GH Update Friday 2/20/15

General Hospital Update Friday 2/20/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Luke is in his jail cell wondering what is happening as he remembers his “other voice' telling him that they are one and the same. He yells that the voice stops. He then realizes no other person is there. Only the guard is there to admit Tracy to visit him.

Right then, Lulu is with baby Rocco when Maxie comes to visit her with baby Georgie.

Spinelli is walking out of Kelly's when he runs into Nathan and accidentally spills whipped cream all over him.

At the hospital, Alexis and Julian are leaving when they run into Ned and Olivia who are entering. Julian can see that Olivia has an appointment with OBGYN and asks if she is pregnant (knowing if she is, the only possibility of a father would be himself) He asks her about that, to which Ned angrily tells him no. he's a jackass and the only father to Olivia's baby is himself (Ned).

When Lulu sees baby Georgie with Maxie, she picks her up and greets her. She puts the two children on the floor and introduces them. Maxie tells Lulu she needs to talk to her. Lulu reflects she cannot believe this is the first time they've met. They could date or get married and that might make them family. Lulu wants to know how Maxie's visit with Spinelli went. Maxie hesitates to answer that.

Right when Spinelli has spilled whipped cream all over Nathan's shirt, he takes it off and people can't help but stare at this gorgeous shirtless guy. In response to that, Spinelli asks how can he complete with that.

At the hospital, when Ned announces to Alexis and to Julian that he is the father of Olivia's baby, they clearly do not buy that.

At the jail cell block, Luke appears to have “come back” when he sees Tracy. He humbly tells her he's in trouble and is afraid he's done bad things. He is not certain about this “other guy” who looks just like him. He may not even exist. He's afraid it was himself the whole time. He pleads with is wife telling her he needs her help and needs her to believe him. He is in trouble, he tells her. She declares to him that she believes him.

Elizabeth goes to Wyndermere to see Nikolas and demands to know why Helena is there. She confronts Helena telling her she knows what she has done to Jake and is happy to inform her that that device that Helena put into Jake's brain has been removed.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Patrick meets with Carly and with Sam, reports that there was a device in Jake's brain which they've removed and given to the authorities. He assures them that although there is never any guarantee with surgery, he is optimistic about the outcome of the surgery he's performed on Jake.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas asks Helena what she might be able to tell him and Elizabeth will be the outcome after Jake's surgery. When she dances around giving an answer, Elizabeth angrily demands she stops the “double talk”. In response to that, Helena tells Elizabeth she does not owe her an explanation for anything. Elizabeth reminds them both that when she walked in, they were talking about something involved in “lying to her”. She asks if either Helena or Nikolas would like to tell her what that was all about.

At Kelly's, Spinelli apologizes to Nathan who tells him it's ok. Spinelli offers to buy him a whipped cream beverage but Nathan shares with Spinelli he tries to “stay away from the cream and sugar”, remarking how many more miles he'd have to run in order to work it off. He also wants to know when Ellie will be joining him. Although Maxie has not informed Nathan that her baby's father is now single, Spinelli spells it out to Nathan that he and Ellie have broken up.

Maxie discusses the same with Lulu and Lulu remarks she has not told her the reason way Spinelli broke up with his girlfriend. Hearing that, Maxie admits that Spinelli informed her the reason was because Ellie believed that Spinelli still has feelings for Maxie. And he admits she might be right. He did admit that he may want Maxie back and for them to be a family.

When Alexis hears Ned informing Julian that he (himself) is the father of Olivia's baby, Alexis angrily tells him he must take her for being very stupid to think she'd believe that for a minute. He asks her why she'd think he'd lie about something like this. She replies maybe because he's done it before when he“stepped up” for her when she was pregnant with Kristina many years ago so that no one would be the wiser that Sonny was her daughter's father. She asks Ned if he remembers as she can see he's clearly doing it again playing the knight in shining armor rescuing the damsel in distress from the mobster baby daddy.

Tracy talks to Luke about how Helena Cassadine has told her the whole story. Luke admits he does not remember anything about Helena except when she came to his cell at Miscavage once. He asks if Helena might have “done” something, to which Tracy tells him no. This is part of who he really is, independent of Helena, she tells him.

Elizabeth asks Nikolas what Helena wanted him to lie to him about. He replies that he did not want her or Lulu to know that he allowed Helena to spend the night at his house, especially after what Helena did to Elizabeth's friend, Jake.

At the hospital, Sam and Carly agree that Jake is innocent, had no control over what Helena did to him and it's clear the guy is a “lost soul”. However, Patrick remarks to them that according to Elizabeth, Jake might not be so “lost”.

Elizabeth confronts Helena about how she had to torture Jake and force him to do her bidding. Nikolas tells her he realizes that Jake has been put through hell because of his family. So he'd like to cover Jake's medical bill, especially knowing Jake has no health insurance since does not know who he is. In response to that, Elizabeth informs Nikolas that Jake not knowing who he is might not be the case anymore.

At his jail cell, Luke protests to Tracy that he knows Helena must have done some sort of “mind control” with him. She needs to know that he would never willingly join forces with the dragon lady. Tracy tells her husband, however, that they have not even begun to scratch the surface of what is going on but Helena has had nothing to do with what has happened to him while she can see he is clearly not in control of him. She tells him that having spoken to Luke's “other side”, both she and Helena have concluded it might have something to do with what happened to Luke growing up. Although he tells her that Helena is lying, Tracy tells him she believes that Helena knows of something terrible that happened to Luke while living in that house growing up. And, Tracy tells him, she needs him to tell her what that would be. She assures him no matter what happened in that house, he may tell her, no matter how awful. He realizes that growing up with his father was no picnic but he does not remember anything specific. When she further probes him, telling him maybe he blocked something out because it was too horrific to remember. It may have something to do with Bobbie, his other sister Pat or his cousin Bill Eckert. At that point, he turns right back into his “evil self” and demands she minds her own business, calling her a miserable bitch.

At the hospital, Alexis tells the others it's pretty obvious what happened as everybody knows that Olivia slept with Julian New Years Eve. In response to that, Olivia stands up and admits that was an obvious night of mutual bad decisions. Olivia tells her she understands her not wanting Julian to be the father of her baby but that does not erase the fact that he is and that Ned is covering for her. Ned then steps in and tells her that is not the case. Julian then asks Ned just when he and Olivia would have conceived this baby they have allegedly conceived together. Alexis asks the same, reminding Ned that she and he have broken up like 5 minutes ago. He's been exclusive with her for almost 6 months now and Olivia does not appear to be that far along. So, Alexis asks him,when did he cheat on her? He does not answer

At Kelly's after Spinelli admits to Nathan that he and Ellie have broken up, Nathan wants to be “supportive”, having no clue the reason why. He admits he realizes he and Spinelli don't know each other very well, but, he tells him, he's a good listener. Spinelli, however, clearly has difficulty admitting the reason he and Ellie have broken up.

Maxie and Lulu have the same conversation. Lulu asks if Spinelli did, in fact, admit to having feelings about Maxie about being a couple and co-parenting the baby. Maxie admits yes and that it blew her mind. She's finally gotten her life together. She has gotten her daughter back. Spinelli and his girlfriend are supposedly living happily ever after. Lulu then tells Maxie no disrespect to Spinelli but just because he has these feelings does not mean Maxie has change hers. So, she asks her friend, did she make it clear to Spinelli that she is with Nathan now? Maxie then admits she honestly does not know where she and Nathan stand right now.

At the hospital, right when Sam asks Patrick just what Elizabeth found out about who Jake really is, Elizabeth informs both Nikolas and Helena that right before she and Patrick put Jake under for surgery, he revealed something to them about who he really is.

At the hospital, when Ned cannot answer to Alexis just when he and Olivia slept together and conceived, he faces her and “apologizes” for cheating. She flippantly tells him she is not looking for an apology, just to nail down those dates. He then tells her he and Olivia have been “together” for a while. Julian then reminds them all that nobody can question when he and Olivia slept together. It was New Years Eve. So, he asks her, just when it was when she and Ned hit the sheets. In response to that, she evades the question. She tells Alexis, however, it should be obvious that it was right when Alexis rescued Luke from Miscavage. Alexis and Julian, both, however, remember that that was right at Thanksgiving and it does not appear as thought Olivia would be 3 months pregnant already, which Olivia also admits she is “not saying that”. Ned then reminds Alexis that by the time the two of them got back together, it was almost Christmas. And, in that time, he and Olivia were spending a lot of time together. Alexis remembers that she did observe Ned spending time with Olivia but knows they never slept together. She does not buy his “explanation” that he did not want to “hurt” Alexis by admitting that he slept with another woman. Olivia offers another “bogus” explanation of her outburst toward the two of them when she saw them together after learning that Ned was “serious” with Alexis and not with her. It because she “felt bad” about sleeping with Alexis' boyfriend. Julian then asks Alexis if she believes this story. She tells him if he's asking if she believes he would cheat on her behind her back and then make her feel guilty when it was he that was cheating? Yes, she declares.

At Kelly's, Spinelli reflects, to Nathan, how he must know very well how one spends time with their beloved believing that everything is great and they are meant for each other until one learns that deep down, they really do not know each other, which makes the relationship impossible. Hearing that, Nathan seems to know exactly what he is talking about, as Spinelli spells out to him that perhaps that is exactly what is going on between Nathan and Maxie.

Maxie then explains to Lulu that she made a serious mistake that may have not only broken Nathan's trust. It may have broken his heart. She gave Johnny her car keys when he was on the run. Not only that, when Nathan stormed out and she was afraid they were through, Spinelli came by. They had to stay in the apartment after putting the baby down and got into talking. And she had to confide in Spinelli about the whole thing regarding her uncertainty that she and Nathan have a future together because they are maybe too different and do not understand one another, which led Spinelli to believe that he may have a chance with her. Hearing that, Lulu asks Maxie if Spinelli does in fact have a chance with her.

In Luke's jail cell, Tracy can clearly see his “evil” self has come out as he coldly tells her she better back off and get the hint. She declares “there it is”, right in front of her. He tells her what's right in front of her is him telling her he wants her gone. He further tells her he hoped she'd get a clue when he tried to blow up the boat she was in . She then affirms to him she is not afraid of him and she is going to get some answers. She knows where to get them; from his sister. Hearing that, he asks her where she thinks she'd get any information from Barbara Jean. Tracy then clarifies she does not mean Bobbie. She means his older sister, Pat.

Elizabeth gets ready to leave Wyndermere and reminds Nikolas and Helena she has to get back to work before Dr. O fires her. Helena makes comments to her about hoping her “boat ride” does not get “too choppy”. Elizabeth then tells Nikolas this may be none of her business. But she thinks he'd be a lot better off if he could find a way to cut this woman out of his life for good. He tells her he believes she's probably right.

At the hospital, Sam is fascinated when she hears Patrick tell her and Carly that it appeared that Jake revealed to Elizabeth who he really was. Patrick then clarifies to her that they did not actually get that far because the anesthesia kicked in and Jake was out before he could get to that. Carly asks if that means as soon as Jake wakes up, he'll be able to tell them who he is. Sam adds he may also have some answers as to why Helena was so interested in him to begin with.

As soon as Elizabeth departs and they are alone, Helena remarks to her grandson how intrigued she is by the fact when it appears he has loyalty toward Elizabeth, he may have chosen “family” first by not revealing to Elizabeth what he now knows about Jason. Nikolas tells his grandma that was only because it didn't matter, reminding her that she heard Elizabeth. As soon as Jake wakes up it will all be over, he tells Helena,and Jake will be able to tell everyone who he really is.

Right then, we see Jake in his hospital room as the monitor beeps. He awakens and opens his eyes.

In Luke's jail cell, Tracy tells him she now knows the one person who might be able to unravel this mystery for them. It would be Luke's oldest sister Pat, the one whom he's never talked about as if she's dropped off the face of the earth. Hearing that, he angrily tells her that is impossible. Pat is probably dead by now or she disappeared. Tracy tells him she will find her although he tells her she is wasting her time. She then declares that she is not going to give up on Luke Spencer and is about to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

At Kelly's, Spinelli reveals to Nathan that Maxie revealed to him that she had a falling out with Nathan after he found out that she helped Johnny Zacarra escape the police search for him. At first, Nathan is not ok knowing that Maxie would tell this to Spinelli although Spinelli assures him that he can be trusted to uphold discretion and not tell anyone. He explains to Nathan that Maxie thought that maybe Nathan could not understand why she did what she did. Whereas between himself and Maxie, things are not all black and white. He further tells Nathan that both he and Maxie accept that in one's life, there are always mitigating circumstances and shades of gray. People who might live outside the law can be admirable none the less. Spinelli concludes to Nathan, that he believes his and Maxie's values are more in line and kind of like a real couple. Nathan tells him except Spinelli and Maxie are not a real couple. In response to that, Spinelli admits to Nathan that he might have something to say about that.

Meanwhile, Maxie declares to Lulu that she and Spinelli are a thing of the past. Lulu tells Maxie she remembers how she was heart-broken when Spinelli fell for Ellie. Maxie tells her she is with Nathan now. Lulu tells her she knows that Nathan is a great guy but he's not Spinelli. Lulu tells Maxie it appears that she is asking for clarification. Maxie tells her friend she appreciates her listening to her so now she will listen to Lulu. She knows that Lulu's father has been arrested and has some serious problems so she'd like to help if she can. Lulu then attempts to admit that she does not know where to start, when Tracy comes through the door. Maxie then tells them she will let them talk alone and leaves.

In the hospital, Alexis tells Ned she does not believe this. Since day one, he's been questioning her with Julian and all the while, he's been going behind her back with Olivia. She trusted him and this is what he does to her? Hearing that, Olivia attempts to explain to Alexis that Ned is not the bad guy. She then reminds Olivia she has not forgotten the “error in judgment” when Olivia gave Alexis' 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend the keys to her motel room, to which Ned asks Alexis to lay off of Olivia. Ned then asks Alexis if she can truly tell him that she never cheated upon him with Julian the whole while they were dating. Julian tells him that is not true. They have slept together at least once while she was “with” Ned. Ned then declares that they are even. He's glad it's now out in the open. Alexis cheated on him with Julian. He cheated on her with Olivia and now Liv is having his baby.

Elizabeth returns to the hospital, talks to Sam and to Carly but cannot answer any questions about what Jake may or may not remember. However, he should be out of surgery soon.

Helena continues to tell Nikolas that she has real diffidence in him to have lied to Elizabeth's face for her. He tells her that he told Elizabeth that Helena's little stay at his home was only temporary and that is the truth.

Olivia and Ned affirm that they are having a baby together. Julian talks to Alexis about how he wondered if he was having another baby. He really missed out on being there for Sam or for Lucas. He did not think that Ned had it in him to knock somebody else out. She tells Julian she knows what is really going on.

Right when Spinelli and Nathan admits that they are in a “deadlock” about which of them is the right man for Maxie, she walks into Kelly's to see them at the table.

Tracy returns to Lulu after her talk with Luke.

Right then, Nikolas has armed guards come and “surprise” Helena by escorting her off his property. She reminds the guys they work for her and not for her grandson. He clarifies to her that is not the case anymore. She no longer has any power. He now controls the Cassadine fortune and is calling the shots. He now gets to decide her future. She asks what he plans to do with her. He tells her she will return to Cassadine Island where she will live out the rest of her days alone. She will have nothing except the memory of his deceased grandfather. She tells him she cannot leave until she sees Luke. She tells her she won't see Luke again. She tells him she's proud of the fact that he's becoming more and more worthy of the Cassadine name. He reminds her that he is the Cassadine prince and will never have to deal with her again. She tells him she knows he will need her at some point. He declares that the take-over is final and will be all complete as soon as Jason wakes up and remembers who he is. He sks the guys to take his grandmother away and they do.

Carly talks to Sam about how things will be so great as soon as Jake remembers who he is and will no longer have to wonder. He may have a family and people who love him and they will be so happy that he can return to them. Sam is less encouraged and needs to know what Jake's connection is to Helena and what he somehow knew regarding her ring.

Right then, Elizabeth sits beside Jake's bed when he awakens and asks him if he remembers who he is.

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