GH Update Thursday 1/15/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/15/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Nikolas told Helena that if they were going to be partners, she had to keep him in the loop. He wanted to know who Helena was using to spy on Michael. Helena revealed that Rosalie, Michael's assistant, was actually working for Helena. Helena had heard about Rosalie through her work for Nina. Nik wondered how Helena knew Rosalie was trustworthy. Helena revealed that she knew Rosalie's secret and was holding it over her. Nikolas wanted to know what Helena had on Rosalie.

Michael took Rosalie to the old Spencer house on Elm St. to look around. Michael told her about his plans to build a clinic there. He decided to look in the basement, but it was locked, so he went to look for a key. Rosalie stepped out onto the porch and called Helena with an update. Helena was alarmed when she found out that Michael was trying to get into the basement, and she ordered Rosalie to stop him. Rosalie told Helena to “chill” and Helena responded by threatening her. Rosalie quietly grumbled about working for another crazy person. Helena threatened to reveal Rosalie's secret if she let Michael into the basement.

Fluke was at the Haunted Star, helping himself to the liquor, when Johnny came in. Fluke invited Johnny to toast to Julian's death. Fluke was enraged when Johnny broke the news that Sonny saved Julian's life. Johnny didn't understand why Sonny would help Julian. Fluke surmised that Sonny had seized the opportunity to turn Julian. Fluke was sure that Julian had repaid Sonny by telling him that Fluke was still pretending to be Luke. Fluke was furious with Johnny for failing to take Julian out. He angrily hurled a glass across the room. Johnny promised to finish the job, but Fluke decided to do it himself. Johnny was adamant that Fluke could trust him to take care of Julian and Sonny, and he begged Fluke to give him one more chance. “I don't know,” Fluke said, “I gave Julian a whole bunch of chances, and look where that got me.”

“You messed up,” Fluke growled at Johnny, just as Lulu walked in. Lulu asked what was going on. Fluke claimed he came by to ask Lulu to lunch and ran into Johnny. Lulu asked Fluke to lay off of Johnny. Fluke maintained that the mother of a small child shouldn't be hanging around ex cons. Lulu admitted that Johnny had made mistakes, but she pointed out that he'd been cleared of Anthony's murder. Fluke reminded Lulu that Johnny tried to frame Luke and Tracy for that, and Johnny noted that his plan failed and that nothing happened to Luke and Tracy. Lulu decided to give Johnny another chance. Johnny said he'd be grateful if Fluke would give him the same chance. It was clear that Johnny was actually asking for another chance to finish the job with Julian. Fluke hesitated, then he announced that he'd give Johnny one final chance. Helena called Fluke. Fluke answered and let Lulu think it was Tracy. Helena told Fluke that Michael was trying to get into the basement and how she'd handled it. Fluke's eyes focused on Johnny as he explained that he'd been dealing with too many headaches caused by friends failing to get the job done. Fluke announced that he'd handle it himself. He hung up, then he told Lulu that lunch would have to wait. Fluke left.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik told Helena that if she expected him to be the Cassadine she'd said he was born to be, she had to confide in him. He wanted to know who she was working with. Helena told Nik that she was working with Luke. Nik scoffed and told Helena that Luke hated her and would never work with her. “There is far more to Luke and me than simple hate,” Helena stated. Nik asked if she was really working with the real Luke. Helena replied that stranger things have happened.

Sonny had summoned Shawn to the prison. They met in the visiting room. Sonny told Shawn that someone was gunning for them. “We gotta gather the troops. We're going to war” Sonny added. Sonny relayed the information Julian gave him to Shawn - that Fluke was still living Luke's life and running the Jerome organization. Sonny revealed that he protected Julian from the inmates Johnny sent to kill Julian. Shawn wasn't sure they should trust Julian's word. Sonny told Shawn to tail the possible imposter and find out whether or not Julian's story was true. If it was true, Sonny wanted to find out who Fluke was and where he'd stashed Luke. Shawn gently pointed out that Fluke might have killed Luke. Sonny knew Luke was a survivor, so he wasn't ready to give up on his friend. Shawn promised to start searching for Luke right away. Shawn thought about bringing Jordan into the loop. Shawn told Sonny that Jordan had proven herself, and as a former Jerome employee, Shawn thought Jordan might have knowledge about Fluke and about Luke's whereabouts that she wasn't aware of. On the other hand, Shawn admitted that there was something about the situation with Jordan that didn't sit right with him. Shawn couldn't figure out what it was. Sonny theorized that Shawn cared about Jordan too much to want her to get involved. Sonny thought it was best to keep Jordan in the dark for now, especially since Fluke already wanted her dead. Sonny told Shawn that Fluke shot Lucas and tried to kill Michael, meaning that Julian had been telling the truth when he denied being involved. Sonny didn't want any other innocent people to get hurt.

Rosalie went back inside the old Spencer house. She forced a smile when Michael showed her the crowbar he planned to use to pry the basement door open. Michael went to work trying to open the door. Rosalie started walking around, then she suddenly shrieked. She tricked Michael into believing she'd twisted her ankle. Michael helped her to the couch and examined her foot. Rosalie wanted to go home, but Michael wanted to take her to the doctor. Fluke, who was hiding in the trees around the house, watched Michael helping Rosalie to the car. Once they were gone, he went into the house. Shawn crept up and peered in the window.

Anna and Jordan met on the pier and talked about Anna getting fired. Jordan was shocked by the mayor's decision, but Anna wasn't. Anna felt that this was Mayor Lomax's way of getting rid of a commissioner she never supported and giving the job to her ally. Anna had a feeling that Kyle and Mayor Lomax stole the election from Felicia, and she vowed to find proof of this, make them pay, and get her job back. Jordan mentioned that she'd have to build a relationship with Kyle, now that he'd be her new boss. Jordan was taken aback when Anna advised her not to do that. Jordan pointed out that Kyle had her file, but Anna revealed that she took Jordan's file with her when she cleaned out her office. Jordan hoped that Anna had at least told Kyle that there was someone deep undercover in the mob. Anna replied that Kyle didn't know about Jordan, and Anna wanted to keep it that way. Jordan was upset; she felt that Anna was hanging her out to dry. Anna insisted that she was trying to protect Jordan. Jordan snapped that Anna was isolating her from the police, who were supposed to be looking out for Jordan. Anna clarified that she was hiding Jordan's identity from the people who would blow her cover and get her killed.

Jordan's eyes filled with tears and she decided to quit, because she was tired of lying to TJ, Shawn, and herself. Anna didn't think it was safe for Jordan to blow her cover yet. Jordan asked if she was supposed to become a career criminal like Shawn and Duke. Anna replied that some covers lasted years. Jordan countered that she wasn't undercover if the operation wasn't sanctioned by the police. “I don't have anyone to report to. I don't have anyone to vouch for me,” the distraught woman stated. Anna announced that Nathan and Dante had agreed to be Jordan's handlers until Anna could get her job back. Jordan pointed out that Dante and Nathan didn't have any authority. Anna replied that they believed in the operation and shared Anna's concerns about Kyle. Jordan wasn't sold. She told Anna that if Kyle found out about this, Dante and Nathan would be fired, and Jordan could be killed. Anna replied that Dante and Nathan were good cops who'd protect Jordan. Anna hated herself for letting things get to this point, but she was adamant that they had to stay on this until Shawn and Duke were behind bars with Julian and Sonny. Anna urged Jordan to think of all the good work she'd done. Jordan sarcastically noted that she'd gotten the wrong man arrested. Anna countered that Jordan had put a dent in the local drug trade and saved Ric's life. Anna added that Jordan had helped the police come closer to eradicating the mob than they ever had before. Jordan thought Anna was exaggerating, but Anna swore that she would have moved Jordan and TJ into witness protection if she didn't think Jordan was making a difference. Anna begged Jordan to stick with it.

Kyle was in his new, and Anna's former, office. He was on the phone with someone and he assured them that he wouldn't tolerate officers who put their loyalty to Anna ahead of the good of the department. Dante and Nathan arrived, at Kyle's request. They admitted they were curious about the quick regime change. Kyle brusquely replied that he had no idea why Anna was fired, and he advised them to ask the mayor. Kyle changed the subject and announced that he brought them there to ask if they still wanted their jobs. Dante and Nathan were confused about why Kyle asked them this. Kyle was sure that Dante and Nathan weren't happy that Anna had been fired, and he wondered if they had a problem with working for him. Dante and Nathan assured him that they were dedicated to the job and respected the chain of command. Kyle asked Dante and Nathan to fill him in on every secret operation the PCPD had going and the identities of all of Anna's confidential informants. Dante and Nathan pretended not to know anything about that. Kyle revealed that he found an expense report that listed a payout to an “independent contractor.” According to Kyle, that was code for a confidential informant. Kyle's temper flared up when Nathan and Dante continued to claim that they had no idea what he was talking about. Dante suggested that Kyle call Anna and politely ask her the name of her informant. Kyle ordered them to get out. As they were leaving, Kyle stated that Anna would never hold this job again. He warned Dante and Nathan that he'd make things difficult for them if they didn't get with the program. Later, Kyle spotted Nathan in the hallway and called him back into his office. Kyle apologized for the tone he'd used earlier, but not the content of his message. Kyle stated that he wanted to fix the PCPD and make it into the finest department in NY. Kyle stressed that anyone who wasn't on board would be let go. Nathan insisted that he and Dante supported that goal. He and Kyle shook hands. Anna called Nathan. Nathan pretended it was his girlfriend. They left the office. Kyle walked away, and Nathan stood outside the office while he took the call. Nathan took the call. Anna told him that Jordan had agreed to stay on the job. Nathan told her about stonewalling Kyle's attempt to find out who the informant was. Kyle suddenly reappeared and went back into his office.

Back on the Haunted Star, Lulu drew Johnny's attention to the broken glass and bourbon on the wall and asked what she'd walked in on earlier. Johnny replied that her dad didn't trust him. “Who would, except you?,” he added with a smile. Lulu asked Johnny why he was there. Johnny told her he was half owner. Confused, Lulu reminded Johnny that he'd sold his half of the Haunted Star before he went to prison. Johnny revealed that he'd bought it back. “Why” Lulu asked. Johnny confessed that he thought Lulu would be pleased. Lulu told him she was pleased, but surprised. Johnny admitted that this was a bad idea. Lulu clarified that she didn't want to discourage Johnny. Johnny told her that this might not be a good idea for them to go into business, and he added that Dante was against it. Lulu was startled and wanted Johnny to explain. Johnny tried to drop the subject, but Lulu wanted to know if Johnny had seen Dante recently. Johnny told her about Dante and “another cop” showing up at his house and telling Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Lulu wasn't pleased. She asked Johnny what would happen if he didn't follow Dante's orders. Johnny noted that they were cops and he was an ex con, and he told her to use her imagination. Lulu grumbled that Dante had no right to threaten Johnny. Johnny disagreed; he felt that any husband would protect their wife. “I may be Dante's wife, but I'm not his ward. If he has a problem with me being friends with you, he should have told me,” Lulu ranted about Dante sneaking behind her back and laying down the law, instead of coming to her. “Just wait until I get my hands on him,” Lulu spat. Johnny drew her attention to the fact that Dante had just walked in.

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