GH Update Monday 1/26/15

General Hospital Update Monday 1/26/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Bobbie sits at Kelly's with Lulu and Lucas remembering that Aunt Ruby died 16 years ago and that Lulu would be too young to remember although Lucas confirms he remembers her death and all the fond memories he had of knowing her when he was a child. He remembers he loved her and Bobbie assures him Aunt Ruby loved him also.

Julian is at Pentonville promising his son he will get out of there as soon as he can. Not far away, Ava appears and finds her brother, hiding herself with a hood over her head. He asks where she came from. She informs him she escaped and is afraid that Sonny sent someone to kill her.

Sonny is talking to Shawn at the visiting station informing him that he's had to let someone he doesn't like use the phone and asks if they've found out anything about whether Bill Eckert is really alive or dead after going to the graveyard.

Dante goes to the graveyard with uniforms cops and notices that Bill Eckert's grave has been dug up. He admits he wonders who would have done this. Jordan appears and replies that would be herself and Shawn.

Fluke comes down the stairs to the basement where the real Luke is still being held captive. Fluke informs him that he is ready to have a great and fun party with all the people they both know and love gathered together at the Haunted Star. He also informs him it will be even more fun when the boat explodes and all of their mutual flesh and blood will have their flesh and blood blown up.

At ShadyBrook, Heather greets Nina and confirms to her hat she is her friend as she has Nina believing her name is Diana. She remembers that it appeared Nina was talking to her lawyer the previous day and asks if the good news she sensed Nina was feeling was because they're going to be letting her out of there soon. Nina then asks if she can be trusted to keep a secret. While she has no clue that Heather is Franco's evil mom and Heather has no clue whom she was talking to, Nina reveals she was not talking to her lawyer. She was talking to Franco.

The guards come to find Franco and discover the phone he obtained from Sonny and Julian.

Not far away, Ava demands to know if Julian has seen or heard from Sonny and if he has plans to kill her. Julian assures her that he seriously doubts that Sonny has any intention of killing her nor would Sonny have any friends he could put up to doing it for him. Hearing that, she tells Julian it sounds like he might be one of Sonny's friends who could be working with him.. She asks Julian if the threat to her life did not come from Sonny, then who would it have come from? Julian replies he thinks it's likely that it came from their anonymous boss.

In the basement of Elm St., Fluke informs the real Luke that the new plans have come from Helena Cassadine and so they are bound to have sentimental value for Luke's family. Luke is horrified and helpless to do anything to save his family.

At Kelly's, Bobbie talks to Lucas and Lulu about their Aunt Ruby. She had a lot of hardship in her life but always treated others with kindness and compassion and was so good to Bobbie and Luke when their mother died and their father took off. They were scared to go to Florida to live with her. But she loved them as if they were her own. Bobbie declares that on this day, that is the anniversary of the day Ruby died, she always likes to honor her in some way. So, she surprises Lucas with heart-shaped pancakes that he remembers their aunt made for him when he was a child. Lulu then reminds them maybe they should first wait until Carly gets there. Lucas informs his mom and cousin that when he last spoke to his sister, she was rushing to see that mysterious Jake guy who she has just hired as a bartender after he was found and taken to the hospital for hypothermia. They all reflect on how Carly’s life has been turned upside down since her almost-wedding with Franco, then Sonny getting locked up and refusing to see her and Michael disowning her. Bobbie is happy to have her son and niece with her to celebrate the life and death of Ruby. They do wonder, however, where Luke is and why he is not joining them.

When Jordan announces to Dante that it was herself and Shawn who are responsible for digging up the grave, he asks her why. She informs him that his father asked Shawn to find out if Bill Eckert is alive or dead so that they can know whether Bill Eckert is still impersonating Luke Spencer and the criminal the cops assumed they'd caught is still at large.

Shawn tells Sonny the story of how he and Jordan went through a long and exhausting process of digging the grave and finding the coffin, only to find it completely empty.

Fluke swings his bat and lists all the people who will be involved in his “plan” of destruction, including Tracy, Lulu, Barbara Jean. He “assures” Luke that when it happens, he will be far away and nobody will implicate him as the boathouse goes sky high and all the people go with it. He talks about them blowing up and falling back into the earth like snow flakes or confetti as he smirks and gloats. The real Luke appears horror-stricken as he demands to know why Fluke is doing this to him.

At Pentonville, after Julian informs Ava that he bets it's “their boss” who is trying to have her killed, she asks why he'd assume it's Faison after he has gotten caught (or so she has heard last time she checked). He then tells his sister he can clearly see she is way behind the times realizing he has to fill her in on who has been running the show when both he and Sonny got locked up.

At the visiting phone area, Sonny tells Shawn he does not find it surprising that Bill Eckert has probably not died, has probably staged his death and is the man in question. He also informs Shawn he can't rely on further assistance from him and reveals he has plans to take matters into his own hands.

Fluke firmly reminds Luke that he never said he was Bill Eckert. Bill Eckert is dead. Luke tells him he has reason to believe otherwise.. The real Luke reminds Fluke if he is Bill, he needs to know that his family is also Bill's family. Is Bill doing this because he took the bullet that was supposed to be for Luke? Is that the reason?

Dante then assesses, after hearing what Jordan has told him, that when it appeared that Alexis and Julian found the real Luke at Miscavige, she brought him home to his loved-ones, and they identified Faison as the Luke imposter, it was yet another scam to further mislead the cops. He asks her if the man whom they now believe is Luke is really Bill Eckert and what Shawn might have found out when Sonny sent him to the Elm St. house. She tells Dante that Shawn was not able to find out what he and Sonny intended to find out about Eckert because Michael prevented Shawn from doing so. So now, Shawn has informed her, he and Sonny have to resort to taking drastic action in order to find out if Bill Eckert really died or not.

At Kelly's, Bobbie, Luke and Lulu are all really confused as to how Luke has done a complete 180 with first not wanting anybody near the Elm St. house and now wanting to throw a party in support of Michael and Luke's plan to get the clinic set up there. Bobbie is happy to hear that Luke wants to throw a party at the Haunted Star but admits she's been a bit worried about her brother in the last few weeks. Lulu finds it very odd that her father would not be there to join them today knowing that he'd never miss honoring their aunt Ruby and she wonders where he is.

Fluke continues to taunt the real Luke who tells him if he wants revenge for what Frank Smith did to him, he may take it out on Luke but not on Luke's family. Luke urges him to just take that bat and finish him off. He screams at Fluke to do it. Fluke then gets a call from Lulu. He then puts the duct tape back over Luke's mouth while he “plays Luke” to Lulu while talking to her on the phone.

Heather asks Nina how Franco could have called her from prison. Nina informs her that Franco is very smart. He smuggled a cell phone into his cell and called her. She informs Heather that he promised to find his way back to her and she tells “Diana” she told Franco all about her “new friend”.

When the Pentonville guards find Franco's phone and are ready to put him in solitary, he remembers that he might be able to motivate them not to do that.

Not far away, Ava assesses what Julian has just told her about Luke Spencer's cousin, Bill Eckert who is identical to Luke and whom everyone believes has died but may not have and the theory that he may be the anonymous crime boss and Luke imposter. He tells her that Bill took a bullet intended for Luke so that would give Bill motive to pretend to be dead while secretly seeking revenge upon Luke and all the people he cares about. He admits it's only a theory that Eckert is the man he met while in witness protection who is impersonating Luke and who is their old boss. He has no proof that Eckert did not die but everything fits. And that could very well be why the guard threatened to kill her the other day as Johnny sent his guys to kill Julian and the guy is still loose and threatening both Julian's and Sonny's families. He tells his sister he is helpless to do anything about it, however, because he can't get out. She then informs her brother she has a plan to get out even if he can't.

At the gravesite, when Jordan informs Dante that Shawn hid, spied and overheard the guy who looks just like Luke having a friendly chat and plotting a plan with Helena Cassadine at the Elm St. house, he concludes that all but confirms that this guy cannot be the real Luke. He knows that Luke does not trust Helena. She further explains that Helena and the Luke imposter left together and Shawn attempted to stay around to find out what might be going on in the basement of the house. But Michael prevented him from doing so. Hearing that, Dante immediately concludes he bets his father in law is locked inside that basement if Eckert hasn't killed him yet. She then warns Dante that he cannot tell anyone that he suspects this because Eckert will kill them and kill Dante in a heartbeat. Dante tells her he has to get to that house and take action. They both urge the other to be careful with what they now know.

Lulu calls and believes she's talking to the real Luke, informing him that he missed breakfast as Fluke assures his “daughter” he apologizes and will catch up with her later.

At Pentonville, Sonny informs Shawn that he just recently got a call from “the son of a bitch” who sounded just like Luke and threatened both Michael and Lucas if Sonny or Julian took action against him. So now that he can't rely on Shawn to go to Elm St much less warn Michael after Michael's gotten a restraining order on Shawn, Sonny is now faced to take drastic action. Shawn asks him what he plans to do. Sonny then covers the phone so the guards will not overhear and whispers through the glass to Shawn that he and Julian plan to break out of there today.

At the graveyard, Dante gets on the phone to talk to his contact about what he's just heard from Jordan when Fluke appears and asks him what he's doing at “the boneyard”.

When Heather asks Nina what she told Franco about her, Nina replies she told him the truth that she found a new friend and that she's very happy. He was excited to find out Nina was not alone and grateful to “Diana” and said he wants to meet her some day. Hearing that, Heather tells her how about the next time Franco calls, maybe she (Heather/Diana) can say hello.

Right when Franco finds a way to distract the guard enough to have time to use the phone, he calls Nina again. She informs him that her “friend, Diana” would like to talk to him. He tells Nina he'd prefer to talk to her (Nina). Heather then finds a way to talk to Franco without Nina hearing. He admits he had no clue she'd be at ShadyBrook much less around Nina and demands she stay away from his friend. She sarcastically remarks how he's made a “rebound” from the “battle-ax” Carly to this “pour wounded little bird who worships him”. She tells him she's met Nina, found her so alone and vulnerable. And now she is Nina's new friend, Diana. As she sees Nina sitting not far away but out of earshot and suspecting nothing, she gloats as she tells Franco she can't think of a better way to punish him than by crushing his little bird.

At Pentonville, after Ava tells Julian she has a way out of there, he asks his sister how that would be. Ava explains to her brother that she ran into Nina Clay's detestable mother who is being transported back to Port Charles for a trial, by prison van. She has been able to find out just when and where the van is leaving. She tells him when Madeline gets on the van, so will she. Julian tells her he is coming with her.

Shawn asks Sonny how he plans to escape realizing Sonny is merely “working on it”. He assesses to Shawn they can't get the cops involved. For one, they have no proof that Bill Eckert is even alive much less grounds to question him if they did confirm that. If they did, he could snap and go after Michael. Sonny has to protect his son, he tells Shawn. He knows this guy is dangerous. Like a time bomb. He doesn't want Eckert to know what is coming. Sonny asks Shawn to please tell him that no one else knows the coffin is empty. Shawn admits to Sonny that someone does in fact know. Jordan.

Jordan unexpectedly runs into her son on the docks. He tells her that he now has a new issue he cannot forgive her for. Molly's father has been framed by the Jeromes and he knows she had something to do with it. Hearing that, she protests to TJ that she was not a part of that. In fact, she tells her son, she is the reason they did not kill Ric Lansing and she helped bring him back to Molly alive. He asks her how she saved Ric. Did she flip on the Jeromes.

When Dante runs into Fluke at the gravesite, they suddenly are greeted by Lulu, Bobbie and Lucas who are bringing flowers and paying their respects to their Aunt Bobbie. While Luke's daughter, sister and nephew all express their love for Luke, Dante tells Luke he knows that Aunt Ruby was very special in their lives.

At the docks, Jordan assures TJ she happens to know that Ric Lansing was innocent and wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit. Also, he's the father of the girl whom TJ loves. She was not about to do that to Molly. She informs him that she and Shawn went against the Jeromes' wishes and went to save Ric's life when they were ordered to kill him. She assures her son she is no longer working for the Jeromes. She is now working with Shawn and “his crew”.

Sonny assesses from Shawn that Jordan knows about their plan to find out about Bill Eckert by digging up the grave and wonders if he can trust anyone except them knowing while Shawn assures him Jordan can be trusted, is loyal to the organization and can help them. Sonny still admits he has his reservations about trusting Jordan and he affirms that he has to go through with his plan.

When Julian wants to escape with Ava on the van Madeline is riding in,, she tells him she can't do that. He has to find his own way out. He asks her if she does not understand how he has to take drastic action to save his son just like she had to take drastic action to save her baby daughter although she argues that Lucas is a grown man. He tells her the insane maniac who wants them both dead is after his son and she has to trust her brother to have her back. Right when she agrees, the guard suddenly finds her, catches her and is ready to put her in solitary.

At the graveyard, Fluke continues to “play Luke” by graciously honoring Luke and Bobbie's Aunt Ruby with flowers.

On the phone to Franco, Heather furiously tells her son he betrayed her. She did everything he asked and he turned on her. She tells him she has lots and lots of time to think about getting her revenge. And now, she's stumbled into Nina. She reminds him he's locked up tight in Pentonville and there's nothing he can do about it. Nina then asks to talk to him. Heather tells her sure she can but hangs up the phone before Nina can talk to him. Nina wants to call him back but can't. He calls again but Heather hangs it up again before Heather can get the call again. Nina however suspects nothing as she is able to talk to Franco and hears his voice and it's the guard who cuts that short by telling her the time is up. Heather then gets to “play Diana” and say “there, there little bird” to Nina and continues to act as her friend.

At the graveyard, Lucas has to get back to work at the hospital. Dante has to get back to the station and asks Lulu to walk him to his car so they can talk privately. Bobbie and Fluke are together alone. She suspects nothing about the man who looks and speaks just like her brother.

Shawn goes to the docks to meet with Jordan and TJ after he's heard that the two of them are going to be working together. Shawn attempts to convince TJ to accept them both back in his life. At first, he questions that but then concludes that Shawn is right and hugs his mom.

Fluke plays Luke alone with Bobbie in the cemetery, reminiscing about their dear departed Aunt Ruby. He asks his sister if he could have a “moment alone” with Ruby. She says of course and departs. Fluke then goes to find the grave of William Eckert completely dug up. He screams, realizing that someone else knows his secret.

Dante furtively goes to the Elm Street house, making sure no one sees him.

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