GH Update Tuesday 1/20/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/20/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Jake peered into Sam's bedroom, unnoticed, and watched Sam and Patrick having sex. Jake aimed his gun at them, and his vision went fuzzy. When Jake's vision cleared up, he prepared to make his move, but Sam and Patrick decided to take a shower. They headed off to the master bathroom, and Jake crept into the bedroom. He stared at the bed and had a memory flash of getting intimate with Sam. Jake had a flashback to taking his wedding ring out of a canister at their bedside and putting it on. Jake then remembered placing Sam's wedding ring back on her finger on the day they reunited. In the present, Jake checked the canister and found Sam's wedding ring inside. Jake remembered his order to kill Sam and Patrick. He started toward the bathroom, then he spotted the phoenix and dragon figurines. Jake remembered Sam giving him the phoenix to take with him and telling him to be safe. In the present, Jake picked up the phoenix. He made one last attempt to go into the bathroom and kill Sam and Patrick, but he wasn't able to do it. He rushed out of the room and shut the door behind him.

Sam and Patrick were just getting out of the shower, and Sam heard the door closing. She and Patrick checked the penthouse. No one else was there, and Sam assumed she'd been hearing things. Sam and Patrick slipped back into bed and made love.

Maxie went to The Haunted Star, looking for Lulu, and found Johnny instead. They hugged. Johnny explained that Lulu had gone home and that he was part owner of the boat again. Maxie was happy for Johnny. Johnny wished that everyone had that reaction, and Maxie guessed that Dante was angry about it. Maxie and Johnny caught up. Maxie told Johnny about Georgie. Johnny told Maxie that while he was locked up, he used to dream about having a little girl named Harper. Maxie was excited because Georgie was going to come visit soon, and because she also had an incredible boyfriend, Nathan. Johnny admitted he'd met Nathan already and that Nathan took an instant disliking to him. Maxie insisted that Nathan was sweet and that Johnny must have misread what happened. Johnny remembered that he and Nathan got into it because Johnny had contemplated reconnecting with Maxie, but he told Maxie that Nathan probably disliked him because of something Dante said.

Johnny stated that Dante was convinced Johnny was after Lulu. “Are you?,” Maxie asked. Johnny pointed out that Lulu had a husband and child. He explained that after spending what felt like a lifetime in prison, he didn't want to waste time perusing someone he couldn't have. Maxie was curious if it was hard going without. Johnny stated that it was. He clarified that he missed both the physical and the emotional connection. Johnny wondered if Maxie was available. Maxie reminded him that she had a boyfriend. When Johnny found out that Nathan and Maxie weren't living together and were taking things slow, he grinned because he assumed this meant he had a chance. Maxie firmly told Johnny that Nathan was everything to her and that she wasn't going to mess it up. Johnny claimed he respected this, but he added that Nathan was wrong for her. Maxie stated that she wasn't the same person she was before Johnny went to Pentonville. Maxie explained that she'd almost lost her best friend, her child and her life, but Nathan helped her save herself. Johnny assured Maxie that he was grateful that Nathan helped her. Maxie decided to go see Nathan. Johnny asked if they could still be friends. Maxie said yes, and Johnny wondered if Nathan would disapprove. Maxie replied Johnny that Nathan wasn't the jealous type and that he wouldn't mind.

Sonny and Julian were in their cell at Pentonville talking about Shawn discovering Helena with “Luke.” Sonny stated that the Luke he knew would never get involved with Helena. Julian stressed that Fluke was not Luke. Julian added that Fluke was working with Helena, Johnny and Jerry. Sonny told Julian that Shawn tracked Fluke to Bill Eckert's house. Julian had never heard of Bill. Sonny explained that Bill, Luke's identical cousin, had been killed by Frank Smith, who mistook him for Luke. Sonny thought Bill could be Fluke, but Julian pointed out that Bill was supposed to be dead. Sonny reminded Julian that Julian had once been thought dead, too. Julian asked if Bill had been ruthless, like Fluke was. Sonny didn't think so, but he noted that getting wrongfully shot and having to hide out could build resentment. Julian understood why Bill would have it out for Luke, but he didn't understand why he'd hate Sonny. Sonny theorized that Bill might hate him because he (Sonny) had been in deep with Frank Smith.

Olivia was at the loft asleep on the couch. When Lulu got home, Olivia woke up and gushed about something cute that Rocco did, then she asked where Dante was. Lulu confessed that she and Dante had a fight about Johnny. Lulu confided in Olivia about Dante going behind her back to warn Johnny to stay away from her, punching Johnny and suggesting that Lulu sell The Haunted Star. Lulu felt like Dante didn't trust her. Olivia admitted that she was conflicted - the mother in her thought that Dante was trying to protect Lulu and that he might be right to suggest that Lulu sell the boat, but the mother in law in her thought Dante was being a jackass and that Lulu should stand her ground. Olivia also noted that she (Olivia) slept with Johnny. Olivia lamented that all the men she slept with went to prison – Sonny, Johnny, Steve, Julian. Olivia immediately regretted adding Julian to the list, and she tried to take it back, but the stunned Lulu wanted details. Olivia explained that she and Julian had both been miserable over losing the one they wanted to be with, and one thing lead to another. Olivia wondered what was wrong with her, and Lulu assured her that there was nothing wrong with her. Olivia changed the subject and told Lulu that she and Dante would get through this. “We love each other too much not to” Lulu stated.

Dante ran into Nathan at Kelly's. Dante explained that he was there to talk to Shawn. Dante confided in Nathan about the tensions between Michael and Sonny. Michael wanted to file a restraining order against Shawn after catching Shawn in Bill Eckert's house. Michael assumed that Sonny had asked Shawn to keep an eye on Michael. Nathan sensed that Dante felt caught between his father and brother. Dante understood why Michael wouldn't forgive Sonny, and Dante thought Sonny belonged in prison, but Dante also understood why Sonny pulled the trigger. “I want to be there for Michael, and I am, but no matter what Sonny's done, he's still my father,” Dante stated. Dante suggested he and Nathan get a beer, prompting Nathan to wonder why Dante wasn't rushing home to his family, like usual. Dante told Nathan about his fight with Lulu. According to Dante, Johnny was a “weaselly bastard” who convinced Lulu to stay in business with him. Dante admitted to hitting Johnny, and “even worse:” suggesting that Lulu sell the boat. Dante wondered whether he was doing the right thing. Nathan advised Dante to back off. Dante reminded Nathan about his own run in with Johnny, over Maxie, and Nathan admitted to overreacting. Nathan rented a room at Kelly's. He told Dante that he moved out of Maxie's because they decided to take things slow.

Nathan noted that Dante was still avoiding going home. Dante admitted that he wasn't looking forward to it. Dante acknowledged that the fight was his fault. He decided to go to a flower shop on the way home. After Dante was gone, Maxie arrived. Nathan and Maxie rushed into each others arms and kissed. Nathan revealed that he'd rented a room. He was ready to go to her place to get his things, but Maxie suggested that he stay the night in her apartment and move his stuff out tomorrow. Nathan agreed. They left.

After Olivia left, Lulu got ready for bed. She heard Dante unlocking the door, and she jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep. Dante nudged Lulu with the bouquet he bought, but Lulu ignored him. Dante apologized for being controlling and overbearing. Lulu sat up and thanked him. Dante clarified that he wasn't apologizing for looking out for Lulu or for having a problem with Johnny. Lulu stated that she told Johnny he was being a jerk and asked him if he was involved with the mob. Lulu added that Johnny said no.

Johnny called Gino, one of the prisoners on his payroll. He was startled when a gleeful Sonny answered the phone. Sonny needled Johnny then hung up the phone.

On the pier, Helena told Fluke that Patrick was at Sam's, so she ordered “soldier-boy” to kill them both. Fluke was concerned that the murder of a prominent surgeon, like Patrick, would put a lot of heat on Helena's minion. Helena wasn't worried. She assumed that Sam had shared her suspicions about Jake with Patrick. If Patrick was dead, he wouldn't be around to blame Jake for Sam's death. “Let's eliminate them both,” Helena suggested, just as Nikolas appeared. He wanted to know who she was having eliminated. Helena asked why he was there. Nik explained that he was on his way to the launch when he saw Helena and Fluke. Nik wanted “Luke” to explain why he was working with a woman he hated. Fluke replied that there was a thin line between love and hate. Nik then confronted Fluke about working with the woman who once helped hold Lulu captive. Fluke felt that Nik, who was also working with Helena, had no room to judge. Fluke made it clear that he didn't want Nik telling Lulu about any of this. Fluke told Nik that they they were all on the same side and were all working toward taking ELQ. Nik was skeptical about why Fluke was needed. Helena assured Nik that Fluke was very valuable. She sent Nik to wait for the launch. After Nik left, Helena told Fluke she was worried about Jake – he should have completed his assignment by now. Tracy called Fluke. He ignored the call, but he told Helena he had to go home.

Jake went to the pier, after everyone else was gone, and changed back into his regular clothes. He stared at the phoenix, he took from Sam's, and remembered Sam giving it to him and telling him to be careful. Jake stumbled toward the staircase and suddenly passed out. He dropped the phoenix on the pier. 

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