GH Update Tuesday 1/6/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/6/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was still New Year's day. Olivia and Alexis spoke in private at the Metro Court. Olivia admitted that she was in a bad place when she slept with Julian, that she had no intention of doing it again, and she was sorry if her actions hurt Alexis. Alexis doubted Olivia's sincerity. Olivia replied that she was just trying to be gracious, and she turned to leave. Alexis followed and informed Olivia that she knew Olivia had feelings for Ned. Alexis stated that she was sorry that things didn't work out for Olivia and Ned, but Alexis could thought that Olivia had chosen to rebound with Julian as a way to stick it to Alexis. Olivia wondered why Alexis cared about Olivia's reasons for sleeping with Julian. Olivia speculated that Alexis really wanted Julian and that she was stringing Ned along. Olivia stated that she was frustrated that she missed her chance with Ned, but she was more frustrated by watching Alexis treat him unfairly. Alexis replied that Ned was fine with her treatment of him. “That's probably because he thinks that you actually care about him!” Olivia exclaimed. “If I'm right and you're still carrying a torch for Julian, then you are taking advantage of a very good man, to make a fool out of yourself for a rotten one. And you deserve everything you get” Olivia spat, then she stormed off.

Ric and Elizabeth were in his suite. Liz sat in bed smiling, as she listened to Ric talking on the phone with Molly. Molly was curious about the party. Ric described it, and when he got to the part about the couples kissing at midnight, Liz had a flashback to seeing Carly and Jake kiss. After the call ended, Ric joined Liz in bed. Liz spoke with Cam on the phone; he'd had a great time at the kids' party. Ric nuzzled her neck while she talked and made her giggle. When she hung up, they had sex. Later, Ric picked up his watch and thanked her for taking care of it. Liz confided that she used to read the inscription, while Ric was “dead,” and think about all the times that they'd almost found happiness. Ric admitted that he was the reason that they never did. Liz reminded him that he wasn't to blame for their last separation. Ric owned up to making bad choices in the past that hurt Liz. He made a New Year's promise to never hurt Liz again. He vowed to prove that he was a great father and boyfriend, in spite of what Carly said. Ric was sure that Carly gave Jake an earful about Ric's crimes. Liz didn't think it was Carly's place to do that. Ric admitted he was surprised Jake let Ric leave with Liz. Liz was curious what Ric meant. Ric thought Jake had feelings for Liz. He reminded her that Jake had been about to kiss her on Christmas Eve. Ric asked Liz if she returned Jake's feelings. Liz stated that she and Jake were just friends and that they were only going to kiss because they were under the origami mistletoe Cam made for Emma. Ric pointed out that Cam was too short to have hung the mistletoe. Between kisses, Liz told Ric to stop worrying about the mistletoe and remember that he was the one who got kissed, not Jake. They hugged, but Liz looked uncertain.

Carly went to Jake's suite at the Metro Court and encouraged him to have some of the breakfast from the hotel buffet. Jake was reluctant to take another hand out from Carly, who'd already given him a job and a room. He said he'd buy his own breakfast, then he admitted he couldn't afford more than toast and coffee. Carly joked that he could be the heir to a huge fortune, who was used to eating better. Jake didn't think heirs to fortunes ended up in the middle of the road without I.D. “Please, help me make a dent in the leftovers,” Carly asked, and she offered to have room service bring up a meal. Jake accepted, on the condition that Carly stay and eat with him. Carly agreed. They ate, and Jake observed that Carly seemed like she'd rather be somewhere else. Carly confided that she'd gone to Pentonville to spend the morning with Sonny, but he'd refused to see her. Jake playfully told Carly that he wouldn't refuse her visit if he were in prison. Carly suggested that Jake would rather have a visit from Liz, then she asked if he still had feelings for Liz. Jake replied that his feelings didn't matter, now that Liz was happy with Ric. Carly and Jake left the room to go downstairs and get to work. Things took an uncomfortable turn when Liz and Ric happened to walk by. They all exchanged awkward greetings, and the pairs went their separate ways. Liz glanced back at Jake and Carly as she and Ric walked away.

Fluke summoned Carlos to the pier and announced that he needed someone taken care of. Carlos assumed that Fluke was referring to Ric. Although Johnny had told Carlos to kill Ric, Carlos sensed that the order had originated with Fluke. Fluke confirmed that he was running the show. Fluke revealed that he wanted Julian to be killed. Fluke admitted that he was annoyed that Carlos hadn't killed Ric and that Ava hadn't killed Michael. Carlos assumed that Fluke wanted Julian killed to punish Ava, and Carlos suggested that he kill Ava instead. Fluke clarified that he wanted Julian dead because he'd failed to kill Jordan. Fluke told Carlos it would be a way to make up for botching the hit on Ric.

Carlos asked who'd run Fluke's business once Julian was gone. Fluke explained that he was going to put Johnny in charge. Carlos pointed out that Johnny was in prison. “For now,” Fluke replied. “As it turns out, Johnny didn't kill the old man. At least that's what the cops are going to think,” Fluke added with a smile. Fluke thought Carlos could be very valuable to the organization, due to his killer instinct. Fluke had first seen that quality when Carlos went after AJ in the Quartermaine mansion. Fluke asked if Carlos was willing to kill Julian. Carlos understood that Fluke needed a figurehead to run the organization, so that he could go on living as Luke Spencer, but Carlos thought Julian was a better choice than the temperamental Johnny. Fluke sensed that Carlos didn't want to kill his friend. Carlos claimed he wouldn't stick his neck out for Julian, since Julian didn't lift a finger when Carlos was in prison. Carlos thought that Julian would be useful against the Corinthos organization. Fluke was adamant that he wanted Julian gone, and he asked if he could count on Carlos or if he had to reassess Carlos's value. “Consider the bastard dead,” Carlos replied.

Later, Fluke went into the basement where he was holding Luke. He grimaced and spat that Luke smelled bad.

Julian was at his penthouse on the phone with his lawyer. He chewed the man out for being late for their meeting. Julian was adamant that he wasn't going to Pentonville. Soon afterward, Lucas arrived. Lucas sensed that his father wasn't happy to see him, and Julian assured him that he was glad about the visit. Julian explained that he was waiting for his lawyer. Julian fixed drinks for the two of them and they sat down to watch a Golden Girls marathon. Lucas had a hangover and he wondered if the same thing might be keeping Julian's lawyer. Lucas assumed that Julian's media business must have in house counsel. Julian explained that he needed a criminal lawyer. Lucas suggested that Julian hire Diane instead. Julian explained that Diane was already handling Sonny's case. Lucas asked about Alexis, and Julian told him that was out. Lucas wished that Alexis would have forgiven Julian after he told her the truth and helped rescue Luke. Julian explained that Alexis was angry at him for keeping quiet about Luke for so long and for framing Ric. Lucas thought that Alexis should understand that Julian had no choice and that he was trying to protect Julian and Alexis's family. Lucas thought that if he, the person who'd been shot, could get over it, Molly and Alexis would too. Julian still felt guilty about what happened to Lucas, but he was relieved that Lucas was okay. Lucas admitted that he hadn't been able to sleep well since the incident and that he probably wouldn't until Faison was caught. Julian started to assure Lucas that Lucas was safe, but Lucas explained that he was worried Faison would hurt Julian.

Lucas offered to go talk to Alexis on Julian's behalf. Julian didn't think that would work. Lucas maintained that Alexis had no reason to hold a grudge now that Ric was home and Julian was out of the business. Julian confessed that he was still in the business, despite his best efforts. Julian told Lucas that he wasn't his job. “I love you, and I hope you can accept me for who I am, Julian said. “Like you accepted me?” Lucas said. Julian still regretted the way he'd reacted to finding out Lucas was gay. Julian told Lucas that he'd understand if Lucas didn't want a relationship with him anymore. Lucas made it clear that he didn't condone Julian's lifestyle, but he still wanted Julian to be in his life. Julian hoped that Lucas would stay longer, but Lucas had a date with Brad. Later, Carlos came by. Julian let him in, and Carlos pulled out his gun.

Anna was in her office talking to Frisco on the phone. She thanked him for getting Kyle to back off, temporarily. The call ended and Kyle walked in. Anna told him she was too busy to be harassed about Faison today. Kyle clarified that he was there to talk about Johnny. However, he warned Anna that he was not going to forget about what she did to Faison. Confused, Anna pointed out that Johnny was already in prison for killing his father, Anthony. Kyle revealed that Johnny was innocent. Anna countered that Johnny confessed. Kyle reminded her that Carlos had confessed to a crime he didn't commit. Kyle had a written statement from Officer Delores Padilla, in which she admitted that that she'd been pressured to coerce Johnny into making a false confession. Anna was in disbelief, but Kyle told her that Officer Padilla had sworn to it under oath. Anna asked who pressured the officer. Kyle suggested that Anna, who'd been Delores's supervisor, was responsible. Anna called that absurd. She made it clear that she wasn't reopening the case, but Kyle told her it had already been reopened and that Johnny was being released today. Kyle warned Anna that she would soon have to answer for her crimes.

Johnny and Sonny were in the yard at Pentonville. Johnny boasted about his plans to take over the Jerome crime family and Sonny's territory. Sonny was curious how Johnny planned to do that from behind bars. Johnny announced that he'd be getting out soon. Sonny assumed Johnny was planning to escape. Sonny hoped he'd be there to see Johnny get caught and shot in the back. Johnny explained that he was getting released, because he hadn't actually killed Anthony. Sonny was confident that Anna would never buy it. Johnny replied that she had no choice because it was being handled by her superiors. Johnny made plans for when he was free. He mentioned visiting Shawn, or Mac. Johnny thought he might also go see one of his and Sonny's mutual exes, Carly or Olivia. He also thought about going to see Lulu. Carly decided to go with his first instinct and see Carly. Johnny needled Sonny about how lonely Carly must be, and Sonny took a swing at him. A couple of Johnny's men jumped in and protected him. Sonny promised that he would one day tear Johnny apart with his bare hands. A guard came and took Johnny to be released.

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