GH Update Monday 2/2/15

General Hospital Update Monday 2/2/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante struggles to get back on his feet after being knocked out by Fluke in the basement of the Elm St. house. His head is covered in blood and he appears injured and unable to take the action he needs to take. He rushes over to help Luke, having only seen the back of him sitting in a chair. When he turns around to face him, however, he is shocked and stunned when he sees what appears to be a corpse sitting in a chair with Luke's hair and the orange jump suit. And right on the chair, we see the digital timer ticking down to the last minute when the bomb will explode. Dante stares at it in horror while he struggles to get on his feet yet appears too dizzy and losing too much blood to get up or walk.

At The Haunted Star, Tracy is happily with Fluke, believing he's Luke and suspecting nothing. She declares that she is grateful to Michael for helping her husband to feel better and turn his situation regarding his old house to turn around for the better

On the docks, Helena finds out that Nikolas plans to go on the boat to The Haunted Star to join the party, She immediately tells her grandson she will not let him go there. When he refuses to listen she knows she has to take drastic action so she has guys come and physically restrain him. Nikolas still has no clue why she is doing this and also why it appears she's allowed his date to go there without him. Ivy is alone at the party, leaving unanswered messages for Nikolas which he is unaware of.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu keeps leaving unreturned voice messages and texts for Dante and wonders why he is not responding much less willing to be there with her. Patrick arrives without Sam. Lucas and Brad wonder why she stayed behind. He explains to them that she needed to speak to the guy who just got arrested and escorted out of this very place. Not knowing why Jake was arrested and why it was so important to report the theft of the phoenix to the cops, they ask why Sam had to miss the event just for that. He tells them Sam needed to stay behind to ask Jake about “crimes unrelated”.

At the police station, Sam shows Jake the phoenix and asks if he might know about how or why it was stolen from her apartment.

Not far away at the station, Nathan calls Jordan in to answer some questions assuming she might know something about Sonny Corinthos, Julian Jerome and two others escaping prison by hijacking the van intended to take Madeline Reeves to her arraignment hearing.

Julian continues to drive the getaway van with Sonny, Franco and Ava riding. They see that they are being followed. Julian attempts to lose the vehicle following them but he takes his eye off the road. The van goes out of control, collides and they crash.

As Heather talks to Nina at ShadyBrook, she reveals to her that she is Franco's mother and wishes her son dead.

In the police interrogation room, Sam shows Jake the phoenix which he tells her he's never seen. When he denies having broken into her apartment, she assumes he obviously knows he did it and is lying as well as he is guilty and is lying about taking her hostage, helping the man who killed Jason escape, and shot a cop. Again, he tells her he has no recollection of any of that and she clearly believes he is telling her a bold-faced lie.

Nikolas demands to know why Helena is having her men prevent him from attending the party at The Haunted Star. He reminds the guys they work for him although Helena clarifies him she “offered them better terms”. They indicate to him that they are saving him from danger by not letting him go the Haunted star, he demands to know what is going on there that they don't want him to know about.

At The Haunted Star, Michael overhears Patrick, Lucas and Brad talking about Jake and expresses that he can't understand why Jake would have gotten arrested. He met and spoke to him and sensed he was a good guy. Patrick tells Michael that apparently Jake has been fooling many people. He remarks that sometimes the very person one thinks they know and can trust turns out to be someone completely different. Fluke stands up to propose a toast to his two heroic nephews, Michael Quartermaine and Dr. Lucas Jones. Everyone claps We see Lulu texting Dante that the toast is starting. Her father is giving his speech and she needs him there, yet there is no response. Fluke sounds like Luke while he praises the staff who are helping his family get the clinic up and running. He alludes that the clinic is being built at the place where he (Luke) and his sister, Bobbie grew up, adding that it holds some not very happy memories from their past. Everyone laughs, smiles and cheers as he talks about how they are “putting to rest” a house that has only been nesting “vermon” that have made their home there.

When Dante sees the corpse in the chair that appears to be Luke with the ticking time bomb, he rushes to get up the stairs but finds he can't do anything so he yells for help.

At the station, Nathan informs Jordan for the first time about Sonny, Julian and the others escaping and that nobody knows where they are.

While the van is stuck in the ditch, Sonny is first to come to. We then see Ava sit up and reveal she is ok. Julian is out cold temporarily. Franco suddenly awakens and only cares about finding Nina ASAP. They can all instantly see that Johnny and Carlos are tailing them, have run them off the road, have caused the accident and are ready to kill them. Sonny and Julian are determined to shoot back.

At ShadyBrook, when Nina remembers Franco telling her about his evil mother, and now learns she is staring right at her, Heather informs her that obviously her son never told her all the things she did for him. She took drastic action to save him from that trailer park slut, Carly. And the thanks she gets is to be set up and locked up in this place with a bunch of nimrods and left to die. What kind of son does that to his mother? Hearing that, Nina urges Heather not to believe that she is Franco's “friend”, knowing she is in danger if Heather believes that.

Johnny and Carlos drive a car behind the 4 escaping inmates and look disappointed to see that all 4 of them are alive and well and not afraid of them.

Jake indignantly asks Sam where she gets her wild accusations and why she thinks he'd have “incentive” to break into her home to steal a little figurine of a phoenix with no monetary value. She tells him she doesn't know and he needs to tell her the answer to that question along with the reason why he has done all the things he has done. She tells him the phoenix has non-monetary value to both herself and to Jason.

At the station, when Jordan informs Nathan that this is the first she's heard about Sonny escaping prison with others, he tells her he's surprised that neither Duke nor Shawn have told her anything about that. She admits that she followed Shawn the other day and learned that Sonny needed him to dig up the grave of Bill Eckert. Hearing that, for the first time, Nathan asks why they would do that and who is Bill Eckert. She explains the theory that Dante as well as Sonny, Shawn and Julian all have about Luke Spencer's lookalike “supposedly” deceased first cousin. When Nathan admits he is hearing for the first time that they believe that this guy is still at large, stealing Luke Spencer's life instead of Cesar Faison, she is surprised that he hasn't heard the whole story from Dante by now. He admits that he has not seen or heard from Dante all day and his partner has not returned to the station to report anything.

We then see Dante trying and failing to get up to the top of the stairs. He then notices his phone is missing.

At the party, Fluke talks about how “he” was imprisoned while an imposter stole his life and committed crimes in his name. The people who listen are confused and wonder where he is going with this while he alludes how odd it was that nobody batted an eye that a well known resident and former mayor of Port Charles would have done all these bad things, against all of the people he loves. He then concludes that it occurred to him that he wanted to rage against all of them. He then realized there was a reason why they all thought he did all those things. And it was not that the imposter was so good at fooling them. He realized it was his own past that made him do these things and he realized there was good reason for people to believe he committed those crimes.

When the van with the 4 inmates is cornered by Johnny Zacchara and Carlos Rivera, Franco wants to flee, let the others contend with the guys and let him go and save Nina. Sonny and Julian tell him he needs to help them as they shoot at the two guys who are shooting at them.

Heather looks straight at Nina and reveals to her that she has “just what she needs” to get back at Franco. By that, she means Nina. Hearing that, Nina knows she needs to somehow convince Heather that she did not really know and was not that close to Franco. Heather knows otherwise and declares her son has a soft-spot for women who are soft in the head and he never learns that his affections are wasted on “fruit loops” like Nina. Hearing that, Nina attempts to talk her way out of what Heather is about to do until Heather knocks her out.

Sam tells Jake that the phoenix was a gift given to her by her husband when they were first married. Jason had that on him when Faison murdered him by drowning. She remembers diving in the water to attempt to find Jason but that was all that was left of him, she tells him as she cries. He tells her he is sorry She continues to ask if he now understands what it means to her to which he replies yes. She asks why he took it and he has no answer.

On the docks, Nikolas asks Helena how she can expect him to help her make business decisions and run the estate with her if she does not keep him informed about what is going on at the Haunted. She then tells him if he must know, it's about to get blown up along with all the people who are there tonight.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu tells Fluke (whom she believes is Luke) that she needs to let the record show that she knew he would ever do any of the terrible things that the imposter did. He tells her thank you and announces he will now let Michael Quartermaine speak. At that point, Fluke takes Tracy aside and promises her that is the “last speech she will ever hear him give”.

Jordan tells Nathan about the reason Sonny needed Shawn to dig up Bill Eckert's grave was to find out if Eckert really died or not and if their suspicions are true that he is the one running the Jerome organization and posing as Luke. She informs him that Shawn discovered that the grave was empty. And they now know that since Dante is missing, he may be in danger.

Dante continues to struggle to get up and get help for what appears to be Luke's corpse. He gets on his phone to call Lulu. Her phone rings after she's left it on the table while distracted. Fluke pics it up without her knowing.

Johnny and Carlos continue to engage in the “shoot out” with Sonny and Julian. They both know that “the boss” told them he needs 3 scalps. Carlos then tells Johnny he can “have” Sonny and Julian's head while Ava is his. While Sonny and Julian work together to dodge bullets and attempt to shoot their enemies, Ava and Franco sneak off the other way. She tells him she needs his gun to protect herself. Franco only wants to rescue Nina.

At ShadyBrook, Heather pulls out a large needle which she intends to use to inject Nina with LSD.

Nina demands that Franco give her the gun so that she can prevent Carlos from killing her.

Jake tells Sam he does not mean to disrespect her or her husband's memory but as much as this figurine means to her, it doesn't mean anything to him. She asks him then why did he break into her apartment. He tells her he did not do any of the things she is accusing of him and has no reason. She knows otherwise however.

After Nikolas learns that his sister and many people he loves are going to be killed, he is determined to fight off the guards and Helena to prevent that from happening until they knock him out.

At the station, Nathan finds it odd that he has not seen or heard from Dante all day. Jordan tells him the last she saw Dante, he informed her he was going to see if he could track down the real Luke. Nathan asks if she knows where he might have gone to do that. She tells him yes. It would be Luke's and Bobbie's childhood home on Elm St.

When Dante speaks to Fluke on the phone, he tells him he now knows what he has done and that he is indeed Bill Eckert. Fluke reminds Dante that there is a bomb in clear view of him and time is running out. He tells Dante that in a short time, his wife will be right behind him as soon as the bomb at The Haunted Star is detonated.

Michael continues to make his announcement at the event where still nobody suspects a thing. He then proposes a toast to his uncle Luke Spencer. Lulu notices “her dad” on her phone, finds it odd and asks him whom he is talking to.

During the shoot-out, Carlos finds Ava with Franco and points the gun at them. Franco admits he could care less what happens to Ava. He is keeping the gun and tells Carlos she is “all his”. Carlos admits to him his employer has no use for him so he may go. Ava urges Franco not to leave her but he tells her she's all on her own. He only cares about Nina.

At ShadyBrook, when Heather is ready to inject Nina with a lethal dosage of LSD, she reveals that she used it on the real Diana Taylor by lacing Diana's ice tea with her “magical recipe”. Unfortunately she failed with her plan. But, she tells Nina, this time there will be no mistakes, as she points the needle at her. Nina then urges Heather to back off, informing her she is stronger than her. Heather does not seem worried.

Jake tells Sam he is not confessing. He is apologizing. He attempts to explain that he has no memory of doing any of the things she believes he did. He did not intend to do them. Yet someone may have forced him to do those things.

When Lulu notices Fluke on her phone, he informs her he's talking to Dante. Knowing he's now being heard, he angrily tells his “son in law” he will not allow him to disrespect his daughter over petty jealousy over Johnny Zaccharas who's not even there anymore. He “tells Dante” that he now has a chance to save his marriage and make things right with Lulu yet he can't or won't even do that. He plays it perfectly, while appearing to be having a heated argument with Dante, as though Dante is indicating he does not care about his wife, his son or his family. He tells Dante if he cannot respect Luke's daughter, he's not worthy of her. At that point he hangs up and smashes Lulu's phone on the table

When Dante finds that he is helpless to do anything about Bill Eckert carrying out his dastardly plan, Nathan and Jordan know that they better get to the Elm St. house to find him before it's too late.

Carlos points the gun at Ava. It appears Julian has been hit and can't walk. Sonny wants to help him although he urges Sonny not to worry about him and make Michael his first priority. Before they can do anything more, Johnny finds them and points his gun at them.

At The Haunted Star, when Lulu asks her “father” what is up with him, reminding him that was her phone and not to mention her husband, and he sees he's being watched by everyone, he apologizing for “going overboard with the protective father bit”. But, he tells them, he's not going to stand there and listen to “that kind of abusive language about his daughter, not even from his son in law”. He then asks Michael, Lucas and the others to “take over while he goes and collects himself”. Tracy asks him what is the matter with him. He tells her Dante Falconeri is what's the matter with him.. She asks what Dante said. He tells her he doesn't even want to repeat it, then apologizes for bringing this upon the party, encourages the people to enjoy it without him and leaves.

Sam tells Jake he either needs to be locked up or needs a lot of help while we see him having “visions” of something he cannot remember about the phoenix.

While Nikolas is knocked out and unable to answer his phone, his date wonders why she can't reach him. Sabrina is wondering the same thing about how her date went AWOL as Carlos has suddenly departed without telling her where he went.

Carlos runs after Ava and points the gun at her while she yells for help. He taunts her telling her no one is going to save her. Her brother has more important things to do. Johnny taunts Julian and Sonny with the same thing. Carlos reminds Ava that Franco had a chance to save her but had more important priorities.

Heather is intimidating a helpless Nina who cannot prevent what is going to happen to her. Franco comes through the door to save Nina.

When Fluke returns to Helena on the docks, they assess how it appears their plan will go off without a hitch. Nobody has detected the bomb. Those people are unaware that they are spending their last few minutes alive on this earth and he reflects that Dante Falconeri has mere seconds to live.

Dante notices and attempts to defeat the time bomb but fails. His head is all bloody and he looks like he needs medical care and cannot do what he needs to do.

At The Haunted Star, Maxie encourages Lulu to get out of there and find Dante, because she doesn't believe Fluke's story about the way Dante behaved.

Alone and helpless in the Elm St. basement Dante apologizes for failing to save his father-in-law, his wife, and all the people he loves. He hears someone enter and Nathan comes down to rescue him and get him out of there when they are only seconds away from the end of the time-bomb's count until it blows up.

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