GH Update Friday 1/23/15

General Hospital Update Friday 1/23/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki brings the baby to see their mutual mom at Pentonville. Ava is very happy and surprised to see her two daughters. However, she notices Kiki suddenly turning away from her, telling her it's a mistake. Pentonville is no place for a baby and she doesn't want the little one's first memory to be of that place or of Ava. Ava pleads with her daughter to bring the little one back and not abandon her. But Kiki tells her mom she is leaving and she (herself) is the baby's mom. Ava then awakens to see that she is having a nightmare. Madeline Reeves, who is in the adjoining cell, notices Ava.

Kiki is with baby Avery at Kelly's when Morgan comes to visit her. He admits that he is kind of “down” without much going on in his life since he's learned he's not the father of the baby and has no social life nor a job.

Michael and Lucas go the Haunted Star after “Luke” has asked them to meet him there. They call to him. Fluke is hiding unseen with a baseball bat when he hears his two nephews enter and announce their arrival.

Shawn is at the graveyard attempting to find out if Bill Eckert is really dead or not by digging up is grave Not far away, Jordan spies upon him and he can see that he is being watched. They both don't know what the other is doing a the graveyard and she can clearly see he does not trust her and is not about to tell her why he is ready to do what he's ready to do (digging up a grave for Sonny).

At Pentonville, after Sonny has heard Fluke’s threats and confirmed that Julian's suspicions about the guy who looks like Luke, he knows he has to take drastic action for both Michael and Lucas. Julian asks him just what he plans to do. Sonny replies they have to find a way to bust out of prison and risk all consequences in order to protect their unsuspecting sons from Fluke whom they (Sonny and Julian) believe is Bill Eckert. Franco overhears their plans to disappear. He tells them if they are planning a trip, he hopes they have room for one more.

Nina Clay is at Miscavige playing a battleship with another woman who is clearly identified as Heather Weber..

At Kelly's, Kiki asks Morgan if he's heard from Michael while he holds the baby. He replies no. She tells him she has attempted to contact his brother but he refuses to return her calls. She remarks she could not believe that Michael could be so cold to everyone given the most recent events. Morgan tells her he hopes he did not make things more complicated when he kissed her

At The Haunted Star, when Michael and Lucas ask their “uncle Luke” why he wanted to meet them, there, he replies he is not very spontaneous nor much of a planner. Lucas asks him what is “up with” the baseball bat. He replies he found it down in the basement. It used to be his when he was a kid. It's his Louisville slugger which may now be a collector's item. He remarks to the both of them that one never knows what they might find down in an old abandoned basement.

Jordan finds Shawn at the graveyard wearing what appears to be the uniform of their employees and knows he's keeping a secret from her about something. He tells her he does not have to answer to her and she tells him she does not appreciate being kept out of the loop. She asks if she has not proven herself to him by now. She warned him that the hitman was going to take out Michael. She helped rescue Ric Lansing. She dumped a ballot box for Duke. So why hasn't she earned his trust? He tells her he thinks she knows. He tells her he has some questions for her.

Franco reminds Sonny the reason he has not seen him is because Sonny set him up to spend a month is solitary by stuffing a weapon in Franco's possession for the guards to find. He observes that while he's been wrongfully imprisoned, it appears the two of them have become close and asks if Julian is Sonny's new prison wife or if he likes to call him Carly. He tells them he'd like them to enlighten him about their escape attempts. He tells them he knows how to accomplish what he wants.

Heather talks to Nina at the mental ward and tells her that it's been a long time since she's “hit it off” with any other “residents” in this place. She somehow knows that Nina is not unlike herself. She is not crazy any more than Heather is, she tells Nina. She tells Nina she can see she does not belong in there and has a good reason to feel the way she feels and to have done what got her in there, because someone has hurt her. It was someone she trusted She asks Nina who it would be. Nina intently listens to Heather and replies it's her husband who betrayed her by sleeping with a slut and having a baby with her.

At Pentonville, when Ava attracts the attention of Madeline, she tells Madeline she is not ok with being away from her baby and it's Madeline's fault

When Kiki and Morgan are with baby Avery at Kelly's, Dante and Lulu come by they introduce themselves to Morgan's and Kiki's mutual baby sister who is also (so they believe) Dante's little sister. Kiki talks to them about how both she and Morgan are taking care of the baby with help from Carly and Silas. Dante assures them that his dad has a ton of family who can help her and assures her she is not alone. Morgan admits that he is looking for a job as is Kiki now that Michael has fired and evicted them from The Brownstone. Lulu then suggests maybe they can both come and work for her at The Haunted Star.

At The Haunted Star, Michael and Lucas inform Fluke that they have to rush off soon and need to tell him what his big secret is. While he holds the baseball bat in his hand, he does not answer until he thinks of what to say. He then tells them he realizes he gave them both a hard time about the house on Elm St. So he apologizes and wants to offer them his full support. They both find that kind of odd, realizing how adamant he was about not letting anyone in the house. He tells them that Tracy was able to convince him that maybe he needs to stop dwelling in his bad memories about where he grew up and turn a negative into a positive by opening the clinic. They both tell him they appreciate his support but find it odd that he wanted to meet them at The Haunted Star. He replies he wanted to “have a party” as he continues to hold the baseball bat and smirk.

Back at Kelly's, Lulu tells Morgan she'd like to take him to The Haunted Star and see if he can learn the ropes of bar tending while Dante stays with Kiki and the baby and has a chance to bond with his baby sister.

At the Pentonville women's prison, Ava reminds Madeline she had a plan to leave town with the baby but Nina forced her into premature labor with a drug that Madeline helped her get. She furiously tells Madeline she ruined everything for her, along with Madeline's miserable psychotic daughter.

At Miscavige. Nina shares with Heather how she had to take drastic action after that a worthless tramp took her husband and her baby from her. She was left with nothing and had to balance the scales. Heather tells Nina she understands all too well as she shares with Nina that sounds like the woman who got her claws into Heather's son while Heather is being punished for trying to protect him. And how does her son repay her? With betrayal. They talk about how Heather's son as well as Nina's husband both never deserved their loyalty. Nina talks about how she wasted so much of her life loving and trusting Silas when she now knows that Franco was the only one she could trust. Hearing that, Heather is startled to find out that Nina knows her son.

At Pentonville, Franco reminds Sonny that he (Sonny) can easily go to solitary, where he won't last a minute with no windows given his claustrophobia, when Franco tells the guards about Sonny's usage of a contraband phone.

At the graveyard, Shawn tells Jordan he knows that her very odd recent actions can only be explained by concluding she is a cop. He tells her he has been wrapping his brain around “this” for weeks and this is the only thing that makes sense. She then asks why he would suspect that. Doesn't he realizes that Commissioner Devane would fire her if she intended to practice law enforcement having helped him and Duke tamper with election results that cost Anna her job? She asks why he would believe that she would now want to be working for Sloane. When he can't answer, she says she thinks they should stop arguing about this nonsense and work together to dig up this grave of William Eckert.

At the Pentonville men's prison, Franco is able to motivate Sonny and Julian to let him use their illicit phone.

At the psychiatric facility, Heather hears Nina talk about her friendship with Franco and how he's always been there for her up until now. Hearing that, Heather knows how to play what she is hearing perfectly into her hands as she reminds Nina that he is not there for her now.

At the Pentonville women's' prison, Ava asks Madeline how she thinks she will get away with helping her lunatic daughter kidnap Ava's baby. Madeline then does her “act” of crying and throwing herself at the mercy of the court to get sympathy for being threatened, scared and showing fake remorse, while she reveals she is laughing, faking and smugly confident that she will go free while Ava remains locked up for life for committing murder.

Fluke tells Lucas and Michael he wants to throw a party to celebrate the opening day of the new waterfront district. While they tell him that “might not be necessary”, he reminds the two younger guys they need to know that in order to play ball with the fat cats of the town, you have to wine and dine in order to encourage them to donate to a non-profit organization. Lucas reminds Michael that is what may be needed so Michael agrees. However, when they see Lulu walking in with Morgan and talking about hiring him to be her head bartender, Michael clearly indicates he may not agree.

At Kelly's, Dante talks privately to Kiki about how he wants to be supportive to her and to the baby although he and his mom are not about to forgive her mom for the murder of Connie. She tells him she understands his issues with Ava and they express their mutual concern about Michael shutting them all off. She admits to Dante that kissing Morgan did not “help things” for either of them with Michael . Hearing that, for the first time, Dante looks at her surprised.

While Michael, Lucas and Fluke are at the Haunted Star, they notice Lulu walk in with Morgan talking about getting him started as her new bartender. She remarks that she did not expect to see her dad there with her two cousins and asks what they are doing there. Fluke tells his “daughter” he wants to throw a party for the waterfront revitalization project. Hearing that, she tells her “dad”, that sounds like a great idea although Michael firmly expresses it's not ok with him to have it there if he's going to have to be around Morgan.

Nina informs Heather that Franco is clearly now her only friend. She was hoping he was going to get sent there with her. However, the judge did not buy his insanity defense. She has no clue who Heather is or what her plans are with Franco when she tells her that everything she's ever wanted in her life is gone because of her mother, Madeline.

Ava tells Madeline she is at fault for what happened to Nina. She is no more fit to be a mother than Ava is. Madeline reminds how Ava lied to Kiki about her paternity time after time after time. When Ava tells her she has no clue why Ava lied to Kiki about her father, Madeline asks her to enlighten her, one mother to another.

Nina informs Heather, for the first time, that it was her mother who put her in a coma. She did it because she wanted the baby that Nina was carrying to die. Hearing that, Heather tell her mother sounds horrible. Heather sounds like she wants to be sensitive and gets Nina to cry on her shoulder. Nina then remarks how amazing Heather is and how lucky her son is to have her (having no clue who her son is.) She asks why she could not have had a mother like her. Heather then remarks maybe she can and she encourages Nina to “come to momma”.

Franco tells Sonny and Julian it might be easier on them both if they just gave him their phone. Hearing that, Sonny tells him he didn't think there was anyone in the world whom Franco would call. Franco tells Sonny he knows he's been using the phone to “look after his people”. So, he tells Sonny, he needs it so he can look after his.

Kiki talks to Dante at Kelly's about her dilemma about her relationship with Morgan. He tells her that maybe she needs to admit to herself that she sees her ex-boyfriend's brother as more than a friend to her. She tells him she is afraid if she did that, Michael would hate both her and Morgan more than he already does.

At The Haunted Star, Michael reveals that he is not going to attend any party with Morgan there pouring drinks. Hearing that, the others try to get him to realize that it's just for one night although he reminds them that Morgan knew that Sonny killed AJ yet didn't tell him so that's a deal breaker even for one night. Fluke firmly tells Michael if he can get over his issues about the old house, Michael can do the same with his brother. Michael tells Morgan he's gone long enough without a job so what is one more night and he tells Lulu if she wants to hire Morgan that's her prerogative and he promises he will never set foot at The Haunted Star again. Morgan gets up to leave but tells Michael he's being petty especially when Michael talks about how this party is to benefit a cause so near to his heart. Michael tells the others he'll be happy to hire a free-lance bartender for one night. Lulu tells Michael she realizes this is complicated and assures him she and Dante are not taking sides. He apologizes to her, to Lucas and to “Luke” for causing a scene in their presence.

At the graveyard, Jordan asks Shawn why he is digging up this poor dead man's grave as she's never heard of this Bill Eckert person. He tells her that Sonny and Julian have good reason to believe that this guy is her anonymous crime boss. She tells him that doesn't make much sense if he's dead. He explains that this guy may have staged his death, happened to look just like Luke, does not need a mask to impersonate him and may have misled the cops into believing it was Cesar Faison so they wouldn't suspect him instead. She tells him she finds that hard to believe but gets ready to help him dig.

At Pentonville, Franco is able to persuade Sonny to let him use the secret cell phone.

When Nina reveals that she trusts Heather to look out for her, she also realizes she does not even know her name and introduces herself as Nina. Heather introduces herself as Diana Taylor. And she tells her she believes this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Madeline tells Ava that it's pretty likely she will be getting out of prison and Ava will not, so Ava might want to help her with something if she wants help in accomplishing her goals. Ava then dismisses and admits she does not trust nor want to work with her. As soon as Ava is alone with the guard who is ready to lock her up in her cell, he pulls out a knife as soon as they are alone with no witnesses. He moves closer toward her and she is afraid as she asks just whom he might be “working for”. He replies, smugly, that she has so many enemies, she wouldn’t have a clue who might want her dead. He gets called away and has to “postpone his plans” although he promises Ava they will finish this another time.

An attendant informs Nina that she has a call from her lawyer. Assuming it's Alexis, Nina gets the phone to hear it's Franco after he's gotten access to the cell phone.. As soon as she hears his voice, he urges her not to say his name. He tells her he is really sorry for everything and sorry he has not been in touch. He tells her he has thought about her and promises to figure something out. He asks her if she is ok. She tells him although she doesn't like the place, believe it or not, she thinks she's made a new friend.

Morgan returns to Kiki and the baby at Kelly's, happy that it appears he has a new job bar-tending at the Haunted Star, although he reports he ran into Michael who is still furious and doesn’t want to be anywhere near him.

While Lucas and Michael are ready to launch their party for the clinic, admit they are encouraged to be able to help people in need and appreciate Luke's help and willingness to put his past behind him, Fluke returns to the basement where the real Luke is still being held captive. He removes the duct tape from Luke's mouth. Luke admits he's terrified and demands to know if Fluke hurt Bobbie. Fluke smirks and tells him that he has not yet done that because she stopped “yacking” about things that are none of her business.

Shawn digs up the grave with Jordan, getting deeper and deeper into a hole while she watches and guards, wondering if he will find out the big secret about Bill Eckert. There is still no proof that anyone is buried down there.

In the basement, Luke keeps demanding to know if Fluke is Bill Eckert or not. Fluke laughs and tells him he should not be so worried about who he is as much as what he is going to do.

Shawn's shovel hits what appears to be a casket as he continues to dig the grave.

Fluke informs Luke he is going to be hosting a party a The Haunted Star. And, he tells him, he's invited Bobbie, Tracy, Lulu, Lucas, Michael and basically everybody in town whom Luke cares about. Luke demands to know why. What he is planning? Fluke does not answer.

When it appears Shawn has uncovered a casket, Jordan takes the shovel from him and watches intently while he climbs into the hole, and opens it up to reveal something.

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