GH Update Tuesday 12/16/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/16/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Sam was outside the PCPD. Patrick called, and she ignored it. Meanwhile, Dante was inside the station watching surveillance video of the gunman grabbing Sam. Lulu walked up, and Dante explained that, due to budget cuts, it was taking a long time for the cops to enhance the footage so they could get a better look at the gunman. Lulu mentioned that she was going to the courthouse to support Maxie. She hoped that Maxie would soon get her daughter back and that the judge would stop barring Maxie from seeing Nathan.

After Lulu left, Sam came in. Dante was apologetic about Sam getting victimized in a place where she should have been safe. Sam assured him that she didn't blame the police department, and she asked if they'd made any progress identifying the gunman. Dante hadn't. He offered to show her the footage. Sam revealed that she'd watched the video already and she had a suspect. At first, Dante wondered where Sam got the video, but he quickly realized Spinelli was responsible. Dante made it clear that Spinelli committed a crime, then he dropped it and asked Sam about her theory. Sam explained that Jake sounded just like the gunman and even used the same expression as him. Dante was skeptical that a man recovering from a bad accident could pull off such a feat. Sam wasn't swayed and she pointed out that Jake could be a criminal who healed fast. Dante stated that he'd ran Jake's fingerprints before and got a hit at first, but nothing came up. He thought it was a glitch, but Sam thought it could have been a real match. Dante ran the search again and came up empty. He told Sam that there was no evidence that would allow them to consider Jake a suspect. Sam had Spinelli send Dante an enhanced copy of the video. Dante enlarged a still of the gunman's face. Sam took one look at the man's eyes and was convinced that it was Jake.

Maxie was alone in the courtroom. She thought about the day she lost the right to see her daughter for the second time. Nathan called her on a voice chat because he knew it was the day of her visitation hearing. Maxie was worried, so Nathan gave her a pep talk. Maxie showed Nathan the “baby's first Christmas” ornament that she'd brought as a good luck charm. She explained that this one used to belong to her sister Georgie, and Maxie had given her own old ornament to her daughter Georgie. Maxie looked at the ornament whenever she missed her baby. Maxie was disappointed that she missed her daughter's first Christmas, but Nathan was hopeful that she'd be there for the second one. Lulu came in. Maxie ended the call because she didn't want Judge Walters to find out she was still in contact with Nathan.

Maxie was on edge and she started to ramble about her outfit. Lulu encouraged her friend to relax. Lulu asked where Felicia and Mac were. Maxie explained that they weren't coming; Felicia had a meeting at City Hall about the recount. Felicia had been planning to skip it, but Maxie insisted that she go. Diane texted; she was busy with another case and wouldn't be able to attend Maxie's hearing. Maxie panicked, then Alexis arrived to fill in as Maxie's lawyer. Maxie was worried, and she reminded Alexis that last time, Alexis had argued against her. Judge Walters walked in and was startled that Alexis was representing Maxie after she'd argued that Maxie was unfit to parent. Alexis explained that Maxie had met all the court's requirements. Judge Walters conceded that Maxie had done everything he'd asked, except stay away from Nathan. Alexis replied that she hadn't seen that order in the paperwork. Judge Walters explained that he'd given Maxie the order verbally. It was clear that Maxie was scared. She leapt up and swore she'd stayed away from Nathan. Judge Walters revealed that he was dating Monica and he'd been at the hospital to pick her up yesterday and saw Maxie leaving Nathan's room. Maxie claimed that she'd entered Nathan's by chance, while volunteering, and left as soon as she saw him. Judge Walters called a bailiff in, who told the court she'd seen Nathan and Maxie together at the gym. Judge Walters had also heard about Nathan and Maxie spending time together at Kelly's. He denied her visitation with Georgie and told her they'd revisit the matter in six months. Alexis was outraged, and she vowed to file an appeal.

Jake went to GH. He was taken aback when he received a friendly greeting from Obrecht. Obrecht told Jake she was in his debt; she'd learned that he'd been spending time with the children in the pediatric ward. Jake empathized with the kids who were stuck at the hospital and decided to use some of his ample free time to make them smile. Obrecht told Jake that his visits were a hit with the young patients, who'd been rather sad after Franco's departure. She hoped that Franco would soon return, but Jake was doubtful. Obrecht warned Jake that his volunteer work would not lower his hospital bill. Obrecht left. Jake found Elizabeth and revealed that he'd brought her a bag lunch. They went up to the landing on the stairs and sat down to share the meal. Jake admitted he liked hanging out with Liz. Liz was enjoying it too. Liz told Jake about Sam's belief that he could be the gunman. At first, Jake dismissed that as crazy, then he became concerned that Liz might think it was true. Liz assured him that she thought Sam's allegation was absurd, but Liz admitted to finding the accusation unsettling. Jake pointed out that Liz know him and that he didn't even know himself, but he knew he didn't do it. Jake offered to move out, if it would make Liz more comfortable. Liz told Jake she knew he was incapable of doing the things Sam accused him of and that she didn't want him to move out. Jake thanked her for believing in him.

Obrecht went to visit Nathan, just as he was hanging up with Maxie. Obrecht had observed the sparks between Nathan and Maxie, and she was curious about why Maxie wasn't here with Nathan. Nathan told her about Judge Walters' orders. Obrecht was appalled because she considered it an abuse of power. Nathan politely refrained from pointing out Obrecht's hypocrisy. Obrecht was going to go confront the judge, but Nathan asked her not to. Obrecht told Nathan that she empathized with him and Maxie because she knew what it was like to be separated from the one you love. Nathan knew that Obrecht was referring to Faison, and he warned her that Faison would be captured. Obrecht replied that Nathan had better hope not, for Britt's sake. Nathan didn't understand. Obrecht made it clear that they were talking off the record, mother to son and not informant to cop. Nathan accepted her terms. Obrecht explained that Britt fled town with Faison to avoid facing charges. Nathan asked why Obrecht stayed behind, and she explained that she couldn't bear to leave Nathan again. Nathan was surprised that Obrecht would stay with him, instead of going with the child she raised. Obrecht took Nathan's hand and told him that she loved Faison and Britt, but she loved Nathan, too. Nathan was disappointed that Britt was gone, just as he was getting to know her. Obrecht told Nathan she was sorry, but she didn't know where Britt was, and she couldn't help them keep in touch. Obrecht assured Nathan that she would understand if he told the other cops what he'd learned. Nathan told her that right now, all he could think about was Maxie.

Ned and Olivia were at the Metro Court. Ned sensed that Olivia was upset, and he was concerned that he'd done something wrong. Olivia assured him that he hadn't, and she tried to walk away. Ned gently grabbed her arm and encouraged her to confide in him. Olivia confessed that she'd developed feelings for Ned shortly after telling him she'd only been using him to needle Sonny. Ned was stunned and wondered why she pushed him away. Olivia explained that, at the time, she didn't think she was ready to start a new relationship, and she was afraid that dating Ned could damage their friendship. Once Olivia changed her mind, Ned was dating Alexis. Ned told Olivia he liked her a lot, but he had history with Alexis and he wanted to give that relationship a chance. Ned stated Olivia was smart, fun and pretty and he hoped they could continue to be friends. Olivia didn't think so. She told Ned that if she kept spending time with him, her feelings would grow. Olivia admitted that every time she saw him with Alexis, she got needy and rude. Olivia felt bad about the way she'd treated Alexis earlier that morning, and she didn't want to be the kind of person who did that kind of thing. Olivia didn't think she could control herself, so she felt that she had to cut off contact with Ned. Ned was disappointed, but he accepted this. Olivia's eyes filled with tears and she said goodbye to Ned. He walked out and turned back and stared for a second, before leaving.

Nikolas had set up a Christmas tree in the Wyndemere living room. When Spencer came in, Nik suggested they decorate the tree, but Spencer gave him the silent treatment. Nik knew Spencer was still upset about Britt. He stood firm and told Spencer that it was his job to protect Spencer and that Britt had to pay for taking advantage of Spencer. Spencer let it slip that Britt left town. Nik wanted details, so Spencer elaborated; he'd been running away from home when he happened to spot Britt on the docks. Spencer added that he'd planned to go with Britt, but his great grandmother talked him out of it. A skeptical Nik assumed Spencer was referring to his great grandmother Lesley. Spencer replied that Lesley was on tour with Player, then he clarified that he was talking about his other, “scary” great grandmother. The alarmed Nik decided to call security. “That won't be necessary,” Helena replied, as she emerged from a secret passage. Helena told Nik she was delighted to see him, but Nik told her he couldn't say the same. Helena brushed off Nik's frosty response and told him he only pretended to disapprove of her, out of misguided loyalty to Stefan. Nik sent Spencer upstairs. Helena was pleased to see the Cassadine wit and drive in Spencer. Nik ordered Helena not to ever approach Spencer again. Helena seemed amused by Nik's demand. She told him she missed him and she was convinced that he'd missed her, too. Nik insisted that he hadn't.

Helena asked for a hug. Nik complied, then he announced that he was calling security. Helena was sure that Nik wouldn't call security on his family. Nik countered that most families didn't try to murder each other. Helena felt that Nik was being too pedestrian. Nik argued that Helena was psychotic. Helena calmly replied that Nik knew this wasn't true. She admitted that his father and grandfather had psychotic tendencies, but she said that it was best for the family that the heir be sane, which Nik was. Helena told Nik that everything she'd ever done had been to preserve the family, and she wanted him to start acting like the Cassadine prince that he was. Nik replied that the Cassadine inheritance was his birthright, which he'd received at 21. Helena cryptically announced that she'd taken steps to safeguard her position. Helena gave Nikolas an ultimatum – either abandon his “cloying sentimentalities” and take his place as the Cassadine heir, or lose the money, the house and the island.

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