GH Update Monday 1/12/15

General Hospital Update Monday 1/12/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan and Maxie are ready to have an intimate encounter during his lunch break after he's rushes out of the PCPD station to have a “quickie” with her. He also reveals a reason he wants to see her is regarding that he noticed she was “checking out a guy bartending at the Metro Court” New Years Eve. Hearing that, she assumes that maybe what she told Lulu about Nathan not being “the jealous kind” may not have been entirely true and she seems surprised.

When Jake goes to see Dr. Kevin Collins in his office, he is startled to see that Kevin is not there. Helena Cassadine is sitting in Kevin's chair awaiting Jake, somehow knowing perfect timing for when to find and speak to him.

While waiting for him in the hospital lobby Sam and Carly are alone to debate weather Jake is the culprit who kidnapped Sam shot Nathan and helped Faison escape. Carly demands to know why Sam would believe he'd have any motive to do that. Sam replies maybe Helena Cassadine put him up to it. Hearing that, Carly hasn't a clue what she is talking about.

Nikolas opens up the document Helena left for him and it appears a check from ELQ is being written in Tracy's name.

Tracy meets Lulu at the Metro Court and informs her about Luke and Bobbie having an ill conversation about Bill Eckert.

Fluke is swinging the bat in the basement at a helpless, immobilized and gagged Luke who cannot fight back. He tells him he intends to bash Bobbie's skull in as well as Luke's although he takes his time about doing it while leaving Luke in suspense.

At Pentonville, Julian reveals to Sonny that he knows of a specific individual who is running the organization that is out to get both of them. The boss he had while in the business who is also pulling Johnny's strings is someone he's met. Sonny asks the name. Julian admits he still does not know but all he can tell him is this guy has Luke Spencer's face.

In the basement of Elm St., Fluke talks about taking “practice swings” while the real Luke remains unable to get up or speak with the duct tape still covering his mouth. Luke struggles to be able to say something. Fluke then goes up the stairs. Unknowing, upstairs, right above the basement door, Bobbie and Michael are wondering what to do. She tells him that he needs to be careful and not go downstairs. When they hear a noise, they need to take heed. He tells her he believes she is watching too many horror movies and he assures her there are no “psychotic killers” down in the basement as she warns him there are. Unexpectedly, Fluke appears right in front of their sights with his baseball bat. They both stare at whom they believe is Luke stunned.

At Pentonville, Julian explains to Sonny that it has turned out that Faison was just a decoy and there is yet another “phony Luke” who has married Tracy, taken over ELQ and has been living Luke's life for over a year.

Nikolas remembers Helena visiting him and telling him that he might want to think about his future and his birth rite, as he stairs at the ELQ check that appears to be from Tracy's account. Alexis comes by and notices her nephew is lost in thought.

At the hospital, Sam tells Carly she has reason to believe that Spencer is telling her the truth when he says he saw on the docks what happened when Faison escaped and knows that Helena masterminded the whole plan and hired the guy who held Sam hostage in order to do so. Carly asks Sam why she believes the “opinions” of a kid with a wild imagination when Sam even admits that Spencer did not allege actually seeing Faison escape with Helena's help. Much less did he see the face or identify the guy who was the masked gunman.

In Dr. Kevin Collins' office when he's not there, Helena announces to Jake that he's “active”. Hearing that, he doesn't know what she's talking about and confirms to her that he has no recollection of their conversation or agreement when they last spoke. She tells him she's happy that his “conditioning” is working perfectly He asks her what she is talking about and where Dr. Collins is. He wants to go out the door and not continue this conversation. However, she reminds him that when they last spoke, he completed a very important mission for her and she asks him if he does not remember.

While Maxie and Nathan are together and he remarks that she appeared to be looking at a bartender at the Metro Court, she remarks that she told Lulu she did not think he was the jealous type and asks him if that was incorrect. He admits he is not so much concerned by that as he is by the fact that the man in question is known as Jake Doe. He tells her Sam is pretty sure he's the guy who held her hostage, shot Nathan and helped Faison escape.

Helena seems very smug with satisfaction that Jake has no memory that she put him up to taking Sam hostage, shooting a cop and enabling Cesar Faison to escape. Also, having no recollection that he spoke to her previously, much less followed her orders, he does not want to listen and tells her he knows she is a criminal and he can call the cops. He gets up to go but she orders him not to take another step. She affirms that he “works for her”. He tells her that is not true. She tells him he is an asset and has been conditioned to take her orders. He asks her why. She replies because he is the best at what he does. She asks him to take a seat and tells him they need to have a little chat about Samantha Morgan.

In the hospital lobby, Carly tells Sam it's absurd to think that Jake is guilty of this crime nor is he working for Helena Cassadine.. Sam asks her how well she knows this guy. Carly tells Sam she knows that he was recently hospitalized for a brain injury. She knows the guy has no money. He worked for her as a bartender New Years Eve and took out the trash the next morning. She had to offer him a free room because he had nowhere to stay. Why would he need all that if he has such a “sweet deal” with Helena Cassadine? Sam replies maybe it's his cover. She realizes she doesn't know exactly how or why but Carly needs to realize that this guy who's come out of nowhere first cozies up to Elizabeth and now to her and knows how to behave in such a way that makes people like him. Carly then concludes to Sam that this is not about Jake. It's about herself (Sam). She tells Sam that Faison has escaped and Sam apparently blames herself for being the reason the cops could not catch the guy who killed Jason. She realizes this is a lot for Sam to take and that may be justified. But making false accusations of an innocent man is not, Carly tells her. She concludes Sam has convinced herself of this and now has Jake wondering if he did it. Hearing that, for the first time, Sam is very intrigued to hear that Jake is “wondering” if he did it. She tells Carly she does not understand how he would not know with certainty whether he did or not. Carly tells her it could be due to the brain injury that his memory is not completely back to normal.

Alexis notices Nikolas looking at stocks and he confirms that they may be investments but does not tell his aunt the specifics. He asks her what brings her by. She admits she just wanted to see how he is holding up after his recent break-up with Britt and the fact that she's escaped the authority with her socio-path father. He tells his aunt that he blames himself for getting his son's hopes up, yet again, that Britt could be a part of their lives and he realizes Spencer is in need of a mother. He asks her what has been going on in her life recently, remarking he bets Alexis has a lot on her mind with Julian Jerome behind bars.

At Pentonville, Julian tells Sonny that he and Alexis somehow mistakenly thought that they'd rescued Luke from Miscavige and brought him back to his loved-ones for Thanksgiving and after Faison has been revealed the real Luke is now safe and sound. But apparently, this other fake Luke switched with the real Luke so that he made everyone think that he's the real Luke when he is not. Sonny asks Julian about this guy and asks just who they are dealing with. Julian tells Sonny this guy is a very powerful psycho-path with what appears to be an army of followers. He's dangerous. He wants to take over both his and Sonny's territories, Julian tells him, and now the guy is in a prime position to do that. He informs Sonny that this guy is making all his plans from the Quartermaine house and he is a threat to both of them as well as their families.

When it appears to Bobbie and to Michael that Luke has come up from the basement with a baseball bat, they remarks that he scared them and when he remarks he wonders what they are doing in this house, they wonder the same thing about Luke.

At The metro Court, when Tracy informs Lulu that Bobbie and Luke recently rehashed their “memories” of Bill Eckert, Lulu remarks she thinks she vaguely remembers when her father's cousin was last in Port Charles and heard he took the bullet that was meant for Luke and died in Luke's arms. Tracy admits that some things regarding Luke's sudden “reminiscence” of Bill sounds odd to her. They both know how Luke does not like talking about his childhood she reminds Lulu. Lulu reveals to Tracy that she has never before heard about Luke and Bobbie's other sister. Tracy is very surprised to learn that her step-daughter has never before heard of her father's sister, Patricia.

Carly explains to Sam that Jake has questioned himself when he heard Sam grilling him with the accusations about being the gunman and it freaked him out to the point where he had a false memory. Sam asks her what makes her so certain it was a false memory

In Kevin's empty office, Helena wants to find out what Jake might know about Samantha Morgan and he explains to her that Sam is convinced that he is the gunman who took her hostage and helped Faison escape. He admits to Helena that he sometimes gets this “flicker” of a memory of grabbing Sam just as she said and as he had noticed the gunman doing from the surveillance tape he saw. She asks him why he is consulting Dr. Collins about this. He replies so that Kevin can prove he's innocent. However, he looks at Helena asking her if that is false. She replies that he is guilty as sin.

Nikolas asks Alexis about Julian confessing to the murder of Anthony Zacchara, which she knows Julian did not commit. She admits to her nephew she is not really concerned for what might be happening to Julian since this is the guy who kept Luke in an asylum for over a year and did not lift a finger to help him.

At Pentonville, Sonny asks Julian how it's possible that another unidentified imposter who is not Faison has Luke Spencer's face. Julian admits he does not know the exact answer. Sonny asks if an imposter took Luke's place to return home for Thanksgiving, then what happened to the real Luke Spencer?

At the Elm St. house, Fluke explains to Bobbie that since their conversation about their childhood at the Metro Court, the other day, she brought up some bad memories for him. So, he decided to confronted the demons face-to-face and, he tells them, he suddenly discovered his old key. He admits he's been doing a lot of reminiscing about the “bad old days”.

When Lulu reveals to Tracy that she's never heard of her dad's other sister, Tracy admits she has never met Patricia nor heard much about her but she knows Luke and Bobbie have some secret unpleasant memories they don't discuss..

When Nathan tells Maxie about Sam's theory, she tells him she wants to bring some major charges against the guy who shot him but she does not believe that Jake guy did it. She realizes she doesn't know anything about Jake. But it's pretty odd if Faison would have paid someone to break him out of jail, that he'd stay around Port Charles as a sitting duck and not flee somewhere far away. She also knows that Sam has suffered a loss. Jason was the first person in Sam's life who had her feel stable and gave her a home. She really loved him. He suddenly died right after they got their son back yet his body was never found. She never got to say good bye to Jason and was never able to have closure. She knows that Sam is still grieving even if she appears to be moving on and doesn't show it, and she knows that grief can make people do and believe some strange things.

Carly reminds Sam that Jake has suffered a traumatic brain injury and doesn't even remember his own name and Sam is badgering him, insisting he did this terrible thing. She is planting these things in his head and having him believing that, she tells Sam. And she knows that Jake is now in Kevin Collins' office proving he's an innocent man.

Helena has convinced Jake that he did do the crime under her orders and that she will now “direct” him to follow her orders again.

Nikolas talks to Alexis about how she was taken by Julian and suddenly decided, similarly as he decided with Britt, that enough is enough. She then remarks that Julian is now Olivia's problem. Hearing that, Nikolas is very surprised to find out that Julian was “with” Olivia Falconeri, that Alexis reports she ran into them coming out of the hotel room together on New Years Day after the party. Alexis also informs her nephew that she is now dating Ned. She affirms things are good between them although she is less enthused than she wants to believe. She assures her nephew that Ned is a great guy and an upstanding businessman helping run ELQ. Hearing that, and remembering last he heard, Tracy was in charge, Nikolas is surprised when his aunt reveals to him that Tracy has lost all of her shares of the company.

Fluke talks to his sister and her grandson who have no questions that he is the real Luke. Michael admits that he is there because he has “plans” for what to do about this property.

At Pentonville, Sonny tells Julian he is concerned about where the real Luke is or what might be happening to him when he's all alone without anyone knowing while the imposter is still out there. Julian tells Sonny there's not a whole lot either of them can do about that while in there.

Nikolas asks Alexis how Tracy could have lost all of her ELQ shares. She replies that apparently Tracy got tricked into giving all of hers' and all of Alice's shares to Jerry Jacks and Jerry now has all the actual stock certificates. She affirms how thorough Jerry is by having someone hand deliver them to him in Europe and she asks Nikolas how it is that he's so interested in this.

Lulu admits to Tracy that she and Dante and Rocco are all happy except Dante is discontented with Johnny Zacchara being freed and back in town. Tracy reminds her step daughter of Johnny having both herself and Luke charged with murder. Lulu reminds her step-mother of her younger days and her bad choice of being with Johnny. They both agree that there is something “not right” with Johnny suddenly getting exonerated.

At Pentonville, Julian tells Sonny even if they both have powerful connections on the outside, this guy is not to be messed with. If they kill a few of his people, many more cockroaches will still outnumber them. Sonny then tells him they can figure out another way. Julian explains that this guy thought Julian betrayed him and he tried to kill his son Lucas. He also informs Sonny, for the first time, that the time when a hit man almost got Michael, it was from the same source. At that point, Sonny listens.

As soon as Fluke hears Michael inform him of his plans to renovate the old house into the AJ Clinic, his “courteous” cover is no longer there as he angrily reminds Michael that he betrayed him and wanted to throw him out of ELQ. So why would he want to offer this to Michael? Michael then tells him, with all due respect, it's not up to Luke. He found out that the house belongs to Luke's cousin, Bill Eckert.

At the hospital, Carly tells Sam she's gotten Jake an appointment with Kevin Collins who might be able to hypnotize him, make him able to remember what he did or did not do, and when Jake is out of the office, they will prove Sam wrong.

Jake is in the office asking Helena if he just does what she wants, shoots whoever she wants him to shoot and follows her orders then forgets all about it? She replies exactly. He asks her why she is doing this to him. He asks her why she is ambushing him in a psychiatrist's office. He admits he's not ok with this even if she is and he gets up to walk away and end this conversation. She tells him he won't remember anything as soon as he walks out that door. But, she tells him, before he does, there is another thing she'd like him to take care of.

Nathan and Maxie are ready to part company as he needs to get back to work and she needs to meet with her mom who is running for mayor. She remarks she hopes that Sam gets to feel the same thing that they are feeling. She tells him she hopes that maybe Sam and Patrick will make a go of it so that Sam can get past the pain like she did.

Jake returns to Carly and Sam who ask him how his session with Dr. Collins went, having no clue what really happened. He announces that Dr. Collins confirmed to him that he did not do anything that he questions or that Sam has accused him of doing. Carly then asks Sam if she is now satisfied with that answer and if they can please put this to rest once and for all.

We then see a flashback of Helena asking Jake if they are clear on what he tells Sam when he next sees her. He replies yes. Helena admits she still cannot be sure that Sam will drop her accusations, which is why she needs Jake to kill Sam.

Lulu considers the possibility that Johnny might be innocent of his murder conviction although Tracy does not. They both agree that it's ok if Julian is in prison regardless of circumstances after what he did to Luke. Lulu remarks what she really wonders is how Julian and Sonny are getting along. She cannot imagine Pentonville being big enough for the both of them.

At Pentonville, Julian tells Sonny that the Luke imposter almost had Michael killed when he thought they were onto him. And he can do it again if either of them threaten to expose him. Sonny then realizes that if Fluke is living at the Quartermaines, so is Michael. So if they cannot call the cops, what are they going to do?

Fluke appears to be really surprised to hear Bobbie and Michael confirm that after doing a title search on the property, they found out Bill Eckert is the owner of the house. Hearing that, he tells them that makes no sense since Bill has been dead for years. Michael informs him that Bill's son Sly is now the legal owner and he's given Michael the right to inspect the property. They both wonder why “Luke” would have a problem with Michael building a clinic there. Michael protests he just wants to do some good for the community. They then all decide to go somewhere to discuss it further. As soon as they are all gone, it appears the locked door to the basement is turning and maybe the real Luke is ready to bust his way out.

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