GH Update Wednesday 1/14/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/14/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Nathan are together wondering how and why Felicia could have lost the mayoral race again. He tells her he agrees that Felicia deserved to win and Lomax is an idiot realizing the first thing she did after getting elected was firing his boss.

Anna is in her office packing up her stuff. Sloane enters and wastes no time asking what she is doing in his office.

Nikolas in in his home and we see him burning voting ballots with Felicia's and Lomax's names on them. Helena enters and indicates she is gloating about something.

In the Metro Court bar, Carly is working and unexpectedly sees Michael enter. She an only assume and hope that her son has come around, forgiven her and is there to see her. She happily greets him and asks him if he got the text she sent him wishing him a happy new year. He coldly tells her no. He changed his number. She then attempts to reach out to her son telling him she realizes he is justifiably angry and upset but was hoping they could talk. He clarifies he is not there to see her. He's there for a business meeting and his contact just happened to “choose” this place. She tells him regardless, it's wonderful to see him. Michael does not respond nor regard his mom. Rosalie enters, greets him and informs him she is there for a job interview for a position his mom posted online. He seems happy to see Rosalie but assures her she doesn't want to work there. Rosalie asks Michael if he's still angry with his mom. In response that, he demands to know why everyone keeps using the operative “still” when talking about that issue, as if he's going to some day change. He clarifies that he's done with Carly and that's not going to change.

Sam is on the computer in Dr. Kevin Collins' office, confident that Spinelli will help her prove what she needs to prove. She hears people enter and she knows she has to hide. It appears to be Patrick.

Jake is sleeping in the hotel room and having a dream of his conversation with Helena where she tells him the only way to prevent Sam from finding out the truth is to kill her.

Nathan reflects to Maxie that it seems odd that when Lomax has been in office for 2 years, she waits until now to fire Anna. She never before expressed any issues about the commissioner. Maxie tells him probably due to the fact that Lomax knows she's the only person in the town who does not like Anna, she wasn't about to do that until now and lose votes. Nathan knows that it seems very odd that suddenly Anna gets fired and Agent Sloane, who's been investigating her and wants to get Anna in trouble, is in line to take over her job.

When Helena sees Nikolas after he's secretly burned the voter ballots, he admits that he is aware that she wants to make sure that the right people do not have the shares to ELQ. He knows that Jerry Jacks has taken over the company and she is behind that and he appears to be clearly against what his grandmother intends to do.

At the Metro Court, after Carly is gone to leave Michael alone to talk to Rosalie, he tells her if she's looking for a job, she should come and work for him.

After Jake is done showering, he notices a kit on the bed and there’s a gun inside it. He notices Carly knocking on the door and asking to talk to him.

When Patrick enters Kevin's office, he is able to identify a set of keys which are Sam's. He walks to the other side of the desk and sees her hiding underneath it. He can see that she may have also “used” the computer for something not entirely work-related or legal. He can see that she's used the Amsterdam key chain that he recognizes. He tells her he's curious to find out what she has taken such drastic measures in order to find out.

Carly enters when Jake answers the door and humbles herself telling him she realizes it's unfair to barge into his room. He assures her it's ok as he can instantly see she has something on her mind and asks her what is going on. She immediately cries his arms while she tells him she has some worries regarding Michael.

At the Metro Court bar, Michael tells Rosalie that he is opening a clinic in his father's name. He will need medical staff. He knows (or believes) she is a registered nurse and she needs a job. So this will work perfectly for both of them, he tells her. She, however, hesitates and tells Michael there are some things he may not know about her that make this not as easy as he has assumed.

Nikolas asks Helena why she would want Quartermaine shares. Doesn't she have enough money without needing it? She tells him there is another reason and motive.

Anna furiously tells Sloane she knows he and Lomax are working together to screw her over and run her out of her job although he denies it. He gloats and tells her that what goes on between him and his business associates is of no concern to her.

Nathan has the same conversation with Maxie about how he knows Anna and Sloane have a history when they were both with the WSB and he has a personal vendetta with her. Maxie tells Nathan she can already figure out by putting two and two together with Lomax's election and the mystery of the lost votes from Elm St., Anna suddenly getting fired and Sloane taking over her job. She concludes this clearly means that Lomax' re-election campaign was rigged.

Michael asks Rosalie why she would turn down his job offer if she needs a job. Is it because they slept together? He assures her that he cares about her and doesn't want anything to prevent them from working together or for them to be any awkwardness between them. He accepts whatever her terms and conditions may be for them having a personal or professional relationship or whatever she is comfortable with. He does respect her and believes they could work well together. She then admits there is another reason why she cannot join his nursing staff; she is not really a nurse.

Helena tells Nikolas if the two of them have ELQ shares, they will prosper. She encourages him to see how it will benefit him to be at the head of ELQ. When he seems to hesitate, she reminds him he did not exactly hesitate to compromise the voting ballots to cause the wrong mayoral candidate to win.

Sam tells Patrick that she has reason to be there. She needed to talk to Kevin but he's not there. Also, she explains to him, she happens to know that Carly supposedly arranged for Jake to see Kevin because he may or may not have memories of doing things he didn't intend to do. She finds it very fishy, odd and not credible that Jake tells her and tells Carly that Kevin told him that what she suspects of him is all inside her head. She doesn't buy his explanation of what happened when he allegedly spoke to Kevin. So, she tells Patrick, she is not going to give up on finding out what may really be going on and she would appreciate his help with this, remembering how he has been her “adventure buddy”.

Carly informs Jake that she saw Michael for the first time in a long time. He came to the restaurant and she thought maybe he was there to see her. Jake asks if he was not. She tells him no. Michael was cold and distant and has even changed his cell number. He still does not want her to have anything to do with him and this is devastating for her. Jake wants to talk to her (not unlike Jason would have). However, he asks her if he can get back to her after going into the bathroom to check something out.

Nikolas asks Helena if she thinks he has something to do with the election. She tells him it's obvious he believed it was to his advantage to control both the city government and police department. She tells him that she is a bit surprised to see that with his life of taking the moral high-road, that he's changed his way of thinking although she is delighted to see him coming around. She admits she is curious to see what suddenly changed in him with all the years he's spent clinging to those dreary morals and ethics. . He admits that ever since he lost Emily, he really fells his prospects of life and love are all over and he has changed his priorities.

Anna tells Sloane it's a little too coincidental that Lomax suddenly wins and hires him, of all people, to replace her as police commissioner when it just so happened he was chosen to oversee the missing election ballot box. Sloane tells Anna that she has no grounds to accuse him and Lomax of tampering with the ballot box. What proof could she possibly have that they had anything to do with it when it was found at Nikolas Cassadine's home ?

Nikolas admits to Helena that he was so foolish to think he could find love with Elizabeth or with Britt only to have it all blow up in his face. So, he admits, he is sick of trying to be good. He declares it's time to be a ready to be a Cassadine now. Hearing that, she is really happy to see her grandson finally “coming around” as she praises him for brilliantly using a “child's innocent mistake” as an alibi and then turning it to his advantage. She tells him that is a Cassadine move well made.

Jake asks Carly to tell him about Michael. She tells him she was really happy and hopeful when she knew she'd see her son again, after having believed she'd given him enough time to get over the most recent issue and the fact that she is no longer contacting Sonny. But when she saw him this time, he acted cold and emotional and didn't even raise his voice. It was as if he did not care that she even exists, and has no thoughts or feelings or regard for her. They both talk about what a strong young man Michael is and how he may be stubborn and Jake assures her that she needs only give it some time and have faith that things will get better.

Rosalie admits to Michael that she helped Nina scam her husband into believing Nina needed a wheelchair and falsely believing that Rosalie was a nurse. He asks her if she did it because she was desperate for money. She tells him it was mainly because of what Nina was holding over on her. Hearing that, Michael tells her that maybe he can help her so that she does not have to be threatened by Nina or her blackmail. He has a lot of power, money and influence in this town and would like to be of assistance to her because he likes her, trusts her and respects her. Yet she knows she cannot reveal to him just what the secret is that Nina has been holding over on her.

Nathan tells Maxie he would like her to move out of her parents' home and back into their mutual apartment. There is enough room for two of them and all of their stuff and it's not like they've never done this before. She reminds him, however, that this time they would be officially “living together”. She tells him if she was listening to her heart, she would be hand-cuffed to him every moment. But she knows how her impulses and sudden decisions have not worked for her. She wants to take this slowly in order not to ruin a good thing. So, she tells him, they cannot live together right now. She has to say no. And he has to move out.

Sloane tells Anna he and Lomax did not get her fired. She did that to herself by not following the letter of the law and practice what she preaches. She proven she is not qualified to practice law enforcement when she took the law into her own hands with Cesar Faison. She asks him just who has him in their pocket and pulling his strings. She knows something is going on.

Nikolas admits to Helena that he did get Agent Sloane to agree to overlook what Spencer did if he helped Sloane keep his plan a secret. She happily tells her grandson that she believes he's finally seen the light after wasting his time and trusting these trifling women like Elizabeth and Britt. But, she tells him, she wants him to see how prestigious and beneficial it would be for him to join forces with her at the head of ELQ. He admits he is hesitating with that.

When Michael attempts to probe Rosalie into telling him what her secret is so that maybe he can help her, she concludes she does not want to drag him into her mess. So, she tells him, she will just go and attempt to pound the pavement in order to get a job elsewhere. He tells her ok but if she reconsiders and wants or needs a job to please not hesitate to look him up. He gets a call from the assistant he needs for information for his meeting.

Jake offers to talk to Michael for Carly. She tells him she appreciates his wanting to help her with Michael. But she knows that he may not have a chance in hell. She does not want Michael hating him because of her when it's not his fault.

Michael gets a call and finds out his top assistant whom he hired to work with him has suddenly quit and this couldn't be a worse time for that to happen. So he needs to replace her ASAP. Rosalie tells him she's sure he'll find someone to replace her. Michael then suggests to Rosalie what about her.

Nikolas tells Helena he has certain lines he will not cross which includes hurting any member of his family including those whom she might consider not to be real Cassadines.

Patrick tells Sam that he “could” turn her in for compromising hospital policies after catching her attempting to hack their computers. However, he light-heartedly tells her he doesn't want to do that. He wants “his Sammy” back. They are both open for suggestions wanting the same thing. He kisses her and she does not want him to stop. He tells her welcome back.

Helena tells Nikolas he need not worry about Sam. She won't lay a finger on her. She wants to focus on their new alliance assuming they will have one and she asks him if he’s ready to become the man she knows he can be. He replies yes. He is ready.

Maxie tells Nathan he need not get her wrong. She wants to be with him. All the time. But she likes this “anticipation” factor where he can ask her out and she can respond, where they can have their own planning time. She can get out of the bathroom looking fabulous without his knowing how. He hears that and admits that he thinks that plan will work out. They are going to live separately and she tells him she nodes him to promise to ask her out a lot.

Anna tells Sloane now that she's out of work she will have all the time in the world to find out how he got this job and what he is really up to.

Helena informs Nikolas that she has arranged for an “alli” to be on the inside at ELQ. She has a secret weapon for gaining all the ELQ shares they both need.

Michael believes he is making the right decision hiring Rosalie to be his assistant. Helena seems to know all about that and tells Nikolas that she knows what Michael does not know about this decision and what “this person” (Rosalie) is really all about.

Carly hugs Jake and knows she came to the right place talking to him. She asks if he has everything cleared up with Kevin, which he affirms, and that hopefully now Sam will leave him alone and realize she's made a false accusation of him. Carly departs. As soon as he is alone, he pulls the gun out of his suitcase. He stares at it as if he is confused and having subconscious “remembrances”. We then see a black and white footage of Helena telling him that they might not be able to trust Sam to stop investigating their secret, in which case, he will have to kill Sam.

Sam and Patrick are in Kevin's office planning a romantic evening together with just the two of them alone.

Jake is getting his gun ready remembering what Helena has “conditioned” him into doing.

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