GH Update Monday 1/5/15

General Hospital Update Monday 1/5/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Nathan awaken the morning of New Year's after they’ve spent the night together. They affirm that they are both still happy. She tells him that she almost feels it's not real to be this happy. It feels like she's in a dream, she tells him. They kiss.

Olivia is dreaming of having a hot and steamy sexual encounter with Ned. He tells her she is the woman of his dreams and he regrets having wasted so much time with Alexis as we see him all over her. Julian is with Alexis in another steamy scene. He asks her what it feels like for her to have kicked Ned to the curb. Ned is with Olivia. Olivia sees Alexis appearing out of nowhere and firmly clarifying to her that Ned is with her (Alexis). Olivia then awakens and sees she is only dreaming. Julian is also given the same “rude awakening” when his dream shows Ned appearing to tell him that Alexis is his and not Julian's. He and Olivia are both startled and not happy to awaken from their blissful dreams and learn that they have spent the night with each other and not with the two respective people they want to be with. Ned and Alexis awaken in bed together. He is happy but her mind is elsewhere.

In Pentonville, the guards lead Sonny into the visiting room where Morgan has come to see him. They talk through a partition over the phone.

Kiki and Silas take the baby to see Ava before she gets ready to be taken to prison, with the realization that it appears that Sonny is the baby's father. We then see Ava being escorted by guards in handcuffs. As soon as she sees her baby happily in Kiki's arms, she stops and stares intently demanding that she gets to see her little one.

At the Metro Court, Fluke looks at the paper with Ava's picture on the front page with the story that she's going to Pentonville. He appears confident that he has successfully scammed everyone into believing he is the real Luke Spencer and that no one suspects a thing. When Bobbie joins him for breakfast, she admits she's questioning if he's just another imposter having stolen Luke's face as this does not appear to be the brother she's always known. He knows to call her Barbara Jean and asks her why she would accuse him of such a thing after all he's been through. She replies because “punctuality” is not in his character. She could not imagine Luke cutting his blissful time with Tracy short, after New Year's and showing up for their meeting. She does, however, confirm that she has no suspicions about him and is happy to have him back after the horrific thing he went through at the hands of the hideous criminal Cesar Faison. She talks about how she regrets that his own sister would be fooled as well as so many other people by the mask that Faison wore to steal Luke's identity. She admits that when she saw behaviors in the imposter that were not like Luke, she would have only thought that their cousin, Bill Eckert, would be impersonating Luke.

At Pentonville, Morgan gives his dad an update about all the family and how they send their love. However, when Sonny asks him about Michael, Morgan has to admit that he barely sees his brother as he wrote Morgan and Kiki off along with Sonny and Carly for not telling him about AJ.

Ava rushes to see her two daughters although the guard tells her the warden gave orders for her to wait in the other room alone until the transfer papers are ready. She pleads to let her see the baby but he disregards that and leads her into the other room. Silas follows them in and asks if Ava cannot at least see her daughter at the same time and take the cuffs off so she can hold the little one before she has to leave. They assure the guard that she can't go too far if he is right outside the door. The guard agrees to let Ava visit with the three of them alone.

Olivia awakens and rushes out of the bed, angrily telling Julian that she can't believe what she did last night, doesn't want to know or think about it and how it disgusts her. He tells her that he knows she had a choice and the same responsibility in what happened the previous night as he did. He reiterates to her that they had the same motive to distract themselves from the reality that they have both gotten their hearts broken from Ned and Alexis having been together last night. Again, he vents about how he cannot, for the life of him grasp what Alexis sees in that guy and how she can choose him over Julian. In response to that, Olivia wants to tell him the obvious reason any woman would make that very choice. He reminds her if that's the way she really feels, then she really lowered her standards last night to jump his bones.

Alexis and Ned awaken together in the next room and although she does not reveal it, her mind is on having seen Julian kissing Olivia instead of her the previous night. He seems to be seeing and privately thinking the same thing although he does not reveal it.

Maxie and Nathan are together admitting that being intimate is new to them although they are both happy.

After removing her handcuffs, the officer shuts the door for Ava to hold the baby and talk privately to her daughter and Silas. Kiki happily affirms to her mom that the doctors have confirmed that the baby is completely healthy after running a series of tests. She also informs her mom that another test was done. It was a paternity test. Ava asks her daughter if the baby has been proven Sonny's or Morgan's daughter.

At Pentonville, Sonny expresses to Morgan his concerns about the fact that Michael has not only disowned him and Carly. He is not speaking to Morgan. Morgan also informs his dad that Carly told Michael that his father demanded she stop visiting him because Sonny does not want to prevent Michael and Carly from reconciling. When he learns that Carly did not tell Michael what he asked her to tell him, he furiously tells Morgan if Michael wants to hate him, he will accept that, but he won't accept Michael hating all of them. Especially not his mother.

Bobbie talks to “Luke” about how, years ago many people had her brother confused with Bill Eckert. She admits the first time she laid eyes on their first cousin, when he was being wheeled into the hospital after a boating accident, she thought he was Luke. It would seem so odd that first cousins would look so much alike. As soon as Fluke hears her mention Bill, he seems shocked and off guard.

Nathan gets up and wears an apron over just his underwear to serve breakfast. Maxie is startled and admits she is hungry but maybe not for food. She jumps into his arms admitting she can't wait any longer as the two plates of omelets go flying out of Nathan's hands.

Alexis and Ned get dressed and he admits that they might want to wait a while before leaving the room together as he would like to avoid an awkward situation with Olivia. In the other room, Olivia puts her robe on and clarifies to Julian they need to get it straight that it was he who waned to sleep with her and not the other way around. She gets ready to go out the door. As soon as it opens, Ned and Alexis are right outside in the hallway and in full view of Olivia in her robe and Julian in his Speedo shorts as they overhear the conversation they are having about what they did last night.

Maxie and Nathan are again on the couch after another sexual encounter. She admits she cannot believe how well this worked out and they are lucky that they are this compatible. She tells him that after months and months of both of them being single and out of practice, one might wonder how it would go and he remarks about having had sex all over the apartment since they returned home together the previous night.

Outside the hotel room, Ned angrily asks Olivia if she slept with Julian. He assumes that Julian must have gotten her drunk and made certain she could not think for herself and took advantage of her. He could not imagine that Olivia would degrade herself this way. She angrily tells him it's none of his business what she does. She is making her own decisions. He's making unfounded assumptions. Ned protests to Olivia that she's better than this. Hearing all that is said and unable to believe it, Alexis gets up to walk away and goes downstairs with Ned following her.

Fluke “rehashes” with Bobbie about how he was mistaken for Bill Eckert not long ago. He “pulls it off” really well sounding just like the brother Bobbie would know although he clearly has some “sensitive issues” regarding the death of Bill Eckert.

At Pentonville, Morgan admits to Sonny that there is something he needs to let his dad know about the baby. He assures Sonny she is happy and healthy. Sonny tells his son that he knows she is in good hands with Morgan looking out for her, revealing that he is assuming (and hoping) that Morgan is her father. Morgan admits to his dad, however, that much to his despair, a DNA test has revealed that the baby is Sonny's and not his.

Kiki and Silas tell the same thing to Ava who appears as though she expresses sadness with the fact that Morgan got his hopes up and really wanted to be the father. She tells them she regrets hurting her young ex-lover by the terrible mistake she made with his father and that the last thing she wants is for Sonny to call this baby his. They do all agree, however, that regardless of any of that, this baby is a miracle and they all love her.. Kiki then tells her mom that they will need to give this baby a name sooner or later. Ava holds the little one and admits there were many uncertainties in the pregnancy. They assure her that by the time Sonny is out of prison, the baby will be a young woman who won't have to have anything to do with him if she does not want. Regarding naming her, Ava admits she was afraid to do that because it would make her grow too attached to a baby she may never see again. She has since thought about it and declares that she wants to name her Avery. Kiki seems a bit surprised. Ava tells her daughter she wanted to at least give the baby a part of her that is similar to her name. She realizes she has done some terrible things and is going to pay some serious consequences so she may never again have any time with this little one or be a part of her life, but she wants to always know that the baby will be a part of her no matter where she is and that she will never forget her girls. Kiki smiles when she hears that.

Morgan tells his dad that he realizes he would make a lousy dad with no job or degree or prospects or even a place to live. Michael has evicted him and Kiki and the baby and they are now living with his mom. Sonny firmly assures his son he needs to know that he has stepped up for his parents when they needed him and that the baby is very grateful to have him. He asks Morgan if he is “ok” with being the baby's brother instead of her father. Morgan replies he guesses he is.

Bobbie talks to the guy she believes is her brother about their cousin, Bill Eckert, having done a lot of bad things. He was abusive to his son, she tells him although Fluke is very “defensive” and insists that Bill would never do anything like that. She reminds him that their mutual father beat them. At that point, Fluke furiously yells and draws everyone's attention in the restaurant. Alexis enters, overhears, and asks if he is ok.

Julian tells Olivia that Ned has a hell of a nerve to get into her business and why does he think he's better than Julian? H tells her he was really proud of her for standing up for herself to him. She is not happy or comfortable yet has to admit that she agrees with his discontentment of Alexis and Ned being together. Maybe she can't dispute his theory that the two of them achieved a mutual victory when they saw the looks on Ned's and Alexis' faces to see them together and make them feel what they have both been feeling.

Fluke apologizes to Alexis and Ned for raising his voice. Bobbie asks Ned if he remembers Bill Eckert. Ned reflects that his ex brother in law who looked just like Luke was not one of his favorite people. He stole ELQ and caused a lot of issues for too many people. Fluke clearly reveals that their ill opinions and memories of Bill Eckert has hit a major nerve with him.

Maxie and Nathan eat their breakfast and talk about how they have both used restraint throughout their encounter. She admits she cannot keep her eyes off of his hot body. He brings out some more food he's prepared and she tells him she cannot wait to see the new concoction. She can see that he might still be sore after his bullet wound. He admits that maybe the “delay” was a blessing in disguise and maybe practice can make perfect. They talk about many things that people can practice to make perfect. Again, they get distracted from all other things besides going at it again. They knock the coffee table and the food over on the floor.

In the hotel room, Olivia tells Julian he may continue this ridiculous game if he wants, but he must do it by himself and not with her. She is out, she tells him as she goes out the door to get to work.

Fluke reveals to Bobbie, Alexis, and Ned that he is very uncomfortable, angry and resentful of the negative comments they have all made about Bill Eckert and he gets up to leave. They all find it odd. Alexis gets ready to go to work but she comes face to face with Olivia and they are clearly not happy to see each other.

Morgan shows his dad a snapshot of the baby. He promises he will come again with more pictures as soon as the guard tells him his time is up. He leaves.

The guard tells Ava the transport is here to take her to prison. They will not wait any longer even though she needs more time. Kiki urges her mom not to act upset as not to scare the baby. Ava gives her back to Kiki and holds out her hands so the guard can cuff her and take her away. Alone with Kiki, Silas asks his daughter if she's ready. She admits to her dad regarding the baby, she's not too worried as they can take care of her together. However, regarding what has happened to her mom being alone, hauled off the prison, she is worried and she's afraid that Sonny will go after Ava, now that he knows she's killed Connie, regardless of anything that can keep them separated, and Ava will never be safe.

As the guards take Ava right down the same hallway where Sonny walks after his visit to Morgan, she gloats to him that she knows he would not dare mess with her since she is the mother of their child.

Julian runs into Fluke who asks him why he's late and if he got lucky last night. Julian demands to know what the hell he wants. Fluke asks him what his plans are. Julian affirms he does not intend to go to prison but intends to continue working with Fluke for a long time. He needs to go somewhere and excuses himself.

Olivia attempts to apologize and smooth things over with Alexis, assuring her that she was in a bad place the previous night. Alexis, however, knows that Olivia is not ok with the fact that Ned is with Alexis and might want to get back at her.

At the table in the restaurant, Bobbie and Ned talk alone about how odd it is that “Luke” is suddenly so engrossed in the memory of Bill Eckert.

Fluke is talking to Carlos on the phone saying they need to meet and find a permanent solution to their problem.

Maxie and Nathan talk about the nutritional intake they need to keep up their energy. Maxie mollifies her lover with some mac and cheese. Nathan assures her their relationship is all honeymoon. Again, he wishes her a "Happy New Year."

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