GH Update Wednesday 1/28/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/28/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Brad goes to find Patrick and gives him some information to look at before he leaves. He sees it's information about “Jake Doe”.

Carly goes to find Dr. Kevin Collins to see if she can find some information about what he might or might not have discussed with Jake. Immediately, they both can see that Jake is not present and they do not know where he is.

Helena is at the grave site. Jake goes to meet her outside the open grave and asks her what is up with that.

When Dante goes to the Elm Street house, Fluke finds him. He demands to know why Dante intends to illegally break and enter the property. He remarks he thought Dante's father was “the only criminal in the family”.

At Pentonville, Sonny and Julian discuss their plans on how to break out to save their respective families. Franco enters and clearly “wants in” on what they are doing. Sonny asks him not to interrupt because they were in the middle of something. It appears, however, all 3 of them might have common goals.

In the women's prison ward, Madeline gets ready to leave and says good bye to Ava assuming she (Ava) is not going anywhere. Ava however informs Madeline she plans to go with her. Madeline tells her that is funny. Ava tells her she is not joking. When Madeline gets transported for her trial, Ava tells her, she is going with her. Madeline tells Ava she is probably losing it and needs to see a psychiatrist if she really believes that is going to happen.

Carly is surprised to see that Jake has not met her like he promised, to meet with Kevin, when Jake was right there talking to her only minutes ago.

At the gravesite, when Jake asks Helena what is going on, she reminds him he may have forgotten how this dynamic works. He does not ask questions of her, she tells him. She asks them of him. When he asks her what her question is, she reiterates, again to him asking him why Samantha Morgan and Patrick Drake have not been killed as he'd promised her they would be, by now.

At the hospital, Patrick gets ready to read the information about the findings from the examination of “Jake Doe” when Sam comes by to see him. He asks her if she's found her missing Phoenix which she has not.

Brad returns home to Lucas after they are both done with work and ready to be together. Lucas asks Brad if he'd like to attend a party with him tonight.

At the Elm Street house, after Fluke asks Dante what he is doing with a crow-bar ready to break the lock to the basement door, Dante asks him why Fluke) is not getting ready for the big party he's hosting tonight. Fluke wants Dante to answer his question firStreet Dante tells him in response to his question, he (Dante) is not a “criminal”. He is a cop. Fluke asks him if he is a cop with a warrant since he needs one to enter this property that has been condemned and blocked off by the city. Dante replies he does not need a warrant. He faces Fluke, looks squarely at him, asking him if he is his real father-in-law, the Luke he knows, and asks Fluke he is going to help Dante unlock the door to the basement. When Fluke hesitates to do that, Dante asks him why he won't let him down into the basement. Fluke tells Dante he does not think that would be a good idea. Dante asks why. Fluke, again, tells him, he does not think it's safe. There's rotting foundation and many things Dante does not want to see. Dante reminds him he does not intend to live there or anything. He just wants to take a look. Fluke again tells Dante he thinks it would be unsafe for him. Dante tells Fluke he will take his chances and again asks Fluke to help him unlock the door.

At Pentonville, Franco informs Sonny and Julian he has the same needs for using the phone and for escaping as they do. He does have someone, just like they do, whom he cares about and needs to protect even at the risk of detrimental consequences for himself. It's his friend, Nina Clay. Neither Julian nor Sonny seem “sensitive” when Franco informs them that while Nina is stuck in the loony-bin, she has met and is being endangered by Franco's psychopathic homicidal mother. They make jokes about that. They ask why they should include him in their escape. He reminds them if they do not, he will “sing like a canary” which will ruin both of their plans to take urgent action to save their respective loved-ones from danger.

Lucas tells Brad about the family party that his uncle Luke is hosting at the Haunted Star. It's a fundraiser for the waterfront revitalization project's opening of the new clinic. He tells his boyfriend he needs to be one of the hosts since he's going to be running the clinic alongside Michael. Brad asks him when it starts. Lucas reminds him in a little over an hour. They then know they better be quick with their sexual encounter so that they will not be late to attend.

Sam assesses to Patrick that she's looked all over for her phoenix and nobody anywhere has seen it. She tells him she knows she did not “lose” it. It may sound crazy, she tells him, but she happens to know that someone came inside and took it.

At the grave site, Helena asks and confirms that Jake does know his very explicit orders he had to kill Sam and Patrick and she, again, asks him why they are still alive. He replies the reason is someone stopped him.

Carly attempts to find out what Kevin has talked to Jake about, having heard from Jake that Kevin gave him a clean bill of health. He reveals to her that he has never met or spoken to Jake and they have had no such conversation.

Ava tells Madeline she thanks her for her “concern” but unlike Madeline's daughter, she (Ava) does not need a shrink. She further informs Madeline if she (Madeline) wants to be acquitted for the crime she helped Nina commit, she will need Ava to testify in her behalf. Madeline smugly tells Ava she knows that having a cold blooded killer at her defense hearing will only damage her case. Ava somehow knows that Madeline will need her and will do what Ava needs her to do.

Kevin tells Carly, he knows unequivocally, that he has never spoken to a patient by the name of Jake Doe. If he did, he'd remember him. He is not confused like she is assuming nor not remembering what Jake has told her he's discussed with the psychiatriStreet He assures her he's never seen or spoken nor heard of Jake in any professional capacity. Although she remembers Jake going down the hallway and into Kevin's office, Kevin informs her if Jake told her that they spoke at any time, he would have to be lying about that.

At the gravesite, Jake informs Helena that he did see a woman appear in Sam's living room right as soon as he was alone and ready to murder the two unsuspecting people up in the bedroom. He does not remember much about who she was or where she came from but he somehow concluded and realized she was “not real”. Helena asks him if “this hallucination” said something to him. He tells her yes. The woman told him he did not want to take Helena's orders. He did not want to kill anyone. And this person said she was his friend. Hearing that, Helena asks if this young woman had brown hair, was petite and matched the description of Robin Scorpio Drake. He confirms he does believe they are probably thinking of the same person. Helena tells him if that is true, he mustn't heed anything this woman says to him. She asked him what happened as soon as he realized he was having a hallucination and this woman was not real. Jake replies he went upstairs and opened the bedroom door. Helena asks him and then what. He replies he remembered something.

At the hospital, Sam tells Patrick she realizes that talking about the missing Phoenix won't bring it back and right now she wants to talk about happier things. She reminds him that he was correct in assuming she had another reason for visiting him. She tells him she wants to invited him to a party. Her brother has invited her to join him and Michael while they host the opening of the clinic at The Haunted Star. She wants to support Lucas since their mutual father is away and in prison and would like Patrick to be her date.

At Pentonville, Julian and Sonny wonder if they should kill Franco or if they should see him as a valuable resource to help them communicate with their people on the outside, since he has a phone. He tells them he needs to get to Nina. They both want to kill him but Julian reminds Sonny they are running out of time and they might not be able to get away with murder in the joint. The guards could find Franco's body, put them both in lock-down and their plan will be ruined. Franco overhears and tells Sonny maybe he should listen to Julian since Julian appears to be a “real thinker”. Julian confirms with Sonny that he does not need to remind him of the urgency of doing what they need to do because of the type of person their enemy is and what he is capable of.

At Elm Street, Fluke reminds Dante he has illegally entered this house without a warrant and whatever he thinks he's going to find down there won't hold up in court. And, he tells Dante, he needs to go to a judge to get a warrant, and “Luke” will gladly take him down into the basement. While Dante viciously attempts to unlock the door with the crowbar, he yells that he does not have the time to do that. Fluke asks him what is the rush. Dante tells him he believes there might be someone in that basement that needs his help. Hearing that, Fluke asks if he means the rats? The centipedes? The spiders? Dante tells him no. His father-in-law, he tells Fluke, as he faces him and looks him squarely in the eye. Hearing that, Fluke asks Dante if he's “popped his cork” as he reminds him that he is Dante's father in law. Dante tells him he knows otherwise. His father-in-law is Luke Spencer. And this guy is not him, he tells Fluke. He's Bill Eckert, isn't he,(?) asks Dante. In response to that, Fluke tells Dante he thought the reason he came to the cemetery was to honor “Luke's” dear Aunt Ruby. He then concludes that was just a cover. Dante was there to dig up Bill Eckert's grave, Fluke declares. Dante clarifies he did not, himself, dig it up. But he and others need to find out if Bill Eckert really did, in fact die, and have now confirmed Eckert's grave is empty. Fluke tells Dante he knows someone “stole” Eckert's body but Dante tells Fluke he knows that Eckert was never buried there in the first place. Eckert is this guy standing right before him who looks exactly like Luke Spencer, he tells him. Dante tells Fluke he knows he has been posing as Luke and has had the real Luke falsely imprisoned at Miscavige all this while as Fluke angrily protests that somebody did that to him and stole his life. Dante yells back at him that he falsified the rescue of Luke out of Miscavige on Thanksgiving just like he did way back in the summer of 2013 when it appeared the real Luke came back without anyone knowing that that was a scam. Dante further tells him he knows he has stolen Luke's life and had Luke locked up in this basement ever since, as he pulls out his gun and points it at Fluke. He then demands that Fluke opens this basement door right now.

At the gravesite, Helena asks Jake what exactly he remembered, specifically about entering Sam's bedroom. He then remembers a canister where there were two rings inside of it, opening it up and finding one. She asks if he remembers anything else.

At Kevin's office, Carly protests that she knows Jake is not lying. She was the one who made the appointment for him which she specifically remembers was Jan 12 at about 1 pm. He then gets on his tablet and confirms that Jake Doe was, in fact, on his schedule for this date and time. However, he tells Carly, he also knows he was not there on that day. He was called away on an emergency and didn't even make it back to the office on that day. Hearing that, she tells him it does not make sense that Jake sat by himself in Kevin's office for 45 minutes. Kevin tells her either that or Jake saw somebody else while she waited for him on the day in question.

Helena continues to pump Jake for information and he remembers seeing two figurines on Sam's bedroom dresser. He had a memory or image of Sam giving him one of them. Hearing that, Helena demands to know what he might remember about that, to which he doesn't have any recollection. He tells her he remembers taking the figurine but does not know where it is now because he must have lost it.

Brad and Lucas are ready to shower and get dressed for the party when Brad notices the figurine that Lucas found and picked up while on the docks (unknown to them, the one that Jake took out of Sam's bedroom) . He admits he does now know where it came from but he seems to somehow know of the significance and symbolism of it.

When Franco has just about convinced Sonny and Julian to co-conspire with him, he asks what means they intend to use to escape. Julian replies that Ava has a plan.

Ava tells Madeline that she spoke to Madeline's lawyers and they are interested in what she has to say. She is going to testify that Nina threatened and forced her mom to go along with the plan to kidnap Ava's baby after drugging and inducing pre-mature labor. Madeline admits she's confused as to why Ava would tell the judge she knows that Madeline would not intentionally harm her when they both know that is not true. What is Ava trying to pull? Madeline tells her she knows that in order for them to have a “deal” where each can help the other, she'd have to have something to “give” and she has nothing since her daughter has taken all the money she might otherwise have. Ava tells Madeline she somehow knows that some day, Madeline will be able to get her hands on the money and will be motivated to return the favor. Madeline, however, seems totally baffled at what she is hearing.

Franco tells Sonny and Julian he knows that although the three of them hate each other's guts, they all have a common goal and motive to work together so they can all get out to protect the people they love and care for from harm. What he does not understand, he tells them, is how they could or would want to rely upon, or work with Nina's hideous mother or the likes of Ava, whom he reminds Sonny, murdered his fiancé. Sonny admits that Franco's right that he does not want to involve Nina's mother and hates Ava even more than he hates Franco. Franco tells him why then they are getting involved with these two toxic women. Julian replies if he really wants to get out, it may be their only option.

Patrick tells Sam he is ready to come with her to Lucas and Michael's party at The Haunted Star. She admits the only chance she gets to see Lucas is when he's watching Danny for her. Patrick asks Sam if Lucas might know what happened to her missing Phoenix.

Brad admires the phoenix and tells Lucas he knows about the Asian tradition where people keep them for good luck. He also knows that they are typically not sold by themselves and usually come with a dragon which symbolizes strength and unity between two people. He talks about the yin and the yang coming together to be the perfect couple. They both wonder however where or how there could be a dragon without its phoenix.

When it appears that Jake is going to be “uncooperative” in doing what Helena wants with killing Sam and all, she tells him he will forget all of the things that happened regarding her asking him to do regarding that. However, now realizing that he's done these things she's put him up to doing, he tells her he does not intend to forget what she wants him to forget and wonders why she keeps telling him he's “active”. She then tells him she has a new “job” for him to do and instructs him to listen closely.

At the hospital, Carly tells Kevin she needs to find out what is going on regarding the fact that Jake apparently had a session when Kevin was not there and the possibility that Jake could have met with another psychiatriStreet He tells her it's not in his notes and even if it did happen, it would not have taken place in this office where they are now. She knows that Jake informed her that he spoke to Kevin and agreed to meet with him again. However, Kevin assesses that when she went to find him for this session that was supposed to happen now, Jake took off. She still insists this makes no sense and Jake was not lying to her because he was desperate for help. When Kevin asks her with what, she admits to him that Jake was having memory issues and was afraid he might have done something “really bad”. It wasn't something he wouldn't have remembered because it happened before the accident. It was something afterwards. Just recently. She tells him that Jake told her of specific “memory flashes” about things he could have done. Jake told her he spoke with Kevin who assured him that he could not have done “this thing”. Carly then concludes that the only thing that can explain this is that Jake is lying and is actually guilty of the crime in question.

At Pentonville, the guards are ready to transport Madeline to her trial.. Ava appears ready to follow her out of the facility.

Sonny, Julian, and Franco work together on their plan when the guards do the “cell check”. The three inmates fight off the guards who want to detain them.

At Brad and Lucas' apartment, they conclude that they definitely need a dragon to go with their phoenix although Lucas tells him they have to get ready for the party at The Haunted Star. We see the phoenix that Sam still cannot find sitting on the table while they go off and shower.

At the hospital, Sam concludes to Patrick that she knows it sounds like a long-shot but she could ask Lucas what he might know about the phoenix. She tells him she has to depart and get ready to meet him for the party. He tells her he will pick her up at her home. She tells him that she did agree to have Lucas and Brad go with them. She gets on the elevator to go home and get ready.

Helena asks Jake if he understands his mission. He asks her why she is doing this. She then reminds him that after she gave him a final chance to redeem himself, he's questioning her. He asks her why she is “targeting all those people”. She asks him why does he care? There is no one in this town who means anything to him, she reminds him. He then lists Elizabeth and Carly have been there for him. She tells him he needs to know that if he fights the “conditioning” it will cause him needless suffering. She tells him the headache will be excruciating and will cause him some serious consequences. She informs him that she somehow knows that Elizabeth may have no suspicion about him, Carly is not a friend of his.

Carly admits her confusion about Jake to Kevin and asks if he believes in instincts that people have and know about other people. She tells him that she had some instincts about Jake although she knew nothing about him. She knew he was a good guy and could be trusted. Yet he told her that he could not help things that he might have done. She somehow knows that Jake would “want her to stop him”. And so, she concludes, that is the reason why she has to turn Jake into the police.

At the Elm Street house, Dante holds the gun on Fluke and demands he unlock the door to the basement. He opens the door after cuffing Fluke to the stairway. As he goes down the stairs to find Luke, Fluke pushes him down the stairs.

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