GH Update Wednesday 1/7/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/7/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is at his office looking over the plans for his new housing project when he is informed that a visitor is there to see him. His assistant does not know whom his visitor is except that she says she's family. Michael asks if it's his mother. She replies no. He then asks her to send the visitor in. Bobbie appears. Michael greets his grandma although she remarks to him she's kind of surprised that he'd still consider her family now that he's declared he's a Quartermaine.

Tracy is on the phone leaving messages for another (?)non-responsive Luke informing her she has his favorite snacks with their family's pickle relish, as well as beverages on ice. She urges him to call her back realizing it would seem he'd be done with his brunch with Bobbie by now. She reveals she finds it odd that Luke is not responding nor does she have a clue where he is or what he is doing.

Fluke walks down the stairs to what appears to be the basement of an unknown house. Sitting tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth, still wearing the Miscavige uniform, we see the real Luke Spencer being held captive.

Carlos goes to see Julian who assumes he has nothing to be afraid or intimidated by until Carlos pulls out a gun, puts a silencer on it and point it at Julian. It appears they are both waiting for orders from their anonymous crime boss.

At the police station, Anna informs Dante that Johnny Zacchara has been unexpectedly released from Pentonville today.

Lulu goes to the Metro Court and notices Johnny as he comes up to smile and greet her. She admits she's very surprised having not heard of any news that he'd be released from prison. He asks her if she is not happy to see “an old friend”. She acknowledges to him that two years have gone by since they have last seen each other. She is now married to Dante and has a little boy. She asks how or why he is standing there. He happily tells her that his conviction has been overturned so now he is a free man.

After hearing the news, Dante reminds Anna that Johnny Zacchara confessed to killing Anthony Zacchara. She tells him she knows but according to Agent Sloane, Officer Delores Padilla coerced the confession from Johnny.

Johnny explains to Lulu that he was pressured to confess and the only way he could keep his “people” safe was to take the rap for Anthony's murder. She asks who pressured him. He replies the cops.

Dante tells Anna he does not believe that Padilla got Johnny falsely convicted. Anna tells him she knows but apparently the PCPD cop had some questionable history with Johnny that raised some reasonable doubt. So, it has now been arranged that Johnny gets his conviction overturned and he's walked out of Pentonville just this morning, Anna tells him. Dante tells his boss he does not believe for a minute that Johnny is innocent although he does not mourn the loss of Anthony and realizes Johnny might have been justified. Yet he believes Johnny Zacchara is a punk, unstable, unpredictable. He's worried what Johnny could do when free. And he does not just mean regarding the mob. He's worried about Johnny being around Lulu.

Lulu tells Johnny she finds it very surprising to suddenly hear that he may not have killed Anthony. She remembers when they knew each other and with all that was involved, she believed he was justified. She then concludes that it would be a terrible injustice, which she should have known, if he was locked up in Pentonville for something he didn't do. He smiles at her and remarks she's the first familiar face he's seen since he got out and that it must be fate, as he asks her for a hug.

Bobbie tells Michael she has come to see him with concerns about his decision to write off both of his parents. She tells her grandson she completely understands and agrees with his not forgiving Sonny for what he did. But, she tells him, she does not believe he should write-off his mother as well.

While waiting for Luke, Tracy sees Ned helping himself to the snacks and they debate about who is fit to run ELQ and who is not. He reminds her that maybe the right thing was done by preventing her from taking over, given she would have handed the company over to “that imposter”. She tells her son she can see that he must have had the perfect new Years celebration since Alice told her that his bed was not slept in. She realizes he is an adult and she cannot inflict a curfew upon her son. However, she is curious whether he was with Olivia or Alexis.

Carly and Olivia meet at the metro court to assess their restaurant and hotel sales and revenue after the New Years Eve party. Carly remarks to Olivia that she is curious as to why or how Olivia would have offered Julian Jerome a free hotel room.

When Carlos holds the gun on Julian, he tells him he's sorry he has to do this. He always liked Julian, he tells him, but the boss gave the orders to him that Julian has got to go.

In the basement of the unidentified house, Fluke reflects to Luke that too many things have been happening recently that have brought him to the realization that he has to take action. Julian Jerome is such an incompetent ass, he tells him. The real Luke makes sound and demands to be able to talk. Fluke removes the tape from his mouth and talks about how he thought Luke would be grateful that he's no longer locked in the padded cell and would prefer where he is now. The real Luke furiously demands to know what he is talking about and demands to know where he is. Fluke laughs and smirks.

Dante informs Anna, for the first time, that Johnny was Lulu's first serious relationship. She admits she was unaware of that. He reflects that he knows his wife was a bit mixed up in her teens and Johnny got her involved in a lot of things. He informs his boss that Johnny took the rap for killing Logan Hayes, Scott Baldwin's son when in actuality, Lulu killed Logan in self-defense. He knows that Johnny was there for Lulu and loved her. He is concerned about this guy, however, and informs Anna, for the first time, that Johnny not only dated Lulu. He dated Dante’s mother for a while (Olivia). Johnny has a way with knowing how to charm women when they are in a fragile state of mind. He knows that Lulu had a soft spot for Johnny and is afraid when he's out of prison, his wife will once again get hurt.

Bobbie tells Michael he realized that his mother lied to him. She made a mistake but she is his mother but loves and misses him. She believes that deep down he loves and misses her and asks if he could not find it in his heart to give Carly another chance.

At the Metro Court, Carly reminds Olivia that not long ago, she wanted Julian booted from her hotel. Now she has offered him a free room. Olivia protests that the guy was drunk. Was she supposed to turn him out on the street and have them responsible for his getting an OUI or causing an accident? Carly reminds her she could have simply called Julian a cab and gotten him out of the hotel. When Olivia does not have an explanation for that and Carly can see that Olivia left her car at the hotel on the night in question, Carly tells her she knows that she (Olivia) slept with Julian in the room. Olivia clearly does not want to talk about that but does admit to Carly that she may have done that to see if she could put both Ned and Alexis in their places.

Tracy discusses with Ned the same thing regarding his dilemma about the two women currently in his life. She tells him she knows about his past and present relationship with Alexis but has also seen obvious indications of his spending a lot of time with Olivia. He clarifies that he and Olivia are, or more accurately “were” friends. Tracy knows that there could be more between them. Ned tells his mom none of that matters because he is with Alexis and Olivia is “busy” with Julian Jerome.

Carlos continues to point the gun at Julian reminding him he defied their boss by failing to kill Jordan Ashford. Carlos further knows this is not the first time Julian has failed to follow instructions. Julian protest that “the man” is crazy and has ever-changing demands and tactics that don't make sense. Carlos tells him that may be but this guy is pulling all their strings and if he (Carlos) does not do this (kill Julian), then he will be next (Carlos will be killed by the boss.)

In the basement of the unidentified house, the real Luke demands to know where he is. Fluke then grabs a baseball bat and shows Luke the writing on it, asks him to look closer. Luke looks at it and admits he's shocked to discover where he is and that he remembers it all too well from his childhood. Julian then demands to know why Carlos is suddenly being a “yes man”. He knows when Carlos was his subordinate, he always questioned orders and he admired that in Carlos. He asks Carlos if he really wants to face the consequences of murdering him. Carlos tells him it's the cost of doing business. Carlos then asks Carlos what he will do when this man comes after him. Carlos needs to realize that that will happen and when it does, Carlos will need to have an ally. He tells Carlos there has to be a way to save them both. At that point, it seems like Carlos might actually be listening.

At the Metro Court, Carly is very intrigued to hear for the first time that Olivia is interested in Ned and they've explored friendship and possibly more. Olivia tells her that she wanted to take things slow when with Ned, after her break-up with Sonny. But that did her a lot of good when Alexis, the legal-eagle comes swooping in and takes Ned off the market for Olivia. She also confides to Carly, that to add insult to injury, the morning after, she had to run into Ned and Alexis right outside the hotel room and gave them both a chance to see that she and Julian spent the night together. Carly is fascinated and listens intently while Olivia tells her more about how she tried to be courteous and smooth things over with Alexis, only to have Alexis accuse her of trying to seduce Julian for the sole purpose of sticking it to Alexis. Hearing that, Carly tells Olivia that's so like Alexis to make it all about her, to be a total hypocrite about preaching morality for everyone except herself. They agree that when Alexis has determined that Julian is out of her life and beneath her, it's none of her business if he's with Olivia or anyone else. Olivia also tells Carly that she thinks it's just not cool that Alexis is clearly using and stringing Ned along to stick it to Julian. Carly high-5's Olivia and tells her she's so glad that someone else is enjoying knocking Alexis off her high horse. Olivia tells her that's one thing they have in common. They turn to see Johnny Zacchara enter the bar. And remembering how both women have had past involvement with him, Olivia remarks “that is the other thing”.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy-makes note of how Ned seems to be uncharacteristically “emotional” over seeing that Olivia may have slept with Julian. He goes on about Julian being a dirt-bag, a criminal and responsible for some hideous things happening. She asks if his issue is all about concern for Olivia and wouldn't have anything to do with his being jealous. Hearing that, he defensively tells his mom maybe she should worry less about his “significant other” and more about her own, as they both notice that “Luke” is once again gone and unaccounted for.

Michael tells Bobbie he feels if he forgave Carly, he'd be betraying AJ. She tells him that AJ knew how much he loved him. Everybody does, she tells him, reminding her grandson he is building a clinic in AJ's memory. Regarding that, he informs her that he is still looking for a location for the AJ clinic. He also informs her that the best prospect that he is considering is the house on Elm St. where she and Uncle Luke grew up.

In the basement, when he sees the bat that Fluke shows him, Luke discovers where he is. It's his childhood home. Fluke seems to know about this very house, the family Luke grew up with, his two sisters, including Patricia whom Luke has not spoken to in many years. He informs Luke that Barbara Jean (Bobbie) remembers their other sister. Luke demands to know how this unidentified imposter would know all about this.

Anna tells Dante that he should know that Lulu's history with Johnny happened many years ago when she was much younger and in a very different place. She's now a grown woman with a family and nothing about Johnny could compare to what she has with her husband and Rocco. Dante tells Anna, however, from what he's seen, first-loves have a way of pulling one back to the way one was at a different time. Johnny may not have a hold on whom Lulu is now but he has a hold on whom that little girl was. Anna asks her detective if he's saying he does not trust his wife. He tells her he trusts Lulu completely. He just doesn't trust that Johnny is going to stay away from her.

When Johnny enters the bar and is seen by Olivia and Carly, Olivia remarks it's odd that he's out like that. He tells her once Officer Delores Padilla admitted to coercing his confession, it was declared that he was innocent. Lulu stands beside him and admits she's surprised Officer Padilla went that far. He faces Olivia and tells her he's so sorry for her loss. She suspiciously questions that remembering how he took advantage of her cousin when she was mentally ill. He tells her Connie deserved to be happy and to have better than she had in her life and he apologizes for not helping her to have that. Olivia then tells Johnny it means a lot to hear him say that and she hugs him.

Carlos then informs Julian that Johnny has been released from prison. The cops now buy the story that Johnny was coerced into making the confession that he killed his “father”. And, he further maintains, that means that Anthony's killer is still out there. Julian then asks if Carlos is suggesting that he turn to Johnny for protection. Carlos replies not exactly.

Ned informs Tracy that he and Alexis just happened to run into Luke with Bobbie at the Metro Court and saw Luke really losing his cool when his sister brought up a sore subject to him.

Michael shows Bobbie his plan to have the AJ Quartermaine Clinic in the house where she and Luke grew up in and can see that his grandmother is uneasy. She expresses to her grandson that she and Luke did not have the best childhood and there were a lot of bad memories there. She admits to Michael that she has been avoiding that house on Elm St. ever since and has not set foot inside there for decades.

Fluke ask Luke why he thinks that this anonymous guy has made himself look like Luke and seems to know so much about him. He has either done very meticulous research on Luke's life. Luke then furiously demands to know who he is.

Bobbie tells Michael if he wants to build the clinic where hers' and Luke's old house used to be, he has her blessing. He tells her that is contingent on whether the owner is willing to sell. She then admits to Michael that truthfully, she doesn't know who owns the house now. He tells her he does.

Tracy finds it very odd to hear Ned tell her about Luke and Bobbie having a “sore subject” and she asks what about. He tells her their argument that set Luke off was about their cousin, Bill Eckert.

Luke stares at Fluke and demands to know who could possibly know so much about his past. Fluke then asks him if he ever considered that he (Fluke) might be part of the family.

At the Metro Court, Carly is somewhat suspicious of Johnny when he talks to her about his being cleared of all charges. She does, however, remember she owes him a debt of gratitude for giving her a heads-up about Morgan getting involved in gambling with the Jeromes. He tells her he's glad he could help and remarks that Morgan is a good kid. She asks if he's seen Sonny in Pentonville. Johnny admits they “talked” and he knows Sonny has refused to see her again. She asks if Johnny might have had anything to do with Sonny recently getting beaten. Johnny tells her she needs to realize he's Sonny Corinthos and has many enemies.

Julian is able to persuade Carlos to maybe reconsider working for the anonymous boss.

Luke wracks his brain to figure out who, in his family, this imposter might be when it finally dawns on him that he may very well know.

When Bobbie hears Michael inform her that he's found out that the house she and Luke grew up in is now owned by a man named Bill Eckert, she is shocked to hear that name. He asks if she knows him. She tells Michael he is, or more accurately “was” her cousin and passed away 20 years ago. She had no clue that Bill ever owned the house. She thought it was abandoned and never looked back or questioned it since she and Luke were sent to Florida to be raised by their Aunt Ruby. Hearing that Bill is deceased, Michael concludes he probably won't be able to purchase the house from a dead man.

In the basement of the house, Luke declares he is certain that Fluke is Bill Eckert.

At the Metro Court, Johnny attempts to get both Olivia and Carly to celebrate with him but they both politely decline. He is, however, able to get Lulu to talk and relive old memories of how they met and started dating years ago and all their times together. She seems very focused and engaged while talking to him. Dante gets off the elevator, notices them together and does not seem content.

Julian goes to pay Anna a surprise visit and tells her he wants to confess for the murder of Anthony Zacchara.

Michael asks Bobbie if she thinks Luke might know something about Bill Eckert's house. She tells him she doesn't think Luke is the person to ask because her brother has revealed to her what a sore subject Bill Eckert is to him.

When Ned reveals to Tracy that it really hit a nerve with Luke when Bobbie mentioned and spoke ill of Bill Eckert, she remarks that that makes absolutely no sense to her. She happens to know that Luke barely knew the man, their paths barely crossed and he meant nothing to Luke throughout his life or when he died.

When Fluke hears Luke discover the very likely possibility that he is Bill Eckert, he tells Luke that's absurd. Bill is dead. However, when Luke asks him, Luke declares it's obvious that is correct when he sees Fluke does not answer, evades the question and walks away after putting the duct tape back over Luke's mouth and leaving him alone in the basement.

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