GH Update Friday 1/30/15

General Hospital Update Friday 1/30/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is on the phone to Josslyn while at the police station, revealing that her daughter has given the babysitter a hard time and appears to have locked the previous one in the attic so that she would not come back. She urges her daughter to please be nice while she's away. She goes to see that Patrick and Sam are dressed up and ready to go to the event at The Haunted Star. They explain to her that they are on their way there but need to take care of an urgent matter first which involves reporting Jake Doe to the cops. Carly informs them they need not do that. She already did.

Nathan has gone to The Haunted Star after Carly has informed him what she believes Jake has done, now that Maxie has informed him as to where to find Jake. When Michael asks what he alleges that Jake did, Nathan replies kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, shooting a police officer as well as abetting a known terrorist.

As we see the hidden time bomb underneath the counter of the Haunted Star's bar, Helena talks to Fluke on the docks, assuring him “it's done” and the clock is counting down until the time when the party will be in “full swing” She asks him what he was doing when she was taking care of business. He replies he was putting some trouble to rest.

Dante is passed out on the floor of the basement while the real Luke remains tied and gagged not far away. Fluke is very confident that nobody will prevent him from carrying out his mission.

Julian drives the prison van with Sonny in the passenger seat along with Franco and Ava riding in the back after they've knocked out all the guards. Franco tells the others that he has to get to Nina.

While Nina is in her room at ShadyBrook, Heather enters, as she still has Nina believing her name is Diana and that she's Nina's friend. She informs Nina she has a surprise for her. She tells Nina the surprise she has is her knitting bag. Nina seems surprised that they let “Diana” knit. She replies of course not as they say the needles are too dangerous. She realizes the staff are concerned by something that can cause just a little puncture. She tells Nina she would like to give something very special to the “daughter she never had”. Nina smiles, still suspecting nothing.

In the getaway prison van, in response to hearing Franco's urgent need to find Nina, Ava remarks that he must have “piggy-backed” on her escape plan for his need to save that lunatic he appears to be smitten with and helped her kidnap Ava's baby. He argues back that someone who murdered a woman in cold blood is a fine one to cast stones at Nina. Ava tells him Nina should be doing hard time in prison instead of being “coddled” at ShadyBrook. He tells her that Nina is being endangered by his psychotic mother. Ava laughs and remarks those two women should be great friends with all they have in common. He gets on his phone attempting to get a hold of Nina.

At the station, Carly tells Sam she owes her an apology. Jake was the gunman who took her hostage, who shot Detective West and who drove the vehicle to enable Faison to escape, she tells her. She explains to Sam and Patrick that she went to visit Jake at the hospital and noticed some very incriminating things in his duffel bag that confirmed that Sam's suspicions are true. Patrick asks her if Jake had the ski mask and the gun in his kit while he was at the ER yet none of the staff knew. Carly admits she hid the evidence because Jake said he did not remember doing anything and she wanted to believe he was innocent. She informs them both that she's informed Nathan and now he's on his way to The Haunted Star to arrest Jake as they speak.

At The Haunted Star, while it's happening, Maxie and Lulu both find it very odd and believe it makes no sense that if Jake was the gunman who helped Faison escaped, took Sam hostage and shot Nathan, that he would he stay around Port Charles working at well known public establishments where he is a sitting duck for the cops when he could easily flee and escape. Michael tells them he believes there must be some sort of mistake. He only met Jake once while he was still in the hospital and knows Jake is recovering from a TBI. He was in a wheelchair and didn't even remember his own name. Then Faison escapes less than a month later. So there is no way that Jake could be involved in this, he tells them. Maxie tells him, however, she knows that Nathan is so by the book and would not be arresting Jake for nothing. Jake tells Nathan he has no memory of doing anything he's being charged and arrested for. Nathan tells him they can talk about that back at the station. Nathan faces Maxie and tells her he's sorry he's had to miss the party but returns to the police business he has to do and tells Jake they need to go now. Lulu asks Nathan if Dante is working on this as well. They are both surprised as to why they have not seen Dante all day.

As Dante lies unconscious on the basement floor of Elm Street, Helena and Fluke are satisfied their plan will go off without a hitch until they learn that her “soldier boy” may have failed them. He's worried but she is not.

Nathan tells Jake he has all the evidence he needs including the gun Jake used to shoot him which is back at the station.

Fluke tells Helena he's afraid that Jake's failure to carry out their mission will wreck his plans although she tells him she does not see how since the police don't know about the bomb. And Jake won't tell them since he doesn't remember anything about it. She reminds him that the bomb is hidden and will detonate in time at The Haunted Star before anybody finds it. As we see the digital timer counting down as it's hidden underneath the bar, unseen by everyone, she assures Fluke that very soon all the people who so annoy him will be annihilated.

Johnny goes to the Haunted Star to attend the party and makes a B Line to find Lulu and Maxie. Lulu informs him that one of their caterers was suddenly arrested. He asks why they cops couldn't find the suspect at his home and had to resort to doing this at their place of business. Maxie informs him that the charges were very serious.

Sam angrily tells Patrick and Carly that she knew from the start yet nobody believed her that it was Jake. Carly tells her it's not that simple that he did it or is guilty. Sam demands to know why she said that now knowing that Jake played Elizabeth and then played her.

At The Haunted Star, Michael admits to Tracy he is a bit concerned about what may be an injustice to Jake although she questions why he cares what happened to some nameless unknown indigent. He asks her why nobody has seen or heard from Luke when he should be here by now. She admits that she has a tendency to assume the worst when Luke is missing after what happened throughout the last year.

On the docks, Fluke tells Helena he's sure that Tracy is wondering where he is and it will look odd if he does not put in an appearance. So he guesses he should get going. He is ready to take the boat and tells her maybe she should get out of there before someone sees her. Not far away, Nikolas is with a woman and notices his grandmother. He demands to know what she is doing there. His “date” asks who this is and won't Nikolas introduce them.

Michael notices Carlos Rivera enter with Sabrina Santiago. He greets them and apologizes for Carlos getting falsely accused of the murder that Sonny committed. Well aware that Michael wants Sonny to pay as much as he does, Carlos also “apologizes” for preventing Sonny from being brought to justice for killing Michael's father. He tells him he was merely trying to protect Sabrina. Michael reveals that he has hired Sabrina to work at the clinic and she is happy that he's given her a chance and they are friends now, as Michael reveals that all three of them have had some major issues with Ava Jerome.

In the getaway van, Sonny and Julian are silently listening to Ava and Franco arguing about how he intends to save Nina and how she hopes that Heather gives Nina what she deserves. She tells him she wants Nina to die a slow death and have it take as long as it took for Nina to drug her and cause premature labor while Nina took her baby He tells Ava she got what she deserved after taking Nina's husband from her in and during the 20 years Nina was in a coma, as Ava was living the high life, lying cheating and killing people. She does not care about her baby and only had her to save her own skin after knowing what Sonny was going to do after finding out she murdered his fiancÚ, Franco tells her. She angrily tells him she loves her daughter and has always loved her since she was conceived. They argue about how he believes she deserves what Nina gave her and that he and Nina rescued and cared for the baby unlike her or Sonny while she tells him he and Nina are both psychotic baby kidnappers and if Heather hurts Nina, it will be the karma both he and Nina deserve.

We then see what looks like it could be blood droplets on the floor. Nina appears to be ok and suspecting nothing while it appears Heather has a bottle of blood red nail polish in her bag and is painting Nina's nails. Nina does not seem to want to blame “Diana” for “accidentally” preventing her from talking to Franco, as she smiles and reveals how special Franco is to her. “Diana” then informs Nina that the staff have suspended both of their phone privileges yet she feels “just awful” that Nina is prevented from talking to Franco. Heather then informs her that her name is not really Diana. And at that point, Nina's smile vanishes.

Franco tells Ava that Nina is blameless legally and morally and Ava has lost her baby because that is how karma works. He tells her that Nina has lost 20 years of her life because of her mother, because of Silas and because of Ava. And if Ava had an ounce of remorse, to which she yells back at him and they continue to argue. Sonny then demands they both shut up and remarks he regrets not taking the chance he had to take her out when that guard had her cornered. She asks Sonny if he did not pay him to kill her. Sonny tells her if he had, she'd be dead so she should thank him for saving her life. Julian assures Ava it was not Sonny who wanted to have her killed by the guard with the knife. It was Bill Eckert.

Fluke arrives at the party wearing his tux. Tracy and Lulu both express how worried they are and how inconsiderate of him to be late and not tell them what held him up or where he was. We then see Bobbie accompany Lucas and Brad although she asks why they are not riding with Patrick and Sam as they'd previously planned. They tell her that Patrick and Sam had a case with the police involving the missing phoenix.

At the station, Carly notices Jake entering after he's been taken into custody and demands to know why he misled her and lied about seeing Dr. Collins. He does not seem to remember that. She tells him she does not know “who he met” when she took him to the hospital for his appointment with Kevin but she knows it was not Kevin Collins.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu demands to know where Dante is and if anyone has heard from him. Fluke tells her he's sorry. Dane is not going to make it. They all wonder where Dante is if he's not helping Nathan with the arrest. Fluke tells her that Dante is not coming because if his issue with her working with Johnny Zacchara. She asks her “father” if he did in fact hear her husband declare that he is not coming because he doesn't want Johnny to be around her. Fluke tells her that Dante thought if he sees them together, it would “set him off” and it could ruin the whole party for him. She asks why her husband would not tell her that himself. Fluke tells her Dante said there is no point in that because he said there is “nothing to talk about”. In response to that, Lulu declares “we will see about that” and gets on her phone to call her husband.

Dante is lying on the basement floor opening his eyes but still unable to get up when he hears his phone ring.

At the station, Jake faces Nathan, Carly, Sam and Patrick, declaring he remembers everything the day Carly took him to see Dr. Collins. He remembers all the details, events, who exactly was present as well as Kevin assuring him that he had nothing to worry about and that he is not the gunman who took Sam hostage. Hearing that, Sam seems to know that a doctor would not say that with certainty after only one session. Jake tells her Kevin said the flashes he had about being the gunman is because Sam planted that in his head. He tells Carly she must know because he told her everything that he told her was said when he spoke to Dr. Collins although she informs him she knows that Dr. Collins was called out on an emergency the day in question and has never met nor spoken to Jake. She tells him whatever he thinks he remembers did not happen. Jake recalls going to see Dr. Kevin Collins in his office and unexpectedly seeing Helena sitting in Kevin's chair.

On the docks, Helena tells Nikolas she would like to talk to him privately. He does not want to be rude to his friend but she says it's ok. As soon as Helena is alone with her grandson, she furiously demands that he does not go to the party at The Haunted Star. He asks her why.

Lulu leaves a message for Dante. He hears his phone ring but has difficulty reaching and getting up. He then notices Luke sitting in a chair bound and gagged not far away from him.

At the party, Tracy asks Fluke what he was doing while they were waiting for him. He tells her he had to be alone and “talk to” the old place before it gets renovated. She then notices he has blood on his hands and on his clothes.

In the getaway van, when Franco hears Julian assure Ava that it was Bill Eckert and not Sonny who had the guard attempt to kill her, Franco asks what the story is with Bill Eckert. Julian explains that they have just found out that Bill Eckert has stolen Luke Spencer's identity and is the crime boss he's been answering to. They also believe that Eckert is going to kill both his and Sonny's sons and wants them both dead which is the reason he and Sonny have teamed up as well as why they are having two more inmates riding with them. Sonny explains that they have to warn Lucas and Michael. Hearing that, Ava asks Sonny and Julian why they can't just call their sons on the phone they have. Sonny explains that Michael refuses to talk to him. Franco then realizes that since he has the phone in his hand, maybe he can let Julian at least try to contact Lucas to warn him about the Luke imposter before it's too late.

At the party, when Tracy asks Luke about the blood, he then remembers when he was last at the house and Dante came was ready to get up, he realized he had to prevent him from taking action Fluke does not want him to take so he clubbed Dante over the head a second time, to knock him out, with the crow bar, which got the blood on his clothes. He tells Tracy he must have mistakenly gotten the shrimp sauce on his clothes and will go and wash it off.

Not far away, Lucas answers his phone and is surprised that his father would be calling him from Pentonville. Julian asks his son where he is right now. Lucas replies he's at a party at The Haunted Star which “uncle Luke” is hosting to celebrate the opening of the AJ Quartermaine Clinic, which Michael is building on the waterfront and where he will be working. Julian asks him if “Luke Spencer” is there with him right now. Lucas replies yes and asks why.

At the station, when Jake appears to be having his “recollection” of finding Helena in Kevin's office by surprise, he then admits that maybe it's correct that he did not, in fact, talk to Dr. Collins. They are interrupted when an officer informs Nathan that they just found out that the van that was supposed to be transporting Madeline Reeves to her court hearing was hijacked by 4 other inmates.

While Julian is driving and talking on the phone to Lucas, he demands that his son gets out of that place immediately. Lucas cannot hear his father and the connection is lost as Julian urges his son to know that Luke Spencer intends to kill both him and Michael so they both need to get away from Luke and off that boat. Yet he cannot hear nor be heard by his son at that point. He notices that the battery is dead and Franco has used all the “juice” in the phone.

At the party, Michael finds Lucas and asks what is up. Lucas informs him that his dad attempted to call him and sounded scared although he doesn't know what was going on because they got cut off. Michael first assumes he can just call his dad back but realizing it's an unknown number from a contraband phone, they both realize that's not an option. Michael the remembers the very similar conversation from his own father from a secret mobile phone he found at Pentonville.

When Dante awakens and gets up off the floor, he notices what appears to be the back of Luke tied and bound to the chair, asks if he is ok and attempts to help him. Yet Luke does not speak or move nor do we see his face.

At the party, Johnny talks privately to Fluke about their “cover” of having Lulu believing Dante is a “no show” because of Johnny. Fluke tells him he has an issue after just talking to his “man at Pentonville”. He just heard that both Julian and Sonny have busted out of jail and are coming for him. Johnny however, doesn't seem worried realizing they are using his phone and he can find them in the touch of an app. At that point, they are both “happy”. Fluke instructs Johnny to pry Carlos away from Sabrina and get him to help them prevent their enemies from bringing them to justice.

In the van, all four inmates argue about which priority is the most important. Franco continues to affirm he is going to see Nina.

At ShadyBrook, Heather admits to Nina she is not Diana Taylor. She tells her when she had a baby boy, Diana Taylor adopted him and named him Steven Lars. Nina asks her what happened assuming she gave her baby up for adoption. Heather clarifies she did not give him up. She sold him on the black market when she was strapped for cash. Yet she later did everything to get her baby back. And, very similar to Nina wanting to take her baby away from a woman who did not deserve to be a mother, Heather tried yet never got her son back. She wasn't able to raise him or her other son. She tells Nina that her other son grew up to be a very famous or more accurately “infamous” artist. Nina finds it interesting to hear that “Diana's” son is an infamous artist. Heather then spells out to her that her name is Heather Weber and her son is Franco.

Sonny and Julian are determined to get to the Haunted Star when Franco demands they take another turn so he can find Nina. They realize they “have company” and it could be the cops are following them.

When the cops take Jake away, he tells Carly he does not remember what he did or why but knows she tried to help him and he's sorry. She tells him she's sorry too. When Sam is alone with Patrick, she tells him that she might like to stay behind while he goes to the party. He leaves and she goes into the interrogation room to talk to Jake. He tells her she's not going to believe him and he does not blame her but he did not take her hostage. She tells him she doesn't want to talk about that. She then reaches in her pocket and puts the phoenix on the table as she tells him she wants to talk about “this”.

When Helena urges Nikolas not to go to the party, to just write a check and save himself a boring evening, he tells her that is just it. It's not going to be boring. He tells her (assuming she does not know) that it's going to be hosted by her “new best friend, Luke Spencer”, as he remarks to her that Luke was not very courteous to him when they last met. So, he tells Helena, he has to “keep his eye” on Luke. She tells her grandson, she's afraid she can't let him do that and has some guys come out to physically prevent him from getting on the boat.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu knows there is something “not right” with the fact that Dante is refusing to answer her calls and texts.

Dante sits up while blood is all over his face as he calls out to Luke.

When Lulu talks about how it's “not ok” that Dante is supposedly bailing on the party just because of Johnny, Maxie remarks it really is more than “strange” since Johnny is not even there anymore. She saw him tear out of there not long ago with “Sabrina's date”.

The four escaped prisoners realize they're being followed by a plain vehicle as they try to speed their way to the Haunted Star. Julian drives faster but the unknown vehicle overtakes them and causes them to crash.

Carly hears that Nathan has gotten word that four inmates have escaped from Pentonville. She asks if he might know who they could be. He replies Franco, Ava Jerome, Julian Jerome, and Sonny Corinthos.

When Luke doesn't answer him, Dante stumbles around to the front of the chair and sees a decayed corpse that looks like his father-in-law with a bomb in his lap.

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