GH Update Monday 2/9/15

General Hospital Update Monday 2/9/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam admits to Patrick that she has been giving a lot of thought and wondering many things about Jake.

When Jake is in the jail cell, the guard informs him he has a visitor. It's Elizabeth.

Morgan goes to see Kiki and they assume that Sonny is soon to be discharged from the hospital and on his way back to Pentonville.

At the hospital, the governor's daughter, Ivy, introduces her father to Sonny Corinthos. The governor of NY announces that many people owe a debt of gratitude to Sonny Corinthos for his courageous and heroic act of putting his own life on the line to save the lives of many people who would have otherwise gotten killed by a bomb planted at The Haunted Star. Carly, Shawn, Michael and cops all surround Sonny while the governor announces that because of this heroic deed, Sonny is not going to spend one more day behind bars at Pentonville. The guards argue that Mr. Corinthos is scheduled to resume his life sentence for the murder of AJ Quartermaine. However, the governor clarifies that that will not happen. Carly appears surprised to hear that and it's clear that Michael is not contented with that sudden news.

While Luke is in his jail cell across from Helena, he reflects about how he has once again fooled and misled everyone into believing he is Bill Eckert. He knows that Bill Eckert has been dead all along. He talks about how the truth has been staring them in the face the whole time but they just didn't want to see it.

Nathan informs Tracy and Lulu that the finger-prints taken from the suspect in question are an exact match for the real Luke Spencer. They are shocked and horrified to hear that.

Luke talks about how absurd it would be for anyone to believe that anyone could impersonate him. He announces that he is the one and the only Lucas Lorenzo Spencer.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas informs Spencer he needs to talk to him about something. When his son asks him if it's “good news” or “bad news”, Nikolas replies it could be taken either way. He then informs Spencer that his great-grandmother, Helena Cassadine has been arrested.

In the jail cell, Luke talks to Helena about how all these pathetic idiots of this town have been clinging to any shred of hope that these heinous crimes have not been committed by their hero. He mocks how people cannot believe that Luke who has saved the world and rescued every damsel in distress could be their suspect and they blame poor Bill Eckert. Hearing that, she reflects, to him, in order to be “fair”, he did “confuse matters” when he dug up the man's corpse. She also talks about his stashing the remains in that basement for reasons that still elude her. Hearing that, he angrily tells her what happened between him and his cousin are none of her concern and are between himself and Bill.

When Tracy tells Nathan that tit's insane that that man could be Luke, he reaffirms that the prints came back a definitive match. They both realize that the PCPD does have enough of Luke's prints on file as Luke is no stranger to the precinct. Both Tracy and Lulu admit to Nathan they realize that Luke Spencer has had some “run ins” with the law but would never do anything remotely like what happened on The Haunted Star. Yet he affirms to them that the evidence says that he did.

When Elizabeth goes to see Jake in his jail cell, she does not smile. She tells him that she now knows that Sam was correct that when he said he was out job-hunting at the time when he committed his first of more than one crime, he was lying.

Morgan talks to Kiki about how Dante has affirmed that the cops were ready to transport Sonny back to prison. He tells her that he, his mom, Shawn and Dante were all happy to see Sonny while he was in the hospital for even a brief moment. She asks if Michael was there and Morgan replies no. His brother never once came to visit Sonny that he is aware of.

When Michael hears the governor announce that Sonny is getting freed from prison, he angrily reminds him that Sonny is serving a life sentence for murdering Michael's father so of course he is going back to prison. The governor tells him he is aware of the crime and the sentence but in this case, he believes an exception should be made. When Michael demands to know why. The governor replies that since his wife died, his daughter was all he had. She means everything to him and would not be standing there were it not for Mr. Corinthos who saved her life. So that is why he is granting Sonny a full pardon. Michael protests that he cannot do that to which he replies he can. As governor of this great state, he has the authority to grant a pardon to any convicted criminal. Michael angrily tells the governor he wants “this man” behind bars where he belongs, as he reminds Gatling that Sonny has barely made a dent in his sentence so to release him would be crazy and irresponsible. Michael walks away knowing that what he wants is futile as he hears the governor inform Sonny that he intends to get everything ready to make him a free man.

Sam talks to Patrick about her conversation with Jake where he revealed to her that he had memories and visions about things that she somehow knows he was lying about. She tells him that Jake told her that he remembered taking the phoenix after spying upon them unseen in the bedroom together. She is also very “confused” about something Jake told her regarding if was watching the two of them together, he said he was not “watching her with Patrick” but instead he was “watching Sam with himself.”

At the jail cell, Elizabeth angrily asks Jake if he knows how betrayed this makes her feel. She feels like an idiot. She has defended him to everyone and anyone that would listen. She confronted Sam about her unjust and absurd accusations only to find out that he not only took Sam hostage in order to help Faison escape, he planted a bomb that could have killed many people on The Haunted Star. When he says nothing, she demands an explanation for how, when she thought he was a good guy and trusted him, that this could happen.

Tracy tells Nathan that if the man they thought was not Luke actually is Luke, then they can conclude that these 20 year old bones belong to Bill Eckert. Lulu adds that Bill Eckert's grave has been dug up and empty so that is questionable. Tracy asks if they should believe that Luke has been hiding out all this while in his childhood home with his cousin's corpse in the basement, which is disgusting. Lulu asks Tracy if she thinks this might have something to do with Bill Eckert owning the house. Tracy replies she does not have answers to many of these questions but she knows someone who does. Lulu asks who.

Jake informs Elizabeth he has an answer to why he did what he did although she may not like or believe it. The reason is Helena Cassadine.

Helena tells Luke that given her involvement in his plan, it is her business as, in case he has not noticed, the two of them are stuck behind these bars together. They are both in need of means for escape. He asks her if she thinks he has the answer for that. She reminds him he managed to pull the wool over everyone's eyes including his own family. So, perhaps he could take a moment away from his self-congratulations and maybe tell her how they are going to get out of jail.

Nikolas explains to Spencer that his great-grandmother got arrested. His uncle Dante was doing his job as he was supposed to. Spencer asks Nikolas what Helena did that was so bad, to which his dad replies she hurt a lot of people including him.

Tracy and Lulu reflect to Nathan that there is no way that Luke would be conspiring with Helena Cassadine. Tracy then add, unless, of course, Helena was doing one of her “numbers” on Luke. Lulu remembers and informs Nathan, for the first time, that back in the day, Helena used mind control on Lulu's brother, Lucky to make him do whatever she wanted. When Nathan asks what Lulu means by mind control, she tells him brainwashing, mental conditioning or whatever one wants to call it, where Helena messed with Lucky's head. Nathan asks if they believe that's what is going on with Luke, to which Tracy tells him that's the only logical explanation given what has happened. Lulu concludes the only way to get to the bottom of this is to go straight to the source.

Luke tells Helena he must say that having the police commissioner in her pocket is of no benefit to them. She reminds him that she cannot expect Sloane to help them without having him exposed as a Cassadine ally. She suggests that maybe Luke could “pull his own weight”. Hearing that, he furiously reminds her that he has been dragging incompetent morons behind him for over a year. When he knows that Helena might suggest that Jake can help them, Luke tells her she needs to realize that is ridiculous especially now that Jake is in the same leaky row boat they are.

When Jake tells Elizabeth his explanation is Helena, she asks if Helena hired him to help her friend Faison escape. He tells her no. Helena did not hire him. Elizabeth then remembers on Thanksgiving when Helena came to her house and Jake “pretended not to know” Helena, that would only have to be another one of his lies. Jake protests that it's true that he did not know Helena, at least he “was not aware” of whether he knew her. Hearing that, Elizabeth doesn't buy a word of what he's saying and asks what he means when he says that. He tells her that the bottom line was every time he told her he was innocent, he truly believed it. She asks how it's possible for him to have done all that damage and not even have known it. He replies that Helena was controlling him.

Patrick asks Sam just what Jake “pictured” about being with her when he saw her in bed with him (Patrick). She tells him she admits she does not know exactly. However, Jake “being with her” was not the only thing he envisioned. He also remembered her giving him the phoenix.

When Kiki tells Morgan it's conclusive that Ava did not survive, he tells her he's sorry and he should have been there. She tells him that it's ok. Silas was with her for a while until he had to get to the hospital for an emergency. Kiki then breaks down crying when she come to the realization that her mom is dead. Morgan holds her.

Michael furiously disputes the governor's decision and recognition for Sonny saving the lives of the people on The Haunted Star the previous night. He asks if the governor believes the lives of those people are more important than the life of his father, to which Carly protests to her son that he was “one of those people”. The governor further adds that not only did Sonny save many lives, he is a “boom” to the Port Charles economy as a respected businessman. Hearing that, Michael angrily informs the governor that Sonny is a mobster. The governor tells him he's certain those are only rumors and Mr. Corinthos has never even been convicted of a crime, to which Michael reminds him “except murder”. The governor tells him his decision is final and tells Michael he thinks it would be in his best interest to accept it. He then goes with Ivy to lunch at The Metro Court. Alone with Sonny, Michael angrily demands to know how he “pulled this off”. Has he gotten involved in campaign bribes? Money-laundering for re-election? Hearing that, Carly demands Michael stop it. Michael asks if maybe Sonny used his “muscles, here” directing that to Shawn, to threaten the governor, to which Shawn assures Michael that did not happen. Sonny tells his son he was as surprised as he was at what happened. Michael tells Sonny he knows there was some sort of “deal” going on with the governor. He knows how Sonny works and won't believe any explanation to the contrary from anyone trying to defend Sonny. Michael tells them he bets that the governor probably had this whole “pardon” worked out before Sonny even pleaded guilty and strings were pulled for Sonny to make himself look like the hero to rescue Ivy. Michael asks Sonny if his prison break was staged in the same manner, to which Sonny explains that he broke out of prison for the same reason he ran into the boat, which was to grab that bomb out of Michael's hand and safe his life. Carly urges her son to stop what he is saying and thinking but Michael tells Sonny he wouldn't be surprised if he put Luke up to bombing the boat. And, he concludes, he will not let Sonny get away with this.

When Lulu tells Nathan that she is going to get to the bottom of this if it means talking privately to Luke, he tells her he can't let his partner's wife put herself in danger with this and urges her to at least talk to Dante before going through with that because her husband deserves to be kept in the loop. She then tells Nathan she will go and talk to Dante to inform him what she intends to do. But, she informs him, she is not asking for either of their permission. Tracy then informs them that while Lulu goes and talks to her husband, she (herself) is going straight to the jailhouse.

Sam and Patrick continue to investigate the mystery of Jake, his motives and the methods of his madness. She comments how strange it is, that Jake admitted that due to Helena, he came to Sam's house to kill her yet did not when he easily could have, yet stole the phoenix, believing she gave it to him. She knows that the phoenix only meant something to Jason.

Jake tells Elizabeth he does not expect her to believe what he is saying but it is true. He reaffirms that Helena was “conditioning” him and he had to take her orders. She asks if he had no recollection. He tells her that he only had memories of planting the bomb. And after he left The Haunted Star, after doing so, he saw Sam, informed her, and made sure she called to warn everyone before it was too late. At that point, Elizabeth admits that she now believes that Jake is telling the truth.

Luke reminds Helena that Jake is pretty useless for carrying out their plan when he called the people at The Haunted Star to warn them about the bomb and told all the intended targets where to find it. Helena then admits that she may have “overestimated” Jake's “will” but asks Luke if he thinks he could do better, in which case, the next time, the “honor” is all his. They both reflect to each other how none of ether’s family members are doing anything to ride to their rescue or bail them out of jail. Tracy appears and they both stare at her knowing why she is there.

From the hospital, Lulu calls Dante and tells him he'll never believe what she just “learned” about her dad.

Spencer asks his dad why his great-grandmother would want to hurt Aunt Lulu. She is a part of the family. Nikolas explains to his son that Lulu is his half sister. He and Lulu have the same mother but different fathers. That means that while Lulu is part of their family, she is not part of Helena's. Spencer asks why Helena would want to hurt someone they love. Nikolas explains that Helena has different standards than they have. Helena does what she wants and does not care about others. He realizes that in spite of everything, his son has developed a relationship with his son and may love him.

Tracy goes to see Luke in jail and declares there is evidence that “this disaster standing in front of her” is Luke Spencer. In response to that, Luke asks her if the term “disaster” is not a bit harsh. She turns to see Helena and tells her that by using the same “mind-altering technique” she once used on Lucky, she is doing the same thing to Luke. She tells Helena whatever she did to Luke, she needs to undo it now.

Elizabeth tells Jake about the many things that Helena has done to her family and to Lucky is very similar to what he is talking about. He asks if Lucky ever broke free of it. Elizabeth replies yes although it was not easy. Jake expresses how grateful he is that she believes him and asks her how on earth they can ever prove that Helena is doing what she is doing.

Patrick and Sam both conclude that they haven't a clue what to expect or do regarding what Helena has probably done to Jake but he tells her he feels a lot better with them both locked up.

Kiki admits to Morgan that she is concerned about what will happen to Avery. Yes, they know how to care for the baby and have family to help them but it's not the same as Avery having her mother..

At the hospital, the governor declares to Sonny that he is a free man. They take the shackles off of him. Carly and Shawn both happily congratulate him and are ready to get him home. He tells them there is somewhere he needs to go first, however.

When Patrick gets up to shower and Sam is alone she goes over to see the phoenix next to the dragon which symbolized her union with Jason.

Jake reminds Elizabeth that given all the things he's done, it's highly unlikely to get a judge or jury to believe he's absolved because of mind-control.

Spencer concludes to his dad that his great-grandmother is horrible and asks if he really believes that she loves them. Nikolas admits to his son that in spite of what that woman is capable of, in her own way, she probably does. He admits to Spencer that no person is all good or all bad. Not even Helena. He assures his son that Helena will pay for what she did and that Lulu will be safe.

Lulu informs Dante, on the phone, that Tracy has gone to talk to her dad and hopefully will get some answers from him.

In the jail cell, Helena tells Tracy if she wants her precious Luke back, she will offer Helena full immunity.

When Morgan and Kiki are with the baby, there's a knock on the door. They don't know who it could be. It's Sonny. Morgan asks what he's doing there. Sonny declares he's there to see his baby daughter.

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