GH Update Wednesday 2/18/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/18/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis goes to see Julian while he's still in his hospital room. She wants to kiss him but he needs her to confirm that she has broken up with Ned. Hearing that, she admits to him that she could not go through with that.

Ned finds out that Olivia is pregnant with Julian's baby. However, she realizes the last thing she wants is to have him believing that, now that he's declared that he would, in fact, be interested in having a relationship with her and is over Alexis. She wants him to believe she was mistaken. However, he remembers that she told him she's confirmed with her doctor that the lab tests came back positive for pregnancy.

At Wyndermere, Helena talks to Nikolas and to Lulu while they wait for Tracy to return from visiting “Luke” in his jail cell. As soon as Tracy comes through the door, she confirms to her step-daughter that she did see Luke. He was ranting about Sonny Corinthos and power and things that made no sense. And that is why, she tells them, she needs to get some answers from Luke's partner in crime, Helena. She demands that Helena tells them what they need to know.

At the hospital, after Patrick inform Jake and Elizabeth about the risks of doing the surgery, he knows they need to talk alone

Sam gets off the elevator and sees Patrick, admitting that she wants to find out the verdict regarding Jake. He tells her he realizes Jake has a tough decision to make.

In Patrick's office, Jake tells Elizabeth he could do nothing and let the microchip stay where it is. At least he'd be alive but with another person having the power to control him with a word. Or he could have the surgery. Maybe it will kill him. Maybe it won't. He concludes his choices are actually simple. He can live free or die.

In Julian's hospital room, Alexis attempts to explain to him that she did intend to tell Ned they are through but when she went to the Quartermaine house, he was not there. He tells her there are no excuses. She's had plenty of time to do this but has not. He knows that Alexis is not one to shy away from confrontations. So, he concludes, the only explanation for why she is dragging her feet is she is having second thoughts and may not be entirely over Ned.

Olivia wants Ned to believe that she got a false alarm about being pregnant by Julian. He realizes otherwise, however and confirms with her that she is pregnant. She admits that is true and he asks her why she lied to him about that.

At Wyndermere, Helena admits to Lulu, Nikolas and Tracy that when the clinic was destroyed, she stayed in a safe house where Jerry Jacks was. Hearing that, Tracy asks if she was in Amsterdam at that point. Helena explains that Jerry had “another guest” while she was there. They know, the last time they spoke, Luke shot her and left her for dead. Hearing that, Tracy concludes that Luke obviously failed with that because Helena is still with us so, she asks, what Luke did this time. Helena then tells them that Luke suddenly told her that he wanted to take down Sonny Corinthos, destroy Port Charles and destroy any person who got in his way.

Right then, Bobbie goes to see “Luke”. She angrily tells him that he might as well be a stranger with what “he” has done. He tells her she can't say anything to him that nobody else has already said. She then clarifies that no other person has known him as she did, as they grew up together and shared the memories they have. She demands to know how on earth he could have planted a bomb on The Haunted Star that could have killed everyone both she and her brother love. He tells her she may relax. The plan failed. That bastard, Sonny Corinthos, along with his son, removed the bomb and all of the people are now safe and sound. She tells him she does not care about Sonny Corinthos. She needs to know how he could have done this and how he could have gotten her son killed.

Alone in the hospital office with Elizabeth, Jake tells her that not long ago, he had no recollection of his life, his name, his occupation or anything about himself. However, in a short time, he's been able to find out he can take a hostage, he can plant a bomb and do many other hideous things and now knows that Helena can make him do these things. She asks if he is not relieved to know that he did not choose this. He tells her that he cannot go on living making Helena or anyone else responsible for his actions. and knowing that he is a risk for hurting people. So his choice is very easy to make, he tells her. He'd rather die than know that he could cause Helena wants him to do. She reminds hims, however, if he does not survive the surgery, he could die and be taken away from all the people who care about him.

In the hospital lobby, Sam reflects to Patrick what she remembers a few years back when he operated on Jason for something very similar as what he could be doing with Jake. She remembers her husband not wanting go to through with it and fearing the outcome. She remembers when they moved to Hawaii how Jason was willing to die but she begged him to have the surgery. Patrick did it and saved her husband's life. Hearing that, Patrick admits that the situation for Jake is somewhat similar but then again, he adds, no two surgeries are completely alike, as he reminds her that Jake and Jason are two different people.

Jake talks alone in the room to Elizabeth about how she seems not to suspect anything about him and how he really appreciates her being there for him. She tells him that they started their friendship not long ago. She believes that Jake has no reason to feel bad or apologize when Helena caused this to happen to him. They also wonder what, if anything, Nikolas might be able to accomplish with his grandmother in persuading her to undo what she did to both Jake and to Luke Spencer.

Meanwhile, Helena talks to Nikolas, Tracy and Lulu about how she saw Luke as two different people and appears like she may be as confused about what's happened to Luke as the others are.

In his jail cell, Luke affirms to Bobbie that he did not order a hit on her son, Lucas. She asks if he really did not do that, as everyone concluded he did, in order to scare Julian Jerome and prevent him from leaving the organization. He admits that he ordered a hit but did not specify which one of Julian's kids it would be. He just had to put the message out to Julian that he could not leave the organization without consequences. The hit could have been Sam. It could have been Alexis. Hearing that, Bobbie clarifies that it was Luke's own nephew and her son. She reminds him that she named her son after her brother. She also reflects that it makes no sense because he was there by his hospital bed waiting for her son to wake up and to be there for him. He then clarifies to Bobbie that the sole reason he went to see Lucas after he was shot was to finish the job.

While Alexis talks to Julian in his hospital bed about what she plans to do with Ned, Ned talks to Olivia about what she's going to do with the news she has just heard. He asks her why she felt she had to lie to him. Did she not trust him? Olivia evades the question talking about her grandmother's meatballs. However, he needs to know what her decision is regarding being pregnant, realizing she can't hide it indefinitely. He asks her if she intends to terminate the pregnancy. She asks if he is in fact suggesting she aborts. He replies he's not suggesting anything but she must know that it's an option. She tells him not for anyone with her catholic upbringings although she clarifies that yes, technically, she has the right in America since it's her body and her choice. Yet it's not an option for her. It was not when she was pregnant with Dante and it's not now. He then asks her why she does not want anyone to know she's pregnant. She clarifies him she is not ashamed and could care less if everybody in the world knows that she is pregnant except for the father. She cannot ever let Julian Jerome know that she is carrying his kid.

Meanwhile, Alexis talks to Julian about how she is going to prepare his case. She knows how to motivate Scott Baldwin by making him realize if he pursues the case against Julian, there could be consequences for him. She can prove that the charge against Julian for killing Anthony Zacarra is false and Julian only pleaded guilty in order to protect his family against Luke, the real Luke, who wasn't even a prisoner at Miscavage in the first place. Hearing that, Julian realizes that he did, in fact, fall for Luke's charade just like everyone else. She further explains to Julian that she told Scott Baldwin that the taxpayer's money could be better spent going after Luke than pursuing the case against Julian. He asks her what Baldwin said to that. She replies he argued but declared that Julian is free, to which she says: “congratulations, jackass”.

Jake declares to Elizabeth that he is going to go through with the surgery and is willing to risk the consequences. They go and find Patrick while he's talking to Sam. He wants everyone there to hear that he intends to go through with the surgery to get this “thing” out of his head.

Helena talks to Tracy and Lulu at Wyndermere about what she's “observed” from Luke since the first time he was sent to Miscavage. She tells them he followed Luke to that old house of his, not long ago, and heard only Luke's voice raving to someone. And she found out he was raving at Bill Eckert's corpse. She found that amusing and interesting but didn't pursue it further. They all tell her they are tired of her telling them this yet not giving them any answers. She concludes that it's plain to see that Luke is deranged and she has noticed that there is another Luke out there who is his “dark half”.

At the jail cell, Bobbie demands to know how her brother she's known all her life could be this kind of person. Hearing that, he smugly tells her it's easy when he does not give a damn. She asks him if he does not care about her. She remembers her big brother who was always there for her. She could always count on him. Doesn't that mean anything to him, she asks?. She reminds him how they were always together. They were Spencers. They did not have much but, by God, they always had each other. She tells him how she remembers how afraid she was for so long. Yet for every lie she told and every mess she made, she always knew who she could turn to. And, she adds to her brother, she stood by him also. She remembers when both of their hearts were broken and they did not have a dollar between them, they were scared and screwed up but they were never alone. At least that is what she thought. She thought her big brother would always be there. She cries and becomes emotional when she tells him when things got really bad, all she had to do was reach out her hand, she says as she reaches her hand through the bars of his jail cell. She talks about how he would take it and rescue her. She then cries and asks Luke where is he. She asks when did he stop being her brother. At that point, it looks like a transformation has come over Luke. He then looks around and humbles himself, appearing scared and not knowing where he is or what is going on and why he is in this jail cell. He appears vulnerable and asks what is happening. Bobbie stares at him not knowing whether to believe this is the real Luke coming out or merely another scam.

Olivia tells Ned she cannot ever let Julian know he's gotten her pregnant. Not simply because he's a sleezy mobster. The guy does a piss poor job at protecting his family. Lucas got shot. Alexis' house got fire-bombed. Alexis, Molly and baby Danny were supposed to be there when it happened. Danny came within moments of dying because he was Julian's grandson, she reminds Ned. And she concludes she's not going to let that happen to her kid. Ned asks her how she intends to prevent Julian from finding out. She replies it's time to relocate. She has to leave town.

When Julian hears what Alexis has done for him, by getting him absolved of the charges of killing Anthony, he tells her he could kiss her. He realizes however that is not possible given the shackles that prevent him from doing so. He tells her she needs to have the guard to come in and remove them yet she clarifies it would also require her to want to kiss him, which she did until he went off on her for devoted her valuable time to liberating him instead of dumping Ned. She tells him she is no longer interested in kissing him as she was not long ago.

Helena tells Lulu and Tracy she likes “this Luke”. Hearing that, they are ready to leave and hear no more. Alone with Nikolas, Helena is ready to have his servants prepare her a meal. However, he tells her not so fast. He wants to continue the conversation they were having before his sister arrived.

Jake declares to Patrick he wants to go through with the surgery but wants to know what the outcome is likely to be. Patrick tells him he will most likely either come out of the surgery ok or he will die. Both Elizabeth and Sam want to assure Jake that Patrick will not fail although Patrick wants to realistically warn Jake that he is not perfect and there are no guarantees.

Nikolas reminds Helena that before they were interrupted, she was about to tell him who Jake Doe really is. So, he tells her, he'd like to continue that conversation. She tells him she can do that and would like to share with him what she knows about her soldier boy, as she adds it might be far more satisfying than what she's told him about Luke.

In the jail cell, while talking to Bobbie and hearing her urgent plea to bring her brother back, Luke seems to forget what the “other” Luke was aware of. He shows vulnerability, fear and asks his sister where they are. She coldly tells him it's very obvious. He's in his jail cell in the PCPD. He asks her why he's in a jail cell, appearing sensitive, afraid and vulnerable as well as confused as to why he's there. She angrily tells him he knows damn well why he's there. When he appears emotional and pleads for her to tell him and to believe he is telling the truth, she furiously tells him she's so tired of these little games. She's not falling for his scam any more and she's had it. She tells him they are done. He protests to her that it “wasn't him”. It was the guy who stole his face and his life. Doesn't she see that? She angrily and coldly replies she sees plenty. The blinders are finally off. All these years she's spent defending him, she finally recognizes her so-called brother for what he really is. She tells him he is nothing to her and she demands the guard lets her leave. Right then, the real Luke appears to be back while he yells and cries, demanding his sister comes back and asking what is going on.

Ned tells Olivia she can't just leave town although she reminds him he was correct that she can't just hide this baby forever. She tells him she can just go to Brooklyn and lay low with her friend, Melissa. He asks what about Dante and her family. She tells him she realizes that and won't abandon them but has to avoid Julian. This is not the same as when she was pregnant with Dante, many years ago, where she can just explain to people she's a slutty rebellious teenager who got knocked up outside a nightclub. That's not going to work this time, she concludes. She asks him if he has a better solution. He admits that they still have time so in the meantime, she should just maybe focus on her life and forget about her cover story for now. He asks if she's seen her doctor. She tells him she's been busy. He tells her he thinks she should schedule an appointment and he will come with her. She asks if he'd do that for her. He then promises her she is stuck with him.

Bobbie returns to Tracy and Lulu at Kelly's and tells them how infuriated she was to have gone to appeal to her brother's humanity and what happened when Luke heard what she told him. He was completely cold and insensitive and sounded like he was proud of what he did. She can clearly see that he is two different people.

Meanwhile, alone in the jail cell, the real Luke hysterically screams that he needs his sister, his daughter, his wife. He protests that he is innocent. Right then, he sees his “evil alter” appear before him, wearing a guard's uniform, smirking, facing him and declaring that “they all say that”.

Sam talks to Jake and stands beside him on the stretcher before he gets wheeled away for the surgery. He then sees her wedding ring and somehow remembers it with the significant meaning it has for him. She asks him what he is talking about.

Alexis gets ready to wheel Julian out of the hospital, but right when they are ready to get on the elevator, they run into Ned and Olivia who are entering the hospital together.

At Kelly's, Tracy and Lulu assess to Bobbie what they found out from Helena where she said there were two Lukes. She tells them as far as they know, they've already established that Faison posing as Luke was merely a decoy. He was not Julian's boss. Lulu assesses there are not “two Lukes”. Tracy concludes there are two sides of Luke in the same body. Bobbie assesses that she's known her brother her whole life and has never seen this side of him that they are talking about. When would this have happened and why? Tracy replies Helena thinks this occurred when Luke was a boy. It could have been something that happened at the Elm St. house. Something terrible. Lulu asks her Aunt if she might have some idea what that would be. Bobbie admits she realizes that many terrible things happened in that house. But she would not know of anything specifically that would have caused this to happen to Luke since she was just a kid. Although, she seems to “know” something.

The real Luke reaches his hands through the bars and attempts to strangle his “alter”. The alter asks what he intends to do to him. Luke declares the alter will not take him. Not without bars or a straight jacket between them. The evil twin reminds him he's already done something to him otherwise Luke would not be in jail. Luke screams that he does not remember anything and demands how he did that and who he is. The evil twin he sees tells him he's very stupid. “He” did not do anything to Luke. They are together as one. Luke then screams for someone to let him out of there and at that point, he sees that the person in front of him is not his “double”. It's a guard demanding Luke shuts his mouth or he will do it for Luke.

Sam stands beside Jake before he gets taken into the OR and wishes him luck. She seems sensitive and no longer untrusting.

Right then, Helena shows Nikolas a ring with an inscription. She explains that Alan Quartermaine gave it to Monica. Monica later gave it to Nikolas' bastard cousin Samantha. Then, on Sam's wedding day, she gave it to someone else. Nikolas asks who. Helena replies Jake.

In the OR, Patrick, Elizabeth and other medical staff are ready to operate on Jake. She asks Jake to count to 10. They tell him before he knows it, he will be in recovery. Elizabeth assures him, at that point, this thing that Helena did to him will be out of his life forever. Right then, as Jake counts from 10 down to 1, as he hears Helena explaining to him that he was a man loved by Elizabeth, Sam and many others. He hears her talking about how a privileged son turns his back on his family to join forces with a mob boss and becomes a lethal assasin. He remembers her declaring that she has no reason to lie. His name is not Jake. It's Jason Morgan.

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