GH Update Friday 1/16/15

General Hospital Update Friday 1/16/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick and Elizabeth are both off work ready to go home. She remarks she intends to spend the evening alone with the boys since Ric is with Molly and the boys are away yet she can see he does have plans. He admits he's having dinner alone with Sam at her place.

Sam is in her home preparing dinner and getting ready to see Patrick. She then notices a picture of herself and Jason on her mantelpiece and stares intently at it.

Jake is alone remembering Helena confirming with him that they are clear on what to say to Sam, Helena further telling him they cannot be sure that Sam will drop her accusations. And so that is why she needs Jake to kill Sam.

At Pentonville, Sonny and Julian are in the visiting area and Julian demands to know who came to visit Sonny. Sonny angrily tells him it's none of his business. Julian clarifies it is his business if Sonny's visitor might be the guy pretending to be Luke.

Fluke enters the empty house on Elm St. making sure he is alone and unseen while he goes down into the basement.. Not far away, Shawn trails him from outside and observes him through the window

Lulu is at The Haunted Star with Johnny after learning that Dante paid him a visit warning him to stay away from Lulu yet has not told her. Knowing this is the first she has heard about her husband's secret confrontation to Johnny about her, she admits that Dante has no business attempting to control her and tell her whom she can or cannot speak to. Especially when she and Johnny own a business together. Dante enters, sees them together and can see that his wife is angry with him.

At Pentonville, Sonny clarifies to Julian that just because he had a visitor doesn't mean it has anything to do with the Luke imposter. Julian tells him that he has reason to inquire what is going on with Sonny's sudden unexpected visitor, right after he's found out for the first time about a guy walking around pretending to be Luke and having a plan to overthrow both of them and threaten both of their families. Sonny then admits to Julian that he did in fact inform Shawn all about that.

Shawn enters the empty Elm St. house after seeing The Fluke has gone down to the basement, and he goes to find and attempt to pick the lock on the door to the basement.

Lulu confronts Dante, right in front of Johnny, about how he is out of line for he and Nathan to go to Johnny's house, threaten him with police authority and prevent her from speaking to her as if she doesn't have any say or reason to be in a conversation about her.

When Elizabeth hears Patrick inform her that he is seeing Sam, she angrily tells him that Sam has really crossed the line by falsely accusing her friend, Jake of holding her hostage and helping Faison escape and she hopes he's not buying into Sam's insane theories. She then stops and admits to Patrick that who he dates or speaks to is none of her business. She realizes that Sam has suffered a tragic loss when Jason was killed, has good reason to want to go after Faison who has escaped but is dead wrong with accusing Jake. She tells Patrick she cannot figure out how or why Sam would believe Jake is a dangerous criminal. Does he? Anyway, she tells Patrick, she wishes him a good evening and doesn't want to pass judgment.

Alexis comes by and sees Sam preparing a dinner and lighting candles at the table. She asks her daughter if that means she is “evicted”. Sam tells her mom no except Molly is with Ric. Danny is with Monica. Alexis can see where this is going when she notices her daughter wearing her pretty dress, setting the table with candle light and she tells Sam she will depart as she can see that she is planning a romantic dinner, probably with Patrick, which she encourages. However, she asks Sam what she is doing clutching the picture of Jason.

Elizabeth finds Jake standing alone outside Sam's building, admits she's surprised to see him and asks what he is doing there. He then greets her and asks what is going on. She tells him she was on her way to Kelly's and wonders why he's out there when it's cold. She realizes that Carly has let him stay at the Metro Court so it seems odd that he's out there alone with a kit bag. He cannot or will not answer the question about that.

Sam tells Alexis it's not like Patrick is the first man she's been with since she's lost Jason. However, she still feels like this is still Jason's place. Alexis tells her daughter if, for any reason, she is not ready to go forward with this, it's ok. Sam assures her mom she is ready. She and Patrick have been friends and have been planning this night for a long time so everything is alright. Alexis then rushes to make herself scarce and wishes her encouraged daughter well. Patrick enters. Sam smiles at him and it's clear they are happy to see each other and are looking forward to being alone together for the evening.

Dante tells Lulu he doesn't think there's anything wrong with having concerns about a convicted felon staying away from his wife. He is merely protecting his family. He remarks he does not think it's a “big deal”. In response to that, she tells him if he does not believe it's a big deal, then why didn't he tell her about that? He does not answer that.

At Pentonville, Sonny assures Julian he is not about to go to the cops with their concerns regarding the Luke imposter. He only told Shawn. Julian however, tells him that having him and Shawn involved in this could further mess things up. If this guys finds out about this, he could go after both of their families.

Michael takes Rosalie to the hospital after it appears she has sprained her ankle while they were previously at the Elm St. house. He is then surprised to run into Lucas who is suddenly working on staff at General Hospital. Lucas confirms that he has always been afraid to use his medical degree uncertain that he could never live up to his deceased father's (Dr. Tony Jones) reputation as a doctor but has applied, got hired by Chief Obrecht and is ready to give it a shot although he's presently just an intern and has a long way to go. Michael tells him that sounds good and he believes Lucas will be a good doctor. He then informs Lucas about his new plan to build a clinic in honor of his deceased father, AJ Quartermaine. He also informs Lucas, for the first time that Lucas' mom (Bobbie) encouraged him to open the clinic in the house she and Luke grew up in.

Shawn unlocks the door to the basement on Elm St. However, as soon as he hears and sees The Fluke coming up from the basement and Helena entering the house to talk to The Fluke, he hides unseen.

Dante tells Lulu he's sorry he went to talk to Johnny without telling her . It was not a misplaced attempt to control her. He knows she can make her own decisions. However, he has concerns that when Johnny has not been out of prison 5 minutes, he goes and looks her up. Overhearing that, Johnny clarifies he did not willfully intentionally do that. They just randomly ran into each other. Dante then angrily demands Johnny keeps his mouth shut because he's talking to his wife. He goes up and gets in Johnny's face to ask why he is at Lulu's place of work. She then tells him that she can answer that question and he need not interrogate Johnny. The reason he is there, she informs him, is because she and Johnny are back in business together.

Julian warns Sonny that this guy almost had Michael killed. And now that everybody believes that catching Faison has eased all of their minds and has no clue that this guy is not the real Luke, he can probably get away with just about anything. So Sonny needs to know getting his guys involved my blow up in all of their faces.

When Michael is with Rosalie and Lucas at the hospital and she needs to “explain away” her false sprained ankle (after Helena demanded she gets Michael out of the house), Shawn knows he needs to hide and make himself unseen when The Fluke and Helena meet and discuss their plans. He attentively listens and overhears her forewarning him that Michael has plans involving building a clinic in this very place and now knowing that, she has secret plans involving an acquaintance he's recently hired to be his new assistant.

At Sam's, she assures Patrick that her mother is out and so is Danny. He assures her that Emma is away. He has no curfew and so the night is just for the two of them.

Elizabeth tells Jake she is a bit concerned about him being out and about when he has recently been in the hospital. He tells her she need not worry. She asks if he's eaten, reflects to him he must be starving. She is returning home to the boys to make dinner. They'd love to see him. Ric is with Molly so they can be alone. He then tells her he does not think going to her house for dinner is a good idea. She asks why. He tells her Ric might object. She tells him she doesn't see that as an issue since the two of them are friends. She admits would like for them catch up and spend time together. He tells her he'd like that too however he does not think it's possible.

Patrick eats the salad and food that Sam has prepared. She tells him she thinks maybe she owes him for not turning her in to the cops after he caught her attempting to hack into the computers at the hospital. He tells her he assumes there is no reason to turn her in because she is dropping her investigation of Jake. He notices, however, that she is not affirming that and needs her to assure him that she is not going to go through with her accusations of Jake.

When he hears that Johnny has now arranged to own half of The Haunted Star, Dante tells Lulu he is not ok with her going into business with “this low life”. Also, he wishes she would have forewarned him about that. She admits she just recently found out about it. He reminds her that this guy is a criminal. She reminds him that Johnny was exonerated and did not kill Anthony. Dante clarifies that is not the crime he was talking about.

Michael arranges the staff to treat Rosalie after she sprained her ankle although she hesitates telling him she has no health care coverage. Michael assures her now that he's officially hired and the “injury” happened on work time, she is covered by the company plan. When the staff wheel her into the other room, Michael talks privately to Lucas about his new achievement practicing medicine. Lucas admits things are good with his mom, with his new relationship and with his new career. He does, however realize Tony is gone, and his other dad Julian is away in Pentonville. He then admits to Michael he has also spoken to his sister, Carly about Michael disowning his mom.

At the Elm St. house, The Fluke tells Helena he had to get into this house to make sure nothing was suspicious. He also realizes it's odd that she could have gotten in there without a key and without picking the lock. She admits she did not have to use either method because the door was unlocked. Hearing that, and realizing he locked it when he came in, The Fluke is then afraid that there is something “not right” going on.

When Dante “indicates” to Lulu there is another crime Johnny has committed besides the murder of Anthony, she asks just what he means. He does not answer when she asks him what other type of crime he believes that Anthony is guilty of.

At Pentonville, Sonny informs Julian that he just asked Shawn to go and follow the Luke imposter and see where he goes. He assures Julian that Shawn is smart and will not get busted. Julian is still worried what will happen as soon as this guy knows they are onto him.

Shawn hides and listens intently as The Fluke furiously reveals his suspicion to Helena when he finds out the door has suddenly been unlocked. He has good reason to be now that Julian failed to kill Jordan Ashford. Now, Carlos has failed to kill Julian. Now Julian has gotten himself checked into Pentonville and is now more than likely in cahoots with Sonny. He is very worried about the two of them very possibly teaming up and working together against him. This obviously fascinates Shawn as he listens intently, unseen.

At the hospital, Lucas tells Michael he knows that Michael has disowned both of his parents as well as Morgan. He tells his nephew that he needs to know that parents screw up all the time. Michael tells his uncle he can't exactly overlook his parents murdering his real father and lying about it. Lucas then asks Michael why he blames Morgan for that. Lucas tells Michael that he needs to be there for his brother. Michael does not want to further discuss this. Lucas then drops it and tells him he believes that's a great thing that Michael wants to open up a free clinic in AJ's name and praises Michael for it. Michael then asks Lucas if he'd like to come and work for him at the AJ Clinic.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he is a bit concerned about seeing her again with his dilemma involving his new friendship with Carly and her new relationship with Ric. He's afraid that things will get to be too complicated. He realizes there are many other things involved which he will not share with Elizabeth.

As Sam has dinner alone with Patrick, she tells him that she is presently letting the cops figure out who grabbed her. She has some new priorities in her life and plans to tell him when things are put into motion and he will just have to wait and see. They continue to enjoy being together.

At Elm St., Helena asks The Fluke if he really thinks someone has already broken into this house just to get to him. And if that were the case, would this person not have already killed them both? She tells him he may be just getting paranoid and it may just be there's a faulty lock on the door. She then encourages him to go with her so they can find a place more conducive to having a conversation. Before he departs, The Fluke locks the basement door again so Shawn has to attempt to pick it all over again, which he wastes no time doing as soon as he is alone and unseen. He knows there is something very “significant” going on in that basement from what he's observed from The Fluke.

At Pentonville, Sonny continues to assure Julian of his confidence in Shawn's skill and military training to out-smart the Luke imposter. Julian continues to remind him if he's wrong, both of their families could pay and they are both helpless to do anything about it while stuck in prison.

Lucas agrees to work for Michael at his new clinic. Rosalie returns and they confirm her ankle is not broken or sprained. Michael suspects nothing about her and wants to make sure she is ok.

Dante admits he currently has no evidence against Johnny. But he knows the pattern of Johnny and who he is. He is very adamant about not having Lulu working with this guy with his track record. She then admits to her husband , she doesn't have much of a choice because Johnny owns half the business. He tells her there is an easy solution; she can sell him the other half to get him out.

Sam and Patrick want to have an intimate moment together. They go up the stairs together suspecting nothing. As soon as they are unable to see or hear anything, a masked man enters through the front door with a gun. It's clear from his eyes that it's Jake ready to carry out Helena's plan.

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