GH Update Thursday 1/29/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/29/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jake was on the docks carrying a backpack with a bomb inside. He approached a man who was about to make a delivery to the Haunted Star. Jake put the man in a sleeper hold, until he passed out, then he dragged him out of sight.

Maxie and Lulu were on the Haunted Star doing some final preparations for Michael and Lucas's party. Maxie called Nathan, at the PCPD, to make sure he'd be able to get off work in time for the party. He assured her that he'd be there. When Maxie hung up, Lulu asked if Dante was with Nathan. Maxie wasn't sure. Lulu explained that she'd called Dante earlier and he hadn't gotten back to her. Tracy and Michael arrived for the celebration, and Tracy announced that Michael was her escort because Luke was nowhere to be found. Tracy was sure everything was fine, but she was irritated that Luke hadn't called. Maxie and Lulu went back to setting things up. Once Michael and Tracy were alone, he thanked her and told her that none of this would have been happening without her. Tracy bristled and asked if Michael was thanking her for getting conned by the man masquerading as Luke, which caused Michael and Ned to oust her from ELQ. Michael clarified that he was thanking Tracy for convincing Luke to allow his old house to be torn down, so the clinic could be built there. Tracy told Michael that Edward and Alan would be proud of him, then she asked if he'd bought the house yet. Michael explained that the house had been condemned, due to problems with the foundation. Michael added that the only one who'd seen the foundation of the basement was Luke.

Michael noted that Sly had no idea that his father, Bill, bought the house. Tracy hadn't known Bill well, but she remembered when he arrived on the ELQ freighter, S.S. Tracy. The boat later exploded and sank in Lake Ontario. According to Tracy, Bill was a bitter man who always had a chip on his shoulder. Tracy explained that Bill was killed when he was shot by one of Frank Smith's men who mistook him for Luke. Luke made some sort of deal to appease Frank and got dragged into the mob; Luke started working with Sonny. Sonny had been an emissary for Frank Smith. “So it turns out that Luke was just one more person that had his life wrecked by Sonny,” Michael stated. Tracy checked her phone again – no messages from Luke. Michael assured Tracy that he'd be there. Michael hoped that Tracy would enjoy herself and not let Luke's tardiness affect her evening. Tracy smiled and joked that she'd be happy as long as the boat didn't end up at the bottom of Lake Ontario, like her namesake.

Maxie sensed that something was bothering Lulu. Lulu confided in Maxie about getting into it with Dante over Johnny. that Lulu and Dante got into it over Johnny. Lulu had a feeling that Dante still wanted her to sell her half of The Haunted Star. Lulu explained that she loved the boat, due to its connection to her family, and she loved running it and didn't want to sell. Lulu admitted that she wouldn't be comfortable with Dante going on stakeouts with his ex, but she thought that he should realize she only loved him. Maxie suggested that Dante might be concerned that Johnny would pull Lulu into something illegal. Lulu replied that Johnny swore he wasn't in a life of crime anymore. Maxie, who noted that Johnny had failed to break free of the mob before, admitted she understood why Dante was skeptical of Johnny. Lulu thought that Dante had gone past skepticism and was possibly on his way to paranoia. Maxie replied that Nathan didn't like Johnny, either.

Jake boarded the boat with the shipment of champagne. Lulu introduced herself as Carly's cousin. She assumed that Jake was with the catering company, and she sent him downstairs to the freezer. Maxie and Lulu were elated that they'd get to ogle Jake all night long. When Jake was alone, he activated the bomb and it started a three hour countdown. Jake came upstairs and hid the bomb under the bar. His phone rang, and he answered and said “it's done.”

Carly brought Jake's duffel bag into the PCPD and asked Nathan for Dante. Nathan explained that Dante wasn't there, and he offered to help Carly out. Carly was reluctant to talk to Nathan. Nathan told Carly that he knew she was Dante's relative, and he assured her that he (Nathan) would be discreet. Carly confessed that she had reason to believe Jake was the gunman who helped Faison escape. Nathan mentioned that Sam suspected Jake, too. Carly admitted that she initially thought that Sam had arbitrarily fixated on Jake. Nathan was curious if Carly thought Jake had the skill set to pull off that kind of incident. Carly confirmed that she did. She told Nathan how Jake effortlessly grabbed and subdued a man who'd accosted her at the Metro Court. Carly hadn't thought anything of it, at the time, because Jake had been nearly apologetic afterward. At first Carly claimed she'd been reluctant to talk to Nathan because the gunman shot him, but she admitted she'd been stalling and hoping to talk herself out of this. Carly now believed that she was doing the right thing and that Jake would approve. She explained that she didn't think Jake was in control of his own actions. Carly gave Nathan the bag, then they went into an interrogation room, and Nathan unpacked it. Nathan gave the gun to C.S.U. to have it tested against the bullet. Carly told Nathan about Jake's conflicting memories of where he was the night Faison escaped. Carly also explained that Kevin told her that he'd never had a therapy session with Jake, even though Jake claimed that he'd met with Kevin to discuss his memory issues. Nathan assumed Jake lied, but Carly thought that Jake really believed he'd been treated by Kevin.

Carly was concerned because she hadn't seen Jake since he'd left Kevin's office, while Carly stepped out of the room for a minute. Carly added that there had been a burner phone in the bag. It was missing, and Carly was sure Jake had it. The forensics on the bullet came back – it was the one used to shoot Nathan. The disappointed Carly told Nathan that she didn't think Jake meant to do it. Nathan talked to someone about issuing a warrant for Jake's arrest. Maxie called Nathan to find out where he was. Nathan apologetically explained that he'd gotten pulled into something. Maxie made small talk and mentioned that Jake was there. Later, Nathan went to The Haunted Star and arrested Jake. Meanwhile, the bomb was counting down – two hours and thirty minutes left.

Fluke shoved Dante down the basement stairs of the house on Elm St. Dante laid motionless on the concrete floor. Fluke walked downstairs and checked Dante's pulse – he was alive, but unconscious. The camera panned over to Luke, who started making muffled noises. Fluke ripped the tape off Luke's mouth. The distraught Luke urged Dante to get up, but it was no use. Luke insisted that Fluke keep things between the two of them and let Dante go. Fluke refused. According to Fluke, this involved Luke's entire family. Fluke added that Dante desecrated Bill's final resting place by digging up his grave. “We know what he found there, don't we? Nada!” Fluke snapped. Luke assumed that Fluke was admitting that he was Bill. Bill was annoyed that everyone kept talking about Bill. Luke was frustrated that Fluke kept talking in riddles instead of answering his question. Fluke felt that Luke had more important things to worry about. Luke wanted to know who'd held him captive for over a year. Fluke thought Luke should concern himself with the impending deaths of everyone he cared about. “You bastard!” Luke screamed. Fluke advised him to calm down before he developed an ulcer. Fluke announced that he had to go change and get Luke's surprise, then kiss Luke's wife and daughter goodbye. He went upstairs, while Luke helplessly ordered him to get back here. Dante started to wake up. Fluke returned, wearing a tuxedo, and hit Dante in the head with a crowbar, then he placed a bomb into Luke's lap.

Lucas was still at Brad's place. Brad leaned Lucas back on the bed and started kissing him, but Lucas put a stop to it and reminded him that they had to get ready for the party. Lucas pulled his jacket out of its bag and was annoyed to see that it got wrinkled during the drive over. Brad pointed out that this wouldn't have happened if Lucas kept all his clothes at Brad's. Lucas realized this was Brad's way of asking him to move in. Brad made his case – Carly's house was crowded and Brad had a spacious apartment, which was on near the site of the future clinic.. Brad confessed that he loved Lucas. Lucas was caught off guard by the declaration, and Brad noted that he (Brad) had never said that to anyone before. A knock on the door interrupted the moment, and Lucas left the room to get dressed. Brad let Sam and Patrick in. Sam and Brad hugged, then Brad went to get them drinks. Sam quietly advised Patrick to be nice to Brad. Patrick promised to try, but he was still upset with Brad for what he did to Sabrina. Sam spotted her phoenix figurine, and when Brad returned, she demanded to know if he stole it from her room. Lucas walked out and clarified that he gave the phoenix to Brad. Sam asked Lucas if he took it from her room while he was there babysitting Danny. Lucas assured Sam that he'd never do something like that, and he explained that he'd found it on the docks.. Sam apologized for overreacting. Patrick wondered if it was really the same figurine, and Sam showed him that her anniversary had been printed on the bottom.

Patrick asked when Luke found the knickknack. “It was right after I treated Jake, so I guess it was yesterday morning.” Sam honed in on the Jake mention and wanted to know more. Patrick told her that Jake had been found passed out on the docks. Sam told Patrick that Jake was the source of the noise she heard at the penthouse that night – he'd broken in and stolen her phoenix.

At Pentonville, two guards brought Madeline and Ava outside to await transfer to Port Charles. Ava panicked when she realized the man driving the transport vehicle was the guard who'd tried to kill her. The man winked at the terrified Ava, and she refused to get into the van. Madeline assumed Ava was trying to back out of testifying for her. Ava told everyone that the guard had tried to kill her. The guard laughed and made it seem like Ava was lying. He sent the other men to load Madeline onto the truck, then he advanced on Ava with a knife in his hand. Ava banged on the locked prison door and begged to be let back inside. Three more men in guard uniforms rounded the corner – it was Julian, Franco, and Sonny. Julian and Franco approached the van, while Sonny went over to Ava. The guard told Sonny to stay back. Ava, who still assumed Sonny was behind this, scornfully told him to stay back and let someone else do his dirty work. The guard was startled when he heard Ava say Sonny's name. Sonny took advantage of this; he attacked and subdued the guard with the knife, then Julian and Franco knocked out the other two men. Madeline watched with a shocked and scared expression. Ava was stunned that Sonny saved her. Sonny grabbed her arm and raced toward the van. Franco didn't want Ava to come with them, but Julian insisted. Madeline was angry when she realized that Ava had conned her when she promised to testify on her behalf. Ava was unrepentant because of the things Madeline had done to Ava. Madeline was sure she was going to be released soon. She refused to escape and do anything that would add to her sentence. Julian was going to force Madeline to go, that way she couldn't inform on them, and so that they could use her as a hostage, if necessary. Several guards rushed onto the scene, and Madeline rushed over to them. The other inmates scrambled into the van and drove off, away from the prison and the shots the guards were firing at them.

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