GH Update Wednesday 1/21/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/21/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Sam awaken in bed together and seem happy to be together and are ready to enjoy more intimacy.

Right at that point, Jake appears to have passed out and is lying outside in the cold and snow, on the pavement. He seems to have hit his head and is bleeding when it appears a man instructs him to get up. He looks startled and unaware of what happened the previous night.

At the hospital, Elizabeth is lost in thought remembering running into Jake, hearing him decline her invitation to come to hear house for dinner, his telling her there could be “complications” if the two of them were to be friends, yet making it unclear and odd as to what his reason might be for that. Lucas notices she is somewhere else and greets her. He also informs her that he's going to be splitting his time between working at GH and working at Michael's new clinic.

Alexis goes to talk to talk to Michael at the Quartermaine house after he's asked her to serve Shawn with the restraining order to keep him away from Michael. She assures him that she can make it happen so that Shawn Butler cannot check up on him for Sonny. He tells her that is good because that is what he wants.

Shawn is on the computer at Kelly's trying to find out information that he was unable to uncover in the Elm St. basement when Michael last caught him there. Carly appears, sees him lost in thought and asks him what is up.

Fluke gets a text from Helena asking him to come to Wyndermere and his replying that he's busy. Tracy sees that “Luke” appears too distracted and completely oblivious to his wife and asks him what is up with that. He does not reply to that when Helena texts him the “Cassadines are impatient” and she needs his assistance with something.

Alexis departs from talking to Michael and assures him she will take care of everything. He gets a call from Sonny who apparently still has access to his fellow inmate's phone.

At the hospital, Lucas tells Elizabeth that Michael is his nephew and he is really encouraged by his building the free clinic which will help all people to get medical care. So how could he say now? Elizabeth tells him she thinks that's a good plan and suggests that maybe she can put in some time there also as she wouldn't mind seeing less of Obrecht. He tells her that although his family is in support of his working at the AJ Clinic, he has an issue his sister Carly and the fact that Michael is still not speaking to her.

At Kelly's, when Carly is having coffee and noticing Shawn being obsessed with his laptop, she asks him if he has some secret as he clearly does not want her knowing what he is really doing and tells her he was “just working”. She clearly appears to want to find out what communication he may be having with Sonny when she knows her ex husband has shut off communication with her, as has her son.

Sonny calls Michael and does not hear him respond but asks his son if he is still there. Sonny tells Michael this is his father. Michael responds by telling him he has the wrong number as he clarifies to Sonny that his father is dead and reminds Sonny he killed him. Sonny urges Michael not to hang up. Right away Michael can tell that his “dad” must be calling from a smuggled-in phone since he did not hear a recording which always happens when an inmate calls from a prison phone. Sonny urges his son to know it doesn't matter how he got the phone and he needs to tell him something very important. When Michael tells Sonny he is hanging up, Sonny tells him he has something to tell him regarding Luke.

When Fluke is having his private and secret text with Helena, he tells Tracy he is playing a game on his phone. Yet he reads Helena's text telling him she has an urgent matter to attend to since it seemed her soldier boy has failed to kill Mrs. Morgan and Dr. Drake for her.

Sam and Patrick are happily together, joking and affirming that they have waited so long for his experience and it was so worth it. He tells her right now, he has to get up and go to work and should probably be up and out of her home before Monica arrives and sees him when she brings Danny back. Sam agrees that they have to start their respective days. Sam looks to see that a Phoenix she had on a table on the other side of her bedroom is gone.

A  medical team notices that Jake appears to be unconscious and takes him to the hospital while they leave the item he took from Sam's bedroom, on the ground after it's dropped out of his hand.

Jordan goes to meet Anna at the hospital and asks her why she needs the two of them to meet at a public place where they can be seen. Anna tells Jordan the reason is she thought Jordan has the right to know that this could be the last time Jordan sees her.

At Kelly's, Shawn assures Carly that Sonny has not asked him to keep any secrets from her. Even if he was not working for Sonny, he does not want to get her involved in this whole situation. She asks if he can just tell her how Sonny is doing. Shawn replies to her that Sonny is in prison and there is not much else to tell. She tells him she just wishes he could tell her specifically how Sonny is. Has he been in any more fights? Can he tell her anything about Sonny? Shawn replies he can tell her that Sonny wants her to move on. She protest, that she does not want to move on. She loves Sonny. Sonny loves her. And he does not have the right to tell her she cannot come and visit him. Shawn tells her that she needs to just give this time and believe that things will get easier. She tells Shawn she is not going to give up on Sonny and believes he has to let her back in although Shawn tells her she needs to stop believing that.

While on the phone to Sonny, Michael informs him that he caught Shawn attempting to spy upon him at the house on Elm St. and he is taking legal action to keep Sonny's men away from him. Hearing that, Sonny asks Michael what he might know about the house on Elm St. Michael replies that he can only assume that Sonny has a problem with Michael opening a clinic in his father's name and his making efforts to get AJ's good name back, and wants to prevent that, while he's in Pentonville. So that's obviously why he sent Shawn to spy upon him. Hearing that, Sonny firmly tells his son this has nothing to do with AJ or the clinic. He tells Michael he needs him to promise to stay away from “Luke”. Hearing that, Michael tells him if he wants a promise, here is a promise. If Sonny ever again calls him or sends another one of his stooges after him again, he will call the prison warden and tell him that Sonny has been contacting him using a contraband phone, boldly reminding his “dad” that that should land him in solitary. Hearing that, Sonny asks him if that is what he wants. Michael tells his “dad” he doesn't want anything from him. He tells Sonny to enjoy his life sentence and hangs up. He then goes into the room to see Fluke, whom he still believes is Luke Spencer, and informs him he just got a call from Sonny expressing “concerns” about him (about Luke).

At the hospital, Lucas talks to Elizabeth about his concerns of Michael being unwilling to forgive his parents and his anger toward them. She tells him she really can understand Michael's feelings about not only losing AJ but finding out what both of his other parents did. That's got to be enough to devastate him.. Lucas tells her he realizes that Sonny is a murderer and is not defending him but Carly was only acting in Michael's interests in her part with that. She tells him she sees his point about Carly wanting to protect Michael and not see her son suffer however she still thinks Carly should have been honest to Michael with the situation. She tells Lucas she realizes that Carly cares about her kids and would do anything for them, history has proven again and again that Carly's first loyalty is to Sonny. She further states, to Lucas, that the only person Carly's been more devoted to than Sonny, was Jason. Suddenly, the ER staff rush a “new patient” in on a gurney. And wouldn't you know who it is. It's Jake. It appears he has hypothermia. And right as Elizabeth and Lucas are making up a hospital bed and talking, the medics bring him to them and she immediately identifies Jake.

Patrick and Sam get dressed and she explains how odd it is that her phoenix would be missing when it has no monetary value and nothing else in the apartment has been touched. The phoenix and its partner the dragon are the wedding presents she and Patrick gave to each other where he was the dragon and she was the phoenix. She explains to Patrick that was supposed to be for good luck and she also tells him that when Faison apparently killed Jason, he just happened to have the two items on him. When she went into the harbor to attempt to find Jason after he was killed, all she found was the phoenix. It was the last thing Jason touched. She concludes the phoenix is gone because someone took it.

When Jake is in the hospital bed, Elizabeth asks him if he can hear her. He manages to acknowledge that he knows she is there and asks her where he is. He remembers that “Dr. O” might not approve of his being there. She assures him he need not worry about that and promises to take care of him as she introduces him to their new intern, Dr. Lucas Jones.

At Pentonville, after Sonny's unsuccessful call to Michael, Julian finds him and tells him he better put that phone away or they are both in trouble as well as losing the only contact they have with the outside world. Sonny tells him his “worrying is getting annoying”. Julian admits he's damn right that he's worried about the two of them being stuck in there with both of their families exposed to the Luke imposter yet not even knowing it.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy asks Michael why Sonny would warn him about Luke. Michael replies it's probably because Sonny doesn't want him building the AJ clinic in Luke's old house. Hearing that, Fluke asks how Sonny would know that “the old fire trap” is still “in play”. Michael replies probably because Shawn told him. Fluke then learns for the first time, from Michael, that Shawn was poking around the house the other day and he caught him apparently trying to break into the basement. Fluke is obviously shocked to hear that.

At Kelly's, Shawn continues to tell Carly that Sonny has laid down the law that she needs to stay away and get out of his life because he loves her. She continues to ask if she is the only person who sees how ridiculous it is to say he loves her but wants her to stay away forever. He tells her she needs to realize that Sonny does not know if he will ever get out of prison and cannot expect her to wait for the rest of her life for him. He tells her something even more important she needs to realize is that Sonny does not want to prevent her from having a shot of reconciling with Michael. She tells him she wasn’t' about to lie to Michael and told him she will always love his father even if Sonny refuses to see her. Shawn reminds her that was not what Sonny wanted. She reminds him she does not care because Sonny is not in charge of her life. She urges Shawn to help her because they have a common interest in caring about Sonny. Out of nowhere, Alexis suddenly enters and hands Shawn a document and rushes out. He asks her what that is.. She tells him it's an official document. He is on official notice to steer clear of her client. Hearing that, Shawn asks her what client this would be. She replies Michael Quartermaine.

At Sam's, Patrick tells her he finds it very odd that someone would have broke into the apartment while they were occupied last night and stole her “knick knack” from her bedroom dresser although she somehow knows that is exactly what has happened.

Elizabeth treats Jake while he's lying in the hospital bed, informing him that cops found him out cold on the docks early this morning. She asks him if he might have been out there all night. He sees a “vision” of the phoenix that he took from Sam's bedroom and realizes he did not remember anything that happened the previous night.

Patrick wants to find “logical explanations” for the disappearance of the phoenix from Sam's bedroom yet she knows that nobody has access to it, she has not moved it and knows that it suddenly disappeared for the first time while they were together last night.

Elizabeth and Lucas ask Jake if he can see, hear remember, feels any pain and what might have happened to him last night. When she informs him about Jake's very recent fatal accident that caused memory loss, Lucas concludes it could be due to TBI that Jake is once again having his symptoms.

Not far away, Anna explains to Jordan that her friend, Frisco Jones did his best to help her, given their mutual ties to the WSB. However, she's going to have to go to Washington DC before the board. She can't predict what will happen. It could be a simple meeting or it could be criminal indictment. They both know where this leaves Jordan given that she's working undercover and their current police commissioner has no idea and isn't about to back her. Anna then assures her that Dante and Nathan are still PCPD detectives in good standing whom she's asked to protect Jordan and she's sure they will. Jordan tells Anna she knows they will probably do their best but their authority is limited and she is completely powerless given the situation. So, she concludes to Anna, she thinks it's best that she just ends what she is doing. Anna urges her to please not do that, assuring her again that she is the best chance they have to bring down the Corinthos organization. She urges Jordan to know that she is not going to leave things the way they are. She needs to make things right and for Jordan to make things right so she asks her to please stay undercover. Jordan then tells her ok, fine. She’ll do it on one condition. If things don't go Anna's way in Washington DC, Anna needs to call Jordan immediately so that Jordan can get the hell out.

At Kelly's, Carly asks Shawn why Michael would serve him with a restraining order. Alexis answers by telling her Shawn was stalking Michael, to which Shawn says that is a lie. Carly asks if he's keeping an eye on Michael for Sonny., Shawn attempts to tell her that Michael has the wrong idea. Alexis informs them both that the court has spoken and Shawn is not to go within a distance of Michael or his new place of business at the Elm St. Clinic. Hearing that, for the first time, Carly asks why no on has told her about Michael's new clinic. Alexis asks Shawn if he denies stalking Michael or breaking and entering the property. He replies damn straight he does and he reminds Alexis he is not in court. Carly gets a call from Elizabeth informing her that Jake has just been admitted to the E.R.

Fluke demands to know what Shawn intended to do in the basement reminding Michael all that's there is dust, spiders and rats. Michael replies all Shawn told him was “as his friend”, he advised Michael to get out of there so he could do whatever he intended to do, which Michael admits to Fluke and to Tracy, that he hasn't a clue. He tells them he assumed that Shawn was checking up on him at the request of Sonny so he demanded Shawn get out. Fluke then angrily tells Michael good for him. Shawn has no right going in there. It's private property. Hearing that, Tracy is really surprised at how “upset” her “husband” appears to be getting over that. Michael then informs them that he had Alexis issue a restraining order to keep Sonny's guys out of his place. Fluke tells him that was a good move but it might take more than that to keep Sonny's men out of there. Maybe the basement needs to be locked and boarded up so that nobody can enter legally or illegally if they try. He reveals to Michael that includes him.

At Pentonville, Julian warns Sonny that maybe they don't want to tip Michael off and have him confront the Luke imposter. It could endanger Michael if Fluke knows he might be onto him or that they are. He asks Sonny if he has any game plan for how they find out, once and for all, if this Bill Eckert is their enemy.

Michael asks Fluke why he doesn't want him going down to the basement of Elm St. Fluke replies because it isn't safe. There's enough mold to wipe out Bangladesh and the basement is not stable. Michael finds that odd remembering that he and his grandma, Bobbie just saw “Luke” come up from the basement when they were last there. Fluke tells Michael that is why he knows it's not safe. He further tells Michael after a thorough inspection of the property, he has concluded he thinks it's best the Michael opens elsewhere although Michael does not buy that he's concerned about the safety and tells “Luke” if he has his own personal reasons, he just needs to say so. Fluke replies to Michael that he's just trying to help him. Michael tells him he'll consider what he's saying and leaves. Alone with her “husband”, Tracy tells him that maybe he should let Michael build the clinic. She can see he has some “demons” and maybe building the clinic will “exorcise” his bad memories of the place. Fluke reminds her that the final decision is not up to Michael or to him. It's up to Bill Eckert.

At Pentonville, Julian continues to ask Sonny to consider that Shawn is not infallible, could get caught and if that happens, then Sam, Danny and Alexis could all be in grave danger. Sonny realizes so could Carly Michael and Morgan and tells Julian he knows the risks but believes that their families are in more danger if they just sit back and let this bastard have a free hand. He's gotta be stopped, Sonny declares and asks Julian if they agree on that. Julian then agrees to go through with their plan.

At Kelly's, Alexis privately takes Shawn aside and urges him to know that Sonny is not helping Michael nor reconciling with his son by putting Shawn up to spying upon Michael. It's only pushing Michael farther away. He tells her that both she and Michael have no clue why he was at the Elm St. house. She then asks him to please enlighten her about what he and Sonny know that she and Michael do not. His phone rings so he is not able to answer her question. He goes into the kitchen to privately inform Sonny that Alexis just slapped him with a restraining order to stay away from Michael and the Elm St. house. Sonny tells him he need not worry about that. He knows of somewhere else he wants Shawn to be.

Carly rushes into the hospital to see Jake. Elizabeth and Lucas inform her that Jake is recovering from a bout of hypothermia after he was found lying unconscious on the docks today. Hearing that, Carly demands to know why, when she's offering him a free room at her hotel, he's sleeping on the docks. Jake lies on his bed and asks her to please not take it personally. She replies she does and demands to know what the hell happened. Lucas tells her Jake suffered a seizure last night which they are not sure the cause but he will find out from a neurologist. He and Elizabeth leave Carly alone to talk to Jake who admits he has no recollection of how he ended up passed out on the docks last night. The last thing he remembered was his conversation with Elizabeth when she invited him to dinner at her house. He does, however, realize one “thing” he remembers as he has a fleeting vision of the phoenix he took from Sam's bedroom.

At Sam's, Patrick tells her he'd like to get back to her soon but he's already late for work. He departs and when she's alone, Sam somehow knows that it's no accident that the phoenix is not where she last put it.

Jordan and Anna part company and wish each other well.

Sonny calls Shawn again and tells him if Julia's theory about a new Luke imposter is true, he bets this imposter is Bill Eckert. Shawn tells him he may be right having seen pictures of Bill and seeing how he looks almost exactly like Luke. However, all of his information tells him that Eckert has been dead for years. Sonny tells Shawn that is what everybody has believed up until now but they now need to know if that information might be incorrect. Shawn asks Sonny where he suggests they get started with that. Sonny replies he needs to have someone dig up Bill Eckert's grave to find out if he did in fact die as reported or if he may still be alive and out there somewhere.

Tracy finds it very odd that the house “belongs” to Bill Eckert when he's dead. Fluke tells her the title somehow ended up in Bill's name. He concludes that without knowing who, among the living, might have the legal ownership of the place, there is likely to be tons of blood-sucking lawyers in probate court attempting to find that out. She reminds him that it will cost a boat-load of ELQ money and reminds him she bets the board won't be happy with that. She then concludes that maybe he's right. Maybe Michael should build the clinic somewhere else.

Sonny tells Julian he wants to find out, unequivocally, whether Bill Eckert is alive or dead. He gets a call which he knows is not from Shawn. He hears a voice that sounds just like Luke and knows it's not his “friend”. Fluke tells him he knows what Sonny and his cell mate, Julian are up to and he warns him he's making a bad move that they will both regret. He asks if the two of them have not yet learned the consequences of stupidity. We hear him say that the sins of the “fathers” will be revisited ten-fold upon the “sons” as we see both Michael and Lucas working together at the hospital ready to start their new business venture at Elm St.

Patrick comes into the hospital and asks Elizabeth about the patient who needs a neurological consult. She tells him Jake passed out and lost his memory last night and they need to find out what is going on with him.

When Carly is talking to Jake while he's in his hospital bed, he tells her he did see some sort of “figurine” which he cannot describe before blacking out, that he remembered holding in his hand. Hearing that and noticing his kit bag, she tells him she bets it's in there as she goes to grab and reach inside the bag.

Sam goes to the docks. She relives being at this very place after Jason allegedly drowned, ready to dive in with SCUBA gear to find her husband yet coming up with nothing except for the phoenix that was his symbolism of her. She walks around. The phoenix is on the ground right nearby although she is unaware.

In Jake's hospital room, Carly looks for the “figurine” he tells her he may have in his possession. She doesn't find it but she does find a gun which she stares at, shocked and wondering why he's carrying a gun.

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