GH Update Friday 2/13/15

General Hospital Update Friday 2/13/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

The Metro Court is getting ready for Valentine's Day. Olivia is seating customers. We see many happy couples enter the restaurant while she is alone

At the Quartermaine house, Ned lights candles, sets the table and has a chef he knows make a special trip to prepare dinner which Alexis likes but which Ned may not.

Nathan is alone at his desk at the police station looking at a picture of himself with Maxie. She is at her apartment looking at the same picture while alone and waiting for Spinelli to bring baby Georgie.

Sam is walking through the hospital ready to see Patrick to spend the evening together. She puts on makeup and looks at herself in her makeup mirrors. Patrick is in the staff locker room, getting ready and getting dressed while watching the mirror.

Ned can see that Alexis is late and he's waiting for her

When Olivia is alone, she gets a surprise visit. It's Mel from her old neighborhood in Bensonhurst.

Mel's son, J.L., the chef, is preparing Ned's table for his special night with Alexis. J.L. Pours the wine and has prepared his special recipe of Gazpacho just for Alexis. Ned denies that he does not like the ingredients for which he's flown J.L all the way there to prepare for them when she is late. However, we see him remembering observing Alexis so attentive to Julian and seeming to forget all about him at the hospital just yesterday.

Sam and Lucas go to visit their dad in his hospital room. They are both concerned about his future, the loss of Ava and they tell him they do not want him to be alone on Valentines Day. However, he lets them both know that he's aware they have plans to be with the respective special people in their lives which he does not want to prevent; Sam with Patrick and Lucas with Brad.

When Patrick is in the hospital locker room getting dressed and ready to meet Sam he sees Brad showering and getting ready for his evening. Brad is less certain of how he will spend his evening when he runs into a hot guy just getting out of the shower.

When Nathan is at the station, he gets a visit from a woman who introduces herself as Assistant District Attorney Natalia Rodriguez. She tells him that DA Baldwin wanted her to express gratitude to Detective West for his role in capturing Carlos Rivera. She tells him she understands he has “some information” on the whereabouts of Mr. Rivera's accomplice, Johnny Zacchara. Nathan replies yes he does although he clearly does not want to continue that conversation given the conflict of interests involving what he knows about Maxie's involvement of that.

Maxie stares at the flowers Nathan gave her before they last parted company when we see the flashback of his assessing to her that she needs to let Spinelli know he needs to call a cab since she can't pick him up after allowing a criminal to steal her car. Right then, the doorbell rings. She opens the door and Spinelli greets her after he's traveled all the way from Portland, OR with baby Georgie.

Olivia talks to Mel. She asks Melissa Josephine Santora what she is doing in Port Charles. She expresses that she goes by her most recent married name, Picard which she likes because it's French. They relive old times and she talks about her son, J. L. Picard. She remarks how impressive it is to see that Olivia now runs a hotel, is living the life with everything she ever wanted, or so it should seem. Olivia, however, indicates that her life is less than complete

Alexis rushes to Ned's and appears stressed when she tells him she is so sorry for running late. In this time, he's waited too long and she can that the dinner has gotten cold, Ned and J.L have given up on her and taken down the festivities they have prepared for the evening. She, however, remembers J.L and his show which her daughter watches of his culinary skills. Yet as soon as she is alone with Ned, he admits to her that he does have reservations about her and Julian.

In Julian's hospital room, Sam affirms to her dad that she and Patrick have plans for the evening. Lucas admits that he is not certain of his future with Brad. She attempts to encourage her brother not to give up and to commit to Brad or let him get away. Julian then clarifies to his daughter that it's her brother's life and his decision and has the right to let Brad be interested in other guys.

Derek, the hot guy whom Brad sees in the locker room, seems to distract him as he takes off his towel. He declares that he has big plans for Valentine's Day at The Metro Court. Yet, Brad reveals his uncertainty of whether he will or not.

When Spinelli and the baby come inside Maxie's apartment, she happily greets the little one. He talks about all the computer skills he has taught their daughter. She remarks she's sorry he has had to take a cab but she's been having some car trouble. She wonders why he has not brought his girlfriend, Ellie. He replies Ellie is busy with work at the lab and also asks Maxie where her “dashing detective” is. Maxie admits that Nathan has recently walked out on her after a falling out.

At the PD, the Assistant D.A. asks Nathan how it is that Johnny might have escaped jurisdiction after being shot and unable to walk. He admits he knows how that happened. He tells her that Johnny obtained the means to escape “by” Nathan's girlfriend.

Olivia sits at the bar with Mel as they laugh over old times. Mel offers her condolences about the loss of Connie and reveals she heard about Olivia's “involvement” with Sonny shortly after her cousin's death. Hearing that, Olivia clarifies that she and Sonny were only together briefly and are long over by now. However, she admits, she is having an issue with another man whom she wants but can't have, named Ned Ashton. Mel realizes she remembers Ned and asks what is up with that. Olivia replies that currently Ned is her “best friend” and he's “involved” with someone else.

Ned admits to Alexis that he does truthfully have an issue with what appeared her playing “Florence Nightingale” by Julian's. She reminds him that he persuaded her to visit Julian after he was shot. He tells her he has regard for the fact that the man is Alexis' daughter's father and grandson's grandfather. Yet, clearly, her concern for Julia appeared to be more than that when he could see she is administering to him around the clock and in his hospital room holding hands.. At that point, she is aware that Ned has been spying upon her.

Sam and Patrick meet and are ready for their evening together. Suddenly he gets called and Obrecht needs him to do emergency surgery. He has no choice except to be late for their date. The hot guy whom Brad met in the shower appears and offers to keep Sam company at the Metro Court while they wait for their respective dates.

Spinelli is shocked and surprised to find out that Detective West stormed out on Maxie. He asks her what happened to cause that. She talks about how she has yet again ruined the one good thing in her life. She believed that she had reformed herself but now realized she has not changed. He asks her what caused her issue with Nathan. She replies she helped Johnny Zacchara get away after he was on the run from the cops.

The ADA asks Nathan if Mr. Zacchara went to the apartment of Nathan's girlfriend and the woman whom Nathan is romantically involved with aided abetted Johnny's escape.

Hearing that Maxie aided and abetted Johnny against the law, Spinelli tells her that her that does give him cause for concern. He tells her he does however realize that she merely wanted to extend her loyalty to an old friend who's been there for her in the past. Hearing that, Maxie concludes that Spinelli understood her so well without judging her and she believes that maybe Nathan fails that.

Nathan explains to the ADA that it appeared that Johnny Zacchara broke into Nathan's girlfriend's apartment while she was in the shower. They later discovered her wallet, keys and car were gone. Maxie, he explains, had to pick someone up at the airport who now has to cab because of that. Hearing that, she immediately concludes that it's odd that Mr. Zacchara would have broken into Ms. Jones's apartment when there was no evidence of forced entry.

At the hospital, after Patrick has to work and have Sam go to the Metro Court with his colleague, Derek, he jokes and asks if he's really there to wait for his date or if he just wants to take Sam. He assures them he is ok with them accompanying each other until he can get there.

Mel asks Olivia why, if Ned is her best friend, she is allowing this Alexis-broad to play with his heart. If he's her buddy, she needs to urge Alexis to “toot or get off the pot” with Ned and with Julian and make a choice once and for all. Olivia then admits that she realizes that would be the “smart” thing to do. But what she actually did in response to feeling that very thing, was sleep with Julian.

Alexis is clearly not ok with the any justification Ned gives her for spying upon her while she was with Julian. He is clearly not ok with her canceling time with him to be with Julian. She informs him that she went to see Julian to inform him that the cops called off the search for his sister and she was concerned about how he was taking the loss and, she informs Ned, she intends to represent Julian. He is clearly outraged to learn that Alexis intends to “represent that dirt bag", and can clearly see she has not washed her hands of that guy.

Olivia admits to Mel that she is not proud of having slept with Julian. She only did it to stick it to Alexis and it could have ruined her friendship with Ned. Mel reminds her that she just declared it was herself, and not Ned who declared that they could not be friends. Olivia admits she “tried that” but later realized that she could not give up her friendship with Ned because he means too much to her. Mel then tells her she has to go and visit her son. She tells Olivia she believes it's clear that she's “got it bad” for Ned and she needs to own up to it and let him know before it's too late.

When Ned expresses his discontentment with Alexis representing Julian, she protests that her ex is innocent of the current charges, to which Ned clearly either does not believe or could care less. He further concludes that Alexis makes it feel like it's a “chore” to spend time with him. Yet, she clearly “cannot get enough” of Julian. She then angrily gets up to leave and tells Ned the only person she has had enough of, right now, is him. She then runs into J. L and spills the meal he's prepared all over her clothes and it falls all over the floor.

At the hospital, Felix admits to Brad that he is willing to work an extra shift filling in for Epiphany who has a date with Milo while he has nobody to spend Valentine's Day with. Brad clearly wants to vent about how he is tired of waiting around for Lucas who seems to be willing to string him along and stomp on his heart when he's put his heart on the line for Lucas. Hearing that, Felix clearly tells Brad he does not want to listen to a guy who cannot commit to anyone talk about having his heart broken.

Alone with Lucas, Julian tells his son that ever since then have started speaking, he can clearly see how important Brad is to Lucas. That's all he talks about. So why can't Lucas admit and declare to the guy that he loves him? Is that not true? Lucas admits to his dad that he froze when Brad asked him to go the next step and live together. Lucas admits that maybe he has less courage than Brad with boldly expressing his feelings. Julian then, tells his son that love is a very complicated thing and people all express it very differently. But, he tells him, when Lucas appears scared as he is expressing, that sounds like the “real deal”. Julian clearly indicates he might be talking as much about himself as about his son, when he tells him what a risk love is and how it scares one when one puts their heart on the line like that. And, unfortunately, there's never any guarantee that things are not going to get messy.

Alexis angrily walks out the door on Ned. It looks like their evening is ruined, J.L has made a trip out for nothing and it's not ok, when his mom, Mel, walks in. She knows who Ned is and tells him she's heard about him and has a bone to pick with him. She tells him she'd like to talk about “her girl, Liv”.

Sam goes to the Metro Court and greets Olivia as she confirms her reservation with Patrick. Olivia notices the “other guy” sitting with Sam and asks her where Patrick is.

Maxie continues to talk to Spinelli about how she has clearly violated everything Nathan stands for by the mere fact that she intended to help Johnny. She now realizes how serious it is given that Nathan was the detective assigned to find Johnny. So she essentially covered up the very crime he was supposed to solve.

Nathan is silent and assuming the obvious and irreparable outcome from hearing the A.D.A assessing how there was no sign of forced entry when Johnny entered Maxie's apartment. How could he have broken in? Nathan then explains that they used to be friends and Johnny must have had a spare key. Hearing that, she concludes that it's terrible that Nathan's girlfriend has been betrayed by a someone she trusted who would take advantage of their friendship like that. She remarks that Maxie must feel so violated by that. She concludes to Nathan that at a time like this, Maxie needs him and he should be with her.

Spinelli tells Maxie the same thing. She rationalizes to him that Nathan is all about right and wrong and a moral compass before anything. What he lacks in body fat he makes up for in integrity and upholding the law. She believes that's a great thing but Nathan just can't see the “shades of gray”. And, she concludes, asking her boyfriend to cover for her with what she did for Johnny is asking him to compromise his ethics. And, she tells Spinelli, she is worried, that it might be a serious issue for her and Nathan's relationship.

When Brad goes on, to Felix about how he never knew what commitment to one person was about until he met Lucas, Felix reminds him that when Brad and Lucas got together it was himself who was left out in the cold. So, it's hard for him to muster any “sensitivity” given what he's had to go through and has since had to get over both of them, move on and be alone without anyone. Brad tells him he understands. He reflects that he really misses being able to have Britt to talk to about these things and he misses knowing where he stands with Lucas.

In Julian's hospital bed, he tells Lucas if he loves Brad he needs to tell him. However, he admits to his son, that he may not want to listen to his “old man” given that when Julian has put his heart on the line, the woman he loves clearly wants nothing to do with him. Right then, unexpectedly, Alexis walks in to see him.

Mel tells Ned they need to talk about their mutual friend, Olivia Falconeri. He needs to know what an amazing woman Olivia is. He agrees that he enjoys being with Olivia and thinks she's great. Mel asks if Ned is attracted to Olivia. He tells her of course he believes Olivia is an attractive woman. Mel tells him that maybe the right person for him is not Alexis. If she was, he would have gone after her. Just like he has realized that Alexis is really interested in someone else, she might not be the only person who is hiding her feelings for someone.

Sam sits at The Metro Court and talks to Derek when he gets a call from his date telling him that his date has to cancel their first Valentine's Day together because she has to work. She tells him that he seems like a really nice guy and maybe his girlfriend would really appreciate it if he went and surprised her at work. That might mean more to her than a fancy dinner. Sam concludes to him even if Patrick can't make it for their date, she doesn't want to prevent one couple from being together.

the ADA urges Nathan to get back to Maxie and not let her spend Valentine's Day alone, although he tells her it's more complicated than that. He and Maxie had a disagreement that ended on a bad note. Yet she continues to tell him that this is a special day and they need to get over their petty differences and be together.

Maxie has the same conversation with Spinelli and tells him it's easy for him to say that she and Nathan should put their differences aside and be together. She reminds him that he has the perfect relationship with a woman just like himself and they understand one another the way she and Nathan do not. Right then, Spinelli reveals to her that he and Ellie broke up. Hearing that, she is shocked and asks why. He replies because of Maxie.

Mel talks to her son about how she didn't mean to cause a scene and potentially get him in trouble with Ned but she has to be there in support of her friend, Olivia. She also tells him she would be happy if he would just drop the initials and go by the name of Jon Luc Ricard.

After talking to Julian, Lucas goes out into the hospital lab to find Brad and admits he messed up. When Brad asked him to live together, he kind of freaked out and did not know how to react. He then gets up to stand on the counter and announces to all the hospital staff that he loves this man. He loves Brad Cooper. Everybody smiles and observes while Lucas declares that he is helplessly, madly and deeply in love with Brad and wants to live with him if Brad will have him.

Sam sits alone at her table at The Metro Court and is ready to go when Patrick arrives. They kiss and are happily together.

The ADA tells Nathan she has to leave and be with her guy as she encourages him not to take too long finishing up his paperwork because he can't let the woman he loves spend this day together.

When Alexis goes to surprise Julian, he asks her if she is not supposed to be with Ned, she admits she was but they got into a fight. Ned told her that he could see that she would rather be with Julian. And, she admits to Julian, he was right.

Ned goes to the Metro Court to find Olivia. Right then, she is on the phone to her doctor and gets startling news that she is pregnant. Right then, Ned calls to her. She looks at him shocked.

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