GH Update Friday 1/9/15

General Hospital Update Friday 1/9/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jake is with Carly, at the Metro Court bar wanting to be put to work. She asks how he could “not know” whether or not he broke Faison out of police custody. He either did or did not. It's simple, she tells him. He admits to her that it's not at all simple. He does not know what he has or has not done or what he is capable or not capable of.

Fluke walks around the old Elm St. house. He notices marks on the wall with numbers.

Bobbie goes to visit Michael at his ELQ office. She informs him she just spoke with Ned who tells her he was able to contact Bill Eckert's sister Jenny Eckert Hornsby, on Michael's behalf. He tells her he was still not able to find out who is now the owner of the property but that Jenny was the executor of the “deceased” Bill Eckert's estate, most of which was passed down to Bill's son, Sly, and that's all he knows about the house on Elm St. Bobbie remarks that sounds odd. He tells her he didn't want to set foot in the house or make any decisions without first getting it ok'd with her. She assures her grandson everything is ok with her but she admits she cannot say the same for “Luke”.

Alone in the house, Fluke gets a call from Helena Cassadine while she's gotten into Nikolas' home. She remarks she wondered what happened to him while waiting for him to call her. He tells her he had to take some time with the difficulty involving the “Julian Jerome situation”.

In Pentonville, Sonny continues to grill Julian for why he took the rap for the murder of Anthony Zacchara. He knows that somebody had to have put Julian up to confessing and he needs to know who and what is involved in this. He admits he's concerned because whoever it was could do the same to him or worse. He tells Julian if it was not Ava, Johnny or Faison who put him up to this, then who was it?

On the phone to Helena, Fluke tells her he'll meet with her as soon as he “straightens” things with Julian, remarking to her he is concerned about what Julian might be able to “spill” about them while in Pentonville or anywhere else he speaks to other people. She tells him she has a “difficulty” of her own regarding Samantha Morgan.

Sam goes to the hospital and finds Obrecht who tells Sam if she is looking for her “Dr. Feelgood”, he's in surgery. When Sam asks her what she's talking about, she tells Sam it's obvious that everyone knows that she and Patrick were together for New Years. Sam tells Obrecht she does not owe her or anyone else an explanation for what she and Patrick did together for New Years. Obrecht affirms that what she and Patrick do in their own time is of no concern to her but it better not happen when he is on the clock at General Hospital. Sam tells Obrecht she is not there because of Patrick. Obrecht asks if she is there regarding concerns over her son and his remission. Sam tells Obrecht she's actually there to talk to her about her former patient, Jake Doe.

At Pentonville, Julian admits to Sonny that the person who put him up to confessing to killing Anthony will kill him if he finds out he's told anyone his identity. Sonny reminds Julian only if the person knows the two of them have spoken. Julian asks Sonny if he is supposed to trust Sonny not to tell anyone. He asks Sonny if he believes anything has changed between them or if they've suddenly become best friends just because they're in this place together. Sonny then reminds Julian that Faison has not protected him after Julian has put his life on the line for him. Johnny Zacchara seems to be controlling him and has sold him down the river. His sister, Ava, is on her own and does not need him nor has anything to offer him. His girlfriend, Alexis has “neutered him like a dog” and wants nothing to do with him and he asks Julian if he (himself) is all Julian has got. Julian tells Sonny he does not need him. What he needs to do is keep his mouth shut. That is what keeps him and his family alive. The prison “bullies” are there to greet the current “new guy” when they see Julian, just as they did when Sonny first arrived. Noticing them, Sonny reminds Julian if he wants to recant what he just said.

Michael and Bobbie discuss whether he should contact Luke about buying the Elm St. house for his new clinic or what Luke will say. He tells her he doesn't want to dredge up any bad memories for either of them. She tells him she thinks that his clinic project might put all of that to rest so she thinks maybe he should postpone contacting Luke and going ahead with it. She is ready to help him and admits she found a key although she has no way of knowing whether Bill changed the locks. They then decide to go there together and get the ball rolling to get into the house.

Fluke asks Helena what her concerns about Samantha Morgan are about. She replies it appears that Sam might be “onto” their soldier boy. She apparently has designated the very guy whom Helena met and put up to doing what they needed to free Faison. He tells her she cannot let Sam find out the truth about soldier boy and blow him out of the water because he (Jake aka soldier boy aka Jason) is too valuable to them in their current plan. She tells Fluke he need not worry because she will handle little Miss Samantha Morgan. Unexpectedly, Nikolas enters to overhear her conversation and startles her.

At the hospital, Obrecht tells Sam as much as she'd like to give her information about “Jake Doe” , she's bound by confidentiality. She does however, inform Sam that Jake has not paid a cent of his bill for the top notch medical care the hospital availed him. Hearing that, Sam smirks, reminding Obrecht she's certain the hospital can afford it after all they have invested to make her the chief of staff. Obrecht then tells Sam she needs to watch her tone, reminding Sam that she has come there seeking Obrecht's help, indicating that she might offer it to Sam under certain conditions. Sam then tells Obrecht she's not there to discuss what the hospital did for Jake. She wants to discuss what Jake did to her.

At the Metro Court, Carly asks Jake if he is uncertain of whether he was able to anonymously drive to the police station, put on a mask, take Sam Morgan hostage, shoot a cop and then help Faison escape. Is he saying he does not know? He tells her he's saying it's possible he did all that and doesn't remember it. Carly then asks him to look at what he does know. He tells her when Sam first accused him of being the gunman, he didn't take it seriously and thought she was just upset and maybe making accusations. However, he wanted to cooperate with the cops so he went to the station. He went to the very place where the gunman held Sam. And low and behold, he ran into Sam right there and she confronted him, questioned him appearing very convinced that she knew he did it. Prior to that conversation, Sam showed him the footage that her friend the computer Hacker, Spinelli, helped her figure some things out about. He looked at the footage, he explains to Carly. And when he and Sam were standing in the same place, she accused him and then she left, and suddenly an “image” came over him where he saw himself doing just what Sam said he did. Carly asks if he remembers what he did at the time when the gunman held her hostage and helped Faison get away. He tells Carly although he can account for what he did throughout that day, knowing he applied for jobs and remembering all of his whereabouts, these “memories” keep coming back to him which he cannot figure out or pinpoint although he feels like he knows something he's not remembering, not only before the accident. But also regarding things he might have done currently. And he feels like he could have been in 2 places at once.

At the hospital, Obrecht seems “intrigued” to hear Sam's theory that “Jake Doe” helped Cesar Faison escape. She obviously does not take kindly to Sam's negative comments about Faison nor about anyone who helped him escape but Sam reminds her that this guy also shot Obrecht's son. Hearing that, Obrecht finds herself listening intently to Sam's theory and admits to her there was always something more about that man than what meets the eye. Yet, she reveals she is merely being sarcastic and does not buy any of that because it makes no sense to her that Jake Doe could have been the anonymous gunman who held Sam hostage, shot Nathan and helped Faison escape, remembering the critical medical condition he was in while he was a patient. She tells Sam she has nothing to discuss on this matter and walks away. Yet, she has to realize she hasn't a clue who the guy was responsible for helping her beloved escape and also shooting Nathan. Sam then tells Obrecht she does happen to know that she (Obrecht) came face-to-face with Jake on the docks while he delivered Faison to Helena Cassadine.

At Wyndermere, when Fluke ask Helena, over the phone, just what she has planned for Samantha, and she sees Nikolas enter, she knows she doesn't want her grandson to overhear that conversation so she tells Fluke she has to go. Nikolas then grabs her phone and asks the person she's talking to who they are. When he gets no response, he asks her whom she was talking to.

Alone at the Elm St. house, Fluke tells Helena she better not mess things up for him.

Bobbie and Michael arrive on the front porch outside the house. She seems stunned, remembering she has not been to this house in so long. She remembers all of the childhood memories of growing up in this house with Luke and her family. She then pulls out the key and tells Michael she's ready to go in and help him get the clinic set up in her old house.

In Pentonville, when Julian sees the guys surround him, Sonny introduces him to “frick and frack” or better known as F.O.J. Whom he calls friends of Johnny. They surround Julian and tell him they are ready to finish what Carlos Rivera started. Julian does not seem afraid of the two guys. They tell Julian he may ask Sonny what happens to newbies who are not afraid of them as they instruct Sonny to go away. Sonny then tells them he thinks he will go and make himself scarce, confirming with Julian that he does not need him. Right? Julian says nothing and Sonny leaves. Julian then tells the guys they don't want to go through with this. Johnny may be out of prison but it's just a matter of time before he's back and he (Julian) will be free and those clowns will be working for him. They don't seem to believe that and tell Julian when that day comes, Julian will be dead. They then pull out their weapons and get ready to let Julian know who is boss until Sonny stops them and one guys falls to the ground.

At the hospital, Sam informs Obrecht she knows that Obrecht's daughter and baby-daddy both got on a boat out of the country together, arranged by Helena Cassadine. She knows that Obrecht was spotted with Helena on the docks prior to their departure. Obrecht smirks, tells Sam that's preposterous and asks why she's speaking this drivel. Sam tells her there was an eye witness. Obrecht demands to know whom. Sam replies Spencer Cassadine. Obrecht laughs and declares that that boy tells more tales then the Brothers Grimm so, she tells Sam if she will excuse her, she has a hospital to run. Sam tells Obrecht if she does not want to talk to her, Sam will tell her story to Anna Devane.

At Windermere, Nikolas asks Helena why she won't tell him who she is talking to. She tells him a friend. He reminds her she does not have friends. Just boot lickers. He knows she was talking about his cousin, Sam. She then tells Nikolas that that ill-bred little bastard, Sam is not real family. He tells Helena that Sam is family to him and he won't let Helena hurt her. Helena tells him if that's true, then he will persuade Sam to stop sticking her nose in others' affairs. He asks her if this is about Sam asking questions about the gunman she sent to free Faison.

Carly attempts to get Jake to tell her what he knows and unravel this mystery about the here and now. He tells her that he still hasn't a clue whether or not he kidnapped Sam and helped Faison escape. She tells him she knows what is real. What reason would he have to do any of those things? He admits he does not know. She tells him she believes that Sam has planted these accusations in his head and lets not forget that he's had a brain injury. He admits to Carly that he wakes up every morning, opens his eyes and asks who he is, what his life is about, who are the people he may have left behind and he never gets an answer. He admits that he knows all too well that he had a brain injury but he doesn't remember anything else. She doesn't seem to want to give up on unraveling this mystery for him and tells him they now need to find other reasons why he might be seeing images he cannot remember. She's tells him it might be the result of a trauma to the head. He admits that he went to see Patrick who thought the same thing and referred him to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Kevin Collins. Hearing that, Carly tells him she knows Kevin and believes it might not be a bad idea to see him.

Bobbie and Michael enter the empty house (while Fluke is in the basement). He tells her he could not imagine her and Luke growing up in this house as kids. They both talk about how it's hard to picture Luke as a kid, answering to anyone or doing chores and how the Luke they know is not one to be “tied down”. Fluke goes down into the basement remarking how smelly and nasty it is down there as he goes to talk to the real and still imprisoned Luke.

Helena tells Nikolas she has no interest in “Natasha's brat”. He tells her he bets she was eavesdropping on the conversation he had with Sam the other day where she told him she's trying to find out who held her hostage and freed Faison. Furthermore, he told Sam what Spencer told him of seeing her on the docks with Obrecht and Britt at the time of the jailbreak. He tells Helena he knows she masterminded Faison's escape. The man who held the gun on Sam was doing her bidding. Sam could have been killed. Nathan West almost was. He reminds her that they are both Cassadines and asks her what happened to family loyalty She tells him Sam is no true Cassadine by any stretch of the imagination. He asks her what about Nathan who is Victor's son. In response to that, she tells him she hopes he did not buy into that nonsense from Lisle Obrecht. She tells Nikolas he must know that Obrecht was lying through her teeth about having a son with Victor.

Sam tells Obrecht she knows that Anna Devane has been trying to nail her for years and it looks like she (Sam) is finally in a position to provide Anna with just the charges she has been waiting for; aiding and abetting 2 international criminals. All she has to do is make one phone call. In response to that, Obrecht reminds Sam that every time Anna has tried to take her (Obrecht) down, she fails and Sam has nothing on her. Sam then tells Obrecht she will be going but will be seeing her soon. When Sam walks away, Obrecht asks her to stop and tells her in the interest of peace between them, if Sam fulfills her promise to be discreet in what she could tell the police, Obrecht could provide Sam with information about Cesar's escape and how it happened.

At The Metro Court, Carly tells Jake she thinks that Dr. Collins would be really good at helping him get to the bottom of these “images” he might be having. He tells her he still has misgivings about seeing a shrink. She asks him if he'd rather keep wondering if he's a masked gunman. She tells him she can make an appointment for him so he won't have to keep torturing himself with this. She also assures him that he need not worry that he will discover that he is what Sam says he is. Carly tells him what she knows about her “friend Jake” is he'd rather work than take charity and hates to be pitied. He's a great listener. Maybe not the best mixologist but is unafraid to prevent any guy from disrupting her bar, as he showed her with Carlos. Also, she remembers they kissed for New Years. He asks her if she is afraid of him. Carly confidently tells him not at all, almost as if she knows him, she saves her fear for those with whom it is warranted.

Helena tells Nikolas she knows that Lisle Obrecht has “reasons” for wanting people to falsely believe her son is a Cassadine. Also, she tells Nikolas, she had nothing to do with the threats to either Sam's or Nathan's lives. She does admit to her grandson, however that she did free Faison. She believes she owed him because he did her a great service. Nikolas asks what she is talking about. What service?

In the basement of Elm St., Fluke angrily vents to the imprisoned Luke about what has to deal with including having Tracy believing what she has to believe, all the accusations and pressure and all the people who want to talk and praise Luke Spencer. And it's all because of that annoying big mouth sister of his, Bobbie.

Upstairs in the house, Bobbie tells Michael all she remembers about growing up in the house and having had all of the clothes she wore coming from her mysterious sister.

At Pentonville, Sonny appears to want to prevent the guys from assaulting Julian. They get a call from Johnny. More guys appear and when they see that one of “their own” has been injured by Sonny to protect Julian, the one left standing instructs the new ones to kill both of the “newbies”. A prison scuffle ensues as neither Sonny nor Julian are afraid and barely get themselves hurt while they both manage to take out all the other guys and have them passed out and bloody on the ground. They both stand up and Sonny admits that he would have been at risk if he had not come to Julian's rescue. So, he declares to Julian, technically, Julian still owes him.

At the hospital, Obrecht truthfully tells Sam that the man whom Helena hired to help Cesar escape did not reveal himself. She know the way Helena's people operate by not making their identity known to strangers and they would not have trusted her (Obrecht) to know who they are. She tells Sam if she (Sam) repeats this conversation to the commissioner or her minions, Obrecht will deny it. And she leaves. Sam turns and sees “Jake” getting off the elevator with Carly and stares coldly at them.

Nikolas asks Helena just what she “owed” Faison. He asks if Faison was impersonating Luke on her request. He tells her he thinks he knows how to bring her down but she warns him if he does, he and Spencer will lose everything. She reminds him that the job market is not good for princes with their backgrounds. She then just urges Nikolas to play ball and his son will survive. She gives him some document to read and sounds confident that he will come around and claim his birthright.

At Elm St. Bobbie admits to Michael that her sister Patricia is not a subject that she and Luke talk much about. He seems curious at to why and it appears she's ready to tell him.

In the basement, Fluke tells Luke he got so annoyed listening to Bobbie talking and not shutting up about how Bill Eckert looks just like Luke and was such a no good person while Luke was such a nice guy. He furiously tells Luke he knows of one way to get her to keep her mouth shut. He smashes things and then holds the baseball bat over his shoulder. Upstairs, Bobbie and Michael hear the loud crash and demand to know what that was. Fluke tells Luke he is ready to use this baseball bat to crush Bobbie's skull.

At the hospital, Jake leaves Carly and Sam alone to talk privately. Sam tells Carly her dangerously bad judgment with men never ceases to amaze Sam. In response to that, Carly tells Sam if she's talking about Franco, she won't defend herself with that and admits Sam and all others were correct about him. Sam clarifies she's not out to gloat about Carly's misfortune in trusting Franco. She is referring specifically to Jake. She knows that Jake took her hostage, shot a cop and freed Faison. Because of Jake, Jason's killer has gone free. Carly demands to know what evidence Sam bases that on. Sam can't even tell her what motive Jake would have to do that, Carly tells her. Sam then suggests maybe Helena Cassadine put him up to that.

Jake then goes to see Dr. Kevin Collins but Kevin is not there. Instead, Helena is sitting in his chair.

After Helena leaves Windermere and gives Nikolas some documents to read, he is startled to see something about their family taking over ELQ.

In the basement of Elm St. while Fluke swings the baseball bat and Luke remains gagged and tied to a chair, Fluke talks about how now that both Jerome and Corinthos are in prison for the rest of their unnatural lives, he'd love to crack their skulls wide open.

At Pentonville, Sonny and Julian appear to be having each other's backs at least for now. Julian needs for Sonny to know that it's not Johnny who is really behind this. Hearing that, Sonny again tells Julian if there is another name, Julian needs to spit it out. Julian tells Sonny he cannot give a name because he does not know this guys name. All he can tell Sonny is that this guy has Luke Spencer's face. Hearing that, Sonny looks surprised.

In the basement, Fluke tells Luke he intends to take a few practice swings at Luke's head before he uses this baseball bat to bash in Bobbie's skull. Luke appears helpless to defend himself.

Right upstairs, Michael and Bobbie know that something or someone might be downstairs and she tells him they need to call the cops. He tells her he will go downstairs and check this out.

At that point, we end.

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