GH Update Tuesday 2/10/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/10/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan is with Maxie helping her get the crib ready for her daughter when he remarks that Franco has saved his sister's life. Maybe that means something. She tells him you can despise someone yet realize they did a heroic thing, similar, she says to Sonny saving everyone on The Haunted Star from Luke. She remarks that that is beyond weird. He tells her he wishes there was some sort of mistake but fingerprints don't lie. The suspect they have in custody is, in fact Luke Spencer. He attempted to kill Dante and his partner would have been dead if he hadn't have gotten there in time before the bomb went off. He tells her the only thing they can do at this point is make certain that everyone who aided and abetted Luke Spencer is brought to justice. And that includes Carlos Rivera and Johnny Zacchara.

Sabrina has reluctantly nursed Johnny back to health after he got shot, in her apartment, against her better judgment after Carlos has persuaded her to help them out. They remark they can see that she's used up antibiotics which her roommate and fellow nurse, Felix might not want used up. She confirms Johnny has no fever nor infection which is a miracle when she operated on him from her couch. They both express their gratitude to her for saving Johnny's life and for not turning the two of them in. She admits she is not comfortable with this and has only agreed to do this because of the chance that Ava Jerome is still alive.

Alexis goes to visit Julian in his hospital room and tells him she's sorry to have to inform him that the cops have ended the search for his sister and have given Ava up for dead.

Sonny pays an unexpected visit to Morgan, Kiki and the baby while Carly accompanies him. Morgan is surprised to see his dad there not having heard that he's been pardoned and assuming he'd be escorted back to Pentonville as soon as he's out of the hospital. Sonny informs his son he's there to see his baby daughter. Kiki appears very guarded while holding the baby when she sees Sonny at her door, after what has happened to her mom.

At the hospital, Olivia finds Michael and is concerned when she sees he is very upset and she knows the reason why. He tells her he is infuriated to learn that Sonny has been pardoned and has gotten away with the murder of his father. She tells him she knows this must be very hard for him. He asks her how she might feel or what she would do if Ava were pardoned for killing Connie. He asks why it is that some people never have to pay for what they do.

We then see a doctor examining Franco in his hospital room and testing his eyes with pen lights. The doctors goes outside the door, notices Nina and informs her she is not supposed to be there. She tells him Franco is her friend, saved her life and she wanted to be there for him. He tells her he's sorry that there is nothing for her to see. There may be nothing left of the man she once knew in there. She tells him there must be something he can do for Franco. He is only like this because his mother tried to attack her and injected him with an overdose of LSD for saving Nina's life. She asks if it's normal that a mental patient like Heather can access a dangerous drug in a place like that. Aren't there security measures to prevent things like that from happening in a mental hospital? She also asks that since LSD has been around since the 60s, if there is not something the medical staff can do for a patient who's gotten an overdose. She wants to be told that Franco can recover although the doctor tells her most people just fry their brains and are an empty shell.

Maxie protest to Nathan that they might not know the whole story regarding Johnny. He may not be a saint but is not a bad person and has a tendency of doing the wrong things for the right reason. Nathan tells her although he understands she wants to see the good in her friend. However, he does not believe that is a defense that would hold up in court. She reminds him that all the cops currently have to go by is Sonny's and Julian's word which may not be completely truthful given both of their histories. There may be more to the story and an explanation for Johnny. He tells what he needs to do right now is find both him and Carlos Rivera. So he's going to visit Sabrina Santiago who was Carlos' date at the Haunted Star to find out what she might know.

When Sabrina expresses to Carlos and to Johnny her concerns about what happened to Ava, Johnny reminds her that Ava made Carlos confess to a murder he did not commit, killed Connie and threatened to kill Sabrina's child. She, however, clarifies that it was not Ava who was responsible for what happened to Gabriel and she still wants to remain hopeful that Ava might still be alive.

Carly informs Morgan and Kiki that right when Sonny was being discharged from the hospital and everyone assumed he'd be taken back to Pentonville, out of nowhere the governor showed up. Apparently one of the guest on The Haunted Star, whose life was saved by Sonny was the governor's daughter, Ivy. Governor Gatling suddenly showed up, expressed his gratitude, gave Sonny the pardon and apparently had paperwork to back it up. Morgan congratulates his father and assures him he's happy although he knows not all others agree that it's a good thing.

At the hospital, Olivia attempts to console a distraught Michael and tell him she knows all too well what it's like to see the killer of someone she loves go free, remembering when Connie was killed. Hearing that, he reminds her it was his deceased father, AJ who got falsely accused of murdering Connie. The only person rightfully to blame for that is Ava. She did not get a pardon and is probably dead now. So Olivia's situation regarding that is a little different than his with Sonny killing AJ and getting away with it.

In Julian's hospital room, he assesses to Alexis that his sister is dead. He knows that Ava was far from innocent. But she was vital, determined and alive. And now she's not. Alexis tells him she's so sorry. He reflects that he feels responsible for his sister's death, realizing that he was solely determined to do whatever he needed to do in order to save Lucas and in the process was not thinking about Ava. He knows if the positions were reversed, Ava would have probably done the same to him. He's not saying that Ava was kind, caring or noble. But she was his sister. Alexis then informs him that she's decided to represent him now that she knows the whole story as he's explained to her. He falsely confessed to the cops for the murder of Anthony Zacchara fearing for the lives of his family, so that he'd be put in Pentonville in order to be “safe” from his crime boss. He reminds her that that is not the only crime he could be charged with, as they both know that he “knew” where the real Luke Spencer was, all this time yet he did nothing to free Luke. In response to that, Alexis informs him for the first time what they have now discovered about the “real Luke”.

Olivia urges Michael not to do anything rash given what has just happened. He tells her he will see her later and walks away. She runs into Ned and asks what is up with his cousin. She realizes yet another person will be outraged by the fact that Sonny has gotten away with murdering AJ in cold blood. In the conversation, Ned admits the reason he is there, quite honestly, is to “spy” upon Alexis.

Michael overhears Alexis talking to Julian in his hospital room and expresses his thoughts and feelings about Sonny going free.

When Sabrina is in her apartment with Johnny and Carlos who still need to be assured that she won't turn them in, Nathan comes and knocks on her door informing her he's there on official police business. Before she answers the door, she makes sure her two guests hide.

The doctor allows Nina to go inside the room to see Franco yet prepares her for the likely possibility that Franco might not know or remember her. She goes in and talks to him. At first he does not speak and is none-responsive. She tells him she is there for him just like she has promised and she needs him to give her a sign that he remembers her. He replies that he does remember her. He, however, has the mistaken idea that he was trapped somewhere and could not get out. He cried for help yet nothing happened in 127 hours. He “had to do it” in order to save himself, he tells her. He has the idea that he got his arm cut off although it did not happen.

At the hospital, Ned realizes that Olivia may not want to hear about his feelings for Alexis. However, she assures him that a while back, when she angrily told him she no longer wants to be his friend because of Alexis, nothing could be farther from the truth. She misses all the fun times they had together and misses her friend. He assures her he misses her also. Yet she needs to know why he is now spying upon Alexis.

Michael goes into Julian's hospital room and tells Alexis he needs legal assistance in preventing Sonny from getting away with murdering his father. Yet she tells him, unfortunately, there is nothing any lawyer can do to overturn the decision by a governor to grant a pardon to any inmate in the state prison.

Sonny can see that Kiki does not want to let him hold his baby daughter. She asks Sonny and Carly if they know that the cops have called off the search for her mother.

Sabrina finds out the same information about Ava when Nathan comes to her apartment to look for Carlos and Johnny. He informs her the cops have concluded that Ava is more than likely dead considering what happened and they are also ready to charge Carlos with her murder. He then notices blood on Sabrina's couch pillow so right away he knows Johnny and Carlos are not far away even if she tells him otherwise.

Kiki reminds Morgan, Sonny and Carlos that the police commissioner has now determined that it's a waste of they city's time and money to look for her mother, as though she is nothing more than some budgetary project when she is Kiki's mother and the only person she had in her life growing up. And now, her little sister Avery will never know their mother. She informs Sonny that her uncle Julian assured her that Sonny did everything he could to save Ava when she was hanging from the bridge after being shot. She now needs to hear it from Sonny. He then tells Kiki he swears on his little girl's life that he did everything he could to save Ava. He tells Kiki he does not blame her for not trusting him given the circumstances. However, he tells her, they need to learn to get past that since they have that one thing in common which is his little girl. So, again, he asks Kiki if he could please hold the little one.

When Nathan knows he can't just leave Sabrina's house assuming Johnny and Carlos are not there, he makes sure they overhear him telling Sabrina he's leaving and won't pursue the matter and has them hear the door closing behind him. Sure enough, right away, Carlos comes out and Nathan demands he freezes while he holds the gun on Carlos and demands he tells him where Johnny Zacchara is.

Johnny goes to find Maxie in her apartment hoping she can help him as soon as he confirms that she is alone there. Knowing why he's there, she asks him if he needs to be reminded that her boyfriend is a cop and tells him if he thinks she's going to hide him, he can't think again. He tells her he's not asking her to hide him. He's asking her to help him disappear.

Nathan uses force on Carlos, demanding he tells him where to find Johnny. Carlos then admits that Johnny was there but became “spooked” when he heard Nathan confirm that Ava was dead. Johnny did not say where he was going, Carlos tells Nathan. All he knows is Johnny went out the window. Nathan asks Sabrina, realizing she has to know something since both fugitives were in her apartment. Yet, Carlos protests to Nathan that Sabrina had no part in this and was merely a hostage and not an accomplice to himself and Johnny.

At the hospital, Ned admits to Olivia that while he was with Alexis, as soon as she heard that Julian had been shot, she rushed to be with him and has since appeared to have forgotten all about Ned. He confirms to Olivia that he would bet his ELQ shares that Alexis is now “back with” Julian.

In Julian's room, Michael asks Alexis if there is nothing that can be done to make Sonny pay for what he did, to which she tells him maybe they could file a suit for wrongful death. He tells her he does not want money. He wants justice and wants that son of a bitch to pay. Hearing the conversation, Julian tells Michael if you ask him, the only son of a bitch here is standing right in this room talking.

Sonny finally persuades Kiki to let him hold baby Avery. He picks her up, looks at her and smiles as she looks at him. Carly and Morgan smiles as they watch him bond with the little one although Kiki does not smile.

In Franco's hospital room, Nina assures him that his arm has not been removed. He did not cut it off. She is with him right now. She is holding his hands and he is whole. She assures him she is there and they are together and it's all good. He tells her he knows that she has always known what to do to make it right. He confirms that he remembers her. She totally saved him. He was all alone and she salvaged a disaster. He reveals that he was with her ready to “go on stage” and co-host the Oscars together. He seems to believe she is a fellow performer whom he's gotten to know.

When Sonny and Carly interact with the baby, Kiki is clearly not ok realizing that they may have no regard for Ava. Sonny assures the infant that she is part of the family. He is now there for her and would rather die than let anything happen to her.

When Julian makes his comment to Michael, Michael demands he clarifies what he just said. Julian tells him he was in prison with Sonny for a while and admits he may not like the guy. He might even hate him. But the one thing he and Sonny had in common was their devotion to their sons. All Sonny could talk about all the while was making sure Michael being safe when his life was being threatened. So, Julian tells him, they both risked their lives and consequences to bust out of prison for Michael and for Lucas. He tells Michael maybe he's the lucky one because his son appreciated everything he did for him. Hearing that, Michael reminds Julian he doubts that Lucas would feel the same way about someone who would have murdered his father in cold blood. But, he tells Julian, the bottom line is, this is none of his business, as he storms out the door.

At the hospital, Olivia and Ned talk about the prognosis of his future with Alexis and regarding her association with Julian.

The cops take Carlos out of Sabrina's apartment in hand-cuffs and Nathan has him arrested.

Johnny tells Maxie that he needs her to at least offer him her car. She reminds him she is not about to sacrifice the car Mac gave her for her 16th birthday. She doesn't have any money. She seems like she wants to help him but explains that she cannot help a criminal and jeopardize her visitation rights with her daughter. Yet she empties out her purse and leaves her wallet and keys on the table, tells him she is going to take a shower. She wants him gone when she comes back and hopes, when she returns that he won't think about “swiping” what she's taken out of her purse. He then tells her he will see her in another life. She urges him to take care of himself. As soon as he's alone, he takes cash out of her wallet but leaves everything else on the table.

Nina tells Franco she knows he is confused but promises things are going to get better. She asks him if he remembers when she could not see reality and he helped her see the truth. She saw what was real and stood by her. So that is what she is going to do for him. She will not give up on him until he remembers her.

Sonny announces to Morgan and Kiki that he plans to take the baby tomorrow. He does not realize that they do not want that and leaves. Kiki is clearly devastated.

At the hospital, Michael returns to Olivia, informing her that Alexis has told him not much can be done to bring Sonny to justice and he's not going to let that rest.

In Julian's room, Alexis reiterates to him that he did not commit the crimes he has been charged with so she intends to represent him and make the court see that. Ned is outside the room overhearing and concluding what her priorities are regarding the two men in her life.

Not far away, Michael tells Olivia he is determined to stop at nothing in order to make sure that Sonny pays for taking Michael's father from him.

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