GH Update Monday 12/22/14

General Hospital Update Monday 12/22/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


Alexis is ready to represent Nina in her arraignment hearing after Nathan has asked her to. However, as Franco sits beside Nina and asks about her strategy for him, she tells him there is no way in hell she will represent him.

Sam goes to get her door and notices Julian. She assumes he's there to see her mom but he clarifies he's there, actually to talk to her.

Jordan looks around the Jerome gallery while on the phone to Anna. She tells her that she's looked all around and if Anna's theory is true, Julian is smart enough not to leave a paper trail. She informs her she cannot find any evidence that connects the Jeromes to Ric Lansing's disappearance.

We then see Carlos Rivera on the phone to Johnny while it appears Ric is being held captive inside a car. While Johnny is on the phone, Sonny walks by and Johnny knows he better not let him overhear his conversation on his private phone to Carlos.

We then see Nathan in his hospital room on the phone attempting to make calls on behalf of Maxie. She walks in and asks him to share the conversation with her.

Morgan, Kiki and Carly go to the hospital while Silas runs the test results that will confirm, once and for all, who the father of the baby is. Morgan admits he is really nervous as he's been waiting for this day for so long. Carly tells him so is she but they won't wait much longer and the suspense is almost over.

Maxie tells Nathan she heard her name and would like to know what he is discussing about her on the phone. He tells her he was talking to Dante attempting to find out if he found anything out about Judge Walters, as it's obvious the guy has a grudge against her to keep ruling the way he does. He tells her he knows it's wrong and just lying there doing nothing about it was driving him crazy so he had to do something. She tells him she appreciates his help but does not think it's going to do any good. She knows it may not be realistic to think that things will change and it may be the universe's way of telling her something. Maybe she has to face facts that she may not be a good mother and given her daughter has gone so long without seeing her, she needs to realize this may be out of their control to do anything even though he wants her to believe she possesses all the traits for being a great mother and not give up. She tells him however, she'd rather focus on other things.

Outside the arraignment hearing, both Franco and Nina remind Alexis that she did not forewarn them that she refused to represent him in the trial. She tells them that she is only helping Nina because Nathan is family to her (a fellow Cassadine) and has asked her to represent his sister. She admits to Franco that she chooses not to represent him and when agrees he is correct that he has the constitutional right to legal counsel, she admits that she cannot give him impartial representation. She is not convinced he is innocent of anything remembering what he did to her daughter as well as many other things about him.

Sam assumes that Julian is there to talk to her about getting back with Alexis and she tells him she'd rather not get involved. He tells her, however, he's not there because of that. He heard she was attacked and can't a father check in on his daughter after an ordeal like that? She replies yes and lets her father inside her apartment. She explains she wasn't actually attacked and it's more like they used her as leverage. He tells her he doesn't really see the difference and asks her if she is ok. He asks if the cops have any leads. Sam replies yes. He asks how this guy was able to waltz right in between all the cops yet they don't have a suspect. He can tell, however, that Sam has a theory and asks her to share. She asks why. So that he can have his enforcer, Carlos, take care of them?

At Pentonville, Sonny asks Johnny about his call on his personal phone knowing it's illegal in prison. Johnny explains that he makes sure that he has privacy that he won't get by using the facility phone. Sonny reminds him he could turn him in to the guards. Johnny reminds Sonny that Sonny depends upon him to keep Ric alive.

Jordan tells Anna, over the phone that she has seen that attempting to find out what has happened to Ric through Julian has been futile. So now, she concludes, the best way is to talk to Carlos and she protests that she believes it's the best way to find their answers without tipping anybody off. Shawn walks in and at that point, she knows she needs to keep her conversation secretive. She gets off the phone and Shawn tells her he can see that she is having a secret plan going on with Carlos and Julian and he asks her if she is in business with them again.

At Pentonville, Sonny asks Johnny how he can trust him regarding Ric. Johnny replies that he has the same questions as to how he can trust Sonny to persuade Shawn and Duke to play ball and he remarks to Sonny it's amazing (not credible) how quickly Sonny got them to turn over his territory. Sonny then remembers his “not so private” conversation with Shawn where he declares he's not about to do anything Johnny says and relies upon Shawn to find Ric before Johnny has a chance to carry out his threat to kill Ric. He then tells Johnny that he did not give him a chance. Sonny already lost his son, he tells Johnny, so the least he can do is keep his brother breathing. He reminds Johnny that Duke and Shawn are his soldiers and do not make a move unless he gives them an order.

At the gallery, Shawn asks Jordan if it's really true that her boss is holding Ric Lansing hostage and she is out of the loop.

At Sam's, she assesses to Julian that her mom informed her that Carlos Rivera bailed him out of jail and it's obvious to see that Julian is back working with Carlos and back in the mob, as they both know that Alexis suspects he never left anyway. Julian admits to his daughter that “hypothetically”, if he were to go back to that life, he would do things differently like not allowing the drug trafficking and what happened to Rafe Kovich. She then asks him what she is supposed to tell her son. That his grandpa is one of the “good mobsters”? He admits to her that he really cannot claim to be a “good man”. All he can do is be a good father to her and to Lucas and a good grandfather to Danny and he tells her he can't really do that without her help. He reminds Sam that her mom has already written him off and tells his daughter he hopes she hasn't also.

Outside the arraignment hearing, Alexis informs Franco she referred him to a lawyer in her firm and he should be there any minute. He asks if he has no say in who represents him. Alexis tells him sure he does. If he does not like the lawyer she's referring him to, he can find himself one of those public defenders. Nina reminds Alexis that this was not part of their agreement where she clearly expressed that she will agree to have Alexis represent her if she agrees to also represent Franco. Alexis tells Nina she knows. She reminds her that Franco assaulted her daughter so it would be a conflict of interest to represent him. A young lawyer named Henry Sullivan appears. Franco has strong reservations about him. Henry has reservations about how anyone could realistically help someone with all of the charges Franco has against him. He makes it clear that he does not like Franco and does not have to and has merely been retained to represent him. Franco then walks into the courtroom with his lawyer. Alone with Alexis, Nina urges her to assure her that this is not some trick to ruin Franco. Alexis tells Nina she has her word that this is Franco's best chance for getting away with what he's done. When Franco enters the courtroom, Scott Baldwin goes to talk to him, clearly indicating that he has not given up on his son and may not want him to go to prison even if everyone else does. Nina and Alexis enter behind them. The bailiff calls everyone to rise and introduces Judge Rachel Lasser. She remarks that it's odd that the two inmates have different attorneys.

Maxie and Nathan are playing a board game in his hospital room and she can see he is looking at his phone and has something on his mind. He admits his sister Nina is being arraigned today. Maxie remarks she hopes Nina has better luck than she has had.

The judge reads the charges brought against Nina of assault to Ava, illegal drugging, kidnapping and endangering an infant and asks how she pleads. Alexis stands up and replies her client pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. The judge asks Alexis if she has evidence. Alexis approaches the bench and tells the judge she has medical records that substantiate that Mrs. Clay is not responsible for her actions because she was comatose for 20 years. Her client recently awoken and found out that her mother was responsible for what caused her to be comatose as well as for her miscarriage. Alexis states that Nina has a break from reality and tells the judge she has a sworn affidavit from the PCPD psychologist who says when Nina was taken into custody, she suffered from a mental breakdown. She tells the judge she is requesting that Mrs. Clay be evaluated by a mental health facility. Scott stands up and says the DA's office has no objections. The judge then rules that Nina Clay be remanded to an appropriate psychiatric facility for evaluation. Alexis walks back to Nina who tells her she needs to realize she is not crazy. Alexis assures her this is good. It's much better than prison. Nina then urges her to call Nathan (whom she calls J). Alexis tells Nina she will call her brother right now. Franco then faces her while the guards surround her and put her in handcuffs and he tells her she did great. He's proud of her and will be there for her. She reminds him they all think she is crazy and asks him to assure her that he does not think that. He tells her he thinks this is all part of the process and believes she will be ok. They lead her away.

Nathan talks to Alexis who informs him that his sister has been acquitted under the condition she attends a psychiatric facility and gets the help she needs. He's happy and thanks her. Alexis notices she is getting another call and remarks to Nathan that it appears to be from Judge Walters.

The judge announces the people vs. Robert Frank. She reads to Franco he's being charged with 4 counts of unlawful imprisonment, one count of obstruction of justice and one count of kidnapping and she asks him how he pleads. His lawyer tells her he recommends the same for Franco as Alexis recommended for Nina regarding not guilty by reason of insanity and he requests a psychiatric evaluation.. Scott Baldwin stands up and announces the DA's office has no objections for that. The judge, however, tells Scott she has many objections to that recommendation.

At the gallery, Jordan tells Shawn she had no idea that Julian was holding Ric Lansing and asks what he knows about this. When he doesn't answer, she reminds him that he is not the only one at risk by having this conversation. He then admits to Jordan that Carlos and Julian are holding Ric hostage for Johnny Zacchara and intend to kill Ric if Sonny does not hand over his territory. He reminds her that she intervened when those guys were ready to kill Michael Corinthos because she knew Michael was innocent. So she needs to know that Ric is also innocent and he trusts she does not want to see Ric dead.

When Julian attempts to explain himself to Sam regarding his involvement in the mob, she admits he's the only father she's ever known so she doesn't intend to shut him out and she admits that she was married to Jason who did not give up that life. However, she now views that as in her past and doesn't want what he does to affect her or her son. He tells her he understands. He thanks her remarking it's bad enough he lost her mom. He could not bare losing her. She then goes up the stairs to bring Danny down to see his grandfather. As soon as Julian is alone, he gets a call from Jordan telling him she needs to know where he “stashed” Ric Lansing.

In Pentonville, Johnny “assures” Sonny as long as he does what he's asked to do, Ric will be safe. He then asks Sonny if he ever found his baby. Sonny stays guarded, telling Johnny not that it's any of his business but the baby is safe. Johnny then reminds Sonny that that little girl is a perfect symbol of their alliance since she's part Corinthos and part Jerome. He then tells Sonny that reminds him, did they ever find out whom the baby daddy was ?

At the hospital, Silas returns with the paternity results and informs Morgan, Kiki and Carly that it's proven Carly is not related to the baby. He tells Morgan he's sorry but he is not the baby's father. Morgan looks distraught. They assume this can only mean that Sonny is the father and Morgan is the brother. Carly attempts to console her son who admits to his mom he wanted this so bad. She tells her son it does not matter. She knows that this baby will love him, admire him and look up to him knowing that he will be a wonderful big brother as he would have been a wonderful father. She tells him it doesn't matter how this little girl came to be there. She's perfect and beautiful. They will all love her and she will be part of their family and that's all that matters, she tells her son. Morgan then thanks Silas for running the tests and asks if there is anything they can do now involving making it official for his dad. Carly, however, takes her son aside and tells Morgan he need not worry about all of that. She tells him she knows how complicated this all is for him and he's hurting. She knows that one day he will find the person to fall in love with and have a baby and be a father when he's ready. He goes off with Kiki. Alone with Silas, Carly tells him she knows how much her son is hurting but she concludes “this is for the best”. Silas nods.

IN Nathan's hospital room, when Maxie finds out that Alexis has spoken to Judge Walters, she assumes this can only mean the worst considering how Walters has this out for her. He asks her if she could please just go to the courthouse to hear what he has to say and not be negative. She reminds Nathan Walters hates her. She concludes she's not going to give the judge the satisfaction of stomping on her heart again. Whatever he has to say, he can say to Alexis without her there, she tells Nathan.

When Franco and his lawyer attempt to persuade the judge to rule that he suffers from a mental illness, hears voices and is insane, she tells them she knows that is not true. She reminds them all that about 15 months ago, Franco was acquitted from the charges for heinous unspeakable crimes because of a brain tumor. This was not a mental illness but a physical manifestation that was removed by surgery. So, she concludes, they cannot have it both ways. If the brain tumor that caused this past criminal behaviors has been removed, then he is now responsible for his actions. He is not an ill man, she tells him. Just a criminal. She tells him since he recently fled the country, she now declares him a flight risk and is denying him bail. She tells him he will now be remanded to the Pentonville Penitentiary where he will await trial. The person who is most upset, shocked and horrified to hear that is Nina.

At Pentonville, Johnny reminds Sonny that he didn't have time to get a DNA test. Sonny does not want to discuss that with him. Johnny chuckles and tells Sonny he may say what he wants about Johnny's family but his (Johnny's) father never stole a woman from him. In response to that, Sonny attempts to clarify, with Johnny what he means when he says “father”. Does he mean Anthony? Or his real father? He reminds Johnny he knows some secrets about him just like Johnny knows about Sonny.

On the phone to Jordan while at Sam's, Julian tells her that he hasn't a clue where Ric is or what those guys did with that poor bastard. However, he heard that others “grabbed” Ric. Unknown to Jordan Carlos comes by outside the gallery, overhears and instantly knows he better hide and not be seen.

Nathan urges Maxie not to give up on her daughter or assume it's a lost cause. She then agrees to go to the courthouse and meet with Alexis to find out the story.

Carly assesses with Silas that it appears that Ava is going to be in prison for life on a murder charge as will Sonny. Now that it's been proven they are the two biological parents of the baby, that also means that Kiki and Morgan are both next of kin.

Kiki and Morgan talk privately down the hallway about how the baby is both of their little sister and that part is a little weird for them both to grasp. She tells him that she is worried about the baby. She knows they both love their respective parents who are the parents of the baby but she knows, as does he, that Ava and Sonny are both screwed up and that is putting it nicely. They both know that none of that is the baby's fault. Neither Sonny nor Ava can take care of the baby from prison so she will need both of them.

In the courtroom, the judge declares that her rulings for Franco are final. Nina, however, becomes horrified and demands that they not do this. She can't go to the facility alone. She needs him with her. They are supposed to do this together. Franco assures her she will be fine. But as bailiff haul them both away and separate them from each other, Franco protests that Nina is scared and needs him although they ignore him. Alexis sits alone not knowing what to say or do.

Sam comes down the stairs with Danny and Julian happily greets his little grandson and holds him. Danny smiles at grandpa. They talk about all the people who will spoil Danny along with Santa this Christmas. Julian then ask Sam about her sister. Still not having heard that Molly's dad is alive, Sam tells him Molly is ok but upset with the loss of Ric.

Shawn urges Jordan to tell him where Ric is.

Johnny then finds out from Carlos that Shawn is not cooperating with his deal as Sonny promised Johnny he would. Johnny knows Sonny lied to him. He tells Sonny he made a huge mistake and because of him, his brother is a dead man.

At the hospital, Carly concludes to Silas that Sonny needs to know that he is the father of the baby and thanks him again for expediting the test. Alone, she seems contented and has a plan involving Sonny being the baby's father.

Alone with Kiki, Morgan tells her how it devastates him to learn he is not the baby's father when he really wanted to be. He's already lost Michael and his brother hates him. He's lost his dad and now he lost a baby that could have been his daughter. Although she's his sister, he tells Kiki, it's not the same and will never be the same. She consoles him and Morgan tells her she's the only person who's been getting him through this. He tells Kiki without her, he's afraid he'd fall apart. Kiki holds him in her arms. They kiss.

It seems Nathan somehow knows (is not surprised) that Judge Walters wanted to talk to Alexis about Maxie and he's not afraid of the outcome.

Maxie rushes to find Alexis who tells her she will never believe this but Judge Walters has reversed his ruling and Maxie will get to see her daughter. They are happy although they haven't a clue as to why.

Sam talks to Julian about her sister having her father taken from her right when she got re-united with Ric recently. She knows Molly adored her father and it's really hard on her now that he's gone. She knows that Molly is angry at her mom and she's concerned knowing that Molly needs Alexis. She needs all of them. Julian sounds like he'd like for Molly to spend Christmas with her entire family, listens attentively to his daughter and interacts with his grandson.

Carlos is at the mechanic shop ready to murder Ric. Out of nowhere, however, Shawn and Jordan arrive with guns and demand Carlos put his gun down.

When Sonny finds out that Johnny intends to kill Ric, he goes after him knowing they are alone and no one is there to stop him. However, unexpectedly, Franco appears, stands behind Sonny and asks him “what about me?” as he smirks at Sonny in grim satisfaction.

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