GH Update Friday 1/2/15

General Hospital Update Friday 1/2/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court New Years party, Carly announces the countdown at midnight. Everybody counts down from 10 and announces Happy New Year while we hear party whistles blow, balloons and confetti rising and people kiss and celebrate the new year. We see Jordan with Shawn although having had a less than compatible conversation, they kiss. Olivia and Julian notice they are together and apart from the people they want to be with. They hesitate and confirm this never happened before they kiss but go through with it anyway. Duke and Lucy kiss. Anna and Sloane wish each other happy new year and even they kiss, although she merely appears to want to see if Duke notices while she observes him with Lucy. Elizabeth is happily with Ric. Sam is happily with Patrick. Yet Jake is alone without anyone to kiss. It appears so is Carly.

We then see Nathan and Maxie returning home and reflecting that they have waited an entire year for this. He announces to her that they can now forget everything except the fact that 2015 is the year of them together. She agrees and they kiss. They reflect about how they got all of their signals crossed for being together for this night but now they are finally together and they agree that all they've been through in the last year has been worth it now that they have found their way back to each other.

Back at the Metro Court, Alexis and Ned kiss and agree this is a nice way to bring in 2015. After Olivia lets Julian kiss her, she tells him he crossed the line although they agree that it was mutual. As soon as she notices Ned with Alexis, she wonders if she can get him to raise objections to see her with Julian so she kisses him again with her sole intent to get a response from him. Ned does take her aside to express his concerns about not wanting his “friend” to consider being with somebody as unworthy of her as Julian. She protests that he made his choice and wonders why he has issues with who she might be with, realizing he's not romantically interested in her. Julian has similar interest in seeing if he can make Alexis jealous and when it appears he does, he asks her why she feels it's any of her business now that she's declared they are through. Sam asks Patrick if maybe they can do something they have never done. He asks her what she has in mind. She replies spending the night together.

Maxie notices that Dante and Lulu have made a lot of efforts for her and Nathan to have a celebration. He admits that he is glad that he went all the way to Portland although she was not there. He was very happy to meet Georgie. She is a wonderful kid, he tells her. He also thought that Spinelli was a great guy. Also, he remarks the way that her child's father speaks of her, he can tell the Spinelli thinks the world of her. Maxie admits that she feels responsible for ruining her relationship with Spinelli as well as with him. He tells her he does not believe she could be more wrong not to believe she deserves him.

At the Metro Court, Sloane tells Anna that regardless of their “compatibility”, he still intends to bring her to justice for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Cesar Faison.

Ned talks privately to Olivia about his choice to be with Alexis, what he's just seen between her and Julian and if it might have something to do with her incompletion with him and Julian's with Alexis . When she leaves, Julian finds Ned and confronts him for being with Alexis. Alexis urges Ned to not listen to him.

Patrick admits to Sam he knows she's had an emotional year with Jason and then with Silas and he wants to make sure she is ready for this. She tells him he need not worry. Nothing they can do or not do will bring Jason back. They seem to agree that they have a pretty good thing going on. So, she tells him, there's no harm in taking this to the next level. She first assumes that they can't go to her place because Molly will be there. He then suggest they go to his house and they leave together.

When Carly sees Elizabeth with Ric, she tells her she needs to be careful knowing how dangerous Ric is and what he is capable of. Neither Elizabeth nor Ric want to hear her bringing up the panic room where Ric locked her up not long ago. Jake overhears and asks Carly how it is that Ric locked her in a panic room and was ready to give her baby to Elizabeth, yet this guy gets to roam the streets free. She tells him he need not worry because she knows that Ric would probably never harm his “precious Elizabeth” and she can see how Elizabeth turns a blind eye on Ric unable or unwilling to see him for who he really is and only wanting to see the good in him.

Elizabeth and Ric waste no time rushing to a room, removing each other's clothes and doing what they were prevented from doing the last time they were together before he got arrested and taken away. They clearly want to make up for lost time with what they've missed out on doing for too long.

Ned and Alexis go to a room and she apologizes to him for Julian's behavior. He tells her he could care less about Julian but has concerns about how Olivia could be with him. He knows Olivia would never have let Julian kiss her if she was not feeling vulnerable. Alexis asks him why Olivia would feel vulnerable. Ned replies because she admitted having feelings for him.

Julian asks Olivia if she might not consider getting a room with him. She tells him the only reason she kissed him was to see if she could make Ned jealous and feel what she is feeling when she sees him with Alexis. She affirms to Julian she would not get a room with him if he were the last man on earth, yet she accompanies him to one of her rooms.

Jake tends bar and talks to Carly about how he suddenly met Ric for the first time right when he was with Elizabeth right before Christmas. Ric just made his presence known clear out of the blue when it appeared Elizabeth and everyone thought Ric was dead. Since they, Elizabeth has spent all of her free time with Ric and she has completely ignored him, he tells Carly. Hearing that, Carly asks Jake if that is the reason why he moved out of Elizabeth's home. He clarifies to her that the reason he moved out was because he thought it was the “right” thing to do.

Elizabeth and Ric are together in bed when “deja vu” occurs all over again for them when they hear Anna banging on their door. They remember all too well how Anna interrupted them while they were in this very room not long ago. Ric goes to get the door and reminds Anna he is now a free man and hopes she is not ready to arrest him again. When Anna sees him, she admits she got his room mixed up with the room of someone else with whom she has professional issues. She then goes and knocks on the door of Sloane’s room. He answers the door shirtless and looks like he is not thinking about business.

Nathan assures Maxie that she need no longer have reservations about their future together. They eat and drink campaign. They then both wonder why they are being awkward. They agree this is a big deal. She assures him she is ready and asks if he is. He tells her he has never been more ready for something in his life. At that point, they go into the bedroom together.. She notices a heart decorated with satin on her bed and candles surrounding them and is in awe that Dante and Lulu did not have to help him with this. He did this all on his own.

Olivia asks Julian if he's really ready to “do this” as she appears like she is “daring” him. He appears like he's “afraid”. We assume we might know what they are talking about until we see that they are merely playing poker together in a hotel room. She acknowledges she does not like him but this beats spending New Years Eve alone.

Also they are both mindful of Alexis and Ned together in the next room.

Anna walks into Sloane's room and tells him he may believe whatever he wants and accuse her of being a hypocrite of a police Commissioner. But he needs to know the circumstances regarding Faison. For years he stalked, harassed and terrorized him, she tells him emotionally, like she's trying to prove something to him. Every attempt she's ever made to put Faison in prison failed, she tells Sloane. Nothing worked. So she and Robert decided what they had to do. She concludes to Sloane that she now knows how to make herself no longer a “challenge” for Faison by beating him at his own game. She tells Sloane he may take action against her or do whatever he wants. Nothing would be as bad as having that man (Faison) in her life anymore. She knew she had to put a stop to it and now that she finally has, it's all worth it for her, she tells Sloane.

Carly sits with Jake and talks about Jason . He sounds like he gets the impression that Jason might have been a “playboy”. She admits that is so not the man Jason was. When he was committed to anyone, he was faithful and honorable. She admits when she first met Jason, she thought he was hot and they had sex and it was great. Things were an issue for a while but she later realized he was her best friend. She talks about how Jason always put her first and she always put him first. She is afraid that when Jason was alive, shortly before he died, she let him down. She tells him she knows that if Jason were there, he would have never given up on her. However, she realizes she cannot go back and must move forward. Jake acknowledges to her that she looks like she is still living although she remarks not very well. She also tells him that even if she is not moving on, it appears Jason's widow, Sam, is moving on.

Sam is with Patrick while they talk about the one other time, not long ago, when they were sharing a hotel room together while in Amsterdam. He reminds her they didn't actually “do anything” while there although she tells him actually they did.

While with Ric, Elizabeth tells him that the only thing she had to remember him by all the while she thought he was gone was the engraved watch she gave him years ago Hearing that, he is very honored to know that she never gave up on him.

Ned admits to Alexis that he and Olivia were spending time together although he wanted them to just be friends. Then, he admits to her, she came along and he declares to her that she is the only woman he wants. She affirms he is the only man for her yet she asks if maybe he might have feelings for Olivia which are beyond platonic. Hearing that, he asks if she is really certain that she is over Julian because he sometimes questions that when he's with her..

Olivia is in the other room, telling Julian that it annoys her to no end that Ned is choosing Alexis over her. It's so clear to her that they have nothing in common. He listens attentively revealing he has the same concerns and they are very much on the same page with that..

While Sloane is shirtless in his room and hears Anna lecturing him, he tells her he thinks the reason she is in his room picking a fight with him is because she cannot bear the thought of seeing the man she wants with someone else.

Sam and Patrick talk about how their timing may or may not have worked in the past and hesitate to go home together. The valet then announces to them that their vehicle is ready and they leave together.

Maxie and Nathan are alone in the bedroom still fully clothed while they kiss. His clothes come off while they slowly consummate their relationship for the first time.

Lucy is happy to be with Duke and he-her although they dance around the subject of whether they should be friends or more. He obviously wants to get over Anna and possibly see if he can detect signs she is not over him.

Anna angrily tells Sloane how dare he imply that her issue with him and with Faison has anything to do with her inability to get over Duke. She assures him she is a police commissioner. She's not afraid to take down any criminal. And she resents Sloane's implications.

Julian and Olivia share their mutual incompletion with Ned and Alexis. They kiss more, remove their clothes and are ready to go at it.

In the other room, Ned asks Alexis if what he has heard is that she is not over Julian. She tells him no. What she is saying is that she does want to spend the night with him.

Carly admits to Jake that she owes Elizabeth a debt of gratitude for some things. Even if she and Elizabeth do not get along great, she would never wish harm to her and that is why she's concerned about her being with Ric. He tells Carly that he owes her for giving him a job. He expresses his concerns about the fact that Sam suspects him as the criminal who took her hostage and helped Faison to get away. She then concludes to him that he need not worry about Elizabeth or about Sam because in the grand scheme of things, neither of those two women should mean anything to him. Who else has she said the very same thing to?

Maxie and Nathan conclude that they are happy to be together and mean so much to one another. It seems they have both finally achieved what they want together.

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