GH Update Tuesday 2/3/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/3/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante saw that the bomb at the Elm Street house had less than 30 seconds left on the timer. He lost all hope of getting out alive, and he apologized to Lulu for being unable to save her and Rocco. Just then, Dante had a noise and yelled out that he was in the basement. Nathan came downstairs. He helped Dante up and they rushed outside.

At the site of the accident, Johnny came upon Sonny and Julian. Julian's leg was wounded, and he was unable to stand. Johnny held Sonny at gunpoint while gloating that he had Sonny right where he wanted him. Meanwhile, Carlos held Ava at gunpoint on a bridge. Ava reminded Carlos of their past friendship, in an attempt to talk him out of killing her. Carlos was unmoved. He explained that he lost his loyalty to Ava after she used threats against Sabrina and her baby to force Carlos to confess to AJ's murder. Ava apologized and told Carlos that killing her would not give him back the time he lost. Carlos countered that killing her would feel good. Ava tearfully begged Carlos to have mercy on her as a woman and a mother. Carlos laughed. He maintained that Ava had made her choice to “play with the big boys” and couldn't expect to be treated differently, now. Ava changed tactics and asked for mercy as a friend. Carlos reminded Ava that he'd asked her for mercy once, then he shot her in the shoulder. Ava, groaned in pain and was stunned that Carlos really did it. Carlos laughed and advanced on Ava. She backed up and fell over the railing.

Everyone back near the crash heard the Carlos's gun go off. Johnny cheerfully announced that Ava must have met her maker. He assured Sonny that Sonny was next. Sonny, arms outstretched, told Johnny to do it. Johnny appreciated the way Sonny accepted his fate to die and make room for Johnny. “Say goodbye, Corinthos” Johnny said. There was a gunshot, and Johnny clutched his shoulder – Julian had shot him. Johnny ran off. Sonny checked on Julian and thanked him for saving his life. Julian begged Sonny to go find Ava.

Johnny ended up on the bridge with Carlos. Johnny explained that he shot Julian, but Sonny and Julian were still alive. Johnny wanted to leave and regroup, then finish the job later. Carlos was hesitant because he knew their boss wouldn't like it. Johnny didn't care about the boss's orders. They left. Sonny got to the bridge and found Ava clinging to the bottom railing. Ava begged him to help her. Sonny hesitated, then he encouraged Ava to grab his hand. Ava did, and she thanked Sonny. Sonny told her not to, and he admitted that he wanted to drop Ava. Ava plead with Sonny who asked if Connie had begged for her life. Ava swore she was sorry, but Sonny didn't believe her. He announced that he was going to save her because Connie would want him to, and because he thought Ava deserved to spend the rest of her life in prison. Sonny urged Ava to hold on, but she was too weak. She slipped from his grasp and fell. Later, Julian hobbled over to the bridge and asked where his sister was. Sonny filled him in. Julian pulled his gun on Sonny and accused him of dropping Ava on purpose, but Sonny was adamant that he did everything he could to save her. Julian accepted this and wanted to search for Ava, but Sonny argued that they had to get to the boat. Julian figured that he'd just slow Sonny down, so he told Sonny to go rescue their sons without him. Sonny left. Julian desperately yelled for Ava.

Franco arrived at ShadyBrook just as Heather was about to inject Nina with LSD. Franco pulled a gun on his mom and ordered her to let Nina go. Heather, who was using Nina as a shield, refused. She threatened to inject Nina right now, if Franco didn't put the gun down. Franco placed the gun in an armoire. Heather gleefully told Franco that she was going to melt Nina's brain to punish him for turning on Heather. Franco and Nina pretended that they weren't close and that Franco wouldn't be hurt if Heather hurt Nina. Heather didn't fall for the act. Franco made some confessions: he'd been a bad son, he hadn't always Nina well, and he had added to the craziness instead of rising above it. Franco was adamant that he wouldn't let Heather hurt Nina. He offered to let her inject him instead. Heather mockingly asked if this was Franco's redemption. Franco stated that Nina thought he was a good person, and Franco vowed not to disappoint her. Heather refused the offer because she wanted to hurt both Franco and Nina. Nina stomped on Heather's foot and got away. Franco and Heather struggled over the syringe, and Franco took it away. Franco told Heather to leave. Heather started for the door, then she rushed to the armoire to grab the gun. Franco got there first, and he pointed the gun at Heather. Nina grinned and announced that she knew Franco would come. Heather pointed out that Nina and Franco wouldn't be together for long, since Franco was supposed to be in Pentonville and Nina was in ShadyBrook. Heather went to alert the authorities. Nina was upset that she'd soon be separated from Franco. Franco promised that this wouldn't happen. He came up with a plan - he injected himself with the syringe of LSD.

Elizabeth was at GH. She listened to the local news, while she worked, and learned that Jake had been arrested for helping Faison escape. Next, Liz heard about the explosion on Elm Street. “Male, late twenties, unconscious” the paramedic announced as Dante was wheeled in on a stretcher. Nathan watched as Liz and some others rushed to treat Dante. He explained that Dante took the brunt of the explosion. Nathan fretted over Dante being unconscious and over not rescuing him sooner. Liz sent him out of the cubicle to call Lulu. Nathan made the call and left a message. Later, Liz joined him. She couldn't be certain, but she thought that Dante would be okay. Liz was curious about what happened. Nathan told her about the bomb, and he was certain he knew who set it.

Nathan went back to see Dante. Nathan was reluctant to leave his partner, but he told the unconscious Dante that had to go save Maxie, Lulu and the others. Nathan left. Liz was there with Dante when he woke up. She told him about the explosion. Dante asked if Nathan was okay, and Liz assured him that Nathan was fine. Dante remembered his conversation with "Luke. He told Liz that there was a bomb on the boat.

Sam and Jake were in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Sam picked the phoenix up, and Jake suddenly grabbed her wrist. Sam ordered him to let go of her and pulled away. “I remember. I didn't steal the phoenix; you gave it to me,” Jake stated. Sam challenged him to tell her when this happened. Jake couldn't, and Sam snapped that he stole it. Jake had a flash of holding the phoenix on the pier, then he admitted that he did steal it. Sam asked if it was another mission. Jake got frustrated because he was having a hard time remembering. He told Sam that he took the phoenix on the night she and Patrick went into the shower. Sam felt vindicated because she knew she'd heard someone that night, but she was also disgusted that Jake had been watching her and Patrick. Sam demanded to know how long he'd watched. Jake had a flash of being in bed kissing Sam. “I wasn't watching you and Patrick. I was watching you and me,” Jake said. Sam didn't understand. Jake admitted that he didn't understand, either. Sam realized that Jake was disoriented, and she softened and tried to help Jake calm down and remember. She theorized that someone may have put Jake up to this and that Jake had blocked out the memory. Jake thought back to speaking with Helena. In the present, he told Sam that Helena Cassadine sent him to kill her because of Sam's accusations. Sam thought it all made sense. She assumed Helena wanted to keep Sam from telling anyone that Jake was the gunman. Jake had more flashes and he was shaken up when he realized Sam was right – he was the gunman who took her hostage. Jake was upset that he'd shot a cop and he wondered why he'd do all those things. Jake had another flash; this time to his conversation with Helena in the cemetery. Sam gently asked what happened. Jake announced that he remembered that Helena was controlling him.

Jake was distraught about all the things he'd done. Sam reached for Jake's hand, in an attempt to comfort him, but he recoiled and reminded her that he was dangerous. Jake asked Sam if she wasn't scared of him. Sam admitted she was scared, but she still wanted to help. Jake told Sam that Helena was making him do things without his knowledge. Sam was curious why Jake didn't follow through with Helena's order to kill her. Jake wasn't sure. Jake remembered that Helena made him put a bomb on the boat. He was alarmed, and he told Sam about it.

The party-goers mingled at the Haunted Star, unaware that a bomb was set to go off in 40 minutes. Maxie, Lulu and Patrick were together, discussing "Luke's outburst. Lulu didn't know what to make of the way Dante and Luke were acting. Maxie didn't think it was like Dante to hide out and sulk. Lulu agreed. She also thought it was strange that her father, who was “allergic to other people's problems” would be so outraged about what was going on between her and Dante. Patrick went to talk to Sabrina. Maxie admitted that she'd always wanted her dad to be her hero, but she'd accepted that Frisco wasn't going to change. Lulu clarified that Luke was her hero and that he'd been there for her in the past. Maxie understood, but Maxie still felt that something was wrong. Lulu admitted that Dante was the type of husband who'd crawl through glass for her, not skip the party out of jealousy. Lulu decided to go find Dante.

Sabrina and Patrick chatted about their new relationships. Patrick was glad Sabrina found her way back to Carlos, and Sabrina was happy that Patrick was with Sam. Patrick confided that Sam was going through some things right now. Patrick hoped that Sam would get the closure she needed. Patrick was ready to move forward, and he thought Sam was too.

Lucas took Michael aside and told him that, according to a phone call from Carly, Sonny and Julian broke out of prison. . Michael was livid. He assumed that Sonny had been planning the prison break from the beginning and that Sonny was having the island readied for him to move in. Michael spat that Sonny only cared about himself. Later, Michael was alone at the bar having a drink. Lulu approached him and told him that she had to go. Lulu told Michael that this night was about the important work he was doing, and she asked him not to let her father's outburst cast a shadow over it. Lulu noticed that Michael looked depressed, so she asked him if he was okay. Michael told her about the prison break.

Bobbie and Tracy didn't know what to make of “Luke's” actions either. Bobbie was disappointed that this party wasn't the nice family moment she thought they all needed, after all the upheaval they'd dealt with last year. Tracy felt that she'd been patient for long enough, and now she wanted answers from her husband. She decided to go find him.

Maxie was elated when Nathan arrived, but confusion set in for her and Lulu when Nathan told them he was there to arrest Luke for doing something to Dante.

"Luke” and Helena stood on the pier discussing Dante's predicament. Helena noted that Dante would never know whose corpse he was trapped in the basement with. "Luke” didn't want to talk about the identity of the corpse, and he added that it was probably ashes by now. Helena was curious if “Luke” was upset over the loss of the house, which she acknowledged might have had special meaning for him. “That shack meant nothing but pain and misery to me,” "Luke” stated. "Luke” was pleased to have lost that tether to the past. He admitted that he hated this town. Helena wrapped her arms around "Luke's” arm and leaned against him. She confided that she hated Port Charles, too and that she wouldn't come back if it weren't for Nikolas, Spencer, and now “Luke.”

“We're perfect for each other. No one understands you the way I do,” Helena told “Luke.” “Luke!,” a shocked Tracy exclaimed, as she observed the warm moment on the pier. Tracy ordered Helena to get away from “Luke” before he hurt her. “Luke would never hurt me, and I would never hurt him” Helena replied, while caressing the man's shoulders and kissing his cheek. “What the hell is going on?” Tracy demanded to know. Tracy was adamant that Luke must not be in his right mind. “Luke” calmly replied that he was acting of his own free will. Helena left. Tracy pointed out that Luke despised Helena for hurting Lulu, Lucky and Laura. “Luke” admitted that he was aware of Helena's history. Tracy theorized that the man standing in front of her was an imposter. She reached toward his face to pull off the mask. “I am not Faison. I am not Larry Ashton, and I am not Bill Eckert! I am Luke Spencer, damn it! Why can't you people get that through your heads?” the man bellowed. He told Tracy to go back to boat. Tracy refused. She vowed to go choke the answers out of Helena. The man as pleased that there was no one around to get in the way of his plan. Just then, Sonny appeared on the docks.

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