according to Shawn, since Sonny is out of prison, he is not really interested in what is involved in the most recent chain of events.

Sonny tells Shawn that given the legitimate suspicion he has about Jake, he realizes that maybe he can't just stay out of Carly's business. He saw what happened when she was seeing Franco and does not want that to happen again. So, he urges Shawn, he needs to keep an eye on Carly especially when she is around Jake.

Sam finds Patrick at the hospital and she reflects how they both still think about Jason and his death. It's as if they sees that “parallel” between that and what has now happened from Patrick operating on Jake.

Carly is then inside Jake's hospital room, telling him that she's so relieved, as he should also be, that Helena can no longer control him. She tells him that she, unlike him, was in control of her actions. She admits she made a big mistake and hopes he can forgive her.

At Kelly's, Maxie protests to Nathan that as soon as Spinelli dropped the bombshell upon her, she had no clue what to say or do or how or if to tell him. He takes her aside, asking Spinelli to shut up so that they can talk privately, and reminds Maxie about her “rash decision” she made about Johnny and the fact that she confided in Spinelli yet not in him. He is now realizing that she seems a lot more comfortable confiding in Spinelli than in him and seems to leave him in the dark. So, he asks Maxie, what is going on with that?

At Spencer's party, he wants Cameron to leave. Cameron admits to Emma that he likes Josslyn more than he likes her. He believes that Josslyn understands, appreciates and loves him more than Emma does. He and Josslyn leave together. Spencer is happy to see them both go, as he is then alone with Emma.

Carly confesses to Jake, in his hospital bed, that she feels terrible that she had to distrust him and turned him into the cops not knowing. He tells her that if she had not done that, many people would have been killed. She clarifies it was not his fault. It was Helena's fault. She tells him that she does not want to abandon any person and stop believing them when they need her. She realizes, she tells him, that she’s done some terrible things in her life and has had people there for her so she wants and needs for people she cares for to always know that she is there for them when they need her. She urges him to tell her if they are still friends because that is important to her. He affirms that he is her friend.

While Sonny talks to Shawn, Jordan admits to Anna that the more she “works with” Shawn and leads two lives, the more it eats away on her. Anna can tell that Jordan is growing closer to Shawn and he is becoming family to her and TJ. Anna asks her if she might find it hard to turn Shawn in. Anna addicts that she has had that same dilemma with Duke and may still have feelings for him in spite of the fact that the are working on opposing sides.

Shawn tells Sonny he has concluded, for all that is involved in their lives, that it's better to be safe than to be blindsided.

At the hospital, Elizabeth informs Patrick, Sam and Carly that she just heard that Cameron has broken up with Emma. She intended to pick up her son and take him home however, she's just found out that Lucas will be there for him so she need not return home.

At the party, Spencer asks Emma to dance with him. When he holds out his hand, we see, not far away, a paper item falling into a fire, causing a fire to spread, unknown to everybody there.

At Kelly's, Nathan then admits to Maxie that he apologizes for suspecting her. He realizes maybe he overreacted, as he reflects it's “not as if” she's in love with Spinelli or anything. Yet she does not affirm to him that that is entirely true. When she does not respond, he remarks that he can see that she may not be certain. So, he concludes to Maxie, he thinks maybe she needs to think about it and decide with of them she wants to be with. He walks away and Spinelli is nearby with Maxie.

Shawn goes to find Jordan in her motel room after Anna has left and asks her if there is anything she'd like to tell him. She then informs him that for some reason, it appears that Anna Devane is now a fed. He also tells her that on her first day on the job, Anna has been harassing her. She also informs Shawn, she 's told Anna what she's always told her, that unless she has a warrant, she has to leave Jordan alone.

Carly returns to Sonny's home and is ready to be with him and with baby Avery. He asks her where she was before she came over. She admits she was with Jake.

Jake drifts off to sleep and Elizabeth leaves his room.

Sonny assesses to Carly that Jake is the same guy who took Sam hostage, freed Faison and planted the bomb on The Haunted Star. Hearing that, Carly clarifies to her ex that that is not the whole story and she has no reason not to trust Jake.

At the hospital, Patrick intends to go to Wyndermere to pick up his daughter while she's a Spencer Cassadine's party. Yet she tell shim she'd like to stay at the hospital for a while.

At Wyndermere, as Spencer happily dances with Emma, they are unaware that a fire has occurred in the room and is raging out of control.

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