GH Update Monday 2/16/15

General Hospital Update Monday 2/16/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia is at The Metro Court on the phone to her doctor who informs her, to her shock and disbelief that she is pregnant. Ned has come to the realization that Alexis may not be the person for him and maybe Olivia is. When he finds her and tell her that, he can see she is shocked and stunned and wonders what is the matter.

Alexis goes to see Julian, realizing the same thing Ned has just realized. She declares to Julian that he is the one she wants to be with and not Ned. They kiss happily

At the station, Dante is on the phone to Lulu declaring that he loves her and they will be together soon. Nathan appears to be less encouraged about his relationship. When Dante observes his partner lost in thought and not looking happy, he tells him he has heard about what just happened with Maxie in regard to Johnny Zacchara.

Maxie is at her apartment talking to Spinelli after her falling out with Nathan. She assumes that Spinelli is happily in a relationship with his girlfriend, Ellie. However, he informs her that they have broken up. She asks why. He replies because of her and admits that Ellie believes he is still in love with Maxie.

Michael sits at the Quartermaine house alone looking at the ELQ files reflecting that Sonny obviously believes the law applies to everyone except himself. After all, the governor did give Sonny a pardon, Michael assesses in anger. He then declares that there are other ways to make Sonny pay for what he did to AJ.

Sonny is at home happily with Carly after they've just put baby Avery to bed. They kiss and are elated to be together and he has a Valentine surprise for her.

We then see Franco alone in his hospital bed after taking the overdose of LSD after saving Nina from his mother. Kiki comes by and visits him. She is happy to see him and gracious and tells him she knows that although many people are very surprised to find out that he would do a heroic deed, it does not surprise her since she always knew there was good in him. She sees that he is awake and lucid. She asks if he remembers her. He tells her yes. She is his daughter.

At the station, Dante assesses to Nathan that he's heard about how Johnny Zacchara escaped from the law when Nathan was looking for him. He went to Maxie's home hoping she would hide or help him escape and he stole her car. He tells his partner he can understand how he must be livid. Nathan tells Dante he is although not for the reason Dante assumes and hopes.

Maxie asks Spinelli how on earth Ellie would get the idea that he is in love with Maxie and he must set his girlfriend straight that that is not the case. However, Spinelli admits that he cannot do that.

Sabrina goes to see Michael at the Quartermaine house. Noticing he's sitting at a dinner table with wine, candles and food, she assumes he has Valentines plans and tells him she can come back another time. He tells her that he has time for her and invites her to take off her coat and stay. She tells him she wanted to apologize to him for defending Carlos to him and assuming that he was not working for the crime boss. She now knows that Carlos knew about Luke's actions and what he intended to do and she did not realize until he was too late. She apologizes to Michael although he tells her she has nothing to be sorry for and it's not her fault. He assesses that everyone on The Haunted Star is ok, to which she adds thanks to him and to Sonny Corinthos. Hearing that, Michael's demeanor clearly darkens and he wastes no time telling her his new theory.

When Sonny plans a romantic Valentines evening by the fire with Carly, he tells her he is so grateful for all she's done to help him with Avery. She tells him she believes Avery is an angel and a pleasure to be with. He tells her he's so happy to be back home and so grateful that she is in his life. They continue to kiss.

In Franco's hospital room, he tells Kiki she is his little girl. She attempts to clarify to him that he is confused. Not long ago, they were both under the belief that he was her father but they found out otherwise. Franco, however, seems to firmly believe that he remembers when she was first born, how he held her and loved her and how he was in her life up until now. He apologizes for having to break up with her mother, assures her that he loved her mother but they had some serious problems and they had to break up, as he holds Kiki's hand. He tells her she is his beautiful girl. She moves closer to him and looks him in the face, as she gently affirms to him that he is mistaken. She did not grow up with him nor was he with her mother. Her mother is dead, she tells him.

In Julian's hospital room, while Alexis kisses him, looks adoringly at him and affirms that she is in and committed to him, he tells her he questions whether this is really happening or if it's the meds that are causing him to hallucinate. He informs her of the conversation he just had with Lucas, where he realized that he may not be in any position to advise his son on relationships given his own failure with his. She assures him, however, that it is real. She tells him that does not mean that they do not still have problems. She tells him that his legal issues she's pretty confident can be worked out. However, they have some interpersonal issues they may have to still deal with. Hearing that, he tells her he'd like to postpone hearing about their differences and would first like to know how she has come to this conclusion that she wants him back in her life. She then admits that while she was just with Ned, they both realized that they are not right for each other and she is better off with Julian. She lays beside him and they snuggle while Julian remarks that he may owe Ned a debt of gratitude and when he next sees him, he will say thank you.

Ned goes to The Metro Court to see Olivia, predicting he will have good news for her by telling her what she's hoped for a long time he'd be able to tell her. However, he notices her startled expression and asks her what is wrong. She is still on the phone after learning that she is pregnant. She ends the call and Ned asks her what that was all about. She replies she just got the test results from her doctor. He tells her that she may tell him anything and need not hide anything from him. She asks how his Valentines Day went.. He then informs her that when they last spoke, she encouraged him to trust Alexis and not accuse her of being interested in Julian. He tried to do that when he was with Alexis earlier tonight. However, they both came to the realization that she would, in fact, rather be with Julian. So he and Alexis are through.

In his hospital room, Julian wants Alexis to keep the door wedged, so they can be alone although she says she has to go right now.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael invites Sabrina to sit down at the table, eat and have some wine. He confides in her that he knows how Sonny always seems to escape the consequences of his actions. He reveals to her how he's been brainstorming all he knows throughout his life about his father's mode of operandi , how he thrives on power and his organization and that he is right now finding a strategy to beat Sonny at his own game. Hearing that, she tells Michael she did not mean to bring up a sore subject or open up wounds for him although he tells her it's ok. He is on a mission. He assesses that Sonny's whole life is his power and his territory and when you take those things away from him, Sonny Corinthos is nothing.

Sonny is enjoying a romantic evening with Carly. She tells him how great the food, the champagne and the roses he prepared for her are. He tells her he is so happy to be a free man, to have her and to have his beautiful little girl. They kiss and right then can hear the baby cry.

Kiki tells Franco she came there to see him, hoping he could help her make a decision. She tells him she needs someone to tell her whether she should sue for custody of her baby sister.

At the station, Dante assesses to Nathan about how he and Maxie must be adversely affected by the gall of Johnny Zacchara going to find Maxie and expecting her to help him and whether he'd betray her trust. In response to that, Nathan comments that is “not exactly how he sees it”. Assuming he'd have to be talking about Johnny (not questioning Maxie) Dante asks his partner if he has not considered that Johnny is capable of involving a civilian in his issues. Nathan concludes he's pretty certain that Maxie can take care of herself. Dante continues to tell Nathan he needs to know how Dante has heard this whole thing before, given Lulu's past relationship with Johnny. Nathan then hesitates to reveal what is really on his mind to his partner although Dante encourages him to talk. They then find a private room where nobody can overhear their conversation where he confesses the whole truth that he did not tell the ADA about how Johnny obtained Maxie's car. He admits that his story about Johnny taking Maxie's car keys without her knowing is not true. He made that up.

At Maxie's apartment, after Spinelli reveals that his girlfriend broke up with him because of her “mistaken belief” that he is in love with Maxie, she tells him he needs to sit Ellie down and explain to her that he is not in love with Maxie and is in love with her. When he raises objections, Maxie assumes that it's merely Spinelli's inability to express his feelings. He tells her it's not that simple. She asks why and then asks specifically if Ellie is right that he is, in fact, in love with her. When he confirms that is the case, she tells him that is surprising because when she spoke to them around Christmas and New Years, he and Ellie seemed so happy together. He tells her that was the case at first but Ellie has been making observations about things that he may have overlooked. At that point, he thought about it and asked if he was not denying his feelings and his true desires. He did not know what to say or do but Ellie did. She told him he had to look at his true situation before he could move forward. Before he came out there just now, Ellie intentionally stayed behind and did come with him. She wanted to give her boyfriend the opportunity to be alone with Maxie and their daughter so that maybe he could see if they were meant to be a family together.

Alone with Dante, Nathan explains that given their theories about Johnny's smooth charm and how he can manipulate women, everybody thought his first point of contact would have to be Lulu. Yet, it was, in fact Maxie. Dante wants Nathan to talk to him and confide although Nathan tells his partner he does not believe it's his problem. Dante asks him however, if he believes that he and Maxie can get past this.

Michael brainstorms to Sabrina what he's been able to find out about Sonny's “supposed” legal businesses and financial holdings, including his “business” in the Caribbean. He talks about how casinos and clubs far away might be difficult to “get to”. However, here in Port Charles, he explains to her, Sonny owns several warehouses, from where he hopes to uncover illegal activities and get Sonny sent back to prison. She asks him if Sonny's coffee business is not legal, yet Michael tells her Sonny uses that as a front to launder illegal money. She tells Michael she understands revenge all too well. She completely lost herself with what she almost did and does not want the same thing to happen to Michael. He then tells her he did not mean to bring up old wounds for her and clarifies his theory to her that while Ava was far from innocent, it turned out she was not the one who caused Sabrina to lose her baby. Whereas, AJ was unarmed and Sonny shot him at point blank range. He was guilty of murder, he reminds her and he's going to make Sonny Corinthos pay.

As baby Avery interrupts Sonny's and Carly, he remains happily intertwined with Carly and his baby daughter. Carly talks about how she can understand how the baby missed her daddy as she has missed him too.

Kiki tells Franco it's been really hard watching Sonny leave with baby Avery. It was only 24 hours but she's wondering if her baby sister is missing her now. The baby is now in a strange house with strange people, which she realizes, one of whom is her father. Yet she is concerned. She might not know who Sonny is. He asks if she thinks that Avery should be with her. Kiki replies at first, she thought it would be a big responsibility yet she has now bonded with the baby. She admits to Franco that she has consulted with a lawyer who told her she might have a shot at getting custody of the baby but she wonders if he thinks it's right for her to take the baby from Sonny. Hearing that, Franco firmly tells her no. No baby should ever be taken from its father.

Alexis tells Julian that she has yet to officially break up with Ned. She cannot move forward with him until she ends it with Ned. Hearing that, Julian asks her if there is some sort of “legal statute” he does not know about for breaking up. She tells him it's just common decency. She needs to stop stringing Ned along. So she needs to find him and let him know what she has decided.

At The Metro Court, Olivia appears very content with the “reality” that Ned chooses to be with Alexis and tells him he needs to go and apologize and make up so they can get back together. In response to that, he informs her that he heard something very different, which might be correct, from someone he met for the first time who said she knew Olivia. Hearing that, Olivia asks Ned whom he spoke to. When she finds out that Melissa came to talk to him, Olivia coldly affirms to Ned that Mel needs to mind her own business. She assures him that she, by no means, sent Mel over to talk to him and the next time she talks to Mel, she intends to give her a piece of her mind. Ned, however, tells Olivia that he believes that Mel was right when she said he's an idiot to believe he has a future with Alexis and fail to see that someone else might be the right woman for.

When it sounds, to Maxie, as though Spinelli might want to have a relationship with her now that he is single, he tells her he does not want to interfere in her relationship. However, when he arrived, and she informed him that she and Nathan may be having problems, he admits, that made him think about the possibility that they may have a chance together.

Nathan tells Dante he loves that Maxie is creative and impulsive and sometimes acts before thinking. However, that is a concern he has about her. She many times does not understand the trouble she causes for herself. Dante the tells his partner one thing he's learned about marriage is compromise. It's inevitable that somewhere along the time, you are going to upset each other. So the question is whether he and Maxie really want to be together.

Sonny talks to Carly about how he feels he's been given a second chance with his life, with her and wit his daughter. She holds the baby and assures the little one that what Sonny does not know about being a dad, she can show him. He tells her now that he's free, he wants to commit to being a father.

Franco tells Kiki he does not know Sonny nor anything about him. Yet even if he is a messed up bastard, he may have the capacity to be a good father. All people have propensity to make mistakes. No parent is perfect. But when one has kids, they do everything they can to give them their best. Their kids need them and can't be prevented from having that person in their life. He tells her even when one cannot do it right away, they need that chance. She then asks him if he does not think she should sue for custody of Avery. He tells her she has to make a decision about providing a stable home for her little sister and it may not be an easy decision. It's got to be the choice that allows one to sleep at night and ultimately, it has to be the decision that is right for the person making it.

Alexis goes back to the Quartermaine house and sees Michael and Sabrina sitting at the table that Ned prepared for her. She tells them she really needs to talk to Ned if he's anywhere nearby. She gets a call from Kiki which she has to take in the other room. Michael eavesdrops and later asks her if that was Kiki. He somehow knows that she might want to fight Sonny for custody of the little one with Alexis representing her and wants to know all about it. Alexis tells him she is not at liberty to discuss this with him, yet that thereby confirms to him what Kiki is about to do.

Kiki gets off the phone after talking to Franco, who asks her if she believes she's made the “right decision” (while we don't know what she's decided). She replies she is not certain it was the correct one but she needs to trust her intuition.

At The Metro Court, Olivia wants to convince Ned that she does not appreciate Mel getting into her business and having the gall to tell him whom he should or should not be with, remarking to him that behaviors like that give Bensonhurst girls a bad name. He assures her he was not offended by being told what he was told. He tells her he believes that Melissa was right.

Although Maxie tells Spinelli he should not be talking about what he wants to talk about, he tells her he owes it to her, to Ellie and to himself. He tells her he likes Nathan, respects him and believes he's a good guy. However, this argument she had with her boyfriend, suggests to him that maybe the two of them are not ideally suited. They have different values and priorities which may put cracks in their relationship. So, he tells her, in spite of Nathan's dazzling good looks and the fact that he certainly does care about Maxie and means well, maybe the two of them are not the perfect couple. Maybe himself and Maxie may be closer to that. He reminds her and she agrees that they have created a perfect baby. Georgie is not the only thing that bonds them, he tells her. They were friends for a long time. They have been through so much, seen each other at their worst. He likes to see the good in her and she in him. So, he tells her, he and Maxie have a foundation. A mutual regard and respect, which is something they could build on if they move forward. He then asks her if she does not agree and if she does not grasp something he said. There's a knock on the door. She gets the door. It's Nathan. She asks him if he's gotten any news on Johnny. He tells her no and asks if he can come in. He greets Spinelli and asks where is Georgie. They reply that she's sleeping. He asks Spinelli where is Ellie and is surprised to see that Spinelli has not brought his girlfriend. He seems to know it might “mean” something that Maxie's baby's father is now single. Maxie however, does not want Nathan to know what Spinelli has just told her and informs her boyfriend that Spinelli's girlfriend' merely had to work as the lab cannot survive without her.

At The Metro Court, Ned declares to Olivia that Mel was right. He could not see what was staring him right in the face. He wanted to make it work with Alexis but the simple truth is she is hung up on Julian. Hearing that, she does not smile however, and tells him it's not that simple. He asks her what is up. She then reveals that she is pregnant by Julian.

When Sonny is happily with Carly and ready to make plans to re-do the baby's room, there's an unexpected knock on the door. A strange man enters with a folder, asks if he is in the presence of Sonny Corinthos, gives Sonny the folder, tells him he's been served with a court order and leaves. Sonny looks at it stunned and cannot answer when Carly asks what is going on. He then assesses that he is being sued for custody of Avery Corinthos. Noticing that, Carly assumes it must be Kiki. However, we hear Kiki reveal to Franco that she is not about to go through with that. Sonny then confirms to Carly it's not Kiki who's serving him with the custody petition. Hearing that, Carly asks who else would be suing him for custody. He replies Michael Quartermaine. After Michael reveals his plan to Sabrina, she asks him if he's really sure about this, to which he confirms to her he's never been so sure of anything in his life. Franco then sounds, to Kiki, as thought they will never see each other again. He wants to inspire her to do good, to be happy with her life, not to marry a man unless she loves and trusts him and to know that he wants the best for her. She leaves and is clearly happy to know that Franco is speaking with positive affirmations although he may not remember his previous life.

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