GH Update Monday 1/19/15

General Hospital Update Monday 1/19/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Haunted Star, Dante tells Johnny that he does not trust him, knows he will never change and tells Lulu he does not want her introducing a criminal element into her business. She tells her husband there is not much she can do because Johnny owns half of The Haunted Star. He tells her there is a simple solution to this problem. She can sell Johnny her other half. Hearing that, she does not seem to want to do as her husband advises. Johnny observes and overhears them and smiles in smug satisfaction.

Fluke is with Helena at the docks as she reminds him about Luke losing Laura on this very pier. She also informs him that in a short time, another “ thorn in her side” is going to disappear.

Sam goes up the stairs with Patrick. As soon as the coast is clear and he is unseen and unheard, a masked gunman enters. Jake is ready to carry out Helena's order .

At the hospital Carly goes to find Elizabeth and asks her if she's seen or heard from Jake. They both seem surprised to hear the other's concerns and questions about Jake's whereabouts as well as his state of mind,

Jake is wearing his ski mask, gloves and black suit to make himself unidentifiable. He has a flashback of remembering something about this very place (where Jason used to live with Sam).

Upstairs, Patrick and Sam (completely unaware of the “intruder” downstairs), get ready to make love.

At the docks, Helena talks to Fluke about how she now has good reason to eliminate Sam ever since she started getting in the way and asking questions about their plans. Hearing that, Fluke reflects “one down” and only a few more to go.

At Pentonville, Julian and Sonny continue to brainstorm what they are going to do about the Luke imposter roaming free unknown to everyone except for the two of them while they are locked up and unable, presently, to do anything about it. Julian still has his doubts about anyone tailing him getting caught and having the consequences come back to bite both of them. Sonny tells Julian for that very reason, someone needs to find out where he goes, what he does and whom he might be talking to so that they can unravel the mystery about this guy and who he might actually be. He concludes the best chance they have to get to the truth is Shawn.

At the Elm St. house, after Fluke and Helena have left and Shawn is alone, he gets ready to break the lock to the basement door, now knowing there is something down there that he needs to find out about. However, Michael returns, sees him and demands to know what he is doing there. Shawn does not know how to answer that. Michael tells him he knows he's there because Sonny has asked him to “intervene”. He clarifies to Shawn that Sonny does not have any authority over this property. He does. And he did not invite Shawn there.

At Pentonville, Julian expresses his doubts about Shawn's track record, reminding Sonny that his new enforcer is “no Jason”. Sonny asks Julian if he has a better idea or if he has people or resources who can do better. Julian continues to tell him that Sonny may not care about Michael but he (Julian) does care about his own family. At that point, they argue and Sonny pushes Julian up against the wall. Their fellow inmate, Gino, remarks that it appears the “honeymoon is over”. Gino is the only member of the “gang” ready to fight both Sonny and Julian who is still standing.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu tells Dante she is not about to sell her business to Johnny or anyone else.

On the dock, Fluke questions Helena's assessment that Sam has to die and how she plans to pull that off. She tells him that he is not covering his tracks any better than she has. He needs to be more careful given that he has to have Tracy believing he's the real Luke. She also reflects he did something very stupid, groping the Jerome girl. He tells her he hopes she is not so foolish as to monitor his sex life, as he tells her he does not need her advice. She tells him regarding doing away with Sam, she has someone taking care of that for her. It's the “soldier boy”. Hearing that, Fluke remarks that it's odd that she has never revealed this mystery man's name.

Jake enters Sam's apartment and observes the dishes and glasses on the dining room table after she's gone upstairs with Patrick. He also becomes very “fixated” on the picture of Sam with Jason and hesitates when he sees it, somehow knowing there is something very significant he needs to remember about it.

Upstairs, Patrick and Sam are both completely focused on having their first time together. However, she hesitates when she sees Jason's picture on the other side of her bedroom.

While Jake is downstairs, lost in thought after seeing the picture of Sam and Jason, he hears her voice echoing in his mind and struggles to attempt to remember what he cannot through the “flashes” he has. He hears a familiar voice. He turns around and is startled to see a familiar face. It's Robin Scorpio-Drake (the last person Jason spoke to before his accident that caused him to lose his memory and become “Jake”.)

At the hospital, after Carly tells Elizabeth she needs to find Jake because one of her bartenders called in sick. She wants to give Jake the shift but can't find him and doesn't know where he is. They both know it's so unlike Jake to be missing in action, knowing how he so much wanted to earn his keep first at Elizabeth's home and then at the Metro Court, in exchange for both respective women giving him a place to stay. They are able to conclude, in the conversation, that Jake has lied to both of them about his whereabouts and what he is doing right now.

Jake envisions Robin in Sam's living room. He points the gun at her with the silencer and tells her he doesn't want to kill her but won't hesitate to if she prevents him from doing what he needs to do. She tells him if he fired his gun, he'd jut be putting a hole in the wall. She then pushes his gun down, reaches up to touch his head and tells him she is “in here”.

Upstairs, Sam puts the picture of Jason away and tells Patrick she wants this night to be about them.

On the docks, Fluke asks Helena about the guy named Jake, sounding like he might be getting “discouraged”. She remarks that he's been in a foul mood and asks what has happened.

At Pentonville, Gino reminds Sonny and Julian that Johnny wants them both dead. In response to that, Sonny asks Gino if he thinks Sonny cares what Johnny wants. Gino tells Sonny although he and Julian may have taken care of his posse, there are more where those came from, as a large group of new guys enter and stand beside him. Julian and Sonny don't seem scared.

When Dante tells Lulu he'd like her to sell the Haunted Star, she reminds him that it's been in her family for generations. Her father gave it to her mother as a wedding present. Tracy tried to sell it when Luke owed her money a while back but she and Nikolas worked to keep it in their family. She poured out her heart and soul for this place and it's important to her. She's not going to sell it to Johnny or anyone else just because Dante wants her to. He tells her she can take the money from the sale and start a new business. Johnny then chimes in to ask Dante why he wants to control Lulu and make decisions for her. He tells him he needs to let Lulu speak instead of speaking for her. He remembers Lulu before she became Mrs. Dante Falconeri tells Dante it does not surprise him to see his controlling behavior toward his wife, remembering how Dante's father treats women. It must run in the family. He asks Dante if he's heard from him mom. At that point, Dante punches Johnny and knocks him down. Lulu yells at her husband to calm down, stop escalating the situation and demands they both stop.

When Michael catches Shawn at the Elm St. house, he tells him he needs to leave as he knows Shawn is acting on Sonny's instructions. Shawn then tells Michael he will talk to him as his friend and tells Michael he (Michael) needs to walk away so that Shawn can do what he needs to do. Michael tells Shawn he is not his friend. He's Sonny's enforcer. He helped Sonny kill Michael's father and cover it up for Sonny so, he tells Shawn, he's (Shawn) the one who needs to leave. Shawn then reminds Michael that he does not own the property so Michael does not have the authority to make that decision. Michael admits he may not own the property now. But, his grandmother's cousin, Bill Eckert and Bill's son Sly do own it and have given Michael authorization to the place and that does not extend to Shawn, Michael tells him.

When Johnny gets up after Dante has decked him, he fights back. Dante is ready to hurt Johnny further until she demands he stops it. Johnny tells her he's sorry to have made a mess of this place. Dante asks his wife if she can see how Johnny is trying to come between them. Dante gets a call from Michael informing him he's at the Elm St. place and needs to report an intruder (Shawn).

On the docks, Fluke tells Helena he has to keep running back and forth to the Elm St. house because Michael keeps poking around and wants to build a clinic there. She assures him that will soon be taken care of. She asks him to forget about that old house and focus on the fact that they are days away from getting everything they've ever wanted.

When Jake observes the “vision” of Robin, she tells him she's a memory outfought he tells her he has no memories. She tells him she's someone he used to know before the accident. He asks her why she is there. She replies to prevent him from making the biggest mistake of his life. She's there to stop him from killing Sam.

At the hospital, Elizabeth informs Carly that she just ran into Jake less than an hour ago by the docks right near Kelly's. He was alone in the cold with just his duffel bag in hand. Carly knows the bag he keeps in his room at the Metro Court. Elizabeth reports that when she asked him about it, Jake said he was going to work out at the gym. Carly finds that odd and not credible since he has access to a free facility at the Metro Court and no money to pay for gym membership. Elizabeth remembers his telling her that Carly told him about the gym although she knows she did not. She does however tell Elizabeth she realizes that she probably has told Jake many things about Sonny including that he owns the Volatino's gym. And, she concludes, maybe that environment sounded perfect to Jake and unlike the “up-scale” facility at the Metro Court. She realizes that although she barely knows Jake, she “confides” in him constantly and he may feel listening to her is his fee for the hotel room. Elizabeth comments to Carly that maybe Jake “just likes” her. Carly remarks to Elizabeth that she believes Jake might have wanted to stay at her house and merely left because he doesn't want to get in the way of Elizabeth and Ric. And now we are hearing them sounding very much as if they are playing their respective roles in knowing Jason (?)

When Jake “envisions” Robin Scorpio-Drake in Sam's living room, telling him he's going to regret killing Sam, he tells her he is merely “following orders”. Robin asks whose orders. He replies Helena Cassadine.

Upstairs, while Sam and Patrick want to “take it slow”, they talk about their adventures in traveling to Amsterdam together not long ago and how things have progressed in their relationship since then.

On the docks, Helena remarks to Fluke that she's wondering why she had not heard from Jake by now. She needs to know if he's “disposed of” Sam Morgan by now.

In Sam's living room, the “Robin” asks Jake why he is following Helena Cassadine's orders. When she hears him say that Helena has power over him and is “conditioning” him, she needs him to know that is not the way it really has to be. She reminds him he could not hurt Sam when he took her hostage and won't hurt her now. Jake asks Robin why he should care what happens to Sam when he barely knows her. Robin seems to want him to tell her just what he “remembers” as he replies he remembers having Thanksgiving Dinner with her and Danny. Robin then asks him if he wants an innocent little boy to be without a mother after he's already lost his father. Jake asks why he should care about Danny's father when he never met him.

Dante tells Lulu and Johnny he has to go because Michael needs him. He admits to his wife she's right that they should have discussed this privately and he's sorry but they have to go, hoping she will leave with him. She tells Dante she has to stay and clean up this mess that he and Johnny caused in their scuffle although Dante does not want her staying alone with Johnny. She reminds him again that this is her place of business and she can't leave this mess the way it is.

At Pentonville, we now see all of the enemies of Sonny and Julian on the floor and again, only Gino is left standing. At that point, they both confidently remind him that he is outnumbered and they are not afraid of him. He then realizes he better let them have whatever they want for his own safety and asks what he can give them. Sonny instantly knows what Gino can give them. It's his phone.

After Dante has left The Haunted Star, Johnny puts ice on the injury Dante gave him and remarks he doesn't pack much of a punch for a kid from Bensonhurst. While Lulu is busy sweeping and cleaning broken glasses and other debris caused by the fight, she remarks to Johnny that Johnny deserved it. She admits she was angry at Dante but he was provoking her husband. She tells Johnny that although she doesn't want Dante to tell her who she can and cannot associate with, Dante is merely concerned that Johnny might be falling right back into his old patterns and she asks Johnny to tell her if her husband was right about him.

At Pentonville, Sonny quickly obtains Gino's phone and makes a call although Julian is worried guards will catch them before he has a chance to accomplish what needs to be done. Sonny tells Julian he needs to get through to Shawn before the guards catch them so Julian needs to shut up and let him handle this. Shawn answers his phone after returning home and Sonny asks him what he might have found out by tailing the guy who looks like Luke. Shawn reports that “Luke” appears to be going back and forth to a house on Elm St. where Luke and his sisters grew up. Hearing that, Sonny is surprised remembering Luke telling him he hated that place and wanted nothing to do with it. Shawn further intrigues Sonny when he reports that “Luke” went to the house to meet with Helena Cassadine.

On the docks, Fluke remarks how he is suspicious about them possibly being seen together at a place like this where cops can frequent. She asks what he suggests for a meeting place. Formal dining at the Metro Court? Or perhaps tea at Windermere? He can see that she is worried about her soldier boy and tells her maybe she needs to call Jake so he can assure her that Samantha Morgan is dead.

While with Patrick, Sam assures him that she has moved on and is no longer thinking about Jason, as he assures her he is similarly over Robin. Both respective spouses are in their pasts, they affirm. He tells her that he is ok with having them both still remembering their estranged/deceased spouses. They agree that Jason and Robin made them both, respectively, who they are. And, he tells her, he likes this place where they are now. She tells him she does too.

Downstairs, after “Robin” attempts to urge Jake to think about not taking Sam away from her son after he's already lost his dad, he puts the gun down and answers the phone when Helena calls him. She asks if he's “finished the job”. He hesitates to answer and tells her that there is “someone else there” presently.

Johnny reminds Lulu he just spent the last few years of his life in prison and is not about to go back there. He understands why she may have her doubts but all he wants is a fresh start. She tells him that's good and that's really all she wanted to hear. He tells her that he wants to get back to his life with this club and this boat and one may sue him for saying this, but he also looks forward to being able to see her on a regular basis. He's sorry her husband has a problem with that.

At the Elm St. house, Dante assesses to Michael that he's probably right, in that Sonny may be sending Shawn to keep tabs on Michael. Michael tells his brother he wants to live his life free of Sonny and won't accept being followed. He wants to press charges against Shawn for trespassing. He concludes that may get the message to Sonny that he means what he says. Dante tells his brother he gets it but can't arrest Shawn merely on Michaels' say-so. Michael does not own this house and cannot arrest someone for trespassing on property that does not belong to him. If Michael wants to get back at Sonny, he needs to think of something else. Michael then tells Dante he wants to file a restraining order against Shawn as he does not want any of Sonny's people around him or anywhere he goes.

While Sonny is talking to Shawn on Gino's phone from Pentonville and hearing about Fluke and Helena, Julian overhears and is worried that Sam and Alexis could be at risk since they are always in Helena's cross-hairs. Sonny asks Julian if he will just shut up so Sonny can hear and finish the damn call. Shawn admits he did not find out exactly why “Luke” was meeting with Helena at the house except they were both discontented that the hit on Julian failed. And, he tells Sonny, the only other thing he learned is that “Luke” is apparently keeping something very important down in the basement. He attempted to find out what that was when Michael showed up, Shawn tells him. Michael wants to build the new clinic there. He assures Sonny he did not tell Michael the real reason he was there and just let him believe Shawn was checking up on him for Sonny. He reports to Sonny he found out something else interesting about the house. It does not belong to the Spencers or to ELQ. It belongs to a guy named Bill Eckert. Hearing that, Sonny appears shocked and stunned.

When Helena calls Jake and he reports that he has not yet accomplished what she wants because “someone else is there”, she demands to know what he is talking about. He replies Sam apparently has a “date”. Helena tells him he knows she's probably with that no good Dr. Drake. She tells Jake there is only one solution which is to kill them both. He asks if she thinks that is “wise”. Helena tells Jake she does not remember giving him a say in this matter, reminds him he is still active, and urges him not to disappoint her.

At the hospital, Carly and Elizabeth are both concerned and worried about where Jake is and what he might be doing.

Jake goes up the stairs to Sam's bedroom, at Helena's orders, with his gun. Patrick and Sam are together. Jake then walks into the bedroom, still unseen by them, holding his gun. However, when he sees Sam in bed with “another man”, he is stunned and unable to think or act.

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