GH Update Wednesday 2/11/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/11/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth goes to see Nikolas at Wyndermere telling him she needs to talk to him about something. He remarks that have not seen each other since Thanksgiving as they both reflect all the insane things that have happened since then. She tells him she is concerned about Jake and needs to talk to him about Jake. She then remembers going to see Jake in jail and at first not believing a word he said until he told her that he did not intend to plant the bomb and called to warn everyone at The Haunted Star before it was too late because he did not want to do what Helena wanted him to do.

While Jake is in jail, he gets a visit from Ric Lansing.

Morgan goes to see Kiki. She admits she is accepting that her mom is gone but cannot accept his dad taking baby Avery away from her.

When Sonny returns to his house, his servants and guards are happy to see him. Carly comes to see her ex and asks him how his first night of freedom was. He tells her great and expresses he might wish she had been with him.

Scott Baldwin is outside of the courtroom angrily talking on the pone about how outraged he is that Sonny Corinthos has been released from prison. He does not want to hear anyone saying that Sonny is a hero. He is a criminal and needs to be behind bars. Lulu comes by and tells Scott she needs to talk to him because she needs his help.

Maxie is alone in her apartment shortly after Johnny has visited her and attempted to get her to help him escape, Nathan comes by to bring her a Valentine. He informs her that he was out looking all over for Johnny Zacchara. She tells him she “heard” that Johnny got away so she asks Nathan what happened. He informs her he went to Sabrina Santiago's apartment and found Carlos but not Johnny. Maxie remembers her visit from Johnny earlier today and how she did not report him knowing he escaped although she did not actively help him. She does not admit to Nathan that she saw Johnny and he was just there.

Ric Lansing goes to see Jake in his jail cell and informs him that Elizabeth and others believe that Jake was not responsible for his actions and has been brain-washed and “conditioned” to plant a bomb at the Haunted Star. He informs Jake that regardless of whether he believes that or not, he is considering representing him as his attorney.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth he's a bit confused. If things are going good between her and Ric, why is she there about Jake?

When Lulu goes to see Scott Baldwin, he furiously tells her if she thinks for a minute he is letting her father off the hook, she is sadly mistaken. He assumes to know why she is there and is not listening when she attempts to explain why she needs to talk to him. He tells her given that Sonny has been pardoned and he can't do anything about his getting away with murder, there's no way he's going to even remotely consider going easy on any other criminal.

Sonny and Carly re-live all of their old memories when their boys were little. He reflects he wishes that they could make things right for their boys the way it used to be so easy years ago.

Kiki angrily asks Morgan how Sonny can just show up suddenly and take her little sister. He tells her yes. Avery is his daughter. He's been acquitted and is a free man.

When Sonny is ready to go and pick up the baby, he wants Carly to come with him. However, she tells him she can't do that. He asks why. She asks why does he think and reminds him that he pushed her away

Kiki reminds Morgan that Sonny intended to kill her mom and the only reason he did not was because she was pregnant with either his child or grandchild. He intended to kill her after she had the baby. Sonny had every intention of killing her throughout this whole while and does he seriously believe that he wanted to prevent Ava from drowning? Morgan replies he does believe that although she cannot understand how or why.

Carly reminds Sonny that he shut her out and she was going to have to accept never speaking to him again for the rest of their lives. And he needs to know that he cannot just expect her to pretend nothing happened and that he can conveniently have her back in his life as soon as he is out of prison. He specifically told her that he did not want her to come and visit him ever again and it devastated her. He reminds her that he could not let her wait around for him forever when he was serving a life sentence and wanted her to get on with her life. Hearing that, she reminds him that she is so tired of always hearing about what he wants and how it's always all about only what Sonny wants. Does anybody else matter? She also informs him that she has in fact gotten on with her life and has found someone else. He asks her whom that would be. She replies his name is Jake.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas he has to do something about his grandmother and she believes that Helena is the reason why Jake almost blew up the Haunted Star and it's not his fault. She reminds Nikolas he needs to realize what Helena is capable of because this would not be the first time she would similarly brainwash someone into doing things they would never otherwise do.

While Maxie is with Nathan, she remembers how she kept Johnny's secret for him when he told her he was running from the law. She then notices the cash she had in her purse is gone and she knows the reason why. He knows she has no gas in her car and wants to get the gas for her. However, she cannot find her keys. She remembers Johnny really wanting to take her car and that she left the keys on the table for him. Nathan suspects nothing and tells her he bets she left her keys in the car and he will take her car. She seems to know exactly what happened although she knows she cannot tell Nathan.

Morgan tells Kiki that he gets how she is feeling with her mom dying, having reason to believe Sonny wanted Ava dead, now seeing that Sonny has been acquitted for the murder of AJ, and his now taking her little sister and Ava's daughter.

Carly tells Sonny that she has met a guy named Jake. He asks how long she's known this guy whom he's never heard of. She tells him not long but they have gotten close and talked about many personal things. They have not gotten really serious yet but she'd like it to go in that direction. He then asks her what the status is regarding her new boyfriend being in her life when her ex husband is free. She tells Sonny that it is somewhat complicated because Jake is presently in jail.

Ric talks to Jake about how he wants the questions and answers to go with the judge. He tells Jake he wants him to plead guilty.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas she wants him to get his grandmother to confess and to admit what she did to Jake.

Lulu tells Scott Baldwin she is there to ask him to grant immunity to Helena Cassadine to which he is outraged. He asks her how on earth she would even remotely suggest this and asks if Nikolas put her up to this. She assures him that her brother Nikolas would never want Helena free. It's not his idea. It's her own. The reason she is asking Scott to do this is for her father. She tells him that Helena has programmed her father to become a criminal, using mind control. This is not the first time she has done this to get someone to do horrible things they'd otherwise never do. She explains to Scott that since Helena did this to Luke, she has the means to undo it. And she told Lulu that in order for her to do that, she needs full immunity from the DA for her crimes. He tells her that mind control is a really convenient excuse for both her father and for Helena Cassadine. He happens to know that her father is a terrible man whether she wants to believe it or not. He reminds her that Luke raped her mother which she is deeply offended that he'd bring that up. Scott further tells her that Luke has done enough things to indicate that he's responsible for his actions and very capable of the crimes he's in jail for. Lulu protests she knows that Scott hates her father and has a personal issue with him because of Laura and is doing this out of spite and vindictiveness. He tells her he is not going to listen to a word of what she is saying. He has a case to prepare and she needs to leave him alone, adding that she is a true Spencer, just like her father. She furiously tells Scott he will regret this.

Ric makes it clear to Jake that although he knows how to represent him and do his job, he is very concerned about what Jake has done and to make sure it can't happen again. .He tells Jake he needs to know what a dangerous person he is even if someone buys that Helena is pulling his strings. If he is yet again released from prison, how does Jake knows that Helena will not manage to put him up to murdering, blowing up buildings and doing God knows what yet again?. Jake realizes that Ric might have a point and only wants to do what has to be done to keep people safe from violent criminals regardless of his possible circumstances.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth he does not want to judge or disbelieve what she says about Jake but does not know what he can do. She then reminds him he is a resourceful guy and she's sure he can figure something out. He then promises to do what he can do. She thanks him and leaves.

Kiki admits to Morgan that she was appointed Avery's legal guardian not long ago. At first, she was scared and not certain she could handle this very big commitment and responsibility. But now she has bonded with her little sister. He tells her he understands what is going on with her, reminding her how he was devastated to find out Avery was not his daughter but he now accepts that she is his father’s daughter and she has to also.

When Sonny asks why Carly's friend Jake is now in jail, she admits the reason why. He then asks her how on earth she could want a relationship with someone who would plant a bomb at The Haunted Star and the person she chooses to be her Mr. Wonderful almost had their son and others murdered as well as helping the guy who killed Jason escape. Hearing that, Carly admonishes him to know that it's not that simple. Sonny then emotionally asks why she can't simply accept the fact that he loves her and why that can't be enough for them regardless of anything or anyone else.

Nathan goes to find Maxie's car but sees it's gone and concludes that it's obviously been stolen. He is worried about how someone unknown to both of them has access to her keys although he does not even consider what has really happened. He wants to report the theft until she tells him she knows what happened to her car. He tells her he does not understand why she tells him she knows where her car is. She then admits that she did in fact help Johnny.

Lulu goes to see Nikolas. He tells his sister he's glad she's there. He's been thinking about the things she told him the other day and deeply regrets how he has hurt her. She tells him she is there because of her dad. She has just found out that it's very likely that Helena has used mind-control to turn Luke into a person he is not. Nikolas tells her he knows exactly what she is talking about and is not questioning it because Elizabeth came by and told him she suspects that Helena has done the very same thing to her friend, Jake Doe.

Ric goes with Jake to his arraignment hearing and briefs him on his he wants him to answer the questions. Elizabeth walks into the courtroom to see them together, knowing her boyfriend, as Jake's lawyer might want something very different than she does regarding Jake's hearing.

Carly tells Sonny if she cannot stand by him through whatever happens, how can she count on him to stand by her in her life? He tells her that throughout the time he was in Pentonville and all he had to prepare for, one thing never changed. He never stopped loving her.

Kiki tells Morgan that regardless of what he says about Sonny, she knows her mother would not want this. She does not want to hear him bad-mouth her deceased mother and knows that Ava would never be at peace with Sonny raising her child. Morgan does not seem on the same page with her about that and asks her what she intends to do about the this. He asks her if she might consider fighting his dad for custody and tells her he thinks that's a bad idea and she might lose. She tells him she does not know what she can or should do but she is not going to let Sonny take Avery.

Sonny attempts to reconnect with Carly but tells her it's up to her whether she wants to get close to him again. He moves closer and is ready to kiss her. She does not stop him while they kiss passionately.

Nathan asks Maxie if she really did help a known criminal (even though she told Johnny she would not) by giving him access to her car keys and money.

In the courtroom before Jake's hearing, Elizabeth goes over to him and tells him she will not give up on him or his innocence and they need to keep fighting.

Lulu tells Nikolas that Helena demands immunity in exchange for undoing what she did to Luke. Scott Baldwin told her there's no way he'd even remotely consider it. She now does not know what to do except to come to him. He is her brother and the only person who can make this right. IN response to that, Nikolas tells her she came to the right person as did Elizabeth and he promises to make this right.

The judge counts the charged against Jake. Jake stands up and sounds very emotional as though deeply regrets what could have happened and how many people could have died. He remembers, however, what Elizabeth wants him to do which is completely different than what he's heard from Ric so he pleads not guilty. Ric is not ok with that although Elizabeth is.

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