GH Update Tuesday 12/23/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/23/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Nathan paced around his room. Maxie rushed in and announced that she had great news, but first she reminded Nathan that he was on bed rest. Nathan got back into bed, and Maxie told him that Judge Walters granted her visitation with her daughter. Maxie was ecstatic that she'd get to see Georgie as much as she wanted, but she didn't understand why the judge reversed his decision, and she asked Nathan if he knew why. Nathan insisted that he didn't. Maxie reminded Nathan that he'd promised that she'd see Georgie on Christmas, and now it was going to happen. Nathan swore that he didn't have anything to do with changing the judge's mind. He encouraged Maxie to forget about why it happened and be glad it did.

Tomorrow would be Christmas Eve, so Maxie knew she had to get to Portland ASAP. She asked Nathan to come with her. Nathan replied that he'd love to go, but his mother wouldn't give him clearance to fly across country, while he was still recuperating. Nathan also felt that it would be best for Maxie to get to spend as much time as possible with Georgie, one on one. Maxie agreed, but she was disappointed that she wouldn't get to spend Christmas with Nathan, too. Nathan told her they could have Christmas right now. Maxie left, then returned to the room. While she was out, she'd called Spinelli, who was thrilled, and booked a flight. Maxie and Nathan exchanged gifts – Maxie got Nathan a card that entitled him to all you can eat ribs for one year. They reminisced about the time Nathan convinced Maxie try his ribs. Nathan got Maxie limited edition Cartullo shoes. Maxie was stunned and told Nathan he must have spent a fortune on them. Nathan explained that he noticed that Maxie had been longing for those shoes since last spring and that she'd sneak a peek at a picture of them every time Levi left. Nathan had saved up, then asked Lulu to use her fashion connections to help him get a pair. Maxie loved them. Nathan had Maxie sit down, then he placed the shoes on her feet. Maxie told Nathan that she felt like she could click her heels and make a wish, but she didn't need to because all her wishes had come true. They kissed. It was time for Maxie to go pack. Nathan told Maxie that a year ago, he met the girl of his dreams, who then got on a plane and Nathan wasn't sure if he'd ever see her again, but this time, he knew she'd come back. He promised her that they would make the new year memorable.

Jake and Carly ran into each other by the hospital elevators. Carly wondered what brought him to the hospital, and he told her he'd taken Elizabeth lunch. Jake noticed that she seemed distracted and asked if she was okay. Carly told him about the DNA test. She was relieved that Sonny was the father, and she told Jake that the baby was beautiful, with dark eyes and dimples. Carly told Jake that Ava seduced Morgan and took advantage of Sonny. Jake was curious what Carly meant. Carly clarified that she wasn't absolving Sonny, but she thought Ava took advantage of Sonny's guilt-ridden state. Carly was glad that Ava was in prison and wouldn't get to raise the baby, but she was upset that the baby would have to pay for the actions of all the adults in her life. Carly regretted that she was so busy placating Franco that she didn't notice that her family was in crisis. Jake told Carly that on the day they met, he'd sensed that she was trying to talk herself into marrying Franco. Carly explained that Jason's death left a hole in her life, and she tried to fill it by dating Franco, whom she believed to be Jason's brother. By the time Carly realized the truth, she'd already convinced herself that there was good in Franco. Carly admitted she hated herself for being with Franco. Jake urged her to stop beating herself up and move on. Carly noted that Jason used to say the same thing. She decided to focus on the good things, like the baby.

Carly was concerned about the baby's welfare; she didn't think Morgan or Kiki were ready for a baby, and while she thought Michael was responsible, he wasn't interested in the child. Carly was determined to make sure Ava didn't have a say in the baby's upbringing. She wanted to tell Sonny that he was the father, but knew he would refuse to see her. Carly told Jake about Sonny's “noble gesture,” and she added that it had all been for nothing, since she'd been unwilling to lie to Michael by telling him it was her idea to cut ties with Sonny. Carly admitted that Sonny was flawed, but she thought he was a good dad and that he deserved to know he had another baby. Carly wondered how to get the news to Sonny, since he was refusing to see her. Jake offered to go deliver the news to Sonny, if Carly couldn't find anyone else to do it. Carly was touched by the gesture, but she declined. Jake thought Sonny was lucky to have Carly looking out for his family. Carly told him it was her family too, including the baby. Carly thanked Jake for listening and admitted she was glad she ran into him.

Kiki and Morgan were also at GH. Kiki pulled back from the kiss. Morgan apologized. Kiki assured him that she knew he didn't mean it, but Morgan clarified that he did mean it. Morgan was grateful that Kiki had supported him during the search for the baby and while he'd waited for the paternity test. Morgan believed that he and Kiki had always shared a connection and that their bond had grown stronger. Kiki noted that it was an emotional time, and she reminded Morgan that they didn't want to hurt anyone. Morgan knew she was referring to Michael. Kiki confirmed it and said he'd be even angrier with them if he knew they kissed. Kiki added that they had to focus on the baby, right now. Morgan agreed with her, and they went to visit their sister.

At Johnny's garage, Carlos attached a silencer to his gun. He apologized to Ric, who was still in the trunk, and told him it was nothing personal. Jordan and Shawn burst in, and they ordered Carlos to put the gun down. Jordan made it clear that she wouldn't let Carlos kill an innocent man. Carlos told Jordan that this was her fault – Johnny had been planning to exchange Ric for Sonny's territory until Carlos told him that Jordan was conspiring with Shawn. “You don't want to do this,” Shawn said. Carlos snapped that he wasn't a traitor, like Jordan; he followed the boss's orders. Shawn warned Carlos that Carlos would be killed the moment he shot Ric. Carlos grudgingly decided to let Ric go, but he warned Jordan that she was as good as dead. Carlos left, and Ric thanked Jordan and Shawn for saving his life. Shawn told Ric that Sonny would be happy to know Ric was okay. Ric was surprised that Sonny helped him. Ric almost collapsed. Shawn and Jordan wanted to take him to GH, but Ric was adamant that he wanted to go see his daughter. Jordan wanted to take Ric somewhere safe, where the Jeromes couldn't get to him. Ric and Shawn didn't think the Jeromes would come after Ric again, now that the cops knew they'd abducted him. Jordan agreed to take him to Molly.

In the yard at Pentonville, Johnny taunted Sonny and told him that Ric would be dead soon. Sonny slammed Johnny against a wall and held a shiv to his throat. Just as Sonny remarked that he and Johnny were all alone, Franco tapped him on the shoulder. Sonny let Johnny go. Sonny was surprised Franco was already in prison. Franco explained that he was only in Pentonville until the trial. Franco told Johnny to thank him later. Johnny was annoyed that Franco had interrupted a private matter. Franco thought he and Johnny could connect over their hatred for Sonny. Sonny insulted Franco, and Franco expected Johnny to return the favor and stand up for him. Johnny reminded Franco about the time Franco strapped a bomb to Lulu, whom Johnny had once been in love with. Johnny spat that he'd never befriend Franco. Johnny walked out of the yard.

Sonny grinned and whispered to Franco that they were alone, at last. Sonny stated that the two of them were living proof that you had to pay for your actions. Franco agreed, and he noted that Sonny lost his son and freedom as a result of sleeping with Franco's girlfriend. Sonny admitted that he didn't want those things to happen, but he was glad that he'd gotten Franco out of Carly's life. Sonny accused Franco of having Michael raped when he was 17. Franco countered that it didn't happen like that, but Sonny refused to listen. Sonny vowed to make sure someone raped Franco. There was a struggle, and Sonny pinned Franco to the wall and pointed the shiv at him. Sonny added that once Franco had been passed around the prison, Sonny would kill him, slowly, as payback for what he'd done to Carly, Michael, Josslyn, and the new baby. Franco argued that he'd saved the baby from having to be a Corinthos. “You don't hurt my children,” Sonny hissed. Franco pointed out that he'd already hurt Sonny's children. Franco calmly challenged Sonny to kill him. Sonny didn't make a move, so Franco stated that Sonny wasn't so tough without Jason around to do his dirty-work. Franco added that he'd enjoy watching Sonny die. Sonny sensed that someone was coming, and he quickly put his shiv into Franco's pocket. Franco pulled the shiv out, just as a guard entered the yard. The guard slammed Franco into a fence and ignored his insistence that it wasn't his shiv. Franco was carted off to solitary confinement. Johnny returned and confronted Sonny about double crossing him and having Shawn free Ric. Sonny was adamant that his family would stay safe and he'd continue to hold onto his territory.

Julian was at Sam's spending time with her and Danny. Julian told Sam that he hoped Molly would get to spend Christmas with her whole family. “Oh that's so sweet of you to say” a sarcastic Molly spat, as she entered the penthouse. She reminded Julian that his wish wouldn't come true, since he'd gotten her father killed. Julian decided to go. He told Molly that she had every reason to hate him but that she'd soon feel differently. Molly disagreed. Julian left. While Sam and Molly were wrapping presents, Sam tried to get Molly to open up. Sam admitted that what Julian did to Ric was unacceptable, and she offered a listening ear. Molly snapped that she didn't want to talk about it, so Sam dropped the subject. Alexis came home, and Molly angrily told Alexis that Alexis had just missed her boyfriend. Molly picked Danny up and darted off into another room.

Alexis asked Sam what happened, and Sam filled her in. Sam added that Molly still blamed Julian for Ric's death. Alexis confided that Ric was still alive, but missing. Alexis didn't want to say anything to Molly until she was sure Ric was still alive. Sam saw parallels between Alexis's decision and Patrick's choice to keep Sam in the dark about Jason. Sam wished she had known that Jason was alive, even if it meant she would have to grieve him all over again.. Sam maintained that Molly had a right to know. On cue, Molly waked in and asked what she had a right to know. Alexis told Molly that it was about Ric. Alexis was trying to find the right way to explain, when the doorbell rang. Molly answered it – it was Ric. Molly and Ric had an emotional reunion, while Alexis and Sam watched, smiling.

Fluke went to the Jerome gallery looking for Julian. When Julian arrived and spotted Fluke, he assumed it was Luke. Fluke played along. Julian explained it was all Faison's fault that Fluke had been held captive and that Julian had nothing to do with it. Julian added that Faison was ruthless and had forced Julian to keep quiet. Fluke pulled out a gun. Julian tried to talk “Luke” out of shooting him. Fluke grinned and put the gun away, then told Julian to relax. Fluke revealed to a confused Julian that Faison had been a fake. Fluke made it clear that he still expected Julian to work for him. Julian wanted to know who Fluke really was and where Luke was. Fluke refused to answer either question, so Julian changed the subject. Julian assured Fluke that Julian wanted to stay in the mob. Julian proposed that they work together as equals and build an empire. Before Fluke could respond, Carlos burst in and told Julian what Jordan did. Fluke told Julian to eliminate Jordan.

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