GH Update Wednesday 12/17/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/17/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Nathan is still in his hospital bed after the shooting, he leaves messages for Maxie urging her to call him asap and tell him how her custody hearing went. Right then, she walks in and informs him that she lost her chance to see her daughter again.

While in jail, Ava gets a visit from Silas.

Sonny has Shawn visit him in Pentonville and they talk on the phone through a glass partition. Shawn informs him that they have finally found his baby.

Right then, Carly is happily with Morgan and Kiki at the Brownstone after the baby has come home. She attentively assists and answers all of their questions to help them learn all about raising a baby. Everyone is carefree and positive until they see Michael enter. Noticing his discontented and angry expression, their happiness fades and tension fills the room.

Patrick meets with Sabrina for lunch at the Metro Court. He tells her he has something very important to tell her regarding who really caused Gabriel's death.

Right then, Sam is at the police station at the very place where an unidentified guy came out of nowhere to take her hostage at gunpoint in order to help Cesar Faison escape. She remembers identifying him as Jake. And right then, Jake appears through the back door. She stares speechlessly at him.

When Michael enters the Brownstone, Carly warmly greets him and encourages him to not let his issues with her prevent him from getting to know this beautiful baby. Morgan asks his brother if he wants to hold her. Michael says no thank you and only wants to ask if she is Morgan's or Sonny's baby.

After Shawn assures Sonny that his baby daughter or granddaughter has been found and is safe and healthy, Sonny concludes at least one good thing came from this big mess. Shawn tells Sonny that regardless of justifiable reasons to punish Franco and Nina, they have apparently taken good care of the baby. Sonny's baby daughter or granddaughter is in good health and the two kidnappers are in custody, along with Ava, Shawn informs him.

When Silas goes to see Ava, she smiles and asks him who has her baby. He does not answer.

Patrick informs Sabrina that after he and Sam have done extensive investigating into who might have caused the accident that killed his and Sabrina's baby, the found out that their initial belief that it was Cesar Faison was, in fact, incorrect. She then reminds Patrick that she and he as well as Carlos have all gotten incorrect theories. First, they thought it was Ava. Then the Luke imposter. So why is he now so certain that he's found the correct man. He explains to her that there is conclusive evidence that it was the man who has been holding Robin hostage at Crichton Clark to have her do medical research she did not want to do for him. She asks him why. Patrick answers it was about keeping the secret that Jason Morgan “was” alive after everyone thought Faison killed him.

When Sam runs into “Jake” at the police station, he informs her that he has been out job hunting. She finds it odd that he would, right now, suddenly appear at the police station.

In Nathan's hospital room, Maxie tearfully informs him that, Judge Walters has once again denied her visitation rights for her baby. Nathan asks her what reason Walters could possibly have. She replies he said he'd heard that she and Nathan were seen together and concluded that she is still not fit to be a mother. Nathan demands to know how Walters could have possibly seen them together when they were so careful. She tells him that apparently due to Walters dating Monica Quartermaine, he found out that Maxie was recently in Nathan's hospital room. The explanation that she was volunteering did not matter to him, Maxie tells him. Walters even found out that they ran into each other at the gym by one of those courthouse guards. Plus there was the time they ran into each other and didn't run off the other direction and refuse to speak, not long ago at Kelly's. And in the judges' mind, proximity equals guilt.

At Pentonville, Shawn explains to Sonny that Ava and Dr. Clay were apparently out looking for Franco, Nina and the baby and tracked them down in Canada. He informs Sonny that his son, Dante was the arresting officer who found Ava and arrested her for Connie's murder along with arresting the kidnappers. Sonny asks who now has the baby.

At the jail, when Silas informs Ava that Morgan and Kiki now have the baby, she reminds him that they do not know how to take care of an infant. She tells him she loves her daughter but Kiki has never even babysat and Morgan was reading books during her pregnancy on how to be a dad. He tells her whether she likes it or not, she has limited options since she's in lock-up for murder and Kiki is the baby's next of kin. She tells him she's concerned however about Morgan and Kiki taking care of her baby by themselves. He tells her that Carly is helping them. Hearing that, she assesses that although Carly is a hateful bitch, perhaps she should be grateful as at least she knows that Carly will welcome and take care of a baby that is either Morgan's or Sonny's. She concludes at least that is better than Silas' ex who is certifiable. She tells him about Nina in the adjoining cell screaming and crying and it might have been an act. She notices that Nina is not there right now and wonders if Nina found a way to escape and get back to her baby.

At Pentonville, Shawn informs Sonny that Morgan and Kiki are taking care of the baby with Carly helping them and are currently doing a DNA test.

At the Brownstone, in response to Michael's question about paternity, Morgan explains that they are having Dr. Clay running the test but because his DNA would be so similar to Sonny's, Silas explained to them it may take a while to determine whether the baby is Morgan's daughter or sister. So, he informs Michael, the best and easiest way to determine that is to run tests on someone whom they know either does or does not share the baby's DNA. And, that person would be Carly. If she matches, then the baby is Morgan's. If not, then she is Sonny's.

Shawn reminds Sonny of the same logic in Carly getting tested.

At the restaurant, Sabrina asks Patrick why Victor Cassadine would do that to her or her baby. He tells her he realizes that since Victor does not know her or her baby, it had nothing to do with her or the baby. It was about him and Robin. He had to keep Robin working for him and keep Patrick quiet about Jason being alive when he was alive. Sabrina however reminds Patrick that she thought that Robin failed to save Jason. Patrick tells her that is true. Jason is now dead. Sabrina cries and reminds him so is Gabriel and she asks him where Victor Cassadine is now. Patrick informs her that Victor is dead. He died in the craziness involved with Maxie and Lulu getting kidnapped in Crichton Clark. They then conclude that maybe they can now all rest in peace knowing that. Maybe the world is a better place without the person who had their son killed although the world is not better without Gabriel in it.

In the stairwell at the police station, “Jake”/Jason confirms to Sam that Elizabeth did, in fact in form him that she (Sam) told her she believed that he was the gunman who held her hostage, shot a cop and drove the getaway van to break an international criminal out of jail. He chuckles as he tells her he should be “flattered” that she'd consider him a one-man operation taking down and entire police force. He asks her if she asked Elizabeth to go through his sock drawer to look for traces of gun powder he might have used. She tells him she thought it's possible Elizabeth would be in danger and wanted to protect her the way she'd want Elizabeth to protect her if the situation was reversed. He asks if she means she wanted to protect Elizabeth from him. He then asks her just what happened when they were talking the other day at the Metro Court. He remembers they were getting along just great yet somewhere in the conversation she suddenly “flipped”. She replies she recognized him. He asks her why, if she suspects him as being a criminal and lying about it, why is she going behind his back to Elizabeth. Why not say it to his face and leave Elizabeth out of it? She tells him in that case fine. She believes he did it. In fact she knows he did it. He asks her if her friend, Spinelli, was in fact, able to identify his face in the surveillance footage she sent to him, through the mask the gunman was wearing. She tells him no. It was not clear enough. But mask or no mask, she knew it was him.

Sabrina asks Patrick how he and Sam found out that Jason was alive until he was taken to Crichton Clark recently. He tells her that Robin revealed it to him months ago but he made the serious mistake of keeping it from Sam until she heard it from Faison the day they went to question him about his murdering her husband. Faison informed them both and clearly enjoyed revealing to Sam that Jason did not die at that point and in having her know that Patrick kept it from her. He tells Sabrina that it makes no sense for Faison to willingly admit he attempted to kill Jason but would lie about Victor Cassadine's motives to run Patrick and Sabrina off the road and cause Gabriel's death. He reflects to Sabrina about Sam's wanting some answers about Jason's survival and was very angry she was kept in the dark and not given a chance to see if she could be there for her husband before it was too late. He tells Sabrina he understands all too well when someone loses someone they love, they want to find some closure. He further tells her that Sam believes he took that from her and may never forgive him.

At the jail, Silas goes to find out Nina's whereabouts when Nina expresses concerns that she might have escaped and returns to report to Ava that he's confirmed that Nina is sedated and locked up tight so she cannot take Ava's baby. Ava then thanks him for all he's done. She acknowledges he stuck his neck out for her even though she lied to him and he was there for her and her baby. He tells he he knew she needed to find her kid. She acknowledges that Silas gave her a chance to hold her baby, although it might be the last time, just to see that beautiful little face and watch her breathe, know she was real and that she was going to be ok. Ava cries while she tells Silas it was because of him that she had that chance and she will never forget what he's done.

At the Brownstone, Michael coldly wishes the baby luck remarking that he does not have a name to call her by nor does he know if she's his sister or niece. He walks to the door and Kiki asks if he is leaving. He tells her no. Actually she and Morgan are leaving. He reminds them he owns ELQ and employs them. He is evicting them from the premises and relieving them of the job he hired them to do.

At Pentonville, Shawn remarks to Sonny that Carly wanted to be there to tell him the information that he is now telling Sonny but she informed him that Sonny has refused to see her. Sonny affirms that he did in fact tell Carly he can't let her give up her life for him. She needs a chance to reconcile with Michael and get on with her life. He tells Shawn he wants to talk to him about something else regarding handing over his territory to Johnny Zacarra.

In Nathan's hospital room, he protests to Maxie that he won't let her blame herself for the outcome of the custody hearing or let Judge Walters bully her. She tells him that she knew what Walters required of her. He told her she had to stay away from Nathan yet disregarding the rules. He protests that they cannot help running into each other and she came to see him in the hospital because she's a compassionate person and that is why she will make a great mother. He concludes that Walters is abusing his power and he tells her he is going to do something about it as he gets up to take action. Maxie then sees that Nathan is having difficulty standing up and walking and urges him not to put himself at risk by leaving the hospital. She tells him he need to stay there until he gets better and at least do it for her. She asks him to just let her stay there with him and hold her as she lies beside him and they snuggle together.

In Ava's jail cell, Silas acts concerned about what will become of her. She tells him she will consult Diane Miller and hope for the best although she has not yet spoken to Diane and doesn't know what will happen. She tells him he's correct that there is some serious evidence against her. AJ Quartermaine recorded their final conversation where she admitted killing Connie Falconeri and the cops have the recording. She realizes she's hurt a lot of people and always knew some day she'd pay the price, she tells Silas although he seems concerned about the consequences she may be facing. He then gets a call and tells her he needs to get back to the hospital. He also tells her he thought she should know that they are now running a paternity test on the baby.

Michael reminds Morgan and Kiki he's let them live at the Brownstone for free in exchange for their help in renovating the property for him. He admits they did a good job but now it's done. He intends to get tenants that will pay unlike they did. Morgan then tells Michael he gets that he is angry with them for lying about Sonny but he is being a vindictive ass to do this when there is a baby involved. Michael informs his brother if the baby needed a place to stay he'd pay the rent himself but there are people who can take care of her. He tells Morgan and Kiki they are jobless but not homeless. Kiki then tells him it's ok. They can just stay at her dad's. Carly interjects assuring them they are more than welcome to stay at her home with the baby as there will be plenty room and plenty of people to help them there. IN response to that, Michael asks his mom if her concern for the baby is really just a means to get closer to Sonny. Carly informs her son that Sonny no longer wants to see her.

At Pentonville, Shawn asks Sonny if Johnny's telling him he wants Sonny's territory is what got Sonny roughed up. Sonny tells Shawn Johnny told him that he has Ric and is threatening to kill his brother if Sonny does not hand over the business.

At the restaurant, Sabrina tells Patrick that people make mistakes. That's what forgiveness is all about and she tells him he deserves to be forgiven even if she does not. He then asks her why he has not seen her at work. She admits she no longer works at GH. She's not taking another leave. She reveals to him that she was convinced that Ava caused Gabriel's death. She was so filled with anger and hate and a need for revenge that she gave Ava mistoprostal so that Ava could go into pre-mature labor just like she did. She tells him she realizes she had not right to do that so she turned herself in to Epiphany and to Dr. Obrecht and they had to fire her. She tells Patrick long story short she still has her nursing license but no longer works at GH and doesn't think she's ready to look for another job soon. He tells he he understands all too well about crossing the line of medical professionalism when he had to operate on Rafe and that she deserves to be forgiven just like he did. He asks her if she is ok financially without work. She tells him Felix is temporarily covering the rent until she finds something else and she has savings. She assures him she will be alright and informs him she has to go. Patrick gets up and tells her he doesn't want to lose their friendship and hugs her. She assures him they won't lose it and smiles at him.

Jake/ Jason tells Sam he understands her wanting answers but she's looking in the wrong direction. She tells him no. She is looking at him. She tells him exactly what happened when she observed the cops dragging Faison away and he grabbed her from behind in order to provide himself with a shield to help Faison escape. He tells her he saw the footage also but he was not the gunman who took her hostage, helped Faison escape and shot a cop. She asks him how he can be so sure about anything when he does not even know who he is. He then admits he may not remember his life before the accident he recently had but remembers everything now and he assures her again he did not do what she is accusing him of. If she wants to further investigate him, she may knock herself out but it did not happen. She laughs, tells him he may save his lies for Elizabeth and walks out.

In Ava's cell, she finds out that Silas was able to get the paternity test without her permission because Kiki gave, being next of kin. He makes it very clear to her that he cares about her, values, respects her, that she is important to him and promises he will be there for her.

Michael asks Carly if she can honestly tell him she has not visited Sonny in Pentonville. She admits she did the first chance she got but then she remembers her ex husband demanding that she tell Michael it was her choice to never see him again so that Michael would forgive her even if he does not forgive Sonny. He wants her to be able to reconcile with Michael. It was a selfless act on Sonny's part, she tells him, whether he wants to believe that about his father or not. Again, she asks her son if he cannot let go of this anger and let her, Sonny and Morgan in.

Sonny informs Shawn that Johnny showed him proof that Ric is alive and in witness protection and gave him 48 hours to hand over his business. Shawn asks Sonny if he's going to save a brother he's never been close to by giving up his company. Sonny tells him no. Shawn asks him if he's going to let Ric die. Sonny tells him no to that also. What's going to happen, he tells Shawn, is he's (Shawn) going to go and find Ric and snatch him from the Zacarra people.

After Silas leaves, Ava gets another visit from Sabrina. She tells Ava she wanted to come by to tell her she is sorry for what she tried to do to her. She admits she thought Ava caused the accident and blamed her for her baby's death and wanted to make Ava suffer the way she did and it was a terrible thing to do. Ava tells her she accepts her apology and realized Sabrina would have never thought she was responsible for the accident if Ava hadn't let Carlos believe she was. She admits she took advantage of Sabrina's misfortune in order to pressure Carlos into confessing for a murder he did not commit. She admits she only wanted to save herself as usual and, she tells Sabrina, she can see how this has worked out now that she's locked up in here. She informs Sabrina her baby is healthy but she's lost her anyway and not because of anything Sabrina has done.

While Patrick is back at the Metro Court, he runs into Sam who walks away and avoids him. He asks her if he can just have a minute of her time to talk, tells her he just wanted to apologize and realizes what he did was awful. She looks attentively at him and smiles while he tells her his worst fear is that she won't forgive him and he could not live with that because he does not want to lose his friend and his adventure buddy and the possibility of what they could have possibly been to each other. She smiles and tells him neither does she.

Meanwhile, Jake is alone in the stairwell where Sam just confronted him and where he (unconsciously) took her hostage, remembering her telling him what she knows he did..

While with Nathan in his hospital bed, Georgie tells him she's afraid she's failed her daughter for yet another Christmas while they can't be together. He then tells her that he promises she will be with Georgie this Christmas. He will find a way for them to be together, he tells her.

Ava tells Sabrina she understands why she (Sabrina) did what she did and is sorry that neither of them will get to be mothers to their baby.

Michael reiterates to his brother, ex-girlfriend and mom that the Brownstone is ELQ property and he needs them all out by the end of the day.

In Pentonville, Sonny pulls out the directions Johnny gave him so that Shawn can hopefully find Ric. He tells Shawn he realizes he is asking a lot of him but if he cannot bring Ric to safety, he will have to trade his business for his brother's life. He realizes he's hurt a lot of people lately, he tells Shawn, and the last thing he wants is his brother's death over his head. Shawn promises Sonny he won't let him down and tells him his brother is coming home.

At the Metro Court, Patrick asks Sam if she's saying she can forgive him. She tells him she wants to try and she tearfully admits to Patrick that regardless of what he should or should not have done with telling her what he knew in the past, the fact is Jason is gone and he's never coming back.

Again, we see Jake/Jason alone in the police department stairwell after being confronted by Sam. He relives what he saw in the video footage of when she got grabbed and taken hostage. He realizes, then, that he is not entirely certain and asks if she was right and if it was himself that did it.

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