GH Update Friday 2/6/15

General Hospital Update Friday 2/6/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In GH, Obrecht finds Nathan, hugs her son and tells him thank God he's in one piece after risking his life not once but twice and asks if the doctor has examined him. He tells her yes. He's going to be fine and what he needs right now are answers and he hoped the chief of staff could expedite that. She tells him she can assist in the investigation and takes him into what appears to be the hospital lab or morgue. A guy uncovers only bones that look brown in color and Obrecht informs Nathan that the only trace they have found of Luke Spencer can be found in “these remains”. She remarks how fortunate it is that the bomb was planted without any one knowing yet did not kill everyone at The Haunted Star. She also suggests to her son that maybe he considers finding another occupation, as she reminds him that in a short time he's been shot, kidnapped, endangered on many occasions and nearly blown up by a bomb. She tells him she thinks he should try something less dangerous like farming or modeling. He tells her he'd prefer to talk about his career options at another time and he needs to know if there is enough evidence there to make a positive identification of “the deceased”.

Both Sonny and Fluke have their pictures on the front page of the paper after Sonny escaped from prison to save the lives of all the people on The Haunted Star while risking his own and the new revelation about the Luke lookalike.

Nikolas' date appears when he is completely distracted and has forgotten her. She is furious that she had to attend the event alone and he did not so much as call or return her calls while he left her to die on a bombed boat.

Fluke and Helena are both in jail being held in adjoining cells. He notices her pacing and unwilling to stand still and demands she stops. She tells him she is not well adapted to confinement. He reminds her that they would both be walking free as birds if she had not trusted her damn grandson. In response to that, she tells him he better not blame Nikolas. It's not his fault. It's the fault of Sonny Corinthos.

Morgan goes to Sonny's hospital room while his father sleeps. Carly and Shawn both stand by Sonny's bed. Morgan asks his mom what might have happened to his dad and what to expect. She reminds him that his father needs rest and has almost drowned but should make a full recovery.

Olivia wheels Dante in a wheelchair although he wants to get out of the hospital and walk. His mom tells him she won't let him disregard hospital policy so he can't re-injure himself after being hurt in a bombing. He wants to be there for Sonny yet she assures him his father will be fine as they wait for the elevator so they can leave. Lulu comes by and remarks she's glad Dante has gotten good news about his dad however she has not been able to get any news about hers.

In the jail cells, Helena reminds Fluke that if Sonny Corinthos prevented the bombing of The Haunted Star and they would not even be in this position if he had not “put that mongrel down”. He tells her she better not start the “blame game” with him. She will never win. They have far more important things to worry about including being behind these bars. She is not worried however, telling him that they will be out of there soon. She tells Fluke she has a “get out of jail free card”. Commissioner Sloane enters. Helena smiles and she remarks “here he is now”.

While waiting for the hospital elevator, Lulu remarks to Dante and to Olivia that she is not authorized to ask any questions or even go near the psycho who has been impersonating her dad. Olivia remarks to her that in all fairness, it may be for her own personal safety, as Dante agrees on that. She asks them how long she has to spend wondering what happened to her dad. Is the guy who's now in lock-up Bill Eckert or not? Why won't Sloane tell her anything? Dante assures his wife he will attempt to get some answers from his new boss although she tells Dante she does not want to get him involved with that since she knows Sloane does not like him. She tells her husband and mother-in-law that just because she can't rely upon Sloane does not mean she's out of options for getting to the bottom of this.

Nikolas tells his date he's “sorry for her trouble”. Hearing that, she asks if that is what he calls the bombing and if he even cares that she was nearly blown up. He tells her of course he cares and is thankful that she's ok. She reminds him he did not so much as make the effort to call or text her once. He tells her that his phone was taken from him so he did not have that option. She reminds him she knows that his grandmother seemed to be more important to him and she was probably one of the bombers. She angrily reminds him that no matter what excuse or justification he gives her, he was nowhere to be found when she was in danger. And if it were not for Sonny Corinthos, all of the people on the boat would be dead.

In Sonny's hospital bed, he awakens and open his eyes while Carly, Morgan and Shawn want to know how he's feeling. He asks what happened to Dante and they assure him his son is fine. Sonny remembers that bastard who is probably Eckert told him Dante would die. They inform him that Dante was right by his bedside not long ago and everybody is safe, thanks to him. Sonny tells them he had to do what he did in order to save Michael.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael is wondering what to do given that he now knows of Sonny's heroism. Tracy asks him if he now believes that he owes his life to the man who killed AJ. He remarks that it's kind of a moot point since Sonny will soon be back in Pentonville. She remarks how it seems Pentonville should have a revolving door with all the criminal who so easily escaped last night.

Silas goes to see Kiki and she tells her dad they need to talk. He tells her he's heard about Ava. She cries and he holds his daughter in his arms.

Carly informs Sonny that she and Michael found him with the help of the cops and he helped her perform CPR on Sonny before he awoken. Sonny tells her she should have seen their son. He had a bomb in his hands. He was risking his life for everybody. She urges him to know that his son cares about him. Hearing that, Morgan asks if Michael cares so much, why isn't he here right now?

At the Quartermaine house, Michael talks to Tracy when Dante enters. Tracy tells him the cops need to give her some answers about the man who has scammed everyone, while having her believing he was her husband, living in her home and used her yet again. He then tells her that the police and others believe that it's very possible that Luke is being impersonated by Bill Eckert. She reminds Dante that everyone knows that Eckert has been dead for 20 years. He tells her yes and now Eckert's grave is empty. The investigation lead Dante to the house where Luke grew up in on Elm St., he tells her. He thought he'd find Luke there but instead he found a badly decayed body dressed up like a Miscavige patient and rigged with a bomb. She asks if he thinks that's Luke and if Lulu knows. Dante admits he does not know what to believe and the evidence of what could have happened to Luke is now under police investigation.

At the hospital, Nathan asks Obrecht if there is a way to find more specific information like how long the deceased person whom they discovered could have been dead.

Sloane enters the jail cell where Fluke and Helena are being held. He does not speak when she asks him what he's waiting for and that he needs to release them. Sloane then tells her it's not that simple. She then asks him if he's forgotten that the only reason he even has his position in the first place is because of her family when her grandson, Nikolas rigged the mayoral election.

Nikolas' date, Ivy, tells him as far as she's concerned, the papers are right that Sonny Corinthos is a hero. He deserves a medal. And she is going to go and find him and tell him so. She tells a despondent Nikolas when he finds his phone, he needs to lose her number. Lulu walks in and tells her brother she has half a mind to tell him that very same thing. He asks her if she's angry with him also and tells his sister he thinks the most important thing is that she and others are alright and nothing has happened to them. She angrily tells him she is not alright. Her place of business had a ticking time bomb during and event with many people who knew nothing about it and could have all gotten killed. Her husband almost got killed by another bomb by going to find the Luke imposter and would have if Nathan hadn't found him in time. They both almost got blown to smithereens. She could have gotten killed. Her son would have been orphaned. And it's all because of his psychotic grandmother and that imposter who is pretending to be her dad. She tells Nikolas could have prevented it but did not. She tells her oldest brother she's always looked up to him and has at times worshiped the ground he walks on. But she needs to know everything he knew so that she can take action if he won't.

While attending to the remains of what appears to be Luke Spencer, Obrecht and Nathan get an unannounced visit from Tracy. When she walks inside, Obrecht tells her that “civilians” are not allowed inside this room.. Tracy firmly informs her that her family owns most of this hospital so she has the right to some answers. Obrecht tells her she will by happy to run the test needed as soon as she gets clearance to do so. But for right now, she is not authorized to do any investigation.

At the jail cell, Fluke reminds Sloan that since Helena enabled him to have his position in the first place, he better listen to Mrs. Cassadine and release them. He tells them he might not be able to do that so fast. Helena then asks him if he'd like her to reveal what she knows about him to the authorities. She asks him what would be left of his career, or of his freedom after he's exposed. In response to that, he tells her if he releases the two of them, he will be confronted by his subordinates at the PCPD. There will be public outrage, scrutiny in the papers, definitely an inquiry from the state about his connection to the Cassadines. If that happens, Lomax will go down in flames. Anna Devane will most likely be reinstated. And the two of them will be back in custody. So if we don't want that, we have to play this whole thing very carefully, he tells her. Fluke remarks to Helena that Sloane makes a good point. She tells him even so, they can't stay there. Sloane reminds the two inmates that he is stalling the investigation, diverting things from happening, making many efforts, but there's only so much he has the power to do. Maybe they need to re-examine their strategies. Hearing that, Fluke realizes the inevitable fate of the people having the means to find out who he really is. So, he tells Sloane, he may run his damn prints.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael informs Dante that when he heard “Luke” yelling at Dante on the phone, while hosting the party at The Haunted Star, and having everyone believing that Dante was abandoning her because of Johnny, they should have all known that something was “off”. Dante tells him he realizes that this guy has managed to fool everyone. Michael asks Dante if they believe that “this” Luke is really Bill Eckert and that the real Luke is dead. Dante tells him that's what they believe but cannot yet prove. He then admits to Michael he actually did not come to talk to him about Luke. He came to talk about Sonny and believes Michael should go and see their dad.

In Sonny's hospital room, Morgan asks his parents if they think that Michael will ever get over his petty little grudges enough to see his father after Sonny saved everyone on the boat including Michael. He angrily talks about how everybody has gotten the message about how Michael will never forgive his father for the rest of his life. However, Sonny put his life on the line by grabbing a freaking bomb from Michael and jumped in the water with it. Carly interjects her son and tells him Michael is very aware of that and in case Morgan did not know, Michael found the bomb, carried it out of The Haunted Star and almost died also. So she asks Morgan to try calming down and show a little empathy. In response to that, Morgan asks his mom where is Michael's empathy. He should be there right now with his father after he almost died to save Michael's life. Sonny also tells Morgan he does not want him holding that against his brother. Morgan reminds them that he not only could care less about them and also didn't have the courtesy to offer condolences to Kiki about her mother, who also happens to be the mother of his baby sister.

Silas tells Kiki he feels terrible to have left her all alone, last night. She assures her dad that Morgan was there and stayed with her all night. She also informs him that cops barged into the apartment looking for Ava and thought she might be there and they don't even think she's alive. Silas tells his daughter he doesn't ever want her to give up hope on her mom. She tells him she heard from her uncle Julian that Carlos shot Ava and she fell off the bridge. Allegedly Julian and Sonny did everything they could to help her but she fell and drowned. Silas can sense that his daughter might not believe Julian with his story that Sonny tried to save Ava. She tells Silas she happens to know that Sonny hates her mother and wanted to kill her right after she gave birth to the baby that would either be his child or grandchild. And now we are supposed to believe that Sonny did everything he could to save her? How do we know he didn't cause her to fall and drown? Silas tells his daughter she has every right to feel as she does but until they know more, there's no point in being angry. He reminds Kiki she needs to think about baby Avery. The little one needs her big sister to be strong and not focused on negativity and on a crusade against Sonny. Kiki tells him she does not intend to declare war on the Sonny or hate the man. She just would like Sonny to look her in the eye and tell her he did not kill her mother, that what happened to Ava was an accident and not the opportunity he has been waiting for.

Sonny tells Morgan it's true. He swears on Avery's life that he did everything he could in order to save her mother. He admits to Morgan and to Carly that there was a moment when he wanted to make Ava pay for what she did not Connie and let her die. Morgan asks his dad why he did not. Sonny tells his son because when he looked at Ava, he saw Avery and did not want to do to her what he did to Michael. He knows how he hurt Michael when he killed AJ. He didn't want to do that to another one of his kids so he saved her mother. Carly then assures Sonny he did the right thing. He tells her he did the right thing by his daughter but not by Connie. He tried to save Ava but it wasn't enough.

Michael informs Dante that he called the hospital and heard that Sonny would make a full recovery so why is he supposed to see him? Dante replies because his father risked his life to save him. Michael tells his brother he's right. Sonny is a hero but it does not change the fact that he killed Michael's father. Dante then tells his brother that he, himself lives with that every day. There is a part of Sonny with whom he connects but another part that he hates so Michael needs to believe him when he says he understands. Dante tells Michael he's not saying he has to forgive Sonny. But he should do what anyone should do by simply seeing him and saying Thank You.

When Nikolas does not respond to what Lulu is asking him, she asks him to please tell her that he did not know the whole time that her father was being replaced by an evil twin. He tells her he did not know that at first but has known that Helena has been back here since Thanksgiving. She asks him why. He tells his sister it's complicated. She is mortified to hear him say that regardless of circumstances Helena is his family, just like she and Lucky and their mom are. She tells him that Helena is a monster. She tells him even if he is justified to have some secret alliance with his grandmother, he has no justification to have her believing that that psycho was her father. He tells Lulu honestly, when he saw Helena with Fluke, he honestly thought it was the real Luke. She asks how on earth he could have thought that for a minute and how he could choose his relationship with Helena over his relationship with her.

Helena firmly tells Sloane that he cannot run those prints. He must put off any testing that could reveal Fluke's true identity so that they can get away. Fluke then addresses her telling her the commissioner has done all he can for now. There's no point in having Sloane blow his cover when he could still be useful, he tells her. She then asks Fluke what he suggests. He tells her he realizes the truth will come out sooner or later.

Obrecht tells Tracy that the commissioner has not allowed testing on the remains. Tracy finds that very odd knowing how Obrecht does not exactly follow “the law”. Obrecht suddenly gets a call from Sloane while he's in the cell block talking to Helena and Fluke.

Michael reiterates to Dante that he can't overlook the fact that Sonny took his father from him. To thank him would seem “disloyal”. Dante tells his brother he knows he didn't ask for any of this. But he thinks if Michael does not thank Sonny, this whole thing will just “eat away” at him. Michael tells his brother he will live with that. Dante tells Michael he realizes Michael is a grown man and can make his own decisions but he just doesn't want him living with any regrets.

Nikolas tries to convince Lulu that he has not changed and is the same brother she used to know and love. But she tells him she does not know him any more. The Nikolas Cassadine she knows is a good and decent man who would never do what she believes he has done to aid and abet Helena.

Helena tells Fluke and Sloane that they should have never authorized those tests. Fluke tells her he is ready to have this “very bumpy ride”.

In Sonny's hospital bed, Morgan shows his dad pictures of baby Avery and Sonny smiles at how adorable his “daughter” is. He asks his son if he could possibly bring the little one by. Morgan tells his dad he hopes he can arrange that. Sonny asks if he can also tells Sonny's youngest daughter that he loves her. Morgan tells her he will and he just remembered that Avery asked him to tell Sonny the same. He leaves and Shawn enters. He assures Sonny that one good thing he can report is that Helena Cassadine and Bill Eckert are in custody. Sonny reminds him that might not mean much since it's been impossible to prevent Helena from escaping any type of incarceration she's ever had and he knows that Bill Eckert might have more tricks up his sleeve to hurt more people.

Silas asks Kiki if she gets into a room face-to-face with Sonny and he can't convince her. What then? Before she can answer that question, Sloane comes by. They ask if he might have any news about Ava and if he might have found her.

Alone with Sonny in his hospital room, Carly asks her ex that since he almost died, if he would re-consider not letting her see him. She wants to. He tells her they can discuss that later. She admits that seeing him here is a lot better that having to see him through a Plexiglas partition. Dante comes in and emotionally expresses his heart-felt gratitude to his dad for his heroic action.

In the cell block, Helena wonders why Fluke is not preventing himself from being found out. He tells her he knew he couldn't keep his secret indefinitely.

Prison officials come by and announce they have orders to ship Sonny back to Pentonville. Carly protests against that because he's still recovering and asks Dante if he can't do something about this. He tells her he would like to but it's apparently out of his hands. Michael gets off the elevator. Maybe he's following Dante's suggestion.

Sloane informs Kiki and Silas that the search team looked all over but did not find Ava. Given the gunshot wound, the height from which she fell and the water temperature as it is, it's all but certain she's dead although Kiki tells him he cannot be sure of that. So, he announces, they are calling off the search and Ava Jerome is being pronounced dead.

As soon as Michael enters Sonny's room, he notices the guards ready to take his dad back to Pentonville. He notices Sonny being pushed in the wheelchair wearing his prison uniform. Carly asks the officials if they could please give her family just a minute. Michael tells his dad he's glad he is going to be ok and is ready to thank him when he gets interrupted. The young woman who was Nikolas' date tells Sonny he may not know her but she knows him. She owes him a debt of gratitude for saving everyone's life. She tells him she wants to tell him how grateful she is for his heroic act and so is her father. In fact, she tells him, here he is now. We then see a man who identifies himself as the honorable Richard Gatling, the governor of New York. Gatling tells Sonny that he acted selflessly and with great heroism. And because of Sonny's courage, he tells him, he doesn't think Sonny should spend one more day behind bars.

Lulu goes to find Tracy with Nathan and Obrecht at the hospital morgue and asks if “that” is her dad.

In his jail cell, Fluke smirks and admits he's not sure whom he is most anxious to confront; Sonny Corinthos? Tracy? Lulu? He laughs and remarks that it's “an embarrassment of riches”.

Tracy replies to Lulu that they do not know whom it is yet. Obrecht then returns and announces she has “preliminary results” to share. Lulu asks if she can tell them. She replies that these are indeed Luke Spencer's remains. She tells them apparently he's been dead a long time. It appears for decades.

Fluke smugly reflects that all these idiots have been chasing their tails for over a year now, thinking he's Jerry Jacks, thinking he's Larry Ashton, thinking he's Cesar Faison. And now they've settled on another bogus theory. The poor bastards think he's Bill Eckert, he says as he laughs out loud.

When Obrecht announces to Tracy and Lulu that “the subject” has been dead for over 20 years, they both know that Luke has only been missing for a year. Tracy then recalls that Bill Eckert died about 20 years ago and maybe somebody dug him up.

Fluke states they should have “let poor Bill Eckert rest in peace”, knowing Eckert has been dead all along.

Nathan returns to Tracy and Lulu after the cops have run the fingerprints on the man they have in custody. And, he announces, there is a match.

Fluke states that “the answer” has been staring them in the face the whole time. And not any of them cared to see it.

Nathan tells Luke's wife and daughter that the man they have in custody has been identified as Luke Spencer.

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