GH Update Tuesday 1/13/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/13/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At City Hall, Mac wrapped a protective arm around Felicia as reporters rushed toward her. Felicia was hit with a barrage of questions – Did she tamper with the election? Was Mayor Lomax right? Felicia and Mac ignored them and entered the courtroom. Mayor Lomax and Scott were waiting inside. Alexis, Felicia's lawyer, accused Scott of disregarding judicial guidelines. She maintained that there was no basis for charging Felicia with election tampering. A ballot box was missing, and the officer who'd been assigned to it swore that he'd delivered it to the courthouse. Scott and Lomax made their case that Nikolas, the biggest donator to Felicia's campaign, had fixed the vote in her favor. Alexis defended her nephew.

Anna was having breakfast at the Metro Court. She was dismayed when Kyle arrived and joined her. Kyle presented Anna with a search warrant for Wyndemere. An eyewitness had seen Nik's driver loading the box onto the ferry. Anna argued that the box could have contained anything. Kyle insisted that it was the ballot box and that Nik and Felicia were going down.

On the pier, a wistful Duke and Lucy stared at Felicia's worn and tattered campaign poster. They thought back to the day it was first hung it up. Anna, Duke, Lucy, Felicia, Mac, Maxie and Lulu were there. The group had been happy and looking forward to Felicia's campaign. Back in the present, the solemn pair thought about how things had changed; Duke lost Anna, and Kevin had shut Lucy out of her life, and she lost Scott too. Lucy was filled with remorse about something she'd done, and Duke encouraged her to stop beating herself up. He took her hand and lead her away. They arrived at the Metro Court, for coffee, and ran into Anna and Kyle. The group said hello, then Duke asked Kyle why he, a federal agent, was spending so much time in Port Charles. Kyle replied that he was currently investigating the mayoral election.

Nathan and Maxie were in bed, basking in the afterglow. Nathan wanted to go for round two, but Maxie told him she had to go support her mother. Maxie thought her mom deserved to win, but she feared that the current Mayor would use the missing election box as an excuse to stall the inauguration. Maxie reminisced about how hard she worked on Felicia's campaign and how Nathan tried to stop her. Cue a flashback to Maxie and Lulu on the pier, hanging posters and talking about when they last worked together at Crimson. Lulu was curious if Maxie missed fashion. Maxie, who was still with Levi at the time, claimed she didn't and that she was focused on her spiritual journey. Maxie vented to Maxie about Levi's immigration troubles, and she blamed Nathan for causing them. Lulu and Maxie didn't realize that Nathan was on the pier and that he overheard them. Lulu defended Nathan. Maxie interjected that Nathan was gorgeous, but he wasn't a good guy. Nathan approached them and told them that they couldn't hang signs on public property without a permit. Maxie went off on him. Back in the present, Maxie felt bad that she'd been so hard on Nathan and that Levi had played her for a fool. Nathan assured her that she was no one's fool. They kissed. Anna called, just as things started heating up, and told Nathan to go to Wyndemere.

Nikolas was inside his closed living room holding the ballot box, when he heard Lulu call out. He opened the door a crack and asked what was going on. Lulu explained that she was overwhelmed by the search for a preschool for Rocco and wanted to vent. Nik closed the door behind him and joined Lulu in the foyer. Lulu did not notice her brother tense up as she brushed past him and let herself into the living room. Lulu noticed the ballot box and asked why Nik had it.

Dante and Nathan arrived at that same moment. An apologetic Dante told Nik that he'd have to come with them. Lulu insisted that there must be some mistake, but Nik told her that there wasn't. Spencer raced in as Nikolas was being read his rights. The boy confessed to taking the ballot box. Nathan and Dante assumed Spencer was lying, but Nik revealed that Alfred found the ballot box in Spencer's toy chest the night before. Nik had been up all night wondering what to do next. The adults wanted an explanation, so Spencer told them how he ended up with the box. Spencer explained that it happened on New Year's Eve. He'd wanted to go watch the fireworks, but Nik wasn't home. Spencer was about to say that his great grandmother wouldn't let him go. Nik gave his son a sharp look, and Spencer covered and didn't let on that Helena was staying with them. Spencer badgered his driver into taking him to the pier. While at the pier, Spencer overheard a man and a woman talking, then he saw them drop the box into the water. Nathan grabbed the box and left to take it back to City Hall. A worried Spencer asked Dante if he was going to prison. Dante assured him that he wasn't, and he asked Spencer for the rest of the story. According to Spencer, the woman had wondered if they should run this plan by Sonny. The man had replied that Sonny wasn't in charge anymore. They threw the ballot box in the water and left. Spencer feared that the couple were traitors to his uncle Sonny's organization, so he forced his driver to dive into the harbor and retrieve the box. When Spencer got home, he hid the box with the intention of giving it to Sonny when he got out of prison. Dante asked Spencer who the pair was. Spencer was reluctant to say anything. Lulu told Spencer that he'd be a hero if he helped his uncle Dante. Spencer described the couple.

Maxie went to the courthouse. She asked Felicia if she knew about Nik getting arrested. Felicia insisted that she was innocent. Maxie assured Felicia that she knew Felicia and Nik wouldn't do something like this; she assumed there must be some mistake. Mayor Lomax walked over and accused Felicia of corruption. Felicia countered that Mayor Lomax was the one who closed a highway to spite an opponent. Mac defended Felicia, and Mayor Lomax brought up the time he punched a reporter. Felicia and Maxie defended Mac; he'd punched the reporter for saying something insensitive about Maxie. Mayor Lomax's temper flared, but just then, Nathan walked in with the ballot box. Alexis asked him if Nik had it. “It was the other prince of the castle,” Nathan replied. Alexis groaned. Mayor Lomax was skeptical of the story that a child had the missing votes.

Jordan and Shawn were in bed at her motel. Jordan was guilt-ridden about rigging the election. Shawn reminded her that they did what they had to do, and he kissed her as a distraction, and things heated up. Afterward, Jordan was still upset about committing a federal crime. Shawn pointed out that they committed federal crimes all the time. Jordan thought this was different – they'd disenfranchised innocent citizens. Shawn told her that no one would ever find out that they were responsible. Jordan stated that she didn't sign up for this, but Shawn reminded her that it was a condition of getting hired by Duke. Jordan had a flashback to her conversation with Shawn and Duke at the New Year's Eve party. Jordan asked to join the Corinthos organization, and as a test of loyalty, Duke ordered her to dispose of the contents of his trunk. Jordan feared it was a body, and Duke told her it was the missing ballot box. Back in the present, Jordan made the assumption that Duke was in cahoots with one of the candidates. She asked Shawn if he knew which potential mayor conspired with Duke. Shawn told her he'd learned it was best not to look for answers. Shawn rubbed Jordan's hand and assured her that she was safe with him.

Jordan called Anna while Shawn was in the shower. Anna didn't answer. Dante showed up to question Jordan about Spencer's claims. Jordan told Dante the whole story. Dante asked why Jordan didn't say something before, and Jordan explained that she couldn't because she'd been with Shawn 24/7 since New Year's. Dante dreaded having to tell Anna that Duke was involved in election fraud. A towel-clad Shawn appeared at the door and asked what was going on. Jordan covered and claimed Dante was checking out Spencer's statement and that Jordan told him she and Shawn had nothing to do with disposing of the ballot box. Dante left. Shawn asked Jordan if she was okay. Jordan told him she just needed a distraction. Jordan kissed Shawn, then tugged on his towel and let it fall to the floor.

Back at the Metro Court, Kyle got a phone call, then he told Anna that the ballot box had been recovered and returned to City Hall. Duke and Lucy went to the bar, where Lucy tried not to panic. Anna received an update from Dante, then she went over and confronted Duke. Duke told her he wasn't going to answer any questions, unless she had evidence for her “ludicrous accusations.” Anna promised to be in touch, then she walked away. Lucy apologized to Duke, who told her it wasn't her fault. “Of course it's my fault! I am the one who stole the ballot box.” Lucy whispered. Lucy berated herself for doing something so stupid. She still wasn't sure why she did it. Lucy recalled the events of election night She'd been upset because another wedding she officiated at had gone badly, then she saw Duke get arrested. Lucy had made her way to City Hall, where she told Mac and Felicia about Duke. Lucy thought she'd find Alexis there, since she was Felicia's campaign lawyer, but Alexis had already left because of a family emergency. Felicia left to talk to reporters, and Mac told Lucy that the election was in a dead heat, but there was one box that hadn't been counted yet – the Elm St. box. Felicia had accidentally been listed on the ballot as Felicia Jones, instead of Felicia Scorpio, so Felicia's camp wanted a new vote. Mayor Lomax argued that this was unnecessary. Mayor Lomax was certain she'd win, since she had a lot of supporters in the Elm St. area. Mac stepped out of the room. Lucy approached Mayor Lomax and tried to plead Duke's case, but Mayor Lomax was happy that he'd been arrested and looked forward to seeing him get locked up. Back in the present, Lucy told Duke how badly she wanted Felicia to win and how she'd been certain that Mayor Lomax would railroad Duke.

Lucy had another flashback. When she left the courtroom, she ran into the police officer carrying the Elm St. ballot box and struck up a conversation. Another police officer walked up and told the man that they had to go check out a lead on Nina and the missing baby. The cop assumed that Lucy worked for the board of elections, and she let him think this was true. They gave her the box and left. Lucy took the box home to the lighthouse. It sat there for two months, haunting her, until she confessed to Duke on the day he invited her to spend New Year's eve with him. In the present, Lucy apologized for dragging Duke into this, but he told her she was right to come to him. Duke just wished he'd been able to make the box disappear for good. Lucy felt he'd done more than enough. Duke promised Lucy that he wouldn't sell her out if Anna connected him to the stolen box. Lucy told Duke that she wouldn't allow him to take the fall. Lucy hoped that this didn't ruin Felicia's chances of becoming mayor.

Anna and Kyle arrived at City Hall just as Scott announced that the votes had been counted. Janice Lomax was reelected. Mayor Lomax rebuffed Felicia's gracious concession. Scott swore Mayor Lomax in for another term. A disappointed Felicia and Mac made their way to the back of the room, where Maxie and Nathan offered some kind words.

Everyone was stunned when Mayor Lomax fired Anna for taking the law into her own hands and for getting involved with a mobster. Anna vowed to fight this. It was revealed that Kyle would be the new commissioner. Anna asked Kyle and the Mayor how long they'd been plotting against her. Mayor Lomax insisted that no one was plotting against Anna and that Anna had gotten what she deserved. Anna considered hiring Alexis to fight this. The courtroom cleared, except Kyle and Mayor Lomax. “Thank God you switched out the real ballot box last night. I couldn't believe it when you told me that Felicia actually won Elm Street” Mayor Lomax said to Kyle. Mayor Lomax was relieved that Nik saw things the same way she and Kyle did.

Back at the Metro Court, Duke, Lucy and some others watched the news and heard that Mayor Lomax won again and that she replaced Anna with Kyle.

Jordan and Shawn were curled up in bed, watching the news. Jordan couldn't hide her disappointment about Anna getting fired. Shawn asked why she cared.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik sent Spencer to his room, with the reminder that he was grounded indefinitely. Lulu advised Nik to go easy on Spencer, since Spencer didn't mean to interfere with an election. After Lulu left, Nik remembered burning the real ballots.

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