GH Update Thursday 1/22/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/22/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Fluke, who was at the Quartermaine mansion, was on the phone with Sonny, who was in his prison cell. Sonny noted that Fluke's statement about the sins of the father being visited on the sons was a quote from the Bible. Sonny pointed out that the real Luke was an atheist, who didn't read the Bible. Fluke made it clear that he wasn't quoting the Bible; he was threatening Michael and Lucas. Sonny ordered Fluke to stay away from their sons. Fluke wondered what Sonny planned to do about it. Sonny threatened to tell everyone that Fluke was really Bill Eckert. Fluke was curious why Sonny thought he was Bill. Sonny explained his reasoning. Fluke stated that Bill was dead. Sonny replied that they'd see about that. Fluke wanted to know what this meant. Julian quietly told Sonny not to say too much, so Sonny refused to answer Fluke's question. Fluke warned Sonny that Lucas and Michael would pay the price if Sonny and Julian meddled in Fluke's business.

Sonny pointed out that if Fluke was Bill, Bobbie was his cousin. Sonny asked if Fluke would really kill Bobbie's son. Fluke reminded Sonny that he never said he was Bill. Sonny asked what Fluke wanted. Fluke wanted power, and he noted that he'd already had Johnny try and get Sonny to turn over his territory. Sonny replied that he didn't realize Johnny was working for Fluke. Sonny agreed to give up his territory if that's what it took to protect Michael. Fluke was surprised that Sonny was willing to give up everything for the son who hated him. Sonny stated that he loved Michael, no matter what. Fluke told Sonny that Michael had told Fluke everything Sonny said on the phone earlier. Sonny wanted to get back to business and make a deal. Fluke replied that it was too late. Fluke vowed to take what he wanted and not bother with negations, then he hung up. Julian tried to think of a way to protect Lucas and Michael. Sonny felt that they should bust out of prison.

Michael went to GH to talk to Lucas. While he was there, Alexis called and let him know she served Shawn with the restraining order. Alexis added that Shawn was adamant that the Elm St. house was unsafe. Michael wasn't concerned, but he promised Alexis that he'd be careful. When Michael hung up, Lucas wanted to know what was going on. Michael replied that Sonny was having Michael followed. Michael thought that Sonny might be trying to protect him, but Michael didn't want or need Sonny's protection. Michael asked Lucas to take a walk with him on the waterfront and look at the site for the new clinic. Michael wanted Lucas's input on the layout. Lucas was excited about the idea of a made-to-order clinic. He agreed to go with Michael.

At GH, Elizabeth told Patrick that Jake had been found unconscious on the pier and that he had no memory of how he got there or what happened to him. Patrick told Liz that Jake had come to talk to him about memory issues before. Liz was surprised and told Patrick that this was the first she'd heard about Jake having memory issues. Patrick wondered if Sam was right about Jake being the gunman. “So Sam convinced you too?” Liz grumbled. Patrick maintained that normal people didn't get knocked out on the pier. Liz countered that Jake could have passed out. Patrick thought there was a chance that Jake wasn't who Liz thought he was. Liz challenged Patrick to explain why Jake would help Faison escape. She opined that Jake wasn't capable of being the gunman. Patrick clarified that he wasn't accusing Jake of anything. Patrick pointed out that Liz didn't even know that Jake had been having memory issues. Liz countered that there was no evidence that Jake was the gunman. Patrick admitted that it wasn't his job to determine Jake's guilt or innocence, and he added that he told Sam to let the police handle it. Liz asked Patrick if he could be an objective doctor for Jake. Patrick promised that he'd do whatever he could to help Jake.

Carly was in Jake's hospital room. She opened Jake's bag to look for the figurine Jake remembered. She was taken aback when she found the gun. Carly noticed that the serial number had been scratched off, and she asked Jake why he had an illegal gun. Jake insisted that it wasn't his. Carly asked Jake where he'd taken the bag. Jake shared his memory of taking the bag to Volonino's gym. Carly theorized that someone may have put the gun in his bag while he was working out. Jake countered that he would have noticed it when he put his workout clothes in the bag. Carly pulled Jake's mask out of the bag and noted that these weren't workout clothes. Jake swore he'd never seen it before. Carly promised to help Jake if he told the truth. Jake was adamant that he was being honest. He asked Carly what else was in the bag. Carly told him that it was an outfit just like the one the gunman who grabbed Sam wore. Jake was confused and upset. “This cannot be happening,” he said. Carly told Jake that it was starting to look like he did it. Jake wasn't sure if he did it or if someone was framing him. As Carly placed everything back in the bag, she asked Jake about his memories of grabbing Sam. Jake replied that Dr. Collins told him that the memories weren't real and that Jake had been job hunting when Sam got grabbed. Carly suspected that Jake really had grabbed Sam and that his memories of searching for work were the false ones. She was troubled and pointed out that Jake had no idea what he was capable of. Jake asked Carly not to tell anyone about this and to give him a chance to figure things out. Patrick and Liz walked in, and Liz explained that she wanted Patrick to examine Jake. Jake agreed, and Patrick asked Carly to give them some privacy. Carly grabbed the bag and got ready to go. Jake tensed up, and he asked Carly what she was doing. Carly smiled reassuringly and told him she was getting his bag out of the way and that she'd make sure it was safe.

Carly was concerned when she spotted Michael at the hospital. She asked him if he was okay, and in a cold tone, he told her he was fine. Carly wondered why he was at GH. Michael explained that he was opening a clinic in AJ's name and Lucas was going to run it. Carly was thrilled for her brother, and they hugged. Lucas told Carly that although Bobbie had been pushing him to work as a doctor, Carly had been the one who convinced him to put his medical degree to use. Carly was proud of Lucas, and she told him that Tony and Bobbie were too. Carly added that she was proud of Michael, too. Michael abruptly announced that he was going to wait outside, and he walked away. Lucas told Carly that this was hard for Michael too, and he urged her not to give up on him. Carly swore she wouldn't.

Carly went back to Jake's room when the examination was over. Patrick wanted to run more tests. Jake joked that Dr. Obrecht would harvest his organs to cover the cost, but Patrick and Liz told him not to worry about his bill. Patrick and Liz left. Jake quietly thanked Carly for keeping his secret. Jake wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery, but he wasn't sure where to start. Carly announced that she and Jake were going to go back to see Dr. Collins and find out the truth, once and for all.

Alexis was outside Kelly's. She finished her call to Michael, just as Sam walked up. Alexis was curious about Sam's date, so she invited Sam to lunch. They went into the diner, and Alexis asked for details. Sam described her night with Patrick as “wonderful.” Alexis asked if there was any awkwardness the next morning. Sam assured Alexis that things between Sam and Patrick had been great, the morning after, but Sam's phoenix was missing. Sam was upset because it was irreplaceable. She and Jason had given each other the figurines on the first Christmas after they were married.

Alexis tried to assure Sam that the phoenix had just been misplaced, but Sam was adamant that someone took it. She told Alexis that she thought she heard someone in the penthouse. Sam confided that she'd gone to the pier today, for reasons she couldn't explain, and remembered diving into the water to search for Jason and coming up with the phoenix. Alexis gently suggested that Sam was fixating on the figurines because she slept with Patrick last night. Sam insisted that she'd been ready to take that step with Patrick and that she was focusing on the figurine because it was gone, not because she felt like she betrayed Jason. Alexis promised to help Sam find the phoenix. Sam admitted that it was probably at the house. Alexis wanted to focus on the new relationship Sam was starting. According to Alexis, Sam and Patrick had something special. Alexis assured Sam that she deserved to be happy. Later, Sam was alone at the table looking at her dragon figurine. Patrick called and asked Sam to dinner. She accepted. Patrick asked if she'd found the figurine, and Sam told him she was sure it would turn up.

Shawn went to the pier and found Duke and Jordan supervising some workers unloading a shipment. Shawn explained that he'd been held up by Alexis and a phone call from Sonny. Jordan asked what Sonny said. Shawn claimed Sonny was calling to check on the shipment. Jordan walked away, and Shawn told Duke the real reason Sonny called – to warn them that Fluke was still out there. Shawn explained that Sonny wanted Shawn to dig up Bill's grave and see if it was empty. Duke thought this was an extreme, but necessary step. He told Shawn not to tell anyone else what they were planning. Jordan was hiding around the corner, and she overheard the conversation. Jordan approached Duke and Shawn and told them she was going to the warehouse. She pretended to leave. Duke and Shawn went their separate ways.

Jordan followed Shawn to the cemetery. She hid behind a fence and watched as he knelt down at Bill's grave. Shawn heard a noise and ordered the person who was there to show themselves. Jordan had no choice but to come out and face Shawn.

Michael and Lucas went to the pier. Lucas attempted to talk to Michael about his encounter with Carly, but Michael spat that he didn't want to discuss it. Michael blurted out that seeing Carly made him think of Sonny, which made him think of Sonny shooting AJ, then comforting Michael. “Everybody that I loved betrayed my trust,” Michael snapped. Lucas warned Michael not to keep his pain and anger bottled up. Lucas assured Michael that he was willing to listen, if Michael wanted to talk, and that he wouldn't defend Carly or Sonny. Michael seemed to be about to say something, but his phone rang. It was Fluke; he asked what Michael was up to. Michael explained that he and Lucas were on the pier. “Lucas, huh? My other favorite nephew,” Fluke replied. Fluke told Michael to meet him at the Haunted Star, to discuss the clinic, and to bring Lucas. Michael wondered if this meant Fluke wasn't going to stand in his way of building the clinic. Fluke would only say that Michael and Lucas were in for a surprise. While Michael took the call, Lucas wandered around on the pier. Lucas found Sam's phoenix and put it in his pocket.

Maxie and Nathan were in bed. Nathan said something in French, and Maxie told him she'd picked up a bit of French while working at Crimson. Maxie assumed they'd be able to stay in bed all day, but Nathan broke the news that he had work in an hour. Nathan started talking about his job – trying to bring Duke down. Maxie admitted that she thought Duke was a nice guy and that she found it hard to wish Nathan luck in locking him up. Nathan replied that Duke was just as much of a criminal as Sonny. Maxie didn't think that all mobsters were the same. She told Nathan that Sonny had a code of ethics. Maxie explained that she'd been on the periphery of the mob because Spinelli worked for Jason. Nathan was curious if there were any other mob factions that Maxie was sympathetic to. Maxie asked if he was talking about Johnny.

Maxie told Nathan that Johnny told her about Nathan and Dante's visit. She launched into a monologue about Dante and Lulu, and Nathan interrupted to ask Maxie why she didn't tell him she saw Johnny. Maxie wasn't sure, and she asked why Nathan didn't tell her he went to Johnny's house. Nathan explained that he didn't think it was a big deal, at the time, but now he was having second thoughts. “Johnny implied that you two had a history. Do you?,” Nathan asked. Maxie replied that she and Johnny almost got together a few times. Maxie explained that Johnny had been dating Lulu and thought he wasn't good enough for her, so he kissed Maxie in front of her to push Lulu to break up with him. According to Maxie, Johnny often did the wrong thing for the right reason. Maxie hoped that Johnny would be able to turn his life around and stay out of prison. Nathan realized Maxie still cared about Johnny. Maxie clarified that she cared about him as a friend. Maxie added that she told Johnny that Nathan was everything she ever wanted. “There's nothing almost about my feelings for you, Nathan. I'm all in.” “Me too,” Nathan replied. They kissed.

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