GH Update Thursday 12/18/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/18/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis was in Nathan's hospital room, at his request. Nathan wanted Alexis to get Judge Walters thrown off Maxie's custody case. Alexis broke the news that this wasn't possible and that all she could do was appeal Judge Walters' ruling. Nathan was disappointed and frustrated because he'd promised Maxie that she'd spend Christmas with her daughter. Nathan told Alexis the other thing he wanted her to do – represent Nina. Nathan admitted that Nina did a terrible thing, but he thought Nina was sick. Alexis balked at the idea of representing the woman who hurt a lot of people, including Alexis's daughter. Nathan acknowledged that Nina had been wrong to cause trouble for Sam and Silas, but he still wanted to protect his sister. He asked Alexis if she wouldn't protect her sister if she could. Alexis wondered how Nathan knew she had a sister. Nathan replied that he was a detective. Alexis admitted that she would go back and save her sister, if she could. Nathan asked if Alexis would help him, and when she didn't respond, he reminded her that they were family. Alexis agreed to take the case, but she warned Nathan that it would be an uphill battle. After Alexis left, Nathan made a phone call. Nathan felt bad that Maxie couldn't see her daughter because of his screw up. He told the person that he needed their help fixing this.

Anna and a guard took a sedated Nina to the men's section of the holding area and placed her in a cell across from Franco's. Franco demanded to know why she was being moved out of the women's section and what was wrong with her. Anna explained that Nina went after Ava, so she'd been given a sedative and moved elsewhere, to ensure Ava's safety.

Next, Anna went to an interrogation room. Jordan was inside. Anna thanked Jordan for coming in. Jordan replied that she didn't have a choice, as she drew attention to her handcuffed wrists. Anna uncuffed Jordan, as she apologized and explained that they had to keep up appearances. Anna asked if Jordan had compromised her cover yet. Jordan hadn't; she'd kept her cover story going, just in case Faison resurfaced, but she'd decided to come clean to TJ today. Anna suggested that there might be more work for Jordan to do. Anna explained that while she couldn't think of a reason that Julian would take Ric, Julian was currently her only suspect in his disappearance. Anna wanted Jordan to reconnect with Julian and find out whether or not he had Ric. Jordan was burnt out and reluctant to take the assignment. Anna understood, but she stressed that Jordan was the only one who could do it. Jordan didn't want TJ to go on thinking she was a drug dealer. Anna was confident that it would only take Jordan a few days to find out whether Julian had Ric. Anna thought TJ would see Jordan as a hero if she reunited Molly with Ric. Jordan smiled, and she accepted the assignment.

Jordan left, and Anna went into the squad room. Alexis came in and asked for an update on Ric. Anna told her there was no news. Alexis was irritated because the PCPD had been less than forthcoming about the search. Anna explained that they were keeping things quiet, out of concern for Ric and his family's safety and that the search was a top priority.

Once Franco and Nina were alone, he urged her to say something. Nina accused him of lying to her when he promised her that the two of them and the baby would be a family. Franco apologized for failing Nina, but he told her she was his only friend and she couldn't turn her back on him. Nina didn't think that mattered. She was convinced that they were going to prison and that they'd never see each other again. Franco was adamant that there was hope for them, and he urged her to fight. He called her Nina Clay, and she told him she was Nina Reeves, now. Franco promised to stick by Nina, and he told her that things would be okay. Just then, Alexis walked in and told Nina she was there to help her, at Nathan's request. Nina realized Franco may have been right. Nina was shocked that Nathan still supported her after all the lies she'd told. Nina agreed to accept Alexis's help on the condition that Alexis represent Franco, too.

Carlos had Julian meet him at Johnny's car garage. Once Julian arrived, Carlos opened the trunk of a car. Julian was taken aback when he saw a bound and gagged Ric inside, and he demanded to know what was going on. Carlos explained that Johnny had Ric kidnapped. If Sonny didn't turn over his territory within 24 hours, Ric would be killed. Julian thought that kidnapping Ric had been ill advised because local and federal authorities were looking for him. Julian was angry that Carlos brought him to the scene of a kidnapping. Carlos replied that Johnny told him to do it. Julian angrily reminded Carlos that Carlos worked for Julian and that neither of them had to answer to Johnny. Carlos understood. However, Carlos warned Julian that Johnny wouldn't be happy if Julian didn't cooperate. Julian didn't care. He refused to get dragged down by Johnny's vendetta against Sonny. Carlos wondered if Julian was objecting for strategic reasons, or because of Alexis. Julian replied that he and Alexis were through, but Carlos noted that Carlos loved Sabrina, even though they'd been apart for years. Julian felt that he'd put Molly through enough and that she deserved to have her father back. Carlos suggested that they wait for Sonny's response, but let Ric go, even if Sonny refused to meet Johnny's terms.

Duke was seated at a table in the Metro Court. A waitress brought over a box of cigars. Duke sent her away, then he searched the box and pocketed a wad of cash he found inside. Shawn walked up and complimented Duke on his novel way of doing the collections. Duke explained that he was trying to be discreet because he thought the cops would be watching the warehouse, now that Julian and Faison were out of the picture. Shawn noted that they might soon have to cede control to Johnny in exchange for sparing Ric's life. Duke was impressed that Anna faked Ric's death and sent him to witness protection. Shawn added that it didn't work out like she planned since Johnny's people found Ric and kidnapped him. Shawn felt that Sonny was in a difficult position. Sonny wasn't close to his brother, but he didn't want to have another death on his conscience. Duke wondered how Johnny planned to run Sonny's territory from behind bars. Shawn explained that Johnny recruited Julian for the job. Duke wasn't surprised that Julian was running a criminal enterprise, despite having criminal charges against him. Shawn and Duke discussed Ric's plight and Johnny's demands, then they called and set up a meeting with Julian and Carlos.

Julian and Carlos arrived. Carlos and Shawn had words over their rocky history, but Duke calmed things down. Duke stated that Johnny wanted to take over Sonny's territory, just as he'd taken over Julian's. Julian disagreed with Duke's summary, but Duke pushed forward and announced that Sonny had agreed to the terms. Julian was surprised that it was going to be this easy. Duke acknowledged that Julian had won this round, but Duke warned him that the war wasn't over. Julian refused to free Ric until he was sure that Sonny had really relinquished his territory. Jordan came in, and she stood in the doorway and watched the meeting from across the room. Julian and Carlos walked over to the exit, and Jordan made small talk with them. Julian warned Jordan that the cops were going to come after her to cement their case against him. Carlos was surprised Jordan hadn't been arrested already. Jordan called it luck. Jordan told Julian she was looking to get back into the game.

Meanwhile, Duke and Shawn were disappointed that Julian didn't just hand Ric over. Duke decided to string Julian along, hopefully giving Shawn time to locate and rescue Ric.

Sam was at home looking at the footage of her getting taken hostage when there was a knock at the door. Sam answered. Elizabeth coolly announced that they needed to talk about Jake, then she brushed past Sam and walked inside. Liz confronted Sam about Sam's run in with Jake at the PCPD. Liz argued that Sam's theory that Jake was the gunman was absurd. Sam countered that Liz didn't know Jake well enough to know what he was capable of. Sam pointed out that Jake was a stranger that Liz moved in with her kids. Liz got defensive and asked if Sam was judging her. Sam stated that she was concerned. Liz countered that Liz and Jake's personal lives were none of Sam's business. Sam countered that Jake made it her business when he shoved a gun into her side and shot her cousin. A frustrated Liz defended Jake and told Sam to back off. Sam stated that she'd been used by one maniac to free another. Sam wondered if Liz even cared that Faison was on the loose. Liz insisted that she did, and she referenced the things that Faison did to Lucky. Sam interjected that Lucky survived, and she implied that Liz had forgotten Jason, who hadn't. Liz was offended, and she reminded Sam that Liz loved Jason, too. Sam apologized and explained that this was personal for her. Liz felt the same way because Jake was her friend. Sam scoffed because Liz barely knew Jake.

Liz was angry because she felt that Sam was falsely accusing Jake of things after he'd already been through so much. Liz pointed out that Sam had no evidence to back up her claim. Sam explained that she had a feeling he did it. Liz countered that she had a feeling and Jake's word that he was innocent. Sam surmised that Liz was falling for Jake and was letting her attraction cloud her judgment. Liz called this ridiculous, but Sam replied that Liz and Jake clearly had a connection. Liz stated that it was called “friendship.” Sam felt that Liz was getting defensive. Liz took issue with Sam saying she was in love with a criminal. Sam laughed and pointed out that Liz had a history of falling for unsavory men. “Wow, you're one to talk” Liz replied. Sam conceded that both of them had their moments. Sam thought that after the rough year Liz had with AJ, Ric and Nikolas, it wasn't surprising for her to rebound to a person she didn't know well. Liz was offended. She asked if Sam was accusing her of being so desperate that she'd do anything to hold onto a man. Sam spat that Liz had lied about Danny's parentage to hold on to Jason. Liz admitted she'd regret that for the rest of her life. Liz noted that she wasn't the only one who'd made mistakes, and she referenced the time Sam stood by and watched Jake get kidnapped. Sam admitted that she was in no position to throw stones. Liz noted that this was ancient history that had nothing to do with Jake and that Jake and Jason weren't the same people. “I agree, Jake is no Jason” Sam spat. Sam wanted to bring Jake to justice. Liz decided to leave, since the conversation was going nowhere. “If you keep making trouble for Jake…We'll be forced to sue you for harassment” Liz said. Sam chuckled and highlighted the fact that Liz was referring to herself and Jake as a unit. Sam told Liz to do what she had to do. Liz left. Sam vowed to prove that Jake wasn't a good guy. The camera focused on the picture of Jason, Sam and Danny.

At GH, Jake remembered grabbing Sam. Patrick, who was back on the job, spotted him and struck up a conversation. They made small talk about something Danny did on Thanksgiving. Jake thought Patrick was lucky to get to spend time with Danny. Jake vowed to spend time interacting with the boy the next time he saw him. Patrick stated that he didn't know if there would be a next time. Jake assumed Sam told Patrick her theory about Jake, but Patrick had been talking about the tension between Patrick and Sam. Jake changed the subject and explained that he wanted to talk to Patrick about his memory. Jake was worried his memory loss was getting worse. He told Patrick that he had a clear memory of his day, and a conflicting flicker of a memory. Jake asked Patrick whether this was a side effect from the accident or if it could be a real memory. Patrick told Jake that his brain injuries could affect his perception. Patrick told Jake they could run tests, but the results would probably be the same as the ones Jake received three months ago. Patrick gave Jake Kevin Collins' card. According to Patrick, Kevin had successfully used hypnosis to help people recover their memories, and he might be able to help Jake. Jake was reluctant to see a psychiatrist, but Patrick highly recommended it. Patrick told Jake that his extreme physical fitness and the location he'd been found in made it possible that Jake was a criminal. Jake told Patrick that the flicker was a false memory that someone put in his head. He gave Patrick the card back. Jake walked away and bumped into Liz. She'd seen him with Patrick and was curious. Jake told her he asked Patrick for help with his memory, but there wasn't much Patrick could do. Jake added that he might never find out who he was.

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