GH Update Wednesday 2/4/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/4/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital, Dante suddenly comes to and frantically tells Elizabeth he has to get out of there and get to The Haunted Star before people are killed. It may already be too late. She tells him she needs him to rest as he's in no condition to go anywhere after he's suffered a serious blow to the head and is bleeding. He tells her there is no time for that. He informs her he has just been told that someone has installed a ticking time bomb at The Haunted Star and within minutes everyone will be killed unless they do something immediately. Hearing that, she demands to know who it was that planted the bomb.

In the police interrogation room, after Sam questions Jake and he finally remembers what he did not “intend” to do, he informs her that he planted a time bomb underneath the bar at The Haunted Star and he knows the timer is ticking away as they speak. He tells her that Helena ordered him to do it because she wants to kill all those people. She then knows she needs to reach Patrick somehow since he and many others are unaware that they are minutes away from dying.

As Fluke is walking up the basement stairs, Sonny suddenly arrives and points a gun at him. He tells Sonny he knew he and his “other two favorite convicts” has busted out of prison and were on their way there. Fluke tells Sonny he wonders where Ava and Julian are.

A frantic Julian stands over the bridge and yells to his sister hoping she can hear him and that she has not drowned and died. He gets not answer but hears cops who corner him, order him to drop the gun and demand to know where his accomplices are which they know are Ava Jerome, Sonny Corinthos and Franco.

Franco finds Nina and has saved her from Heather at ShadyBrook. He tells her he does not want to be separated from her although she asks him what his plan is for them to remain together. He then takes the needle which Heather was going to inject her with, points it to his neck and injects it into himself. Seeing that, Nina is shocked and demands to know why he is doing that. She asks him why he just gave himself an overdose of LSD. That could be fatal, she tells him. She asks why. She asks him why he'd want to hurt himself and if he is insane. He tells her he has been called insane and hopes it might be true. If it is, then maybe he could stay there with her.

On the bridge, in the dark, after Ava has fallen, Julian tells the cops he has to save his sister. They are less concerned about that, however, than about the fact that 3 other people besides himself have escaped prison custody and they demand he tells them where those people are.

In the basement, Fluke asks Sonny if his “partner in crime”, Julian has chickened out on him. Sonny furiously informs Fluke that Johnny shot Julian and he may be dead because of Fluke and his men. Sonny furiously aims the gun and Fluke asks him if he really wants to shoot his “old friend, Luke Spencer'. Sonny replies he would not hurt Luke but Bill Eckert is another story. Fluke tells Sonny he hopes he does not “buy into” that “cousin lookalike theory” like all the other stupid people. Sonny tells him he does not care if he's Bill Eckert of Faison or anyone else. But he will not let him hurt the people Sonny loves.

At the hospital, Dante is hysterically remembering Fluke telling him what he planned to do but does not tell Elizabeth who keeps asking him who he is talking about. He tells her he has to get out of his hospital bed. He has to get there before it's too late. But in the effort to leave, he falls on the floor.

Nathan goes to The Haunted Star where he is hounded by questions from Maxie, Lulu, Bobbie and others about why he and Dante believe that Luke Spencer may to kill everyone there. He attempts to clarify that he knows it's not the real Luke Spencer and yet another imposter whom they don't even know about. He informs Lulu that he found Dante in the basement of the old Spencer house on Elm St. There was a bomb with a digital timer. He and Dante barely got out of there alive before it went off. He informs her that he has checked on Dante and the hospital staff are “hopeful” but when he last saw his partner, he had not regained consciousness yet. And so, Dante did not have a chance to warn him about the bomb, after Fluke called Dante to inform him of that.

Outside the boat, Lucas admits to Brad that he is worried about what might have happened to his father. Julian called and reached him not long ago and warned him about something and he might now know what that is. He is concerned about Julian but can't reach him. Inside The Haunted Star, Nikolas' date finds Patrick and asks if she could borrow his phone. She's afraid hers' is not working after she's made too many calls.

After Sam finds out what Jake has done, she gets on her phone to call Patrick and Jake does not try to stop her. Nikolas' date then sees Sam's incoming call on his phone but leaves a message for Nikolas.

Dante is lying on the floor bloody and unable to get up although he tells Elizabeth that somebody has to call Nathan who's gone to The Haunted Star before it's too late. It looks like Dante is ready to pass out again.

While with Jake, Sam tries to reach Patrick. Yet his phone is busy while Nikolas' date leaves a message asking Nikolas what is up with his bailing on her and not getting back to her while she has to attend the party all by herself with all these people she dos not know. Sam gets Patrick's voice mail and tells him she is with Jake. There's a bomb on the boat and he has to get everyone off. Jake then remembers carrying out Helena's plan while posing as a bartender and caterer for the event and secretly installing the bomb underneath the bar table. He then asks Sam if she knows anyone else at the party and urges her to call whoever she can think of. She then calls Lucas.

At The Haunted Star, Nathan asks if anyone might know where “Luke Spencer" might have gone. Nobody knows. He takes Maxie aside and tells her he needs her to walk him through everything that “Luke” said and did while at the party. It might help them find him.

Sonny is on the docks pointing the gun at Fluke and demands to know if his family is hurt. Fluke casually tells him it looks like Dante is already dead with the explosion on Elm St. He goes on about how many sons Sonny has and how it's so hard to keep track of them. Sonny then furiously tells Fluke if he murdered his son, he's going to blow his head off. Fluke tells Sonny if he kills him, he also kills Michael. Sonny demands to know what he did to Michael, to which Fluke casually replies that Michael is on the “old boat” he hopes Sonny remembers, The Haunted Star, which is blowing up as they speak. And, he tells Sonny, if he hurries, he can “wave goodbye”.

At The Haunted Star, Lucas is with Michael when he gets a call from Sam and asks her if she's heard about their dad. She tells him she just found out that there is a hidden ticking time bomb planted at The Haunted Star. She gives Jake the phone so that he can tell Lucas the rest and where to find it before it's too late.

Julian is on the bridge after the cops have found him and demand he tells them where to find Sonny. He then remembers Sonny telling him they can't save Ava and they have to get to The Haunted Star to save both of their sons and that is their first priority. He remembers Sonny offered to save him after his gunshot wound, wanting to take him with him but he told Sonny to leave him and go without him. He will only slow Sonny down so Sonny needs to go and save their sons. He realizes that maybe he doesn't want to lead the cops to the man who offered to save his life and who is now risking his own to save Julian's son's life. He tells them he does not know where to find Sonny but does know where Franco is headed.

After Franco has injected himself, he tells Nina he promises not to leave her. He knows she's been through enough. She tells him he has gotten her through so much. He tells her that he had a chance to help her yet took advantage of her. He's pretty certain she's in this place because of him. She tells him she attacked her husband and kidnapped Ava's baby. He reminds her he was right there with her, to which she tells him Thank God. He tells her no. He should have helped her. He should have been a better friend. She tells him he was an amazing friend and has helped her. She further tells him the truth is she would have done all of those things with or without him. But she had him with her, right there beside her, just like she has him beside her right now. However, she wonders for how long since the LSD could fog his brain, as Heather told her that's what she intended to do to her with that needle just like he has done to himself. He tells her he needs her to promise him something. No matter how dark he gets, no matter how crazy he might seem, or how violent, that she will be there for him. Because if she is there for him, then he thinks he might make it through. She tells him ok. She promises him she won't leave him. But, she tells him, he has to promise that he will see her when he comes back and that he will come back. He tells her it might be a lot easier if she gave him something to remember her by. At that point, they kiss passionately.

Julian tells the cops he can tell them where Franco is. He's now at ShadyBrook Mental Institution. He has a friend there, Nina Clay, whom they remember was with him when they kidnapped Julian's sister's kid, and Franco has gone there because he's afraid Nina is in danger. The leader of the group instructs the other officers to head to ShadyBrook to find Franco, know that he's armed and dangerous and if necessary shoot to kill.

Franco and Nina are kissing and he lies down on the bed laughing and seeing what appears to be a psychedelic trip. He sees dancing things and wonders if he is alone. She assures him he is not alone but he is somehow afraid of something as he feels the effects of the drug.

When Dante is in the hospital, Lulu rushes to see him. He rejoices that his wife is alright but realizes she does not know nor do any of the others, about the bomb.

As soon as Michael and Lucas find the bomb, it's about ready to go off. Everybody freaks, screams and runs. Michael runs off the boat with the bomb in his hand and runs into Sonny who is on his way there. Sonny notices his son is in danger and grabs the bomb as he throws himself into the river.

Fluke sits and watches from the harbor as the explosion occurs and lights a cigar, smiling and smirking.

Sonny may be in danger and for the first time in a long time we hear Michael calling him dad and worrying what might have happened to him.

Julian tells the cops that his son is at a party at The Haunted Star. His name is Lucas Jones. And he asks if they could find out what might have happened to him.

Sam talks to Lucas on he phone and asks if he is ok and where is Patrick. Lucas then puts Patrick on the phone to talk to Sam and assure her he is ok. He assures her everything is ok. She tells him she is so scared. She tried to call him and warn him about the bomb but it went straight to voice mail. She informs him she is at the station. Jake told her that he planted it. It's a long story and the main thing is to make sure that everybody is out of there before it's too late.

Michael informs Nathan that his father took the bomb for him. Yes. Sonny escaped from prison. But he did it to save their lives. Nathan confirms to Maxie that they could have all been blown up were it not for Michael and Sonny. She reminds him that he also endangered himself with the bomb. He reminds her that he is a police officer it's his job to put his life on the line to save others. She tells him she's glad he did not get that chance. He assures her everything will be ok. He has to leave but promises to be back soon after helping Michael look for Sonny.

Bobbie rushes out and tells Michael he was so brave to have risked his life to save everyone. They all owe it to him. Realizing she did not see Sonny arrive outside to take the bomb out of his hands, Michael tells her no. They owe it to his father.

By Dante's hospital bedside, Lulu gets off her phone and reports to him and to Elizabeth that everyone at The Haunted Star is ok. The bomb did not go off on the boat but it did go off. Michael found it and took it outside. But he was intercepted by Sonny. There was only a few seconds left before the bomb was going to detonate. Michael apparently went outside and Sonny suddenly appeared and took it into the water. Hearing that, Dante clarifies to his wife that Sonny is in Pentonville. She clarifies to Dante that Sonny escaped. She informs him that Nathan is now looking for Sonny and presently, no one knows what has happened. They all acknowledge that Sonny was a true hero tonight. He saved everyone on that boat.

When Nathan goes looking for Sonny, he finds Fluke sitting on the docks. Fluke gets up to walk away, assuming he's “in the clear” with everyone either dead or still believing he's Luke Spencer. Nathan however points his gun at Fluke and demands he freezes.

At ShadyBrook, Franco is freaking out from the LSD while Nina tries to help him and reassure him.  Suddenly, cops enter and pull their guns on him. They ask what is wrong with him. She tells him Franco has had an overdose of LSD. She informs them that one of their inmates, Heather Weber has gotten this stuff and she urges them to please help Franco and know that he needs medial care.

At the station, when Jake realizes what he did and has a conscience, he demands that Sam finds out if he killed Michael Corinthos. He needs to know. Before anything else can be done. Patrick runs into the room ready to physically attack Jake after learning what he is responsible for.

Maxie talks to Michael who is not ok with the fact that his father had to take the bomb out of his hands. She assures him that his father saved his life and he has nothing to feel bad about. She also suggests that maybe now is the time to reconcile with Sonny.

Inside, Lucas tells Brad he is horror-stricken by what almost happened to his nephew. He knows if Sonny had not shown up, that would have been the end for Michael. He now knows that his own father has escaped from prison although he does not know where Julian is or what happened to him.

The cops confirm to Julian that they have not gotten any information about what might have happened at The Haunted Star. He tells them he is not going to rest until he knows if his family is ok. He's also worried about Ava although they are not and tell him it's obvious she's dead.

At the hospital, Dante tells Lulu that tonight, he thought he was going to die and could not prevent her and many others from dying. Yet there she is. She tells him she can't believe that he was trapped in that basement with a bomb and she fell for that stupid story that he was staying away due to jealousy about Johnny. Also, Nathan told her that Dante does not think that this guy really is her father. She asks how they could have all fallen for another imposter. Dante then informs her for the first time, that it appears Faison has a decoy. And they think there is only one person who could be doing this and fooling everyone. She asks who that would be. Dante replies Luke's cousin, Bill Eckert.

Nathan shoots at Fluke on the docks but he dodges the bullets. Michael is with Nathan when he calls and issues an APB on Luke Spencer AKA Bill Eckert.

When Lulu hears Dante say he and others believe that Bill Eckert has been the Luke imposter all along, she tells him she happens to know that Bill Eckert has been dead for many years. He tells her that Bill Eckert's grave has been dug up and the casket was empty. She asks if that is why he accompanied her and her family to Aunt Ruby's gravesite. She also asks if Eckert is posing as her dad, then were is Luke? He admits that he suspects that Luke was held prisoner in the basement. Knowing that Dante has gone to the house, she asks what he found out. He replies that if the guy in the basement is in fact Luke, then Luke is already dead.

In ShadyBrook a medical team comes and assists Franco by strapping him down to the bed. Nina is worried but they ignore her and take him away.

Maxie runs to find Nathan on the docks and asks if they found Sonny. He tells her the cops have gone into the water to attempt to find him but have not been able to find him.

In the interrogation room, Patrick gets into a brawl with Jake and Sam demands they break it up. Jake asks if Michael survived. Patrick tells him Michael is fine. He almost got himself killed in order to save everyone there until Sonny saved him by going into the water with the bomb, Patrick furiously tells him. Hearing that, Sam asks if Sonny is alright. Patrick tells her they have yet to know anything about what's happened to Sonny. He asks Jake if he's disappointed that people have survived and demands to know why he did it, reminding Jake that people have only tried to help him ever since they met him. The cops then escort Patrick and Sam out of the station, assuring them that they will handle “the perp”. Sam tells Patrick that she just found out that Jake was not responsible for his actions by the conversation they just had. Patrick clearly does not buy that, but Sam tells him he should have seen what she saw when Jake told her what he was “programmed” to do. She tells Patrick she now does not believe that anyone could fake that kind of horror and it was obviously traumatic for Jake. Patrick asks if he blacked out again. Sam tells him she thinks Helena Cassadine “programmed” Jake into doing this when he had no recollection and no control of his actions. Hearing that, Patrick tells Sam he does not understand what she is talking about. Sam explains that years ago, Helena did the same thing to Lucky Spencer and he wound up doing horrible things he normally wouldn't do. Patrick asks why she would have done that. Sam explains Helena did it to Lucky because she hated Luke and Laura. Yet she admits she does not know why Helena would do the same to Jake. What is her connection to Jake?

Julian gets taken to the hospital with guards ready to prevent him from leaving and to escort him back to prison as soon as they can. He tells them he does not care about anything except reaching his son. Lucas rushes in and assures his dad that everybody got out of The Haunted Star safely. However, there may have been some casualties and somebody could have died.

Lulu cries and asks Dante if he thinks that her father could be dead when he tells her it's entirely possible that Fluke made it look that way and nobody knows for sure. They both realize however that nobody has seen or heard form Luke nor knows what happened to him.

Fluke walks happily along the bridge, satisfied with the death and destruction in his wake.

On the docks, Nathan urges Maxie to go home. Michael reflects to them that he intended to prevent the people at The Haunted Star from dying the minute he found out about the bomb. But before he had a chance to do anything, Sonny came out of nowhere and took the bomb to save his and everyone's life. He asks if it's likely that Sonny is dead and what might have happened to him. Nathan admits he has no answer for that.

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