GH Update Monday 12/29/14

General Hospital Update Monday 12/29/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie rushes home after finding a way to return to Port Charles against all odds to be with Nathan New Years Eve. However, she looks all over the apartment for him and he's not there.

Nathan has flown to Portland, OR and Damien Spinelli has informed him that Maxie has gone back to port Charles looking for him. Nathan concludes ht t he should have called to confirm wit her first but did not charge his phone. So that is what he gets. He is worried that that may be what the universe is telling him.

Maxie gets on the phone to call Lulu assuming that Nathan is not far away and in town. Lulu however tells her she might want to “sit down for this one'

Fluke is at the table with Dante. He goes and finds Duke Lavery and sits at the table to engage in a conversation with him.

Lulu runs off to find Maxie and Dante is alone at the table when Anna enters. She informs Dante that she is a bit worried about Jordan Ashford going into hiding and staying in a motel when the Jeromes now know that she has gone undercover and has lied to them about her objectives. They both agree that their latest plan for her to spy upon Duke for the police department might be easier said than done.

Jordan is in the motel room when Julian enters with a gun. He tells her he is on to her and is going to carry out the wishes of the boss who has taken over Luke's identity.

At the hospital, Sam finds Patrick and tells him they need to talk. He tells her he is willing to make time for her and has no worries or suspicions. She tells him she wanted to “clarify” something about the kiss they had the other night.

When Elizabeth returns home and finds Jake/Jason, he has just had a conversation with Ric which she is unaware of. He concludes he has no option except to move out of her home since it appears she and Ric are committed to each other and he does not want to get in the way. Hearing that, she tells him she did not expect this and asks if something happened. He replies he just feels he has been imposing on her long enough. She tells him that she has always been happy to have him here and she is not in any hurry for him to leave. He reminds her that they did agree that this would only be temporary. She again asks if something may have happened that she is unaware of.

Lulu goes to the apartment to see Maxie after she has called and her realizing Maxie and Nathan got their signals crossed over being together New Years Eve. Maxie tells Lulu she's worried because she thought that night was meant to be for her and Nathan. She asks if maybe about the “signs from the universe” are telling her something when circumstances prevent them from being together on that symbolic night.

At Spinelli's apartment, he tells Nathan if he can't get a flight back, he's welcome to stay however, he asks just how Nathan found a way to get a plane ticket and get to Portland so quickly. Nathan admits that his mother, the one who raised him, Madeline Reeves pulled the strings for him.

Maxie informs Lulu of the same thing for how she relied upon her father, Frisco to find a way for her to get back to Port Charles although nobody was supposed to board a flight out of Portland. She explains to Lulu that her father pulled strings for the WSB to find a flight for her.

At the Metro Court, Anna attempts to brainstorm with Dante how they can keep Jordan safe. Anna observes Duke talking to Fluke and tells him she still believes Jordan's best bet is working her way into having Duke trust her while she gets the goods on him for the cops.

Duke is talking to Fluke whom he believes is the real Luke. Fluke tells him that they have something profound in common by both having their freedom and faces stolen by Cesar Faison. Fluke talks about hearing that Duke is stepping in for Sonny Corinthos and he thinks it's a good choice with the support he has given to the Corinthos organization. Anna comes over to the table overhearing their conversation and seems suspicious. She may be onto the fact that this does not sound like the Luke she knows

When Julian declares to Jordan that he is onto her, at the motel room and holds the gun on her, she protests that he needs to remember that she was there to help his sister Ava when she was pregnant and she took the rap for him when he blew away Mickey Diamond. He tells her that is in the past and he now knows he cannot trust her after he's gotten the most recent information about her activity. He declares to her she is the reason he and the organization lost their leverage with Sonny. She chose loyalty to her lover, Shawn over loyalty to his people. He tells her she will have to pay for her consequences. She protests to him he must be smart enough to know that killing her will get him nothing and she manages to overpower him and he falls over while she grabs the gun and holds it on him. When he stands up and faces her. She then notices that the gun is empty. She admits to Julian that he is “good” and asks how he found her. He then remembers Fluke giving him the address to find her. She tells him she wonders what is going on and assumes Faison is still calling the shots so she asks Julian if Faison is putting him up to this. He clarifies to her that Faison is no longer in the picture. She asks then who would be the boss instructing him to kill her?

Fluke leaves Duke to talk to Anna alone. When she approaches Duke at his table, he addresses her in an impersonal way, realizing she is the Commissioner and on a different “team” than he is on. She tells him she knows that he helped Shawn and Jordan find and save Ric Lansing but she asks why he did not call the proper authorities. He replies there wasn't time. However, in the conversation, he attempts to reach out and tells her it doesn't have to be this way for the two of them.

Nathan calls Maxie while at Spinelli's and they both remark how each of them had the same plan to take drastic action to go to be with the other. Yet, she remarks a lot of good it did them and she tells him that it's too late for them to be together tonight. There's no way either of them can get a flight to see each other with the little time they have left, the limited resources and all the obstacles standing in their way. He tells her that after all the odds that have kept them apart since they first met, this situation is very insignificant and he tells her that he will find a way for them to be together before midnight.

Sam talks to Patrick at the hospital about the status of their relationship. She admits she'd like to be able to trust her intuitions for becoming more than friends although she is still being cautious. He remarks that he feels very fortunate that she has not entirely kicked him to the curb after he kept the secret from her about Jason.

At Elizabeth's, she remarks to Jake that she's finally seen him in the last week. He tells her he found employment. She tells him that he's been avoiding her since Ric came back and asks him if the reason he is leaving is because he doesn't want to see her with Ric.

Jordan urges Julian to tell her whom he works for and reminds him she already knows that Johnny Zacchara is in charge of one of the operations although she is unaware that Fluke is still scamming everyone (except for Julian) into believing he is the real Luke Spencer. She urges him to know that he does not have to do this and to realize it's not worth it when he's letting Johnny Zacchara make him his “bitch”. He angrily tells her he is nobody's “bitch”. He then grabs the gun with the bullets that were not in it before, and tells her he does not work for anyone except himself. She protests to him that he does not have to do this. In response to that, he tells her it's “flattering” for her to tell him he's better than this but he's not. He tells her he's come to accept that this is what he does for a living. He has come to accept the hard decisions he has to make and this is what he does. He reminds her she is a lone wolf right now with nobody to protect her. She tells him however that that is not true. She is under the protection of Duke Lavery.

While Anna and Duke argue about their conflicting plans, Lucy finds Duke and reveals she's been looking all over for him and needs him now. He indicates however, to her, that Anna is a more important priority in his life even if they are at serious odds with one another. Anna informs Lucy that she and Duke are done talking and she won't prevent Lucy from being with him. They notice Anna walking over to meet with Agent Sloane at a private table. Sloane tells her he wanted to give her an update on the status of his inquiry against her.

Dante has no suspicions of Fluke about Duke presently taking over Sonny's territory and the fact that the Commissioner is not too pleased about it. Dante informs him that it appeared that Duke's hatred for Julian was important enough to break them up. When Fluke remarks to Dante that he's waiting for a call regarding his “work”, Dante remarks he finds it odd since Lulu never mentioned to her husband that her father got a job.

While Maxie is consulting with Lulu on the different dresses she could wear tonight, she gets a call which they know is from Nathan. He admits he's still at Spinelli's without knowing of a flight to get him back to her.

Elizabeth tells Jake that she does not want him to think that she regrets admitting her feelings for him regardless of the fact that Ric showed up suddenly when she least expected it. She tells him the only thing she regrets is the timing. He tells her, however, that he knows that maybe he overstepped and got the wrong idea about their future together.

Sam admits to Patrick that regarding their kiss, she has some concerns and is “scared” knowing how much Patrick's friendship means to her and she does not want to lose that. She knows that since Jason has been gone, she started a relationship with Silas only to have it fail. She does not want to lose her friendship with Patrick, she tells him. He tells her he realizes there is always a risk that taking their relationship to the next level could mess things up. But, he tells her, as he smiles and moves closer, it could make it better. He kisses her again and she smiles. She admits to him that chemistry has never been their problem. He asks her if she can say that nothing has been ruined. She tell shim not yet. He tells her that maybe they can take things one step at a time. She asks what “one step at a time” means. He asks her if she has plans and suggests they spend New Years Eve together.

Jake reminds Elizabeth that he has absolutely no clue who he is or what his life was or is. For all he knows he could have a family out there who is looking for him and he can't pretend that he knows something about his future that he does not know. She tells him regardless of that, he is always welcome to stay there. He tells her he cannot dismiss the fact that they know nothing about each other and they may both have separate lives that were meant to be apart from each other.

Nathan confirms to Maxie that he is going to fly back to Port Charles and be with her. She gets off the phone while Lulu is there and she rejoices that she has finally accomplished what seemed to be impossible only a short time ago. When Lulu notices Maxie wanting everything to be perfect with her dress and behavior and everything she will offer Nathan tonight, Lulu encourages her to know that Nathan is there for her. He likes her the way she is. She need not worry about failing with anything. Maxie reminds her that throughout the last year, she has put Nathan through so much. So now she wants to be able to ring in the new year with him without all the drama and baggage. Lulu tells her she needs to know that Nathan does not expect her to change anything about herself.

Nathan has a similar conversation with Spinelli while in Portland about his commitment to Maxie. Spinelli informs him about how he had feelings for Maxie not long ago and she has that effect on one for being the incredibly energetic, incredible, fun and special person she is. He talks to Nathan about his past with Maxie and how it inspired him to have his current relationship with Ellie and to be a father to Georgie. Nathan then remembers he's never met Georgie in person. Spinelli then brings her out and introduces them.

Fluke talks to Dante about his new business ventures with Tracy. Dante knows that is not like the Luke he knows and asks questions about the specifics of the business which Fluke hesitates to answer . They talk about Michael Corinthos and how he has jumped ship with Sonny and his other family and is now ready to only recognize the Quartermaine's as such. Fluke sounds very convincing to Dante when he admits to his concerns about that imposter who looked just like him who gave Michael good reason not to trust him and how Fluke wants to regain Michael's trust (although that is absolutely not his intent).

While Sloan asks Anna about her past, present or future involvement with Duke Lavery, Lucy talks to Duke at a table about her “on again” off again” relationship with Scott and how he might still be interested in Bobbie. She tells Duke she has come too far to be someone's significant other merely by default. He seems to be unaware that she is interested in him and encourages her not to give up on her future with Scott Baldwin.

In the motel, Jordan reminds Julian that the Jerome organization is crumbling and by going against him, she proved her worth to Shawn and to Duke. Julian then refutes that, telling her she's lying, holds the gun on Jordan and she asks if he really wants to risk it and believes it would be worth it for him with all of the complications and consequences with all the people involved in this. She asks him if he really wants to shoot her dead.

At the apartment, Lulu tells Maxie now that they are assured that Nathan will be there with her and she has the clothes she wants to wear, she wants Maxie to tell her about the visit with her daughter. Maxie tells her how wonderful it was to be able to spend the time with Georgie. She talks about her realization that Georgie is being raised by a geek and she observed that although Spinelli has a different style than she does, she's really encouraged to see that her daughter might be a genius which she can credit to her father. She admits that maybe it's just as well she and Nathan got their signals crossed. Lulu asks her why is that. Maxie replies it might give Nathan a chance to meet her daughter.

Nathan interacts with Georgie while she plays and he talks to Spinelli. Spinelli remarks that Nathan seems to have a way with kids and Nathan admits he'd like to be a father some day. Spinelli is ready to take him to the airport with the confidence he will be back in time to ring in the new year with Ellie and Nathan will be able to do the same with Maxie.

Agent Sloane talks to Anna and they both reveal their suspicions of the other.

Lucy concludes to Duke that she is content to spend New Years alone. He then suggests she spends it with him

Jordan convinces Julian that it would not be in his best interest to shoot her. He will not only provoke Duke Lavery. He will start a mob war that will destroy all of his goals. He then puts down the gun and walks out the door but tells Jordan he will be seeing her around.

While Anna is talking to Sloan, she gets a call from Jordan. He leaves and Anna hears Jordan inform her they have a problem.

Jake gets ready to leave Elizabeth’s home and tells her he is sorry to have let this go on as long as it did. She tells him she doesn't want him to rush off without saying good bye to her boys and tells him that he's more than welcome to stay there for the night and postpone his plans to leave for at least another day.

Julian returns to Fluke who asks him if he “got it done”. Julian replies no. There was a complication.

Jordan calls Anna and Dante to come to the motel and tells them the only way for her to get Julian to back off was to tell him she works for the Corinthos organization. She tells them the only thing she can do now is stay undercover and continue lying to her son. Dante assures her they will continue to have her back. Anna tells her that maybe there is a way for her to gain Duke's trust and make it appears she is joining forces with him.

Duke is with Lucy happily planning being together and making Scott jealous to see her with him.

Jake tells Elizabeth that now that it's New Years Eve, it might be the perfect time for him to discover his future. Elizabeth urges Jake not to be discouraged that she is there for him and tells him if and when he finds the people who love him, they will be so grateful and have so much to be grateful for. He leaves.

At the hospital, Sam asks Patrick if he has anything in mind. He tells her maybe they could meet at the Metro Court. They agree that it will be a date. He gets a call to go to the OR and tells her he will pick her up at 9 pm.

At 9 p.m., Maxie is at the Port Charles airport awaiting Nathan's flight. Spinelli is getting ready for New Year's when he gets a call from Maxie and asks if he did, in fact see Nathan get on the jet out of Portland. He tells her he did and it would seem his flight should have landed by now. She knows it did not and demands to know where Nathan is.

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