GH Update Friday 12/26/14

General Hospital Update Friday 12/26/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Jake/Jason is alone in Elizabeth's house, he hears a knock on the door. It's Ric Lansing.

At the hospital, Epiphany informs Elizabeth that she has a fun evening planned with Milo. Not hearing anything regarding Elizabeth's plans, she asks if Elizabeth has anything planned with her “hunky house-mate”.

Duke is alone at his table at the Metro Court drinking his homeland tea when Shawn sits down beside him. Duke remarks that, thanks to Shawn's timely rescue of Ric Lansing, Sonny's territory was not compromised. Julian and Johnny Zacchara have come up with nothing so far. Shawn warns him, however, that it's unlikely this will be the last their hear from their nemesis. They suspect that Julian will be plotting his next move soon.

When Julian is on the computer at the art gallery, Fluke walks in. He makes comments about how it's such a lovely day and Julian looks like he might not be “happy” about something. He makes a comment about how it's such a shame that Ms. Ashford won't be able to enjoy any more days like they can. When he notices Julian's silence and apprehension, he asks Julian if he failed to carry out the plan he's supposed to put into motion. Is Jordan still alive?

Jordan is hiding out in a motel room and very suspicious when she hears a knock on the door. Anna reveals she's there with Detective Falconeri and Jordan opens the door to let them in.

Lulu takes Nathan home to his apartment. He tells her he appreciates her help but the apartment does not seem like a home until Maxie is back from Portland.

At Spinelli's apartment in Portland, Maxie remarks about how she cannot believe how time is flying by and how big her daughter is getting. They talk about what Georgie might specialize in when she's in college but Spinelli notices something discouraging on his computer.

Lulu brings dinner home from the Haunted Star for Nathan as well as Campaign and all of the amenities for him to spend New Year's with Maxie. They talk about how his and Maxie's relationship and time together has been long overdue and she wants to help them plan the perfect time together.

Spinelli shows Maxie that it appears that the airlines have canceled Maxie's flight home due to weather. She does not want to accept that and asks him to book another flight. He tells her however, all flights are canceled and she won't be able to return to Port Charles this evening.

Duke and Shawn talk about what they are going to do with Julian, Johnny and Carlos. Shawn admits he's worried about Jordan.

A the gallery, Fluke reminds Julian that he ordered him to kill Jordan Ashford. It was going to be a simple Christmas gift and here it is, New Year's Eve, he tells Julian. Fluke tells him there's a big vacancy under his tree where her coffin should have been. He demands to know how Julian let that happen. Did she offer him favors? He asks Julian many questions about what Jordan might have done to manipulated him when Julian admits that he cannot find Jordan. She's in hiding and none of his people have been able to locate her. Fluke then tells him if he wanted help, he needed to ask as he informs Luke he knows exactly where she is.

When Jordan lets Anna and Dante inside her motel room, she looks out the window to see if there might be anyone watching them. Anna urges her to come inside and not be worried. They reflect on how she's saved Ric Lansing's life and all the people who love him will be happy and grateful and Anna declares to her that Port Charles owes her big time. In response to that, Jordan admits that does not mean much to her when the DEA boss fired her and also she needs to figure out what to tell her son since all this time he's been believing she's a drug dealer and has been helping Julian and his crime boss in their mission. Anna tells her she has to discuss with her the fact that ever since Carlos Rivera saw her helping Ric, she has become a marked woman and the Jeromes are on the hunt for her. She tells Jordan she and Dante are there to help her with that.

At the hospital, Epiphany asks Elizabeth if she and Jake are going to spend a quiet evening together or is she going to teach that boy to dance. Elizabeth then informs Epiphany for the first time that Ric Lansing is alive. He showed up on her doorstep on Christmas Eve.

Ric goes to Elizabeth's house to talk to Jake/Jason who invites him in. He observes that Jake is sleeping on the couch as Jake tells him he didn't think it would be fair to sleep in any of her boys' rooms. Ric remarks he can see that Cam and Aiden seem to like Jake. Jake tells him that Elizabeth is out and so are the boys. Ric clarifies he did not come there to see Elizabeth. He came there to talk to him.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany all about the importance Ric plays in her life. He's been over to dinner at her home for Christmas. He's spent time with her and her boys. Molly has visited and gone ice skating. She admits that she's been with Ric just about every moment she's not working since he's come back. Epiphany then tells her if she does not mind her asking, where does Jake fit into all of this? Elizabeth admits that's just it. He does not.

At Elizabeth's home, Jake asks Ric what he wanted to talk about. Ric replies he just wanted to clarify the status of Elizabeth letting him stay at her home. Jake admits she's been very generous to him. Ric admits that he knows that his returning to Elizabeth has been completely unexpected. He realizes he may have disrupted plans Jake might have had with Elizabeth for Christmas. Hearing that, Jake does not reveal anything about his potential feelings for Elizabeth or about Ric being back when Ric reminds him he could see that Jake has disappeared, went somewhere and stayed there until after the boys were asleep on Christmas and most other days before he comes back to Elizabeth's. Jake then informs him he got a job shoveling snow. Ric admits he finds it odd that Jake has been out of the house throughout most of the week and maybe it was his gesture of giving Elizabeth some space and letting her and the boys spend some time with him (Ric). Ric tells him if that is true, he wanted to say thank you. Jake then admits that Elizabeth has been really good to him and he just wants her to be happy.

At the Metro Court, Shawn tells Duke he would not have been able to save Ric if it weren't for Jordan. She was able to trick Julian into telling her where Ric was being held prisoner and when Carlos realized she “flipped”, it was over. Carlos now want to kill her and, Shawn tells Duke, he urged her to go into hiding and hopes she took his advice. Now that the Jeromes know she's a traitor, there's nothing to stop them from carrying out their plan.

At the motel, Anna reminds Jordan she cannot stay hidden in this motel forever and Dante reminds her that staying in safe houses may not work because they'll be looking for her there. She tells them she knows all too well how Julian works. He would not hesitate to kill Jordan Ashford the drug dealer who ratted him out. But he wouldn't dare to touch Jordan Ashford the DEA agent. So, she tells them, she intends to break her cover for the first time so far. Anna tells her that is precisely the problem, as she admitted herself, she is no longer a DEA agent.

Fluke tells Julian that his people spotted Jordan at this dump by the waterfront. Julian tells him he would have thought Jordan would be long gone by now. Fluke tells him he knows otherwise so, he instructs Julian to go there and make an example of what happens to people who betray him.

When Maxie finds out all the flights out of Portland, OR, are canceled due to fog, she tells Spinelli she thought there was no longer any such thing as fog and that it only happened when it was too hot outside and not in the winter. He admits that he's found the climate in the region to take a bit of getting used to for one who is not. She remarks that she finds the people of Portland to be weird with their habits, the way they dress and the methods of transportation. She then asks Spinelli why he's there in the first place, recalling it was because his girlfriend, Ellie got a job there. However, she remarks that it would only seem to be just as easy for Ellie to find a job in Los Angeles. Spinelli reminds her there is smog in L.A. And there was recently a drought. She reminds him that none of that would have prevented her from getting back to Nathan and she asks what she's going to do and what she's going to tell Nathan.

Lulu is getting everything all ready for Nathan's big date with Maxie when she returns. She puts flowers and candles on the table and tells him if anything does not work and he needs a back-up plan, she and Dante will be at the Metro Court. He tells Lulu he thinks he has the perfect idea planned for his evening which is to spend it there, to commemorate when he and Maxie first met, exactly a year ago, in this very place. Lulu tells him that sounds romantic and informs him she got an extra bucket of ice for the campaign. She wants to pull out all the stops for Nathan and Maxie to spend New Year's Eve together. Nathan hears his phone ring. It's Maxie who tells him that she won't be able to make it back tonight. She tells him she could drive to Seattle or Boise and buy a ticket but he tells her when one does that, they get booted from flights and he tells her they can postpone and have their celebration when she gets back as it's just a day like any other. He tells her every day can be their anniversary just as long as they are together. She tells him it's just that she misses him. They want to see each other and are disappointed that they can't spend New Year's together as he tells Lulu and Maxie tells Spinelli. Lulu encourages Nathan to know that he and Maxie can have their second date. It just won't be on New Year's Eve.

Fluke tells Julian he really had high hopes for him but is afraid that Julian is growing soft. He asks him what happened for his blood lust and his power hunger that was so admirable. He reflects to Julian that it's really a shame because Julian was such a valuable partner in the good ole days. Julian then tells Fluke he'd like to ask him something. He asks when was the last time he (Fluke) lifted a finger to do anything except pour himself a drink. Hearing that, Fluke tells Julian he doesn't like his tone. Julian tells him he doesn't really care. He has observed that Fluke always takes off and is nowhere to be found during crucial times and comes back only when it suits him while he leaves more “capable” people behind to clean up his messes. Fluke asks Julian if he thinks he (Fluke) can't do what's necessary and reminds Julian he is the one dragging Fluke down. Julian then concludes he will handle Jordan but Fluke needs to stop micromanaging him and get out of his way. He faces Fluke and promises that Jordan Ashford will die for secretly siding with their enemy.

Anna tells Jordan she knows Jordan was fired from the D.E.A unceremoniously. She knows it was a terrible injustice but warns Jordan there is nothing anyone can do with the fact that she no longer has a badge for protection. Jordan however, tells Anna she knows the agency would not turn their back on an ex agent. Anna tells her she needs to face facts that the D.E.A has limited resources and insufficient means of protection and only use that on active cases and agents. Dante then tells her he has an idea that might work where she will be protected. She can work for the PCPD. She asks what she just heard. Anna tells her if she comes and works for them as an undercover agent where she is not pretending to work for Julian but working for Duke.

At the Metro Court, Alexis sits down next to Shawn and Duke and tells them both she owes them gratitude. She tells Shawn that he gave her daughter the best Christmas present ever by rescuing her father.

At Elizabeth's, Ric remarks that when he came by to see Elizabeth, it seemed Jake was pretty close to her. Both men are courteous to the other but are wondering about the other's relationship or intent with Elizabeth. It seems like Jake might want to “step down” when he hears that Ric may be in love with Elizabeth and she-with him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth informs Epiphany that strangely, since Ric has been back, Jake has been gone from her house throughout the day until late at night. He tells her he found a job shoveling snow. Yet, she has a feeling that maybe he's purposely staying away from the house because he doesn't want to intrude upon her and Ric. Epiphany asks her if she's happy that Jake is staying out of the way or disappointed that she doesn't get to see him as much. Elizabeth admits maybe a little bit of both and then confesses to Epiphany that Jake has feelings for her as he's told her while they were standing under the mistletoe ready to kiss and that was when Ric showed up. It's obvious to both of them that Elizabeth has two men with feelings for her and doesn't know which one to choose. Elizabeth explains that when Ric moved to California, she wasn't thinking about him much but then he came back to town and re-connected and it felt right and they thought they were going to make it work this time. But then he suddenly died yet now he is back and he tells her he still loves her and she still loves him. Epiphany then concludes that must mean that Jake is in the way. Elizabeth then remembers being alone with Jake, standing under the mistletoe and hearing him tell her how much she means to him and all she's done for him. She tells Epiphany that Jake fits in so well with her family and everything works well. She has no painful history or any history with him since he doesn’t know who he is any more than she does. But, she remembers, how can he know if he has feelings for her when they both know nothing about the other?

Jake is similarly discussing his memory loss with Ric and the fact that he hasn't a clue who he was or what went on before his accident, if he had a wife and kids who believed he might have died or disappeared or God knows what. Ric then asks him if it's fair to “them” if he commits to being with Elizabeth when very possibly others need him and he may need them.

At the Metro Court, Alexis talks to Duke informing him that she heard from Lucy Coe that he is taking over Sonny's business and she asks him if that is true. He replies yes. Sonny asked him to run his territory while he's in Pentonville and he agreed. Alexis remarks she's certain that did not go over well with Anna.

When Jordan hears Anna and Dante's idea of her having Duke believing she's working for him and Sonny while she is secretly working for the police department and they “intend” to have her back, she asks them for a little honesty regarding this since it's her life that's on the line. She asks Anna if she's arranging this out of the goodness of her heart or if she's just doing it to stick it to Duke.

Nathan tells Lulu's he's got to make this right. She protests that he cannot change the whether but he tells her he and Maxie have waited to long to let something like fog get in the way.

Maxie has the same discussion with Spinelli telling him it's not fair. Haven't she and Nathan suffered enough when, first, it was crazy Levi who came between the?. He reminds Lulu then they had to deal with Walters holding Georgie hostage, telling Maxie who she can and cannot see. She tells Spinelli now Levi is out of the picture and they no longer have to worry about Walters. They both reflect how it seems like they deserve a break given they hardly see each other and have to communicate via text. They each talk about how they have been planning on this for so long and should be together before the clock strikes 12. They have both been rehearsing telling the other a big speech about what the other means to them. Lulu concludes to Nathan that having to wait another day will make his time with Maxie even more special when they get to be together. Spinelli reminds Maxie that having to stay there means she gets to spend one more night with Georgie. Yet both Maxie and Nathan tell their respective confidantes that they planned to toast to the new year together and thought that was meant to be. Maxie tells Spinelli that she wants to have a relationship that is beautiful like what he has with Ellie, while Nathan tells Lulu he wants to have with Maxie what she has with Dante. Yet, they both conclude, whenever they get closer, something happens. They both then determine if this is some sort of test from the universe, they will meet it head-on and not be afraid of it. They both declare that nothing is going to prevent them from being together for New Year's.

At the Metro Court, Duke tells Alexis she's right that when he told Anna about his choice to work with Sonny, it did not go over well and they are no longer together. She then tells him maybe he should reconsider his career choice. He tells her he can't. Julian and his family did some terrible harm to him and to his and working for Sonny gives him the means to address that. He tells Alexis he's really sorry if that puts her in a difficult position. She tells him he need not apologize and informs Duke, as well as Shawn, that she and Julian can't be together just like Duke and Anna cannot and informs both men she cannot be caught up in a life of crime.

Anna admits to Jordan that this is absolutely about bringing down Duke and the rest of Sonny's empire. Jordan tells her, however, that the D.E.A has never gone after Sonny and she knows he's never dealt drugs. Anna tells her it doesn't matter. Sonny has done plenty to harm this city. Jordan then asks Anna if she doesn't have the slightest impulse to want to protect Duke. Anna tells Jordan she cannot let her personal feelings get in the way of her plan to bring down Sonny's organization once and for all. Jordan tells Anna ok but then asks Dante how he feels about this. She reminds him his father is already in prison and asks if he wants to destroy Sonny's power base on top of that. Dante reminds her that he's a cop and he came to Port Charles to bring down Sonny. They both remember he got shot and it didn't turn out so well and Jordan admits she is in a real dilemma about her loyalties to Shawn just like Anna to Duke and Dante to Sonny. Anna reminds Jordan that Shawn has used her over and over again to help Sonny get away with his crimes and Jordan is too smart not to see what Shawn is and will always be. He's a gangster. She further admits to Jordan the same can be said about herself with Duke. They both need to be brought to justice, she tells Jordan so Jordan can work with them and make that happen or she does not and stands by watching Sonny and his kind continue to corrupt this city. She adds, to Jordan, unless of course, Julian takes over first. She tells Jordan she may think about what she and Dante said. But, she reminds her, not to take up too much time because that is running out for her.

Fluke tells Julian he understands if Julian has been distracted by Ms. Ashford's charms but he needs to see that she's a liability. He gives a hesitant Julian his gun, instructs him to find Jordan and kill her. Julian doesn't say much.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany about the big date she and Ric have planned for New Year's at the Metro Court. Hearing that, Epiphany asks her if she has a clue what Jake intends to do and when Elizabeth admits she has not asked and hasn't a clue what to say or do regarding that, Epiphany tells her she needs to find out what her future is with each of these men. Elizabeth reminds Epiphany she has to get back to work. Epiphany reminds her she is Elizabeth's supervisor so she is sending Elizabeth home so she can sort out her feelings for the two men in her life.

Ric affirms to Jake that he can see Jake seems like a nice guy. He has not taken advancement of Elizabeth or her boys and he adds that Elizabeth has merely offered Jake “charity”. So, he tells him he knows it would be best for all if Jake “steps down”. Ric then goes out the door. Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth returns. Jake announces to her that he's going to move out.

Ric goes by the Metro Court to the table where Alexis, Shawn and Duke are sitting and tells them he just wanted to say hello. Alexis acknowledges how happy their daughter is with her father back and so is she. He tells Shawn he owes him for saving his life. He also goes and takes Duke aside and thanks him. Duke clarifies that it was Sonny who put his life on the line to make sure that the Zaccharas don't harm Ric. Hearing that, Ric tells Duke in case Duke talks to Sonny before he does, he'd appreciate if Duke tells his brother he thanks him and also let Sonny know that he wants nothing to do with his business or his life and does not want any part of it to touch him or his family. He firmly tells Duke that he intends to lead a very quiet and uncomplicated life with Molly and Elizabeth. He wants no part of Sonny's war with Julian.

Jordan is in her motel room looking like she might not be afraid to leave, Julian enters with a gun and asks her if she is going somewhere.

Fluke gets off the elevator. He sees Lulu and knows he has to be “daddy” for his daughter so she believes he's the real Luke Spencer. Dante joins them and talks to Lulu about Nathan and Maxie's New Year's plans.

Spinelli goes to his door and sees Nathan and they introduce themselves. Spinelli admits he's surprised that Nathan has found his way to Maxie but tells him there's one complication, she's not there. Nathan asks where Maxie is. Maxie returns to her and Nathan's apartment in Port Charles while he's in Portland hoping to see her.

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