GH Update Tuesday 1/27/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/27/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Pentonville, a guard had a tight grip on Ava's arm. A terrified Ava assumed he was sent by Sonny to kill her, and she struggled in an unsuccessful attempt to get away. The guard told Ava she had a visitor, then he took her to a visiting room. Silas was there, with the baby. Ava was touched that Silas had decided to come check on her. She marveled at her daughter and wished Kiki was there, too. Silas explained that Kiki was under the weather, so she stayed home. Silas asked how Ava was. Ava told Silas that Sonny tried to have her killed. Silas was alarmed, and he wanted to request that Ava be transferred to a new prison, but Ava didn't think there was enough time. She hinted that she had another plan. Silas realized Ava was planning to break out. For the benefit of the guards, Ava swore this was not the case. Ava tearfully noted that if she escaped, she'd have to go on the run and she'd never get to see her daughters again. Ava was certain that Avery and Kiki would hate her for abandoning them. Silas promised that he'd make sure the girls understood, and he added that they might get to see Ava again one day. Silas urged Ava to do what it took to stay alive.

At Ava's request, Silas put Avery on the phone. Ava apologized to Avery for not being able to be with her. Ava told Avery that she loved her several times, then the guard ended the visit.

Sonny and Julian were in their cell. Sonny confided that Bill's grave was empty. Julian assumed that this meant Fluke was Bill, but Sonny pointed out that Bill might not be the guy. Sonny sensed that Julian wanted to say something to him, so he asked about it. Julian told Sonny that Ava came to see him (Julian) and told him that a guard attempted to kill her. Sonny didn't seem concerned. Julian vowed to protect his sister, but he wondered who he was protecting her from. Julian asked Sonny if he tried to have Ava killed. Sonny pointed out that that he'd been with Julian the whole time and wouldn't have had a chance to order the hit. He also added that if he'd had influence at the prison, he would have used it to protect himself from Johnny's men. Sonny made it clear that he planned to make Ava pay for what she'd done to Connie and his family though. Julian admitted that he thought Bill was behind the hit. Sonny was curious about why Fluke wanted Ava dead. Julian remembered that Ava angered Fluke by failing to kill Michael. Julian only told Sonny that Ava had refused to kill one of Fluke's enemies. Sonny vowed to kill Ava himself, instead of letting Bill get the chance to do it. Julian reiterated that he wouldn't let Sonny hurt Ava. Julian added that Sonny had better hope Bill didn't hurt her either because she was the key to their escape. Julian told Sonny about Ava's plan to hijack the vehicle that was supposed to transport Madeline to her trial. Sonny was doubtful that Ava could overpower the guards. “That's where we come in,” Julian replied. Sonny scoffed at the idea of teaming up with the woman who killed Connie. Julian asked Sonny if he was willing to let his hatred of Ava get in the way of protecting his family. Sonny decided to put his family first.

Fluke was at the cemetery standing over Bill's empty grave, fuming over it being dug up. Fluke remembered seeing Dante there earlier and assumed Dante dug it up. Fluke was furious and vowed to make Dante pay. Helena arrived and chided Fluke for doing something that could draw attention to himself. Fluke told her that his son in law dug up the grave. “Well that's dismaying, since we both know there's nothing inside” Helena replied. Fluke predicted that Dante was on his way to the house on Elm St. Helena wasn't concerned. She told Fluke that Dante wouldn't find anything. Helena clarified that she'd used Nikolas's ties to the mayor to get the house condemned. Helena expected Fluke to be grateful, so he thanked her, but he reminded her that they still had to find a more permanent solution to the problem. Fluke was glad that the matter was handled for now, allowing him to focus on the party. Fluke was still angry that his crew had failed to carry out his other orders, and he was determined to make sure that his plans for The Haunted Star were successful. Helena thought Jake would be the perfect man to carry out the job. Fluke didn't have confidence in Jake because Jake had failed to kill Sam. “If it were me, I'd slit his throat,” Fluke added. Helena still had faith in Jake's abilities. She vowed to find out why he didn't kill Sam.

Fluke snapped at Helena to hurry up and figure out what was wrong with Jake. Helena bristled at Fluke ordering her around. Fluke explained that he wanted to be absolutely certain that the explosives were loaded onto the boat. Helena and Fluke were brimming with excitement about the impending explosion. Fluke grinned as he told Helena that he was taking out as many of Luke's friends and relatives as possible in one blast.

Jake and Carly went to Dr. Kevin Collins' office, at GH, for Jake's appointment. Kevin wasn't there, so while they waited, Carly left Michael voicemail. She explained that she got his number from Lucas and told him she was proud that he was opening a clinic. Carly told Michael she loved him and that she wouldn't give up on him. Carly hung up, and Jake assured her she'd done a good job with the message.

It was clear that Jake was worried about his appointment. Carly tried to assure Jake that he was a good person and not the criminal he feared he was. She told him that her instincts were never wrong. Carly sensed that Jake was going to bring up Franco, so she explained that she'd ignored her instincts that Franco was dangerous and talked herself into trusting him. Jake questioned Carly's support in him – a man with no past who'd been found with an unmarked gun. Carly reminded Jake that Kevin had told him he hadn't been involved in Faison's escape. Jake found it troubling that he couldn't remember how he ended up on the docks. He feared that Sam was right about him. Carly urged him to forget about Sam because Sam had no proof. Jake countered that she would, if she had the bag. Carly told him the bag was locked in her safe at the Metro Court. Jake was uncomfortable with Carly being an accomplice, but Carly countered that no crime had been committed. Jake wasn't sure about that, and Carly told him she might have a way to find out. She showed Jake a phone that she'd found in his bag. Jake didn't recognize it, but Carly thought there was a chance it could be his. They looked through the phone and found several missed calls from an unknown caller. Jake had a flashback to being at Sam's and getting a phone call that asked “Is it done? Is Sam dead yet?” Jake didn't recognize the voice, or the location. Jake told Carly he remembered a voice, asking if it was done. Jake couldn't remember the assignment, or who he was talking to. Jake contemplated leaving town instead of pursuing the truth. Carly didn't think Jake was the type to run. She encouraged him to stay and promised that they'd figure this out together, then she left to find Kevin. Helena called Jake and activated his conditioning. When Carly returned, Jake was gone.

Michael went to the house on Elm St. and found Dante trying to get inside. Michael wanted to know what was going on. Dante decided it wasn't safe to tell Michael about Fluke, so Dante claimed he was checking to make sure Shawn wasn't there. Michael bought the story, and he let Dante inside. Dante searched the house, then he asked to check the basement. Michael handed him a crowbar. Before Dante could pry the door open, Kyle showed up, with a couple of police officers in tow. Kyle announced that the house had been condemned on the orders of Mayor Lomax. Dante was suspicious about the order, and he asked if Luke was involved. Kyle wouldn't share any details. Kyle took Michael's key and made everyone go outside. Michael called Alexis and asked her to help out with the house. Michael left. Dante waited until the coast was clear, then he broke into the house. He was about to pry the basement open when Fluke walked in and caught him.

At The Haunted Star, Johnny and Lulu were planning the celebration for the clinic. Johnny asked Lulu a question about the party, and she snapped at him to figure it out himself. Johnny wondered what was wrong. Lulu apologized, and Johnny asked what Dante did this time. Lulu replied that she and Dante were fine. Johnny admitted he'd assumed that there would be fallout from Dante sucker punching Johnny. Lulu admitted that Dante was still angry. Johnny thought Dante was angry at her, but Lulu clarified that both she and Dante were angry with Johnny. She felt that Johnny should have left the room while she and Dante were talking. Lulu accused Johnny of enjoying the fight. Johnny swore that he didn't enjoy watching Dante order Lulu around. Lulu maintained that Dante didn't order her around. She felt that Dante was just concerned. Johnny added that he thought Dante was going to make her sell her half of the boat. Lulu made it clear that she had no intention of doing that. Johnny felt that Dante should know that Lulu was capable of taking care of herself. Lulu explained that Dante did know that but he wasn't thinking clearly because of Johnny. Lulu asked Johnny to be sensitive to Dante's feelings to cut the tension. Johnny agreed to do it for Lulu's sake. Lulu confided that Dante was upset to hear that Johnny and Lulu were planning the party. Lulu explained that she'd been planning to tell him, but Luke beat her to it. Johnny told Lulu to tell Dante that Johnny and Lulu's interactions were just business, that their relationship was in the past, and that Dante was being paranoid and seeing things that weren't there. “Right?” Johnny asked as he leaned in close to Lulu and smiled.

Johnny changed the subject back to the party. He admitted he was surprised so many people were coming to a celebration for a clinic opening in a run down neighborhood. Lulu jokingly told Johnny not to let her dad hear him saying anything bad about that neighborhood. Lulu talked about Luke's reluctance to have a clinic built on the site of his boyhood home. Johnny admitted he was surprised that Luke was being nostalgic. Lulu agreed that it wasn't like him. She theorized that Luke had developed an appreciation for the past while he was being held captive and come back a changed man. Lulu clarified that she wasn't complaining about the change. She was happy to have the real Luke back. Johnny was about to tell Lulu the truth about Fluke when Michael walked in. Michael told Lulu and Johnny about the house getting condemned.

Jake met Helena at the cemetery.

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