GH Update Thursday 2/19/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/19/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick, Elizabeth, and a surgical team, were in the OR preparing to remove the microchip from Jake's brain. Liz offered Jake some comforting words. As the anesthesia began to take hold, Jake remembered Helena telling him he was Jason. “I know who I am,” he muttered, as he drifted off. Liz overheard Jake, and she mentioned it to Patrick. She wasn't sure if Jake really remembered, or if it was the anesthesia talking. Patrick replied that Jake could talk about it when he woke up. Liz pointed out that Jake might not wake up. Patrick spotted the microchip. It was in a place that was difficult to get to, and Patrick was hesitant about removing it, but he decided to do it, since Jake had wanted to risk it. Patrick removed the chip, and Jake started hemorrhaging. Patrick had trouble clamping off the artery.

Sam lingered outside the surgical ward waiting for news on Jake. Carly raced up; she'd just found out about Jake's operation. They discussed Jake's situation; Carly was glad that Jake knew he'd been forced to commit the crimes. Sam mentioned that she'd been there when Jake's memories started flooding back, and she was convinced that he was genuinely horrified by his actions. Carly was grateful that Sam was being so understanding. Sam confided that, just before Jake's surgery, Jake had told Sam that there was only one ring. Sam and Carly were puzzled about what that meant. Carly apologized to Sam for the way she reacted when Sam first accused Jake of being the gunman. Sam accepted the apology. Carly felt bad that she disappeared on Jake after she turned him in to the police. Sam pointed out that Carly had a lot going on. Carly agreed; she recalled how close she'd come to losing Michael and Sonny, due to the bomb on the boat. Sam was happy that Sonny had been pardoned and that he'd get to raise his daughter. Carly told Sam about Michael's bid for custody. Sam was surprised that Michael would want to steal Sonny's child. Carly explained that Michael didn't see it as stealing; Michael felt justified in taking Avery, the same way Sonny took Michael from AJ. Sam knew that Michael must be in a lot of pain. Carly wished that Jason was there to get through to Michael.

Carly explained that Michael wanted to take Avery both out of revenge, and because he felt that she wasn't safe with Sonny. Sam felt that there had been times in the past where Sonny's lifestyle endangered his children. Carly thought that Michael was hitting Sonny right where it hurt – a tactic Michael learned from Sonny. Carly admitted that she'd wanted Michael to grow up to be strong and smart like Sonny and Jason, and not weak like AJ. Carly felt that Michael had learned the traits she wanted him to have, but he was using what she, Jason, and Sonny taught him, to go against Sonny. Carly recalled that Michael used to be the fixer who held the family together, and now he was tearing it apart. Sam comforted the distraught Carly, who cried about being unable to get through to her “baby.” Carly calmed down, and the women joked that they hoped no one saw the hug. Carly and Sam talked about what Jason would think if he'd seen them embracing. The conversation shifted back to Jake; Carly was taken aback when she found out that Jake might not survive the surgery. Just then, a somber looking Patrick entered the hallway.

Alexis pushed Julian's wheelchair toward the GH elevators. She assured him that she'd talk to Ned after she took Julian home. Alexis accidentally pushed Julian into a wall, which sparked some playful banter between the pair. Olivia and Ned got off the elevator and the four came face to face. Alexis was curious about why Ned and Olivia were there. Ned and Olivia covered and claimed Ned drove Olivia to the hospital because she had the flu. Ned wondered why Julian wasn't surrounded by guards. Julian revealed that he was a free man, thanks to Alexis. Julian prodded Alexis to tell “Ted” the rest of the news.

Alexis took Ned aside and broke up with him. Alexis was contrite, as she admitted Ned was right when he accused her of wanting to be with Julian. She told Ned that she and Julian were going to try and work things out. Alexis sensed that Ned was mad, and she assured him that he had every right to be. Alexis swore that she'd been sincere about wanting to be with Ned, back when they first got together. Alexis apologized and told Ned she hoped they could still be friends. “No,” Ned replied. Alexis asked Ned not to end their friendship. Ned admitted that he wanted to stay friends, but he also wanted Alexis to be happy, and he didn't think Julian could make that happen. Ned implied that Julian was using Alexis for her talents as a lawyer. Julian overheard this, so he came over and spat that he loved Alexis. Ned insulted Julian, so Julian leapt from his wheelchair and lunged at Ned. Alexis and Olivia kept them apart. A nurse came up to Olivia and told her that Dr. Chu needed to reschedule Olivia's appointment. Julian perked up; he knew that Dr. Chu was an OB-GYN, and he asked Olivia if she was pregnant. Olivia claimed that she wasn't. Alexis added that there were numerous personal reasons why a woman would to go an OB-GYN. Julian was suspicious, and he asked why Ned tagged along to a personal appointment. Ned claimed he was giving Olivia a ride. Julian was still skeptical, and he made some snide remarks to Ned. Ned and Julian had a heated argument, which Alexis and Olivia unsuccessfully tried to defuse. Ned and Julian decided to take things outside. Olivia quickly confessed that she was pregnant, in order to stop the fight from becoming physical. Julian was stunned that he was about to be a father again. Ned remembered that Olivia didn't want Julian to know she was carrying his child. Olivia was stunned when Ned announced that he (Ned), was the father.

Duke dropped by Sonny's, with a gift for Avery. Duke and Sonny chatted about the gift, then Duke explained that he was also there to turn the organization back over to Sonny. Sonny told Duke about the upcoming custody hearing. Sonny didn't want to do anything that would cause the court to question his character, so he wanted to stay away from the business, for now. He asked Duke to keep running things.

Kyle was at Kelly's eating lunch, when Anna arrived. She sat next to him and helped herself to his fries. Kyle was caught off guard because he thought Anna was still in Washington. Anna revealed that she was back and that all the charges against her were dropped. Kyle grumbled about Anna wriggling out of justice again, but he pointed out that she still wouldn't get her job back. Anna revealed that she had a new job. She explained that there was an opening at the Department of Justice, now that Kyle had left. Anna took that job, and was now a Special Agent. Anna vowed to bring Kyle, and anyone who'd helped him, down. Kyle accused Anna of doing something underhanded to make the charges go away and land a new job. Anna told Kyle that she could relate to the frustration he must be feeling of knowing he was going to be the subject of a long investigation. Kyle ordered Anna to watch her step, and he grabbed her arm. Duke appeared. He grabbed Kyle's arm and ordered him to let Anna go. Kyle made a snide comment about Anna getting help from her fellow criminal, then he left. Anna assured Duke that she had things under control, but she thanked him for helping anyway. Duke told her it was instinct – he didn't like seeing another man touch her. Duke helped Anna into her coat, and he asked why Kyle was so upset. Anna explained that she had a new job. Duke hoped that he and Anna might not be on opposite sides, this time, but Anna told him that she was a federal agent. Duke surmised that Kyle was Anna's first target. “If you're still working for Sonny, you could be my second,” Anna said with a smile. Duke chuckled as Anna walked away.

Sabrina went to the Quartermaine mansion give Michael some paperwork for the clinic. Sabrina noted that Michael was in a good mood. Michael revealed that he'd just won his first victory against Sonny; Diane hadn't been able to get the custody case thrown out of court. Michael sensed that Sabrina didn't approve of what he was doing. Sabrina noted that it was none of her business, but Michael encouraged her to speak her mind. Sabrina was concerned that Michael was more focused on victories and revenge than on his sister's welfare. “Yes, I want payback for what Sonny did to my father, but more importantly, I want to protect Avery,” Michael stated. Michael felt that Sabrina should understand that Avery was in danger, since Sabrina almost hurt Avery, out of revenge. Michael clarified that he wasn't trying to attack Sabrina, or open up old wounds. Sabrina regretted almost hurting Avery, but she explained that she'd been targeting Ava, not the baby. Michael understood, but he reminded Sabrina that Avery would have been hurt the most. Sabrina thought Michael should consider that the same thing could happen again if he took Avery out of revenge. Michael insisted that he was trying to protect his sister. He told Sabrina that he'd been endangered many times, while growing up with Sonny, including spending a year in a coma, because he took a bullet meant for Sonny. Michael felt that Avery would have a target on her back as long as she was living in Sonny's house. Sabrina was all for Michael keeping Avery safe, but she had a feeling he wasn't being completely honest with himself about his motives. Michael explained that Sonny thought he was a good father. Michael used to agree with Sonny, but now Michael had a different viewpoint. Michael remembered doing his best to protect Morgan and Kristina when they were all growing up. He admitted he wanted to hurt Sonny, but he swore his main goal was protecting Avery.

Sonny walked in. Michael ordered him to leave, but Sonny stood firm. Sabrina excused herself. Michael ordered Sonny to talk to his lawyer, and he spat that Diane's failure to get the cast thrown out made clear that the judge agreed that no child should be raised by the head of a mafia. Sonny clarified that he wasn't running the organization anymore, so Michael wouldn't have to worry about Avery's safety. Michael didn't believe that Sonny would relinquish his power after he'd spent a lifetime holding onto it at any cost. Michael warned Sonny that putting a figurehead in charge of the organization wouldn't fool anyone. Sonny didn't want to fight – he wanted to discuss what was best for the baby. Michael was adamant that Avery would be in danger, if she stayed with Sonny, just like Michael had been. Sonny maintained that Michael had a good life. Michael felt that this was in spite of Sonny, not because of him. Michael pointed out that Morgan was sent to military school for his own protection, and Alexis shielded Kristina, but it was “open season” on Michael. Michael vowed to make sure that didn't happen to Avery. Sonny and Michael argued about whether Avery would be safe with Sonny. Michael ordered Sonny to get the hell out of Michael's house.

At Wyndemere, Helena showed Nikolas a wedding band. She explained that it was Alan's until Nik's “bastard cousin Samantha” gave it to her husband. Helena patiently waited while Nik pondered her words. She looked pleased when Nik realized that Jake was really Jason. Nik was stunned that Jake was alive. Helena explained that Robin revived Jason. Nik wanted to tell Sam that her husband was alive. Helena argued that Jake wasn't Sam's husband; Sam knew him as the man who took her hostage. Nik countered that Helena forced Jason to do that. Nik walked toward the door to go find Sam. Helena grabbed his arm; she threatened to tell everyone that Nik fixed the mayoral election, unless he kept quiet about Jake.

Helena explained that if Jake's real identity came to light, it would hurt the Cassadines' chances of taking over ELQ. Helena handed Nik a folder – it contained Skye and her daughter's ELQ shares. Helena revealed that Luke had talked Skye into giving them to him. Those shares, along with the ones Helena already had, gave Helena and Nik control of 32% of the company. Helena hoped that Nik could obtain the shares of other relatives, like Dillon, Brook Lynn and Maya. It would give him well over 50% of the company, putting him ahead of Michael. Helena told Nik that if Jake found out he was Jason, Nik would lose Sam's 9% of the shares. Nik added that Jason would side with Michael, and the other relatives would follow Jason's lead, since he was the heart of the family. Jason so much that they'd follow his lead. Helena thought it was clear that it was in Nik's best interest to keep quiet, but Nik still had reservations about lying to Sam. Nik thought about how Emily felt about Jason, too. He also didn't like the idea of separating Jason from his son. Helena argued that Jake didn't even know Danny was his child. Nik wasn't comfortable with keeping Jason from the other people who cared about him, including Liz. He asked how he was supposed to hide something like that from Liz, just as Liz walked in.

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