GH Update Thursday 2/5/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/5/15


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion Alexis is visiting a flu-ridden Ned. They were watching one of her favorite movies, "The Pain and The Yearning." When she asks Ned if he enjoyed it, he has a coughing fit. She realizes that he's more of an action guy, and promises to bring something more appropriate next time. He tells her that it's just the flu, and she says that he should've had a flu shot. She apologizes for him missing Michael's big night. Ned continues coughing and hacking, and he tells her that he's sorry, too. He's glad that they got to spend some time together. They decide to watch the news, just in time to hear about the break-out at Pentonville. Alexis can't hide her interest when the newscaster says that Julian is a gunshot victim, and has been taken to GH.

Fluke visits a surprised Julian in his hospital cubicle with malicious intent.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tries to find out what happened to his loved ones. Helena's goons stop him. Helena arrives to tell him that The Haunted Star is still afloat, but there is one casualty.

Carly shows up on the docks to see if Michael is okay. She asks him if it's true that Sonny took the bomb from him, and got into the water. She asks Michael where Sonny is, and starts to freak when he doesn't answer. Nathan comes over and regretfully tells that Sonny never resurfaced.

At Silas's apartment, Kiki hears that her mother is still missing. She's anxiously awaiting her call, when there's a knock on the door.

Sabrina arrives home, thinking Felix has returned, because the door is locked. Carlos rushed to unchain the door. Sabrina tells him that he missed quite a party, and wonders where he went. She sees Johnny is lying on her couch, badly wounded. Carlos begs her to help them. Johnny apologizes for making her miss the party, and for bleeding out on her couch. Sabrina asks what happened, and Johnny flashes back to the shoot out. He's all ready to shoot Sonny, but Julian blind sides him. "I got shot." Johnny tells. "So I see" she answers.  Sabrina asks why they aren't in the hospital. Johnny reminds her that hospitals have to report gunshot wounds. Sabrina figures that he want that. Johnny says that he likes to keep his injuries private. Sabrina turns to Carlos and demands to know what's going on.

Kiki nervously asks who's at the door. She's relieved to learn that it's Morgan. They commiserate over their missing parents. She wants to go and see Julian, but she can't. Neither of them can get any answers.

At the docks, Carly wants  Nathan to widen the search. He tries to tell her the reasons why they can't. Carly insists that Sonny is still alive. Carly wants to hear what happened from Michael. A frustrated Michael tells her that he was with Lucas when he received a call from Sam. Sam was with Jake, who remembered that he planed a bomb underneath the bar. tells her that there wasn't much time left when they found. He took it and ran, with the intention of throwing it off the pier. That's when Sonny showed up, and grabbed it from him. He jumped into the water just as the bomb went off. Carly says well, it wasn't Jake, She asks about the guy who looks like Luke, the one everyone thinks is Bill Eckert. Nathan tells her that's the working theory, because someone dug up Eckert's grave, and he wasn't in it. Michael tells her about Fluke's strange rant about how no one could tell the difference between him and the imposter. He tells her that he went off on Dante, over the phone, and left shortly after. As he left, Fluke tells everyone to have a blast, says Michael. "Oh my god," says Carly. "He's sick !" Nathan tells her that at the same time Dante was locked in the basement of the Elm street house with another bomb. Nathan says that that makes him even more dangerous. Carly asks what he's doing about it. He says he has some ideas, and leave to talk to Sloane.

Sloane tells him that he has eyes out there. He doesn't want Sonny to escape again. Nathan says that he has enough officers, and wants to check out the suspect. Sloane tells him that his priority is Corinthos, and Ava. He doesn't want either of them to get away. He tells him to forget about Luke Spencer, or whoever he is. Nathan tells him that he saw Luke leave the docks, but Sloane shuts him down. Sloane walks away, leaving Nathan frustrated.

At the hospital, Julian screams for help as Fluke moves closer. As he leans on Julian's wounded arm, he threatens Lucas and his "compact" boyfriend. Julian tells him to leave his son alone. Fluke tells him that he only threatened Lucas because Julian was in prison, to make a point. He leans in closer, and says "But now you're here."

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Alexis is fretting over the lack of information about Julian. Ned tells her to go to the hospital to check on Julian. Alexis says she wants to stay here and look after him. Ned, swallowing some pills, tells her it's okay to leave. He has the flu, not a gunshot wound. Alexis tells him they have to talk, thanks him and rushes out. She literally rushes into Tracy, who goes straight  to the bar, and pours herself a drink. Ned's surprised to see her home early, and asks if she and Luke had a good time. She turns around and announces that Luke had a "blast" with Helena Cassadine.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is shocked to hear about Sonny's escape. Helena enters the room and says that he hasn't been keeping up with news. Nikolas says that her goons have let him. She tells him that Lulu and his date survived, all because Sonny Corinthos escaped and thwarted her plans. Nikolas chuckles, and can't believe that he's thankful for Sonny stopping her committing mass murder. Nikolas tells her that she'll make her pay for this. Helena dismisses the idea, and tells him that she won't forget his insolence. She tells him that they will discuss his lack of manners when her partner returns. Nikolas wonders where Luke is.

Fluke is still trying to kill Julian. He laments that Sonny and Ava are out of his hands. Julian says that he's a twisted son of a bitch for sending Carlos after Ava. Fluke brushes it off telling that he wanted to get the people who were in his way. He says that "Dead is dead, Jules, and you're next. He grabs a pillow, and goes to smother him.

On the docks, Nathan reports to Michael and Carly that the search for Sonny is ongoing. He has to leave to find Bill Eckert. Michael thanks him, but Carly wonders why someone else can't go chasing after Eckert, or whoever he is. After Nathan leaves. Michael tries to calm her down. When he expresses his belief that Sonny is probably dead, Carly is shocked.

Morgan and Kiki are trying to figure why their parents would escape together. Morgan thinks that Sonny is far, far away, but they don't know where Ava might have gone Kiki says that she hoped that she would come by to see Avery. She admits that when Morgan knocked earlier, she was hoping it was Ava. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door.

At Sabrina's, Johnny and Carlos are trying to convince her to help them. Sabrina, of course, she is upset with Carlos for lying to her about being in the mob. Carlos promises to answer all her questions, after she helps Johnny. She tells him to get her medical bag.

At the hospital, Julian is struggling with Fluke, and calling for help. Fluke tells him that it's no use, cause the floor is empty. He goes to smother Julian, when Alexis turns up. "Luke what are you doing?" cries Alexis. Luke drops the pillow, and looks surprised to have been caught. Julian is coughing from almost being smothered.

At the Quartermaines, Ned can't believe what Tracy has told him about Fluke and Helena. She goes on to tell him about the party, and about Fluke's strange speech. She tells him that he went off on Dante over the phone. He storms off to get some air, and she goes to find him. Ned asks if Fluke was in danger. She tells him that she finds him with Helena, who's snuggled against him like a teenager. She tells him that Fluke wanted her to see them like that.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tries to figure out what's going on. He knows that the real Luke wouldn't go along with blowing up his loved ones. He figures that he's not really Luke, that Helena has done something to him, or he's playing her. Helena turns the tables and wonders if Fluke has been playing him and his family. Nikolas is frustrated with Helena for lying to him once again. He doesn't appreciate her threatening his family, especially after she told him that it would be different this time. Helena chides him for not being a true Cassadine. When she accuses him of not wanting to get his hands dirty, Nikolas grabs a knife and grabs her, and holds it to her throat. "That Cassadine enough for you." he says, menacingly.

Helena doesn't believe that Nikolas would hurt her, but he's clearly had enough. He names those that she's hurt that he cares about. Emily, Elizabeth and Alexis. He surprises her by telling her that he knows that she killed Katherine Bell. He tells her how much it destroys him every time, but she always comes back saying she loves him. Helena professes that she does, but Nikolas doesn't buy it. Nikolas tells her that she wants him to be like her, to kill for fun. He tells her that she's convinced herself that that's power. He holds the opener close to her throat, and says "Well it looks like I have the power now."

At the same time, Ned is in disbelief, while his mother continues to drown her sorrows. When he asks her what Helena said, Tracy says "Precious little." She says that after she "swanned off", she tried looking for her. She even tried to go to Wyndemere, but the guards wouldn't let her on the launch. Ned asks her what was she going to do, check all 60 rooms? But Tracy says it wasn't really about Helena. She says that it's Luke. She wants to know what happened to him.

Tracy tells Ned that she's loved Luke for a long time, and now feels like a fool. Ned tells her that she's no fool. She thanks him for that, and suddenly notices the movie Alexis left behind. Tracy tells him that she used to love that movie. Ned admits that it isn't his taste. She says that used to cry buckets over it. She wishes she could cry now, and Ned assures that she will. Tracy insists that she's all cried out. Ned goes to comfort Tracy when they are interrupted by Nathan. He apologizes for busting in on them, and says that Alice let them in. They need to search the premises, he says. Tracy asks if they're looking for Luke. Nathan says that it's a lot more complicated than that.

At the hospital, Alexis asks "What the hell is going on?" Luke is upset with Alexis, and takes off. Alexis can't believe Luke's behavior, but Julian tells her that wasn't Luke.

Morgan and Kiki anxiously answer the door. Sloane brusquely tells them that they have a warrant to search the premises. Morgan tells them to calm down, because of the baby. Sloane tells them that he's looking for a fugitive, and asks if she's Kiki Jerome. Kiki says she is and asks who he is. Sloane introduces himself as the new police commissioner. He asks her if she's seen her mother and if she's been hiding her. Kiki says no, and the police officers confirm this. Sloane apologizes and says after what happened on the bridge. Morgan and Kiki haven't heard the news yet about what happened on the bridge. Sloane tells them that Ava isn't the only body they're looking for.

" Baba booey!" cries Johnny in pain, as Sabrina removes the bullet from his shoulder. He asks for pain killers, as Carlos hands him a wooden spoon. Sabrina tells him that he'll have to tough it out. He asks if he's going to make him some cookies. Carlos tells him it's for him to bite on, while Sabrina stitches him up. "She tells him that it's to prevent seizures. I can tell this is gonna be fun!" She tells him to stay still, as she stitches him up. As Johnny breathes heavily, Carlos asks if he's going to be alright. Sabrina coldly tells him that he'll live, then demands that Carlos tells her what happened. Carlos looks to Johnny, before he tells Sabrina about the break out. He tells her out of the four of them their boss wasn't concerned about Franco, who took off to parts unknown. They were supposed to close the deal with Sonny, Ava and Julian. Sabrina guesses that they didn't cooperate. He tells her that Julian got a shot off, before they left. "And your Sonny problem took care of itself." she says.

On the docks, Carly and Michael are arguing over whether or not Sonny is still alive. Carly wants Michael to admit that he loves Sonny. Michael tries to tell her that there wasn't enough time to tell him anything. He freaks out at the thought of never being able to tell Sonny anything again. Carly refuses to believe that Sonny is gone. Michael tells him that the last thing Sonny said to him was that he wasn't going to let him die. He admits that he looked up to Sonny all his life, and that Sonny  taught him about honor, loyalty. He doesn't know what to make of man who was none of these things, and who knew that he hated him. He still turned up to save his life. As he's ranting, he sees the divers bring Sonny's body on deck. He tells Carly to look at him, and starts to prepare her, but she starts screaming No! She whips around and sees Sonny.

The officers are convinced that Sonny is dead, but not Carly. She rushes over to him, and begs them for help. She starts doing CPR, and demands that Michael helps her. He does so reluctantly.

Johnny has passed out on Sabrina's couch. He asks her if Johnny's okay, and she says that he needs rest, and will pick up antibiotics later. Carlos thanks her, but she tells him that he forgot someone. She says that he told her about Sonny, Julian and Franco, but not about Ava. Carlos tells her that she doesn't want to be part of this. Sabrina, of course, insists, leaving Carlos no choice. He goes onto explain that while Johnny was squaring off with Julian, he cornered Ava. Sabrina asks what he means by cornered. He tells her that she wasn't armed, but he was, and he shot her.

At the same time, Kiki is asking Sloane what happened on the bridge. She wants to know if something happened to her mother.

Carly and Michael are still working on Sonny, at the docks.

At the hospital, Alexis is stunned to learn about Luke being Bill Eckert from Julian.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy and Ned are also learning that Luke maybe Bill Eckert. It makes sense to her now, why Fluke got upset every time Bobbie brought up Bill.

Alexis also recalls how hostile he was to Bobbie when she and Ned saw him. Julian isn't sure except he was the one that's who he was taking orders from this whole time. Alexis says that they have to go to the police.

Nathan tells Ned and Tracy that the Bill Eckert thing is only a theory for now. Tracy asks where Luke is, and Nathan promises that they will get to the bottom of things.

Julian tells Alexis that Fluke has fooled everyone, including the police . He tells her that there's nothing they can do about it. If he wants him dead, he'll be dead. 

Officers tell Nathan that there's no sign of Luke. He mentions that the last place anyone saw  him was on the pier. Tracy tells that was where she last saw him, too. With Helena Cassadine.

Helena tells Nikolas that she's proud of the fire he's shown, and wants him to put he knife down so they can discuss this like a family. Nikolas is having none of it. Fluke shows up, and is intrigued by the scene. Helena begs Fluke to do something, but Nikolas tells him to stay out of it. Fluke pulls a gun on him, and says "That won't be possible."

Miracle of miracles, Carly's prayer has been answered. Sonny is alive! An officer calls for an ambulance. Carly declares that she knew he'd come back to her. Sonny wants to know if everyone is safe, especially Michael. She tells him that he saved everyone.  The paramedics are loading Sonny  into the ambulance. One of them says that there is room for one more. They ask who the family member is. When Michael is reluctant to admit he is, Carly volunteers.

Alexis tells Julian that there's an APB out on Bill Eckert. She's surprised that Johnny was taking orders from Fluke. She figures out that Fluke was there to finish the job. She says that Julian didn't take orders either when he shot Anthony. Julian confesses that he didn't shoot Anthony. He tells her that the evidence that exonerated Johnny was fake. He said that he did it to protect himself. Julian tells Alexis how Ava allegedly died. They both get emotional as Julian thanks her for dropping everything to come see him. He says that knowing she cares will help him get through this.

Sabrina is shocked to about Ava. Carlos tells her that Ava ruined their lives, but Sabrina doesn't think so. Carlos says that she him think that she killed Gabriel. Sabrina says that she made it up. Sabrina recalls how horrible she was to her. Carlos says that he was angry because she made him go to prison, and he couldn't let her be free. He says that he just snapped. Sabrina asks if he tried to help her. Carlos tells her that there was nothing to be done. Sabrina is shocked when she learns that he shot her, and then she fell over the bridge.

Kiki and Morgan are learning this also. Morgan wants to know what they're doing to find Ava. Sloane says that they're looking for Carlos Rivera to corroborate Julian's story. He says that the truth is her body isn't the only one were looking for. Sloane receives a report that Sonny has been found. Morgan asks if he will be okay, and Sloane says it appears he will. Kiki asks for information on her mother, but Sloane tells her to prepare for the worst.

Sabrina is shocked by Carlos's news. He tries to get her to talk , but she can't speak.

Tracy and Ned are still being questioned by Nathan. She feels that Luke and Helena are probably at Wyndemere. Nathan leaves. Tracy and Ned were watching the news, but she turns it off.  She can't believe this has happened to her again. She wonders where the real Luke is, and if he's alive.

Fluke is still threatening to kill Nikolas, with Helena begging him not. Things are totally out of control. Nikolas, who's  on his knees, tries to get Fluke to remember Laura and Lulu, but he says he doesn't care. Helena frantically calls the guards, but it's Nathan, and the PCPD who show up instead. "Freeze!" yells Nathan.

Michael is alone on the pier, watching the ambulance leave. He clearly doesn't know what to do.

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