GH Update Thursday 1/8/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/8/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny was at his penthouse. He surveyed the place, pleased to be back at home. Then he looked at the newspaper story on Julian and called it the icing on the cake. Dante and Nathan came by. Dante introduced Nathan, and Johnny joked that he would have gotten donuts if he'd known they were coming. Dante and Nathan weren't amused. The subject of Anthony's murder came up. Johnny maintained that he was innocent and tried to close the door. Dante grabbed it and told Johnny that he was there to tell him to stay away from Lulu. Johnny felt that Dante was insecure, and he asked if Lulu had given him reason to be. Dante stated that his relationship with Lulu was good, but he didn't trust Johnny. Johnny told Nathan that he'd known Lulu longer than Dante had. Johnny then told Dante that Dante couldn't erase Johnny and Lulu's history. Dante vowed to try. Johnny argued that Lulu could choose who she wanted to talk to. Dante countered that it was his job to protect Lulu. Johnny insisted that he'd never hurt her, but Dante replied that Johnny's actions proved otherwise. Dante added that Lulu was soft on “losers” and would therefore never cut Johnny out. Dante felt that Johnny's lifestyle and line of work made him a threat. Dante threatened to make Johnny's life hell if he didn't back off. Johnny agreed to steer clear of Lulu. He decided to seek Maxie out instead. Nathan made it clear that this was not okay, then he revealed that Maxie was his girlfriend. Nathan noted that Maxie never mentioned Johnny. Johnny bragged that he was more important to Maxie and Lulu than Nathan and Dante would ever be. Nathan grabbed Johnny and pinned him against the door. Dante pointed out that Johnny didn't have his network of inmates to protect him anymore. Nathan warned Johnny not to say one word to, or about Maxie or Lulu. “Keep your nose clean, John. We're obviously ready, and eager, to send your ass back to prison,” Dante added. Johnny asked if they were done, or if he had to file charges for harassment. Nathan shoved Johnny and laughed. They left.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas had just finished reading that Julian confessed to Anthony Zacchara's murder when Sam arrived. He asked if she was okay. Sam hadn't had a chance to process the news about Julian because she was too busy focusing on finding the gunman who helped Faison escape. Nik felt bad that he hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Sam about her ordeal, but she assured him that it was okay. Sam explained that her main concern was finding the man who took her hostage. Sam asked Nik if Britt and Faison left Port Charles together. Nik told her that Spencer had seen Britt on the docks, but not Faison. Sam asked if Spencer had seen the gunman. Nik said no. Sam told Nik about Alexis's encounter with Helena at Miscavige. Sam thought it was odd, and she wondered if Helena was involved in the escape. Nik admitted that Helena orchestrated it. Sam showed Nik a picture of the masked gunman and asked if he resembled any of Helena's associates. Nik didn't know any of his grandmother's men. Sam was frustrated that she hadn't been able to find someone to back up her suspicions.

Sam told Nik she thought Jake was the gunman. She also thought Jake might be lying about his memory loss. She theorized that Helena brought him to town to do her dirty-work. Nik asked what Elizabeth thought. Sam told him that she didn't believe it. Sam admitted she was glad Ric's arrival had separated Liz from Jake. Nik asked where Jake was, now. Sam told him he was with Carly. Sam was sure that Carly would get territorial with Jake, like she did with Jason, and she'd impede Sam's investigation. Nik apologized for Helena's actions. Sam assured him that he didn't have to and that he was nothing like Helena. Sam vowed not to stop until she got answers.

Sonny burst out laughing when he walked into the prison yard and saw Julian. Sonny noted that he'd just seen Ava and that it was like a Jerome family reunion. Julian quipped that he was in prison to keep Sonny company since Michael wasn't visiting. Sonny wanted to know why Julian was in Pentonville. Julian claimed that the cops picked him up and accused him of killing Anthony. Sonny didn't think Julian did it. He pointed out that Julian wasn't even in town at the time. Later, Julian was lifting weights when two inmates came up and forced the weight against his chest. They demanded to know why Julian would confess to a crime that he'd gotten away with for two years. Julian wouldn't answer, and the men dropped the subject and walked away. Sonny strolled over and tried to get Julian to admit to giving a false confession. Sonny wondered if Johnny made Julian do it. Julian blurted out that Johnny wasn't behind it. Sonny tried to get Julian to tell him who scared him into confessing.

Fluke was on the terrace at the Quartermaine mansion on the phone. He tore into Carlos for failing to carry out the hit on Julian. Tracy, who was inside, walked up to the open door and overheard an irate Fluke demand to know why “he” was still alive. When Fluke stepped back inside, Tracy asked what was going on. Fluke lied and said he was yelling at Scott for not charging Julian for not doing anything to get Luke out of Miscavige. Fluke showed Tracy the newspaper story on Julian's arrest. Tracy found it absurd that Julian had been arrested for killing Anthony; a crime she knew Johnny committed. Tracy reminded “Luke” that Johnny had framed Tracy and Luke for the crime. Tracy and Fluke talked about that time, and mentioned Tracy's brief marriage to Anthony. Tracy didn't like to think about it. She was concerned that Johnny would come after her and Luke again and that he'd cause trouble for Dante and Lulu. Fluke assured her that their relationship, and Dante and Lulu's was strong and that Johnny wouldn't do any damage. Tracy appreciated his faith and calm, but she noted that he hadn't been so calm yesterday with Bobbie. Tracy asked Fluke why he reacted angrily when Bobbie brought up Bill. Fluke claimed he felt guilty that Bill died protecting Luke's son from a man who was after Luke. Tracy revealed that she knew Luke had another sister, Patricia. Tracy thought it was odd that Luke never mentioned her or his parents. She asked Fluke what he was hiding. Fluke tried to close the subject, but Tracy kept gently trying to get him to open up. Fluke snapped that he had a bad childhood, but he'd moved on. Tracy apologized for upsetting him. Fluke decided to go for a walk. Tracy wanted to go too, but Fluke wanted to be alone. Hurt, Tracy hoped that when he got back, he'd be willing to tell her who he was before she knew him.

Fluke went to see Johnny. Johnny was stunned by the resemblance between Fluke and Luke. He couldn't help tugging at Fluke's face, until Fluke shoved his hand away. Fluke wanted to know how Johnny convinced Julian to take the fall for Johnny's crime. Johnny explained that he had nothing to do with Julian's confession. Fluke realized that Julian must have voluntarily confessed in an attempt to protect himself from Fluke. Fluke stated that being in Pentonville wouldn't save Julian. Johnny grinned.

At the Metro Court, Jake approached Carly and asked for a new assignment. Carly commented on his eagerness to work, and Jake explained that he'd made a New Year's resolution to support himself instead of relying on Carly and Elizabeth. Jake was curious about Carly's resolution. Carly had resolved to try and move on without Sonny. Jake offered to be a sounding board, but Carly didn't think there was anything to talk about. Carly explained that Sonny thought that he was helping her and Michael, so she was sure he wouldn't change his mind. Jake could understand Sonny's reasoning. Carly noted that Jake seemed to understand Sonny better than she did, even though he'd never met him. Carly divulged that Sonny had advised her to move on with someone else. She asked Jake if he thought Sonny really wanted that. Jake wasn't sure. However, Jake hoped that if he'd been with someone before his accident, that this person would find happiness with someone else. Jake felt that Carly deserved happiness. Carly was curious why he thought so. Jake pointed out that she'd been very generous with him and had given him advice about Sam and Liz. Carly asked if he'd taken the advice not to spend any more time on them. Jake admitted he was working on it; he'd put Liz out of his mind and he was trying to keep Sam's hostility in perspective.

Carly decided that Jake looked too good not to be the bartender. She gave him a crash course in drink mixing. While Jake practiced, Carly read the paper. She came to the story about the gunman and expressed surprise that he hadn't been caught. Jake tensed up and had a flashback to grabbing Sam. Carly noticed the shift in Jake's demeanor and asked about it. Jake reluctantly admitted that Sam thought he was the gunman. Carly thought that was insane. Jake pointed out that he didn't even know who Faison was. Carly told Jake not to take it personally. She theorized that Sam wasn't thinking straight because she was upset that she'd been forced to play a part in the escape of Jason's killer. Carly was confident that Jake didn't have anything to do with it. Jake confessed that he wasn't so sure about that.

Lulu and Maxie had breakfast at the Metro Court and chatted about Maxie and Nathan's New Year's date. Lulu was thrilled that Maxie had such an amazing time. The subject shifted, and Lulu confided that something big happened. Maxie asked if it was good or bad. Lulu thought it was a bit of both. Lulu revealed that Johnny was out of prison. Lulu shared that she ran into Johnny at the Metro Court and did shots with him to celebrate his release. Lulu added that Dante walked in during the celebratory drink. Lulu had gotten Dante out of there before anything happened, but she was sure that Dante wouldn't let it go. According to Lulu, Dante trusted her, but not Johnny. Maxie thought it might make Dante uncomfortable to know that all Johnny had ever wanted to do was protect Lulu. Lulu confessed that seeing Johnny was like a breath of fresh air. Concerned, Maxie asked if Lulu was still attracted to Johnny. Lulu admitted that she enjoyed having a shot with Johnny and thinking about her wild, carefree days, but she was adamant that she loved Dante and Rocco and wouldn't trade her current life for anything. Maxie understood, since she'd been different back then, too. Lulu added that Maxie was still the best friend she ever had. Maxie wasn't sure about that, since she'd kissed Johnny back when he was with Lulu. Lulu noted that Maxie stopped it from going further, even though Johnny wanted more. Lulu wondered if Maxie made the right choice. Lulu thought that Johnny had been just what she'd needed at the time, but she admitted that their relationship never would have worked out. Lulu revealed that she always thought Maxie and Johnny were better suited to each other. Lulu wondered if Maxie would have been able to succeed where Lulu failed and save Johnny from going down the wrong path. Maxie didn't think they could ever know, and she was pleased with how things turned out.

Maxie was happy that she and Lulu both found good guys, instead of fighting over the bad ones. Maxie and Lulu chatted about Georgie, then Maxie thanked Lulu for helping with the New Year's date. Talk turned to Lulu seeing Nathan in a towel. Lulu was amused that Dante got jealous. Maxie wasn't sure whether or not Nathan had a jealous streak, but she didn't think he did. Both women agreed that they were only interested in the men they were with. Lulu added that she wasn't blind though and could appreciate an attractive person. She and Maxie admired Jake's physique. Dante and Nathan arrived and overheard Lulu say Jake looked good. Nathan and Maxie hugged. Dante calmly asked Lulu who she was talking about. She told him they were talking about the bartender. Dante didn't care if she looked at anyone, as long as it wasn't Johnny.

Michael was in his office at ELQ, when Ned walked in. Michael asked Ned for his help with the waterfront project. Michael explained that he wanted to use Luke Spencer's childhood home for the site of AJ's clinic, but the house was in Bill Eckert's name. Michael asked Ned if he could call Jenny, his ex wife, and Bill's sister, and ask about the house. Although Ned hadn't talked to Jenny in years, he made the phone call. Jenny had been unaware that Bill owned Luke's childhood home. She decided to call Bill's son Sly.

Michael conducted ELQ business while he waited for Jenny's call. Ned knew Edward would have been proud to see Michael running the company and back in the family fold. Michael admitted he was still getting used to the last name. Ned was curious if Michael regretted turning his back on Sonny. Jenny called back before Michael could answer. Sly didn't know anything about the property and he didn't have any interest in it. Sly gave Michael the okay to go in and look around. Ned relayed this information to Michael. Michael thought it would be nice to turn the place where Luke and Bobbie suffered, as children, into a place of healing.

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