GH Update Thursday 2/12/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/12/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In the holding cells, Luke asked the guard why Helena got hauled upstairs. The guard told Luke to focus on his visitor. At that point, Lulu walked in. “Hello there, Cupcake,” Luke said. Lulu ordered him not to call her that. Luke gently reminded Lulu that he was still her father, but Lulu argued that he was not the father she knew. Lulu confronted Luke about planting the bomb that could have killed his relatives. Luke wasn't fazed by Lulu's anger. He calmly replied that everyone who'd been on the boat could send thank you cards to Sonny in Pentonville. Lulu revealed that Sonny was a free man, thanks to the governor's pardon. Luke grumbled about Sonny's short sentence until Lulu ordered him to shut up. A hurt and angry Lulu vented about how hard it was for her to deal with Luke's crimes. Luke refused to apologize. Lulu theorized that Helena was to blame. Luke mocked Lulu's supposition. Lulu was confident that Nikolas would make Helena admit it what she did to Luke, then Luke could get treatment. Luke insisted that he was fine, but Lulu was adamant that she would find a way to get her father back. Lulu wasn't sure if Luke's true self would hear her, but she told him that she loved him and that she'd fight for him. Luke told Lulu that she was woefully ignorant about all of this. He added that Nik wasn't going to be able to get anything out of Helena.

Sonny and Carly shared a passionate kiss, at Greystone Manor. Carly described the kiss as “the best” and Sonny asked if it was better than Jake. Carly grinned and assured Sonny that Jake was just a friend that she'd been trying to help. Sonny didn't understand why Carly would try and help the man who planted a bomb on the boat. Carly explained that Jake wasn't responsible for his actions because of his severe brain damage. The conversation shifted to Sonny's release. They hugged and counted themselves lucky to be with each other again. Sonny added that he'd also have his daughter soon. Sonny asked Carly to go with him to pick up Avery. Sonny assured Carly that he wasn't recruiting her as a mother figure, but he did think that Avery would be lucky to have her. Sonny felt that he'd let Avery down, and he wanted to be a better father to all his kids. Sonny wanted to build a life with Carly, but he wanted Carly to be aware that if she chose him, she'd have to accept Avery too. Carly assured Sonny that she loved him and that she loved Avery because Avery was part of him. Sonny seemed surprised, and Carly reminded him that he loved Michael because Michael was a part of her. Carly and Sonny agreed to be a team again, then they went to get the baby.

Kiki was at home playing with Avery, when there was a knock on the door. It was Alexis. Alexis admired Avery and told her that she had another sister, Kristina, who couldn't wait to meet her. Alexis gave Kiki her sympathies about Ava. Kiki wanted to know if she had to give Avery to Sonny. Kiki clarified that she'd normally never agree with keeping a child from its father, but Kiki didn't think that Ava would want Sonny to have Avery. Alexis warned Kiki that she could get arrested if she tried to prevent Sonny from taking Avery. However, Alexis revealed that Kiki could file for custody of Avery after Sonny took the baby home. Alexis felt that Kiki had a chance of being granted custody, since Sonny was a convicted murderer and racketeer and his other children had suffered for his crimes.

Just as Alexis asked Kiki if she wanted to file for custody, there was a knock at the door; it was Sonny and Carly. Sonny and Carly were startled to see Alexis. Alexis covered and said she was there to take pictures of Avery to send to Kristina and to help Kiki deal with Ava's estate. Kiki tensed up when Sonny asked if Avery was ready. Kiki was going to pack Avery's things, but Sonny told her that he had everything already. He told Kiki to keep the baby items for when Avery came to visit her. Sonny picked Avery up and started to leave. Kiki asked him to wait. She gave him a blanket she'd made out of Ava's old pillowcases, so that Avery would always have Ava's scent. Sonny took the blanket and told Kiki to visit anytime. Sonny, Carly, and Avery left. Kiki was curious why Alexis lied about her real reasons for being at the apartment. Alexis explained that Kiki's chances would be better if Sonny didn't see the custody battle coming.

Sonny and Carly took the baby home. Sonny promised his daughter that no one would ever take her away from him again.

Elizabeth watched Jake's arraignment from the courtroom gallery. Ric was stunned and dismayed when Jake plead not guilty. Ric asked for a moment to confer with his client, then he reminded Jake that he was supposed to plead guilty. Jake replied that Liz believed in him, unlike Ric, and Jake refused to let her down. Scott grew impatient and asked that they wrap this up so that Scott could go celebrate Valentine's Day. Ric told Jake that it was a mistake to take the case to trial. Ric was sure that Jake would lose and get sentenced to life in prison. Ric asked Jake to consider what would happen if Helena took control of him again. Jake was adamant that he wouldn't let that happen. Ric gave up, and Jake plead not guilty. Next, Ric asked the judge to release Jake on his own recognizance. Scott argued that Jake's crimes were too severe. The judge agreed, and she denied Jake bail. Liz asked Ric what the next move was. Ric stated that his first priority was to make Helena the scapegoat. Liz assured Jake that Ric was a brilliant attorney. Jake announced that he wanted another attorney, because Ric wanted him to go to jail. Liz defended Ric. Jake told her that Ric told him to plead guilty. Ric glared at Jake, and Liz assumed that Jake had misunderstood Ric's advice.

The guard came to take Jake away. Liz promised to visit. Jake left. Liz asked Ric if he told Jake to plead guilty. At first, Ric tried to avoid answering the question, but Liz kept pushing, so he fessed up. Ric felt that he was doing the right thing and that a guilty plea and a plea bargain was Jake's only chance of ever getting out of prison. Liz argued that Jake was innocent, due to Helena's mind control and that he didn't deserve to go to prison at all. Ric countered that he had no way to prove what Helena did. Liz explained that Nikolas was going to get Helena to confess. Ric pointed out that Nik could fail, and Jake would lose the chance to mitigate the charges. “This is a fight I can't win,” Ric stated. Liz felt that Ric had beaten higher odds in the past. Liz snapped that Jake was innocent, just like Ric was when Julian framed Ric. Liz believed that Ric should fight to keep Jake out of jail, on principle. “So you tell me the truth. Did you tell Jake to plead guilty because it's the best legal advice, or did you just want to get him out of the picture?” Liz asked.

Liz knew that Ric saw the closeness between her and Jake on Christmas Eve, and she told Ric that it ended the second Ric returned. Ric countered that it didn't seem to be over. Ric argued that Liz dropped everything to help Jake after she heard Jake's “preposterous” excuse about Helena and mind control. Liz countered that Jake's story wasn't preposterous since Helena had done the same thing to Lucky. Liz added that she'd support anyone who'd been through the ordeal Jake had. Ric yelled that Jake wasn't “anyone;” he was a dangerous man with no past. Liz didn't understand why Ric was bothered by her friendship with Jake. She pointed out that Jake had been very respectful of her relationship with Ric and had even moved out to give them space, despite having nowhere to go. Ric blurted out that Jake only left because Ric persuaded him to go. Ric explained that he'd tried to show Jake what affect Jake's presence was having on the lives of Liz and the kids. Ric opined that Jake had been standing in the way of the life that Ric and Liz had wanted to build with each other. He told Liz that he loved her and that he did this for the two of them. Liz was near tears. She didn't feel like she could trust Ric anymore. She snapped that she felt like she knew Jake better than she knew Ric. Liz left.

Nathan had just learned that Maxie helped Johnny escape. He demanded that she explain herself. Maxie felt that Nathan was acting as if she chose Johnny over him, and she told him that wasn't the case. Maxie explained that she didn't set out to help Johnny; Johnny had barged in. Maxie added that she helped Johnny because he was her friend. Nathan pointed out that Johnny was connected to several crimes that had recently taken place. Nathan argued that Maxie had a duty to her community to turn Johnny in to the police. Maxie was unapologetic about helping her friend. Nathan told Maxie that she'd made herself an accessory to all of Johnny's crimes, and now Nathan would have to arrest her. Maxie was startled, and Nathan told her that, as an officer of the law, he had an oath to uphold. Maxie apologized for putting Nathan in this position. She held out her wrists and told Nathan to cuff her. Nathan told Maxie that he wasn't going to arrest her. Maxie didn't want Nathan to get in trouble, so she suggested that he arrest her, then find a way to spin things so she only got a slap on the wrist. Nathan thought that would have been a possibility if Anna was still in charge, but it wasn't now that Kyle was the boss. Maxie wasn't concerned. She was confident that Scott, a friend of her family, would never charge her.

Nathan reminded Maxie that Spinelli and Georgie were on their way. “What kind of a mother will you be if you're not there to welcome her because you're in a cell?” Nathan asked. Maxie asked if he was calling her a bad mother. Nathan clarified that he thought Maxie was a good mother, which is why he didn't understand why she'd take the risk of helping Johnny. Maxie spat that she did it because Johnny would have done the same for her. Nathan wondered if Maxie would be acting so righteous right now if Judge Walters found out what she'd done. Nathan asked Maxie if she considered Georgie when she helped Johnny. Maxie insisted that she considered how every decision she made would affect Georgie. Maxie explained that it was because of Georgie that she refused to hide Johnny and only left her car keys in plain sight before leaving the room to take a shower. Nathan snapped that that sort of excuse would never fly in Judge Walters' courtroom. Maxie replied that it was a good thing Nathan wasn't going to tell anyone what happened. Nathan grumbled that he was going to have to lie in order to protect her and Georgie. Nathan planned to tell the police that Johnny broke in and stole the keys. He made it clear that he, Maxie, and Georgie would be in trouble if the truth ever came out. Maxie explained that she helped Johnny because she didn't abandon her friends. She likened it to Nathan lying to the judge to help her. Nathan believed there were two big differences – Maxie hadn't just committed a crime when Nathan lied, and Nathan lied for the girl he was falling in love with, not for a mere friend. Nathan told Maxie to call Ellie and Spinelli and tell them she couldn't pick them up from the airport, since she'd given her car to a criminal. Nathan stated that he had to go to the station and report a break in. he started toward the door, and Maxie asked him to stay and talk about what just happened. Nathan replied that he'd said all he had to say. He sarcastically wished her a happy Valentine's day and left.

Kyle and Helena were in an interrogation room. Helena assumed Kyle was going to release her. She learned that wasn't true, then Nikolas walked in. Nik announced that it was time for Helena to pay for her crimes. Helena asked if Nik was there to kill her, and Nik admitted that the thought crossed his mind. Helena was pleased that Nik was thinking like a Cassadine, but Nik snapped that he wasn't there to get fawned over. Nik told his grandmother about his visit with Liz and about Jake's claim that Helena was controlling him. Nik pointed out that Helena had a long history of using mind control. Nik thought Helena was controlling both Jake and Luke. He told her to admit it and make it right. Helena refused to admit to anything until she was given immunity. Nik promised that she'd get immunity, and Kyle pointed out that Scott would have to agree to the terms. Helena didn't think that Scott would be inclined to do her any favors, given his relationship to his “simpering first love,” Laura. Nik was confident that Scott wouldn't be a problem. Scott walked in, at that moment and overheard Nik. Scott flatly refused to sign off on immunity for Helena. Nik threatened to have Scott thrown out of office. Scott countered that he answered to the people of Port Charles, not Nik or Mayor Lomax. Nik revealed that he tampered with the election and put Mayor Lomax in charge. Nik threatened to frame Scott for corruption if Scott didn't release Helena. Scott grudgingly gave Helena immunity. Scott made it clear that he intended to tell the press that Kyle was to blame for Helena's release. Scott added that he expected them to fix the next election in Scott's favor. Scott left. Helena praised Nik for getting her released, then she got up to walk out. Nik grabbed her and told her that the deal wasn't completed until she told them how to reverse Jake and Luke's mind control. Helena wrote up a statement.

A guard took Jake to the holding cells. Luke taunted Jake and called him a puppet. Jake didn't react. Lulu told Luke that he'd break free of the mind control just like Lucky had. Lulu was confident that Luke wouldn't have chosen to plant the bomb on her boat or lock Dante in a basement with a bomb. Luke insisted that he had masterminded the entire plot, and he told her to ask Jake. Lulu spoke with Jake, who apologetically told her that Helena forced him to put the bomb on the boat. Lulu yelled that her father was hero and a good man who would be back. Luke conceded that there was one option, but he warned Lulu that there were others. Luke advised Lulu to stick to motherhood and let smarter people come up with the theories. He reminded Lulu that Julian claimed to have met when Julian was in witness protection. Luke noted that if Lulu was right, this would mean that Helena had been controlling Luke for decades. Jake bristled at the harsh way Luke spoke to Lulu, and he told Luke to shut up. Luke ordered Jake to stay out of it. Lulu assured Jake that she wanted to hear what Luke had to say. Luke told Lulu that if her theory was correct, it would mean all of Luke's interactions with Lulu had meant nothing to him and that he never cared about her. Lulu was shaken, and she admitted she didn't know what to believe. She dashed out. Jake took Luke to task for his treatment of Lulu. Luke argued that it was a parent's job to dish out tough love. Jake hoped, for Lulu's sake, that she was right about Luke being mind controlled. Later, Kyle arrived and announced that Luke and Jake were going on a field trip.

Lulu spotted Helena leaving the station and asked what was going on. Helena crowed about getting released. Helena left, and Nik told Lulu that Helena gave them what they needed, in exchange for immunity.

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