GH Update Tuesday 2/17/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/17/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth, Lulu and Tracy were in Patrick's office waiting for Jake and Luke's test results. Lulu told Tracy how hateful Luke had been, the other day. They both agreed that Luke would never willingly treat Lulu that way. Patrick arrived and invited the women to sit, but Tracy ordered him to get on with it. Lulu, Tracy, and Liz knew, that according to Helena, Jake and Luke had microchips implanted in their brain that controlled their actions. Patrick revealed that he'd found a foreign object in Jake's brain, buried deep in the scar tissue from Jake's earlier surgeries. However, Patrick hadn't found anything in Luke's brain. Lulu and Tracy were sure Patrick had missed something, but he assured them that he hadn't.

At Wyndemere, Helena was teaching Spencer to waltz, when the boy made a mistake. “Great grandmother, if I mess up, are you gonna hurt me?” a concerned Spencer asked. Helena was curious where Spencer got that idea. Spencer explained that he'd heard the rumors about Helena and Spencer. Spencer asked Helena why she she tried to hurt his aunt Lulu. Helena did not admit to hurting Lulu, but she told him that she had very good reasons for her actions. Spencer asked if Helena would ever hurt him. Helena assured him that she could never do that. Nikolas walked in, and Spencer explained that Helena was teaching him to waltz for his birthday party tonight. Spencer asked where his gifts were, and Nik promised that he'd get them at the party. Nik sent Spencer to school, then he noted that Helena was enjoying her freedom. Helena felt that she was entitled, since she'd told Lulu what she wanted to know about Luke and Jake's programming. Nik noted that he'd done Helena a huge favor by arranging for her to get immunity. He wanted answers, in return. Nik understood why Helena targeted Luke, but he wanted to know why she targeted Jake. Nik guessed that Helena went after Jake to hurt Liz. Helena explained that she knew Jake before he came to Port Charles. Nik demanded to know who Jake really was. Helena was about to tell Nik everything when Lulu burst in and told Nik that Helena lied about Luke having microchip. Helena explained that she had to lie, because Lulu had refused to believe that Luke was acting of his own free will. Helena claimed Luke's murderous impulses were all his own, and that all she did was team up with him. Lulu demanded to know what caused the shift in Luke's personality, if it wasn't Helena. “Maybe he got sick of you,” Helena replied. Lulu grabbed Helena and tried to shake the truth out of her. Helena seemed amused and noted that Lulu was acting like a Spencer. Nik pulled Lulu back, then he threatened to go to the DA and get Helena thrown back in jail, unless she gave Lulu answers. Helena agreed to tell Lulu everything.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny held Avery in his arms while he made a phone call to make sure Spencer's gift was ready. Sonny told Avery that she'd meet her cousin Spencer, and the rest of the family, if she got the chance. He picked up the paperwork for the custody case Michael filed. Sonny stated that he loved Michael, but he wouldn't let him take Avery. Morgan stopped by to visit Sonny and Avery. Sonny asked how Kiki was doing. Morgan admitted that she'd considered, and decided against, filing for custody of Avery. Sonny brought Morgan up to speed on Michael. “He's accusing me of being an unfit father,” Sonny added. Morgan assured Sonny that that wasn't true. Morgan added that he and Sonny both knew why Michael was doing this.

Sonny was stunned that Michael would do something like this. Morgan was sure that Michael would lose, but Sonny wasn't so certain. He pointed out that he was a convicted murderer. Morgan grumbled that Michael wasn't even related to Avery, since Michael was adopted. Sonny tensed up, and he made it clear that Michael was his son, legally and in his heart. He ordered Morgan not to ever say that again. Sonny added that Michael wasn't his only child to lash out at him. Morgan conceded that he'd done some stupid things when he was mad at Sonny, but he argued that he hadn't done anything as bad as this. Morgan argued that Michael didn't even want Avery and was only doing this to hurt Sonny. Sonny agreed that Michael had hit him were he was vulnerable. Sonny didn't like Michael's actions, but he admitted he admired his tactics. Morgan decided to go confront Michael, but Sonny told him that would only make things worse. “This is between Michael and me,” Sonny stated. Sonny explained that he'd already called Diane, and she'd assured him that she could get the case thrown out. Sonny admitted that Michael had the right to hate him, but he felt that Michael had gone too far. Sonny punched a door.

Sonny was convinced that he'd lost Michael and that there was nothing he could do to repair their relationship, but Sonny was adamant that he wouldn't let Michael take Avery. Morgan promised to be there for Sonny. They hugged, and Sonny admitted he was a little surprised by Morgan. Morgan admitted that he and Sonny had been through some rough moments, but they'd overcome them. Morgan hoped Diane would be able to get the case thrown out. Sonny didn't think Michael would back off. “He's not gonna stop until he sees me suffer,” Sonny stated.

Carly barged into the Quartermaine mansion and ignored Lina, the maid's, insistence that Michael didn't want to be disturbed. Carly snapped that Michael was not going to get away with this. Michael knew she was referring to him filing for custody of Avery. Carly accused Michael of trying to hurt Sonny. She assured him that he'd been successful and that she'd been there when Sonny was served. Michael snidely asked if Carly and Sonny enjoyed their reunion after his 90 day sentence for killing Michael's dad. Carly argued that it wasn't Sonny's fault he got pardoned. Michael clarified that he filed for custody because he didn't want his sister to be raised by a murderer. Carly pointed out that the governor thought Sonny was a hero. Michael spat that the pardon didn't change the fact that Sonny killed AJ. “Sonny took AJ away from me. Now I'm going to take his child away from him,” Michael stated.

Michael pointed out that Sonny and Carly forced AJ to sign over his rights. Carly insisted that she'd done what she thought was best for Michael. Michael mocked her for thinking a mob boss would make a good father. Carly countered that he made a better father than a lush who almost killed his brother. Michael conceded that AJ was a mess when Carly and Sonny took away his rights, but he pointed out that AJ wasn't a murderer. Michael was adamant that AJ didn't deserve what Carly and Sonny did to him. Michael felt that he had a better reason to take Avery from Sonny than Carly had to take him from AJ. Carly smiled and told Michael he was just like Sonny – they had the same anger and drive for revenge. “That's what you wanted isn't it?” Michael asked. Michael noted that he was born a Quartermaine and made a Corinthos. Avery was born a Corinthos, but Michael vowed to make her a Quartermaine. Carly didn't think it would be good for Avery to be taken away from her home and her father. Michael pointed out that she'd only been with Sonny for three days. He added that he was sparing Avery from possibly getting kidnapped, like he, Morgan and Kristina were, or shot, like he'd been. Carly felt that Sonny could protect Avery. Michael snapped that Sonny hadn't protected his first wife, Lily, and their unborn child, from the car bomb.

Carly told Michael that she was trying to stop him from doing something he'd later regret. She insisted that Sonny was a good father. Michael countered that a good father would let his child go, to keep them safe, the way Jason did with Jake. Carly talked about how much Sonny loved Avery, and Michael asked her if Sonny sent her to fight his battle. Carly admitted that Sonny didn't know she was there. Michael grumbled that Carly had a pattern of going behind people's backs and doing things she claimed were protective. Carly was adamant that she was protecting Michael, Sonny and Avery. “You're ripping a family apart.” Carly stressed. “A screwed up, dysfunctional family, but it's hers.” Carly ripped the custody papers from Michael's hands. She admitted that she and Sonny gave Michael a messy childhood, but she reminded Michael that he'd grown up knowing he was loved. Carly was confident that Michael still loved Sonny, too. Michael accused her of seeing what she wanted to see, but Carly insisted that she was right. Carly thought that Michael felt like his love was a betrayal of AJ. Carly begged Michael not to deprive Avery of Sonny's love.

Carly acknowledged that Michael was a great older brother, and she understood that he wanted to protect Avery, but she was adamant that Sonny and Avery needed each other. According to Carly, Sonny showed his best side when he was parenting his kids and providing them with the life he didn't get to have, growing up. Michael asked if Carly expected him to risk Avery's life, so Sonny could feel better about himself. Carly explained that she wanted Michael to believe Sonny could do better for Avery and for Michael. Michael thought Carly sounded desperate, and he assumed she must think he was going to win. He told Carly that they were done, and he walked away.

Spencer had his driver take him, Josslyn, Cam, and Emma to Kelly's for breakfast. Spencer announced that it was very important to him that they - his girlfriend and two best friends, attend his party. Cam countered that he was not Spencer's best friend. Emma added that Josslyn was not Spencer's girlfriend. Josslyn insisted that she was. Emma revealed that Spencer had told her that he and Josslyn were only pretending to date, in order to make Emma jealous. Cam asked Josslyn why she'd let Spencer use her. To Josslyn's dismay, Spencer told Cam that Josslyn had been trying to make Cam jealous. Josslyn admitted that she was in love with Cam, and she felt that he could do better than Emma. She added that she was glad this was coming out because she was sick of waiting for Cam to realize how awesome she was. Emma pointed out that Cam was with her (Emma). Spencer unsuccessfully tried to make himself the center of attention. Cam wondered why Emma didn't tell him about her conversation with Spencer. Emma explained that she didn't think it mattered. Cam was angry. Spencer interrupted the argument, and steered the conversation back to his party.

In the holding cells, Luke ate breakfast while Jake laid on his cot. Luke tried to make conversation; yesterday, Luke and Jake had been taken to GH for an exam. Luke wondered if Jake thought the doctors found proof that Helena was controlling them. Jake wasn't talkative, because he was still appalled by Luke's treatment of Lulu. Jake bemoaned the fact that he didn't know who he was or if he had a family. Luke thought that sounded liberating. Jake replied that if he had a family, he'd rather die than treat them the way Luke had treated Lulu. Luke was unrepentant, and he pointed out that Jake planted a bomb on Lulu's boat. Jake blamed Helena for that. Jake wondered if Helena was telling the truth about the microchips. Luke claimed he didn't know. Luke understood that Jake was hoping to be vindicated and prove that he didn't choose to commit those crimes. Jake admitted that he did want proof, both for himself and for Liz. Jake was grateful for all Liz had done, and he was hoping Patrick would prove that Liz's faith in Jake wasn't misplaced.

Jake didn't understand why Luke didn't appear to want an explanation for what he and Luke did. Luke was adamant that things weren't that complicated. Jake didn't think Lulu would hold Luke in high regard if this was his real personality. Jake was sure that deep down, part of Luke was ashamed of hurting Lulu. Jake admitted he hated himself for what he'd done, but he took comfort in knowing he'd been forced to do it. “Unlike you, I don't have a problem with who I am” Luke stated. The men traded barbs, then Liz raced in and told Jake the news about the chip. Liz explained that GH and Sloane were making arrangements for Jake's surgery. Jake thanked Liz for believing in him. “Love is in the air,” Luke interjected, sarcastically. Jake asked if Luke would be getting surgery too. “You may be Helena's puppet, but there are no strings on me” Luke said.

Some guards escorted a handcuffed Jake to GH. He and Liz met with Patrick. Jake thanked Patrick for finding answers for him. Jake was eager to have surgery as soon as possible. Patrick had bad news – he'd taken another look at Jake's scans and realized that the surgery could kill him.

Tracy went to the holding cells to visit Luke. Luke knew she'd found out Helena wasn't controlling him. Luke told Tracy that no one owned him, not Helena, and not Tracy. Tracy agreed that this had always been true. Luke added that this was the real him. Tracy calmly asked why he'd changed, so drastically. Luke replied that he was bored, and he wanted power. Tracy pointed out that Luke had friends, family and love, when he'd been a philandering larcenist. Luke countered that those things had brought him nothing. According to Luke, he wanted to be feared; to have everything that Sonny had. Tracy was taken aback, and she argued that no one with a sense of decency would want what Sonny had. Luke didn't care about decency; he wanted respect and an empire. Luke recalled that after he killed Frank Smith, he stepped aside, due to Laura, and Sonny took power. Luke came to regret that choice, so he'd contacted Julian Jerome and come up with a plan to take what Luke felt was rightfully his. Tracy was skeptical. She asked where killing her, Lulu, and everyone else on the boat fit into his plan. Luke claimed he'd wanted to be rid of Tracy and her nagging. Tracy was sure that there was more to the story, and she vowed to get to the bottom of it.

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