GH Update Wednesday 12/24/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/24/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan is in his hospital room while on the phone having a video conversation with Maxie when she calls him after arriving in Portland, OR ready to see her daughter.

At the gallery, Julian is on the pone admitting he's not going to be going to Sam's for Christmas since Alexis is still living with their daughter and has declared she wants him out of her life. Unknown to him, Alexis is standing outside the door hearing his conversation He admits to his contact he will be fine alone realizing he has no choice. She enters and makes her presence known.

After Ric has found his way to Molly and they visit in Sam's apartment, she asks her dad what he plans to do about Julian. He tells her he'd rather not talk or worry about Julian since he spent too much time in witness protection stewing over Julian and how he'd get revenge and now he's home. He smiles and looks at his daughter as they both agree this is a moment to enjoy and he admits he was afraid this moment would never come and that he'd never see her or any of the people he loves again.

At the hospital, we see Elizabeth with Cameron, as he joins the other kids and the staff get ready for the traditional Christmas party. Nikolas brings Spencer. Josslyn and Emma are nearby and they all gather together. Elizabeth talks to Monica, assuming she will once again host the Christmas party for the children by reading them Christmas stories. Monica, however, reminds her that since she is no longer the chief of staff, it is now Dr. Obrecht's “privilege” to delight the children on Christmas Eve. The lights suddenly go out, scary music playing and at the top of the stairs there's a person dressed in a frightful morbid monster costume. We, right away know that it's got to be Obrecht. The children hide and scream as the adults are ready to do the same, observing the grotesque scary monster with horns, fangs, claws, demon eyes, pointy ears and scruffy fur projecting an image of going after all the bad children.

When Julian sees Alexis appear at the gallery, he tells her he cannot help but assume this could be a Christmas miracle. She admits she has not come to see him for that. She is there to discuss Ric.

Sam comes down the stairs with Danny, and Ric happily greets them remarking how big her son has gotten since he saw him last. Molly leaves to get something from upstairs. Alone with Ric, Sam remarks to him she has not seen her sister this happy in such a long time. He thanks Sam for letting him stay there the previous night, acknowledging that she's put aside their bad history. Sam tells Ric she knows all too well how Molly was devastated to believe he was gone and now that he's back, that's a blessing that few get.

At the hospital, observing the “Christmas surprise” Obrecht is concocting, Jake/Jason gathers with Elizabeth and tells her although he does not remember his Christmases in the past, he's pretty certain they never involved anything like that. Obrecht walks down the stairs making nasty noises and evil sounding laughter while all the people recoil and grimace. Patrick and Nikolas go to confront her, demanding to know what on earth she is doing. She then takes off her mask and tells them as chief of staff, she is in charge of celebration and it's her job to educate the children. Nikolas tells her she's supposed to involve Santa and the tradition known to all. She tells him if he had not ousted her daughter, he'd know that her people have their own tradition. His people have Santa, her people have Krampus.

Nathan talks to Maxie from his hospital bed while she walks up to the door of Damien Spinelli's apartment ready to see her daughter, Georgie. He reveals to her he is wearing the Christmas present she gave him of The Floating Bib and is ready to ring in 2015 in style. He tells her he's ready to celebrate their fun times together eating ribs and sees New Years Eve as their anniversary since it was on that day a year ago when they first met. He can see that she's stalling to knock on the door. She admits she's nervous. He tells her he knows she will be happy and encourages her to say hi to Georgie for him.

She agrees to do that and knocks on the door. Spinelli answers. They smile and happily greet each other and wish each other Merry Christmas.

At the hospital, Obrecht assures the nay-sayers that her idea will be fun for the children. She stands up and introduces a new Christmas icon named Krampus which nobody's ever heard of. Nathan then gets off the phone to Maxie and walks out of his room and into the lobby and asks what is up with his mother and the others don't know what to tell him. Obrecht shows the kids a PowerPoint presentation of the story of Krampus and gives them a in-depth horrifying, scary, morbid and very inappropriate-for-children story along with an animation of who Krampus is and his function and agenda for bad children, explaining he's the polar opposite of Santa. She walks all around the audience for children to see and hear her tell the story of when they are hanging up their stocking and dreaming of Santa, presents under the tree and Christmas cheer, Krampus slithers and sneaks up upon them to reveal all the misbehavior he knows that children do. She tells them that Krampus eats up and devours children and we see the kids screaming yet some of them are entertained and laughing at the gruesome tail she tells.

At Sam's, Molly comes down the stairs to show her dad the things of his that the police gave her after he went away and everyone assumed he was dead. She tells him she's kept the letter that he wrote to her which Anna let him send before he went into hiding. He takes his daughter's hand, honored that she's kept the letter with her all this time and tells her he could not disappear without letting her know how much she means to him and how much he loves her

At the gallery, Alexis reminds Julian that when she last asked him if he knew where Ric was, he swore to her he did not know and just last night, her daughter's father found his way to Molly, talked to Sam and talked to her. He told her he was tied up, bound and gagged inside the trunk of a car and ready to be shot to death by Julian's friend, Carlos Rivera. She asks him if he's going to tell her he was in the dark about this. Julian replies no. He knew.

Molly has kept Ric's wallet and informs him she will give him the watch Elizabeth gave to him that she and her mom gave back to Elizabeth when they believed he was dead. She then asks her dad why he has not called Elizabeth yet. Ric does not reply when Molly tells him he needs to let Elizabeth know he is ok.

At the hospital, after Obrecht is “done”, Elizabeth takes her son aside and assures him that Krampus is merely a story although Cameron tells his mom that Obrecht made it sound real. Nikolas replies that some adults have an “odd” sense of humor. It seems all the children are scared and uncomfortable except for Josslyn who reveals she does not get why everybody was so “freaked out” and did not enjoy this unique Christmas entertainment. Patrick, Nikolas and Monica all tell Obrecht that the story of Krampus has upset the kids and it ends now. She tells them Americas are too soft on their children. Monica then stands up and tells the kids she got a message from Santa who is sad believing that some of them might actually believe in Krampus. She then gets them all to join together and recite that they believe in Santa and not that mean, make-believe Krampus. She tells the kids they need not take her word for it. They can tell him themselves when she directs them to see a guy dressed as Santa enter the room to greet the children. Jake turns to see Sam and Danny get off the elevator. She stares coldly at the guy whom she believes took her hostage and helped Faison escape. Everybody claps when they see Santa enter. Elizabeth finds Patrick and asks if he could take Cameron home with him and Emma when he leaves so that she and Jake can be alone. He agrees and stays with the two kids. Elizabeth and Jake leave together. Obrecht gets out of her Krampus costume, revealing she is confident she's become her son's hero. She asks Nathan what he is doing out of bed when he needs his rest. He smiles and assures her he feels great and Christmas has come early this year.

Spinelli happily invites Maxie into the apartment and encourages her to see her daughter. We then see 2 year old Georgie on the floor playing. She happily rushes to see her daughter. However, when Georgie sees Maxie she does not smile nor express interest to see her mom. Maxie's confidence and enthusiasm fades.

Julian tells Alexis first he did not know there was a plan to kill Ric. He was only supposed to be used as leverage against Sonny. Second, for the record, when she asked him where Ric was, he was telling her the truth as he knew it, at the time. In response to that, she tells him that is merely semantics. He then tells her third and most importantly, he doesn't owe her any explanations anymore.

Ric tells Molly he can't just call Elizabeth and announce to her that he's alive. She tells he has to go and see Elizabeth in person. He tells her Elizabeth may have plans with her family for Christmas and he has only been back for 12 hours and wants to spend it with his beautiful daughter. She tells him she believes Elizabeth will be happy to see him and doesn't want him to give up on making Elizabeth's Christmas wish come true.

Elizabeth returns home with Jake indicating she wants to spend Christmas alone with him.

At the hospital, Patrick finds Sam and they reveal being happy to see each other as he tells her he already got his early Christmas present when she told him she could forgive him for not telling her what he knew about Jason. He tells her that when she got taken hostage, he was very worried and is so grateful she is ok. She assures him she's safe but she's not sure that Elizabeth is.

At Elizabeth's home, Jake reveals that Cameron may have helped him hang mistletoe on the door. They joke about whether it should be for Cameron and Emma or for them and he reveals he wants to kiss her.

At the hospital, Nathan jokes with his mother about how undesirable her tale of Krampus was and she expresses her opinion about how it would seem that one of the fun things about childhood should be a scary tale at Christmas. He reveals he cannot be angry with her when she was the one to make it possible for Maxie to spend Christmas with her daughter.

At Spinelli's apartment while they engage with Georgie, he asks Maxie how it was that Judge Walters would suddenly do such an unexpected and unprecedented 180 with ruling in her favor when he was previously so adamant about not letting her see Georgie again. She admits she cannot answer his question as to why or how it just happened out of the blue or what caused it. She does admit, however, she considered Nathan might have had something to do with it and although he swears he did not, she is not completely convinced.

Nathan discusses the same thing with Obrecht who admits that she has been known to resort to drastic and underhanded measures when her children ask for her help it matters such as this one.

We then see her calling Dr. Quartermaine to announce that she's found someone to replace her as chief of cardiology. Monica then asks if Obrecht is firing her and asks what she has done. Obrecht replies it's what Monica “hasn't done”. Monica then demands to know what she hasn't done. Obrecht tells her son she did what was necessary to motivate Monica Quartermaine and Monica did what was necessary to coax Judge Walters to change his mind about Ms. Jones.

In the present tense, at the Christmas party, Judge Walters enters the hospital to see Monica, gives her a rose and they are happily together after revealing they have “settled their differences”.

We then see a past-tense scene where, after Monica's conversation with Obrecht threatening to fire and replace her, Walters comes to visit her and she tells him she might not want to continue their relationship until he realizes he needs to see the error of his ways about Maxie Jones.

In the present tense, Walters admits to Monica that he made the mistake that she's helped him realize

Sam expresses her concerns to Patrick about Jake/Jason and the fact that not only Elizabeth seems to trust him and suspects nothing about when she doesn't know this guy. They can both see how Danny seems so drawn to this total stranger and trusts him and they can't understand why.

At Elizabeth's house, she hesitates to kiss Jake yet doesn't know why. He reminds her all she has done for him ever since he awakened at the hospital after the accident. She is ready to declare her feelings for him and they are ready to kiss right when, out of nowhere Ric appears and calls to her. She turns around and stares in disbelief at the man with whom she was ready to have a relationship until it was abruptly and brutally cut short and whom she's believed, all this while was dead and she'd never see him again.

At the gallery, Julian explains to Alexis that while they were together, it was fine for her to tell him about all his mistakes and short-comings and how he needs to change his ways. But now that they are not together, she no longer gets to tell him how he let her down. He reminds her she made her decision and he tells her to get the hell out of his life.

TJ goes to see Molly and she announces to him that a miracle happened. Her father came back to her. He tells her that is great news and asks her where Ric is. She replies he's probably right now shocking the hell out of Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth sees Ric on her doorstep, she cries and asks if it's really him and rushes into his arms, appearing as though she might have totally forgotten about Jake/Jason who is standing right behind her at the door. He notices she has company and tells Jake/Jason he's sorry. He doesn't think they've met. She introduces them and Jake excuses himself and lets the two of them talk alone, sensing he is not wanted at this moment. Ric expresses to Elizabeth that he does not want to impose and could tell that she was up close with her new friend but it appears he is of much more importance to her than Jake is.

Patrick reveals to Sam that he got her a Christmas gift which is a memento from their trip to Amsterdam together. He remembers her silly putty key and all the fun and adventure they have had together.

Elizabeth emotionally reveals to Ric that she knew all the while that Julian Jerome framed him, he was innocent and she never gave up on him until she believed he died and she was forced to get on with her life without him. He explains that his death was staged and he was sent to witness protection and she was lied to. She, however, is not worried nor concerned about any of that and is basking in the miracle that he is safe. He reveals that all the while he was away, he tried to call and write to her but was forced not to. He remembers before his life fell apart, they were together and ready to start their new life together and that was the one thought that stayed in his mind and kept him going and his feelings for her have not changed. And, he tells her, he is hoping, they can start over and go back to the way things were.

At the gallery, Alexis admit to Julian he's right. Since she cut this thing off between them, she has no right to confront him and she honestly does not know what she is doing there. He tells her he guesses old habits die hard. She admits to him she is just so sad about what they have lost. He tells her it's not lost. She walked away. At least that's what she keeps saying, he reminds her. She admits maybe she's just having a hard time accepting it. He tells her maybe it doesn't have to be that way.

At the hospital, Walters reveals, for the first time, to Monica, the reason he was so harsh with Maxie while on the bench, is because of his daughter. He has told her that Kayla was a lot like Maxie with being impulsive, getting into trouble, not thinking before acting and being oblivious to the consequences of her actions. No amount of attempting to discipline or say no to her got through to her. He gave up on trying to be strict or get her to listen or see the error of her ways. He bailed her out of trouble time and time again. Because of that, she grew into a woman who felt there were no consequences for any wrong she would do. She did not think anything would happen after getting into a car after taking shot of Tequila one night and she paid the price with her life. He admits to Monica that destroyed him and his wife. She tells him she knows how devastating losing a child can be, all too well. He admits to Monica that Maxie Jones has similarly lead a life of breaking all the rules and leaving a path of destruction in her wake. He could not let that go. He knew that it would not bring his daughter back but he felt he had to teach Maxie a lesson. And, he concludes, maybe it will make her a better parent.

At Spinelli's apartment, Maxie holds Georgie on her lap and tells her about the presents from Grandma Felicia and Grandpa Mac and from Dante and Lulu and from her mom. They talk about the French children's boutique where she bought her daughter fashion clothes. Spinelli then gets a call from his girlfriend, Ellie. Alone with Georgie she gets on the phone and tells her little one she would like to introduce her to Nathan. She shows them each other, tells Nathan she believes her daughter has her sister's eyes and many of the traits of many people in her life and asks Nathan again if he's sure he had nothing to do with this unexpected miracle. He assures her that he did not although he secretly credits his mother. He shows her the picture of Maxie's adorable little one on his phone while Obrecht sits happily with her son and they hold hands and smile together and wish each other Merry Christmas and she sings On the First Noel.

As she sings, we see Maxie putting up ornaments on the tree with Spinelli and Georgie.

At the hospital, Monica introduces Walters to her grandson Danny as Sam and Patrick happily observe.

Nikolas gathers Spencer and Josslyn and takes them home while Spencer observes Emma indicating she prefers Cameron over him to be her boyfriend and he wishes Santa could have given him Emma.

At the gallery, Alexis reveals to Julian that she does love him. He tells her if they're going to be together, she has to accept him for the life he leads. She tearfully admits she can't. He concludes there is nothing they can say except goodbye. They admit they wonder how many times they can keep doing this and that it never gets easier. She leaves.

Ric concludes that he has to give Elizabeth time to think about what she wants regarding him and other things in her life and gets ready to leave her house. She, however, indicates she does not want him to leave as she reveals she never stopped dreaming of this day and they kiss, while Jake is inside alone and it appears Elizabeth has forgotten all about him.

Sam and Patrick are happily together watching Danny with Monica and Walters, after the Christmas party. They see that mistletoe is hanging above their heads and they kiss.

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