GH Update Monday 12/15/14

General Hospital Update Monday 12/15/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco is in jail when he yells to the guard telling them he needs to see Nina Clay. Nobody responds when he reflects that Nina is probably not well and does not understand what is happening. He reflects he just wants to see Nina. He hears a familiar voice telling him she cannot help him there. He turns to see Carly visit him. She asks if he would settle for seeing her instead.

Nina is in a cell adjacent to Ava. She keeps talking to herself about how she needs to get back to her baby and reassure the little one and the baby needs her mother. Ava hears her and demands she shuts up, telling Nina she's going to drive her as crazy as Nina is. When Nina continues to talk, Ava demands the guard comes. Both women call to the guard that he cannot ignore them and they tell him in unison that they “need to see their baby”.

Kiki take the baby to the hospital to get examined. He wants to make certain the baby is safe and healthy. She assures him that the best pediatrician in the area examined the little one and her dad, Silas will soon be back with the test results which she knows will be perfect. Morgan tells her he hopes so. The both reflect how beautiful and peaceful the baby is and how one would never know the turmoil that surrounds her.

Olivia gets off the elevator at the Metro Court happy that the baby will soon be coming home and believing that her day is getting off on the right foot.. She notices however, as soon as she walks into the restaurant that Ned and Alexis are at a table together and it instantly makes her mood much less positive. Alexis tells Ned that she wanted to find out of Julian might know what happened to Ric and why he's suddenly missing as soon as it' safe for him to come out of hiding and reveal that he has not been killed. Ned immediately seems to know that she should not have gone to see Julian in his cell, as she did, to have further discussion with him.

Julian is ready for his trial. He sits in the courtroom with Carlos Rivera sitting behind him before anyone else has gotten there. Carlos smirks and tells Julian's he's sure he can get Julian acquitted and has the bail money in a brief-case for him. Julian asks Carlos if he'd like to tell him who put him up to this.

At Pentonville, we see Johnny in the weight room on his back bench-pressing and suspecting nothing. Sonny then enters, catches him off guard and puts a sharp instrument against his throat. He tells Johnny he'd like to talk about what he just heard Johnny tell him about his brother, Ric Lansing.

At the Metro Court, Alexis tells Ned she cannot tell her daughter that her father is alive until she knows that for certain and that is the reason she has to do something. He tells her that he is on board but needs her to realize that Julian is bad news. So, he tells her, if she feels the need to see Julian again, he (Ned) wants to come with her. Hearing that, Alexis knows that if that were to happen it would not go over well with the two men. He tells her she should not have to deal with Julian alone. She tells him she does not believe it's likely Julian will pose a threat to anyone since he's locked up and she doubts there's any likelihood he will be getting out any time soon.

In the courtroom before the trial, Julian tells Carlos he doubts that Carlos has the connections to pull this off in order to help Julian beat the charges nor come up with sufficient bail money. He concludes that Carlos would have to be working for another family. So, he asks Carlos, who is his boss? Carlos replies Johnny Zacchara.

At Pentonville, Sonny holds the heavy weight down on Johnny's throat when Johnny tells him he has no information about Ric. Immediately thereafter, Johnny's friends come and physically pull Sonny away from Johnny. Johnny then sits up and assures the guys it's alright if they leave him alone to talk to Sonny. They leave and Johnny informs Sonny that he knows that Sonny's brother Ric is alive and Sonny might want to consider that Johnny is the only one who knows where Ric is. He tells Sonny that his allegation that Ric tried to take him down with Julian and Faison is not true. Ric did not betray him as most people assumed. He shows Sonny written proof.

At the jail, Carly tells Franco she wanted to see him there remembering how proud of himself he was when he destroyed her family. She tells him it's very reassuring to be able to see him in a cage, locked up after he ruined her life and broke her son's heart. He tells her he's not going to apologize to her. She lied to him, betrayed him and stabbed him in the back and had it coming to her. She tells him she now wishes she had stabbed him in the back and regrets having trusted him and given him the ammunition to destroy her family. She should have let Sonny do what he wanted to do. She informs him that she saw the threatening video he recently sent to her, watched it and would like to know how disgusted she was to have lived with him,, slept with him, considered marrying him after what he did to her son and to so many people. She tells him she will not give him the satisfaction of doing what he threatened to do to her because she will be crashing into his life instead.

When the guard comes to intervene in the dispute between Nina and Ava in their respective jail cells, he tells them that neither of them are going to see the baby or going anywhere for a long time. They don’t' listen and continue to rival each other, each believing the other will be put away and never see the baby again, each believing only she will see “her baby”. In response to being told that neither will see him again, Ava tells Nina the only way she (Nina) will see the baby is over Ava's dead body. Nina asks her if she promises that.

At the hospital, Silas enters the room to talk to Kiki and Morgan and assures them the baby is very healthy and there is no reason for worry even though she was born so early. They are really happy to hear that but Morgan tells Silas he needs him to do one more thing; run a paternity test on the baby.

At the Metro Court, Olivia comes and talks to Ned and Alexis and tells them she can take their order. She remembers what they both commonly order without having to write it down. She appears friendly but there's an indirect indication that she is not ok with them being together and might want to engage in competitive confrontations with Alexis.

At the hospital Morgan explains to Silas Ava has not informed him who the baby's father so the paternity test is the only way to find out if the baby is his daughter or his sister. He assumed it can be easily done with a blood test. Silas tells him however that he's sorry he cannot legally do that for him.

In the jail, Nina tells Ava that she and Franco and the baby were together as a family and everything was going to go good. But then Ava walked in and ruined everything. She took Nina's baby from her. Ava asks her how on earth she can say that. Nina drugged her, held her hostage, threatened her when she was about to give birth, induced the labor and then ran off with Ava's baby. Nina dragged her off across the border in the middle of the winter, Ava reminds her. Hearing that, Nina happily reflects that the baby was such a “good little sleeper” and slept in her arms the whole time. Ava furiously tells her the baby could have died and if she could reach Nina through these bars, she would strangle Nina with her bare hands. IN response to that, Nina reminds Ava that that is what got Ava in jail in the first place.

In Franco's cell, Carly tells him he may threaten her all he wants but if he threatens any member of her family, including Ava's baby, she will kill him. She will end him and she won't hire someone to do it. She will do it herself. He tells her she need not worry. He is going to Pentonville and she might want to be more worried about Sonny that anyone who's not in prison coming in contact with him.

In Pentonville, Johnny shows Sonny papers to prove to him that Ric is alive. Anna Devane had everyone believing that Ric got shot and killed by a cop when he tried to escape so that they could flush out the real criminal while Ric was in hiding. Sonny tells Johnny if that is true, now that Faison has been identified and caught, why can't Ric come out of hiding and reveal he's alive and redeem himself? Why does Sonny's niece have to still believe her father is dead? Johnny replies his boys got to Ric first.

In the empty courtroom, Julian asks Carlos how he would have connections when he's been locked up? Now that his boss has been caught and Sonny is locked up, does this mean that the Zaccharas are trying to reclaim the territory? Carlos tells Julian that Johnny's plan is to form an alliance between the three families; the Zaccharas, the Jeromes and the Corinthos'. Johnny is going to take over the entire eastern seaboard and he wants Julian to be a part of it, Carlos tells him.

Franco asks Carly how things are going with Sonny. She then silently remembers Sonny telling her the last time they spoke, that he does not want her visiting him ever again. She tells Franco she is not going to be intimidated by him. She also tells him she is happy to know that he is locked up where he belongs. She tells him he and Nina deserve each other. The kidnapper and the freak have gotten what they deserved. For the first time, in the conversation, Franco is no longer smug when he defensively tells she better leave Nina out of this. She then laughs and tells him that playing the hero for a mentally deranged woman does not change who he is or what he's done. It only makes him more pathetic. He tells Carly she knows nothing about Nina. She tells him she knows that Nina kidnapped a baby and he helped her. She tells him she no longer has to wait and wonder when he will be in prison. She walks away.

In the other cell, Nina tells Ava she knows that she (herself) may be facing a lot of charges but it's nothing compared to what Ava has done. Although Ava tells her she knows nothing about her, Nina tells Ava she knows that Ava killed Connie Falconeri in cold blood. Connie was a well-known publisher and a mobster's girlfriend. Ava must have known that somebody would miss Connie so is that the reason why she framed AJ Quartermaine, Nina asks her? Ava tells Nina she did not have a choice. Nina tells her she did. What Ava did not have, Nina tells her, was remorse. She just killed a woman and walked away. Ava may judge what she has done, Nina tells her. But what she (Nina) has done, she's done out of love. Ava tells Nina that coma she had has scrambled her brain. Nina reminds Ava she is a murderer. She tells her she (herself) has never crossed that line. So, Nina tells her, that makes Ava the crazy one. She concludes that she (herself) will be a much better mother to that little girl than Ava and when she gets out of there, Jaime and herself will pick up right where they left off.

Morgan asks Silas why there are issues preventing him from doing a paternity test by simply drawing Morgan's blood. He already has the baby's blood on file. Silas tells him that there are legal restrictions that prevent him from doing that. By law the only person with legal guardianship of the baby, right now, is Ava. So he cannot do a paternity test without consent from her. Morgan does not understand why he can say that. Silas tells him he understands and would like to help him to find out whether he's the father of the baby. Realizing that with Ava in jail, someone else would have to be considered a legal guardian. And that would have to be the closest immediate family member. Kiki concludes that would have to be herself.

In the courtroom, still awaiting the hearing, Julian asks Carlos what would happen if he accepts the bail money and then goes “straight”. Carlos smirks and tells him he knows that won't happen, reminding Julian just how far the “straight and narrow” has gotten Julian. He asks Julian if he does not miss the life and still want the money, the excitement and the power. Julian tells him what he wants is something the alliance can't give him.

At the Metro Court, Alexis tells Ned she could detect a note of hostility from Olivia. It appears she is angry at her, Alexis says. Ned hasn't a clue why Olivia would be angry at Alexis although they both know why. Olivia then comes over to their table to offer them some free appetizers on the house and makes another comment to indicate she resents Alexis being with Ned. Alexis then asks her if she has offended her in some way.

Carlos asks Julian if all of this “new thinking” Julian has is about Alexis Davis. He asks Julian if he is crazy to still be hung up on that broad and tells him he can't spend his entire life “in bed”. Julian then angrily grabs a hold of him and tells him he better not ever speak that way about Alexis or he will break Julian's fingers. Carlos reminds Julian he needs to face facts that he can want Alexis all his life yet never have him. Julian gave up his entire life for Alexis and she still wants nothing to do with him. Where is she? He tells Julian it's the same with himself and Sabrina. He wanted to be with her but she chose the up-standing doctor even though that did not work for her. He concludes to Julian that “guys like them” do not get the nice little house in the suburb or the wife and the kids and the dog and the car-pool and the PTA. They don't get a happy ending. They burn bright and fast and die young so they have to enjoy the rush and the power that comes with it while they are still alive.

At Pentonville, Sonny tells Johnny even if he believes what he says about Ric, why should he care about his brother after all the grief Ric caused him. Johnny reminds Sonny that Ric tried to tell him he was being framed but Sonny did not believe him. Ric ended up paying a price for a war that belonged to Sonny all because he was related to Sonny. Now Ric's daughter is stuck without a father and Sonny has the power to fix that. Ric's life is in Sonny's hands, Johnny tells him. All Sonny has to do is play ball, he says.

Franco lies down on his jail cell bed and remembers Carly telling him that he and Nina deserve each other and will never see each other again. Instantly, he calls the guard and tells him he has to “go”. He tells him he cannot wait and reminds them he doubts they have a maid service if Franco is prevented from “going” and he'd love to tell his lawyer about the gross mistreatment that happens there. The guard then warns him no “funny business”.

Nina reminds Ava she claims she wants to raise her child yet has neglected to name her. Ava reminds Nina that is because Nina kidnapped her. Nina took her and Ava did not even get a chance to see her little face. Nina tells Ava she may protest all she wants but she will probably be locked up for life. She knows that she (herself) will get out of there and be able to soon see Jaime. Ava tells her she is delusional if she thinks she will get custody of any baby after what she did, reminding Nina she bludgeoned her mother. She tells Nina the only reason she is not in there for murder is because she got lucky. Nina left her mother for dead. She reminds Nina she's blown her chance at motherhood. She is completely barren and now there's no way she'd ever be able to adopt. Ava taunts Nina telling her all those dreams of motherhood are now gone and now Nina has eroded any sympathy anybody ever had for her. Nobody is coming to her rescue, Ava tells her. Hearing that, Nina furiously protests that is not true as she throws a chair. Franco is coming for her and they will soon be a family, she says. Ava laughs at that and tells her she's even more delusional than she thought. Nina repeats again that Franco will come for her. Franco appears outside her cell, with the guard beside him.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Morgan and Silas that she is the closest family member to the baby. It's a known fact that she is the baby's sister so when her mom is in prison, shouldn't she (Kiki) have due consideration for legal guardianship? Silas seems to see her point and Morgan asks if Kiki could legally authorize the paternity test. He then agrees to have it done at Kiki's request.

At the Metro Court, when Alexis tells Olivia she needs to know if Olivia has a problem with her, Olivia admits that is true. She has a problem with both Alexis and Ned. She believes the two of them are totally wrong for each other. They don't belong together. Ned and herself do. They like the same things and want the same things out of life. They both enjoy doing MMA at the gym. Alexis would never do that. Alexis likes to see 4-hour long films with sub-titles and no plots. She tells Alexis she doesn't even want a future with Ned. She's just using him to get over Julian Jerome. She tells Alexis that is the biggest joke of all because this man (Ned) is the sweetest, kindest, most loveable. She says not to even get her started about “those dimples”. She sits beside them while they silently listen to her and asks Ned if he cannot see that the two of them (she and Ned) could be really good together. She admits she doesn't want to keep being his friend. She cannot be... because... And right when she's about to admits she is “falling in love with him”, we see that she is not really saying that. She is only imagining it and refusing to answer Alexis' question. Alexis calls to her and asks if she has a problem with her. Olivia laughs and tells Alexis of course not. She wouldn't never say anything bad about Alexis. She then tells them to enjoy their breakfast as she runs off.

Before the court hearing, Carlos tells Julian the only thing Julian needs to do is plead guilty... and “they” will take care of the rest.

At Pentonville, Sonny tells Johnny that even if he is correct about Ric, what is Johnny going to do with Sonny's territory? He can't run it from in there. Sonny concludes to Johnny no matter what he says, Johnny cannot have his business or his territory. It's no deal. Johnny then tells him if he refuses, Johnny and his guys can make the rumor about Ric's death a reality. The only way Sonny's brother gets out of this alive is if Sonny calls his buddies,, Duke and Shawn and tells them Sonny is giving his territory to Johnny.

The judge tells Julian he is being charged with one count of fraud and for aiding in the wrongful imprisonment of Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. He asks Julian how he pleads to these charges.

When Franco goes to see Nina in the jail, she reaches for him and he assures her he will make sure everything is alright for her. Ava tells says damn him and tells him he keeps finding new ways to ruin her life. He tells her not everything is about her. Nina asks Franco if he's seen baby Jaime and if she's ok. He tells her he's sure she's safe. She reaches for him and tells him he's going to fix this like he's fixed everything and that they are going to be a family again. He admits to Nina, however, that he cannot promise her that.

Carly goes to see Morgan and Kiki at the hospital while they are with the baby. She looks at the little one and tells her son she is gorgeous. He asks her how his dad is. She admits to her son that she and Sonny, unfortunately won't be seeing each other again.

At Pentonville, Johnny tells Sonny he has every reason to believe that Julian Jerome will accept his offer even if Sonny will not.

When the judge asks Julian how he pleads to the charges, he silently remembers when he last saw Alexis come to see him in jail and he pleaded, protested and urged her to know that he won't give up on her, yet she told him she's done with him and walked away. The judge asks him again and he tells him he pleads not guilty.

At the Metro Court, Ned tells Alexis they need not figure out which one of them will pay for breakfast because Olivia has paid their bill. They depart and both go off to start their day.

The judge announces that bail is set for Julian at $250,000. The lawyer whom Carlos has hired for him tells the judge he has the money to cover it. The judge then tells them that Julian is free to go and this court is adjourned. Carlos then smiles and tells Julian he needs to know that he is about to be part of something amazing although Julian does not looks as encouraged as he does.

At Pentonville, Sonny tells Johnny if Ric is alive, he knows his brother will turn on him, angry with him and will probably side with the Zaccharas in order to pay Sonny back. Johnny tells Sonny that is ancient history. Sonny asks Johnny how he knows that there might be some sort of secret he does not know about. Johnny tells Sonny he will just have to trust him

Ned returns to Olivia and thanks her for picking up the tab for the breakfast. She laughs and tells him it's the least she could do after she acted impulsively with Alexis. He tells her, regarding that, he would like for her to tell what is really going on with her.

The guards pull Franco away from Nina when she pleads for her to rescue her yet he can't. Ava then tells her that one thing that will make it easier for her to live with the fact that she might never get to see her daughter again is knowing that Nina can't either.

Carly tells Morgan she doesn't want to talk about what happened between herself and Sonny. She just wants to focus on this beautiful little cherub and asks to hold the baby. Silas then enters and tells them they are all set. Carly asks for what. Morgan explains to his mom that the doctor has agreed to run a paternity test that Kiki has been able to legally authorize. Carly tells Kiki it's great that she will be able to answer a lot of questions that her family needs to know. Silas tells them all unfortunately, it won't be easy to prove given the fact that it could identify genetic markers that could be present if Morgan is either the baby's father or brother. To get a clearer picture, they will have to run some more extensive tests and it could take a long time to get an answer unless, of course they could test someone else; someone who is clearly either related to the baby or not. And the one person they know that about is Carly.

At Pentonville, Johnny tells Sonny whether he trusts Johnny or not, Sonny does not have a choice.

After the courtroom, Carlos leaves Julian while Alexis enters. She tells Julian she knows Carlos does not, himself, have the bail money. She knows, however, the people he works with do. So, she asks Julian, is he back in the business again? He asks her what she expects him to do since he's told her they do not have a future together.

Johnny tells Sonny if he does not come up with an answer in the next 24 hours, Sonny's brother is a dead man.

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