GH Update Tuesday 12/30/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/30/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was New Year's Eve, and the Metro Court was decorated for a party. Carly was putting the finishing touches on things when Jake approached her and asked for a job. He added that he'd take anything, so that he could stop shoveling snow. Carly was concerned that Jake had been working outside in the cold. Jake explained that they didn't ask for an I.D. and it paid cash, which Jake needed for rent. Carly was curious why he moved out of Elizabeth's. Jake explained that Ric came back, and he joked that it was hard to compete with a return from the dead. Jake confessed that living with Elizabeth and her kids had started to feel “right,” and he left because he wasn't sure if he was committed to anyone else. Carly was curious if Jake and Liz had been more than friends. Jake dodged the question and opined that Ric and Liz deserved a chance to be together. Carly stated that Ric was not a nice person and that he'd hurt a lot of people, including Carly. Jake admitted that he didn't like Ric either, but he wasn't sure why. Carly suggested that Jake may have given up on Liz too easily.

In the Metro Court lobby, Ric complimented Elizabeth on the way she looked. She smiled she noted that he'd already done that numerous times tonight. Ric stated that he had about six months to make up for, thanks to Julian. At that point, Julian walked into the hotel. Ric confronted the contrite Julian, who quietly explained that he framed Ric because his family had been threatened and Lucas had been shot. Ric was unsympathetic because he felt that Julian should have expected the mob to be dangerous. Ric spat that Julian was too weak and sloppy to be a mobster. Ric advanced on Julian, but Liz told him it wasn't worth it. Ric backed off. He decided not to jeopardize his happiness getting revenge on Julian. Ric predicted that Julian would eventually destroy himself. Ned and Alexis walked in. Ric taunted Julian about losing Alexis, then he and Liz went upstairs to the restaurant.

Ned made a crack about Julian losing Alexis to Ned, which set Julian off. Ned and Julian traded barbs and ignored Alexis when she admonished them to act their age. Ned suggested that they take this outside. Julian thought they should fight here and now, and he shoved Ned. Olivia rushed over and dragged Julian upstairs to get a drink and cool off. Ned asked Alexis if she was okay, and she glared at him. The tension lifted when Sam and Patrick walked in. Ned and Patrick went to the elevator, and Alexis discreetly made it clear that she was glad Sam and Patrick patched things up and that he was her date.

Duke was in the Metro Court restaurant. He spotted Anna and they chatted, until Duke announced that his date was there. Lucy ran up and hugged Duke. Anna was startled and asked if they were together. Lucy stressed that it was just a friendly NYE date. Duke told Lucy she didn't have to explain, since Anna had a date, too. Anna was confused. Duke had seen Anna having lunch with a man earlier and assumed it was a date. Anna realized Duke was referring to Agent Kyle Sloane. She tried to clear things up, but Lucy kept interrupting her. Kyle arrived and walked over. Duke introduced himself. Kyle ignored Duke's outstretched hand and coldly replied that he knew who Duke was and that he wouldn't associate with mob bosses. Kyle and Lucy introduced themselves, then Duke and Lucy walked away. Kyle assumed that Anna had tried to pass him off as her date. Anna stammered that this wasn't the case, Kyle snapped that he didn't date criminals and that he already had a date. Skeptical, Anna asked if the date was invisible. Kyle explained that he met his date at the gym and that she was meeting him there. Just then, his date walked in on Nikolas's arm. Anna quipped that Kyle's date had already traded up. Anna and Kyle's conversation was laced with sarcasm. Anna urged Kyle to go join his date. Kyle glanced over at Duke and told Anna that he wouldn't want to make her look bad in front of Duke. Anna reminded Kyle about the time she kicked him in the head while drilling him in martial arts, and she mentioned that she'd love to to it again. “Promises, promises,” Kyle said, with a smile. Nikolas and Ivy walked over. Ivy took Kyle aside. She explained that she and Nik had connected when they met on the elevator ride up and that she'd rather spend the evening with Nik.

Duke told Lucy how happy he was to have her company tonight. Lucy assured Duke that he didn't have to pretend that it didn't bother him a bit to see Anna with another man.

Anna and Nik chatted. She mentioned his date, and Nik explained that he met Ivy in the lobby and found her to be sweet, smart, and funny. Nik looked uncomfortable when Anna told him that they were working on finding Helena. Nik went back to Ivy. Kyle returned to Anna, who was watching Duke and Lucy dance. He whispered that she was better off without “that crook.” Anna assured him that he could do better than Ivy. Kyle asked Anna to dance. She reminded him that she was a criminal, but he told her they were off the clock. She accepted. Duke and Anna glanced at each other while on the dance floor.

Ric and Liz came face to face with Carly and Jake. It was clear that Carly wasn't happy to see Ric. Liz was surprised Jake was there. Carly announced that he was her new bartender. Carly and Jake stepped out, and he got dressed in his new uniform. Jake was nervous about interacting with some of the people at the party. Carly told Jake that Ric could “suck it,” as she gave him a pep talk. Carly gave Jake a tray of drinks and sent him back to the party. Jake worked his way through the crowd, passing out drinks, and ended up coming face to face with Sam and Patrick. Things were chilly between Jake and Sam. Sam asked if Jake worked there, and Jake replied that he'd miss the excitement of holding women hostage. Patrick bristled at Jake making light of Sam's ordeal. Jake asked if Sam had any evidence against him, and Sam assured him that she was working on it. Jake walked back over to Carly, who was curious about the tension between him and Sam. Jake didn't want to talk about it. Carly vented about how much she hated 2014, and she called it the worst year of her life. Jake pointed out that, on the bright side, she wasn't married to Franco. Carly countered that Franco had done lasting damage, and Jason, the only one who could fix it, wasn't around. Carly was sure she'd be better tomorrow, and she told herself it was no big deal that she was spending NYE alone. Jake looked across the room at Liz and Ric.

Ric asked if Liz was having a good time. Liz was, but she was concerned by the way Jake suddenly moved out. Liz admitted that Jake's reasoning was sound and she was sure he'd be fine. Ric confessed that he was selfishly glad Jake was gone because it gave Ric and Liz more time alone.

Shawn and Jordan ran into each other at the hotel. Shawn was alarmed that Jordan wasn't in hiding. Jordan told Shawn about Julian confronting her with a gun, and she admitted that she'd lied and told him she was working for the Corinthos family. Jordan felt that she'd proven her worth by saving Michael and Ric. She wanted Shawn to hire her, so she'd be protected from Julian. Shawn asked how he could be sure that Jordan wasn't still working for the Jeromes. Jordan swore on TJ's life that she wasn't conspiring with Julian or any other mobster. Shawn smiled and admitted he knew Jordan wouldn't do that to him. Things turned flirtatious and Jordan noted that it could be nice to work on the same side. Shawn told her it was Duke's decision.

Olivia took Julian to the bar and gave him a drink and got one for herself. She warned him that she'd throw him out if he didn't stay away from Ned and Alexis. Julian whined that Ned started it, but Olivia was unsympathetic and thought he was being immature. Julian promised to control his temper. Julian told Olivia that it was clear that she was pining for Ned and that she was no more happy that Ned was with Alexis than Julian was. Olivia admitted he was right. Ned and Alexis walked in, just as Olivia loudly wondered how she managed to wind up in the same boat as Julian.

Olivia was alone at the bar when Ned came up and placed an order. He tried to chat with Olivia, but she gave him the brush off. Ned told Olivia that he wanted to resume their friendship. Olivia didn't think that was possible. She walked away.

Julian approached Alexis. He assured her he wasn't going to make a scene. He told her he liked her dress and asked if she and Ned were having a good time. “Very,” Alexis said, then she asked how Julian was enjoying his night. Julian noted that he was alone, for now, but that he was looking for a woman, now that he was a free agent again. He walked away, and ran into Jordan and Shawn. “Told you so,” Jordan said to Julian, in reference to her being with Shawn. Jordan and Shawn found Duke. They took him aside and asked him about hiring Jordan. Duke wanted to further test Jordan's loyalty. Jordan agreed to this.

Ned told Alexis he'd gotten them a room upstairs. He hoped it wasn't too presumptuous, but Alexis was pleased. They kissed. Olivia was watching them from afar and looked dejected. Julian walked up and asked her to dance. Olivia turned him down. Julian persevered and said it wasn't like he was asking her to marry him. Olivia scoffed and reminded him about what Ava did to her and Connie. Julian countered that he wasn't his sister. He told Olivia that there was no reason they shouldn't have fun tonight, like everyone else. Olivia grudgingly agreed to one dance.

Jake and Carly watched, glumly, as everyone except them danced. Later, Carly made a toast. She implored everyone to fix what was broken, and honor those they'd lost by living life to the fullest. Everyone counted down to the new year. Shawn and Jordan kissed. Duke kissed Lucy on the cheek, then they kissed romantically. Olivia and Julian agreed in advance to forget this ever happened, then they shared a deep kiss. Anna and Kyle got swept up in the moment and kissed, too. Jake watched Sam kissing Patrick and Liz kissing Ric. Carly noticed that Jake looked depressed, and she pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Maxie went to the airport to pick Nathan up, but he wasn't there. He called with bad news – his plane had been forced to land in Beecher's Corners. The pair were determined to ring in the new year together, but the cell phone reception went out as they finalized their plan to reunite. Maxie assumed Nathan knew she planned to drive to Beecher's Corners and pick him up, while Nathan was under the impression that he was supposed to take a cab to Maxie's. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante were at Maxie's setting up a special dinner for Maxie and Nathan. Lulu noted that last year, Nathan and Maxie were like ships passing in the night, and this year, they'd finally be at the same place. She thought it was very romantic. Dante was happy for his friends, but he admitted that he wasn't quite as excited about this as Lulu was. Lulu assured Dante that they'd get back to their own plans once she made sure their friends' night would be perfect. She added that they deserved it after all they'd been through. They got hungry, so they ate some of Maxie and Nathan's rib dinner. Nathan came home and Lulu asked where Maxie was. When Nathan learned about the mix up, he called Maxie, who'd made it to the airport in Beecher's Corners. They were disappointed they'd missed each other again, and Maxie revealed that she couldn't drive home because her car had been towed. Nathan correctly guessed that she'd parked in a loading zone. He told her to get a cab home. Maxie was worried that she wouldn't make it in time, but Nathan told her they still had an hour until midnight.

At a half hour til midnight, Nathan walked into the living room in a towel. Dante grumbled about Nathan walking around like that in front of Lulu. Lulu told Nathan he looked great. Dante was jealous, and Lulu assured him that he looked great in a towel, too. Nathan said he had to get dressed and Lulu and Dante had to go. Lulu had been up early with Rocco, so she was too tired to go to the party at the hotel. She grinned and suggested that they ring in the new year another way. They left. Maxie called and broke the news that her cab broke down.

Maxie got home, just minutes before midnight, and called out for Nathan, but he wasn't there. He called and told her he went to pick him up. Maxie was disappointed and told him the tow truck driver gave her a ride. Nathan told her that he wouldn't make it back in time. Maxie heard a knock on the door, while she was on the phone, and she joked to Nathan that with her luck, it was the grim reaper. She opened it – it was Nathan. Maxie squealed with delight, and kissed him. Maxie wondered if Nathan was really there. Nathan noted that there was no other place he should be, than at her door, as the new year started. Maxie couldn't think of a better way to start 2015. They kissed again.

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