GH Update Friday 12/12/14

General Hospital Update Friday 12/12/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Julian is in his cell shirtless sand exercising when Alexis comes to see him. She remarks that he ”looks fit” but asks if he'd mind putting on a shirt. He asks her if she is getting “tempted”. She tells him she is not there for him. She is there for her daughter.

Sam is on the phone to Spinelli telling him about her serious need to find out who it was that held her hostage and enabled the man who killed her husband to get away with more crimes yet again. She reveals she's concluded who is may very well be, when she matched the voice of Jake when she spoke to him just recently, and she remarks to Spinelli if only she had the hard evidence to nail this guy.

Meanwhile, Jake goes to the Metro Court and finds a depressed Carly after her most recent visit to see Sonny at Pentonville. Remembering hearing about her failed wedding to Franco, he engages her into telling him that she failed to listen to everyone warn her about what a psycho Franco was until it was too late. So, now, she may be getting what she deserves for that. They have a conversation that would have anyone believing they know each other much better than they do when she talks about how things like this can sometimes force people to work harder to hang onto the people they love. But, she tells him that the person who is failing to hold on in all of this is Sonny.

Sonny is at Pentonville returning to his cell and Johnny asks him how was his visit with Carly. Sonny asks him if he's now keeping track of Sonny's guests. Johnny tells Sonny he realizes he (Sonny) has many women but Carly is the only one would make a drive all the way out there and sit in a prison waiting to see him. He asks Sonny if there's been any word on “baby Corinthos” or, he asks is it “Jerome”? He remarks that it must really suck to be at the desperate mercy of a bunch of crazies with nothing Sonny can do about it.

Ava, Morgan, Kiki and Silas go to the place where they can find Franco, Nina and the baby. Franco goes outside the house with what appears to be the baby wrapped in a blanket inside his coat when Dante and the cops find and catch him. Dante demands he give up the baby. He tells Franco he should not even consider taking off because there is nowhere to go. Although Dante threatens to shoot him in the back if he departs, Franco calmly tells him he seriously doubts that he will go through with that when he is holding a baby. Not far away, Ava and the others rush to see that her baby is right there in Franco's arms.

In Julian's cell, he tells Alexis that he did anticipate being confronted by her or by Molly regarding Ric. He tells her he deeply regrets getting Ric falsely accused and convicted of crimes he did not commit in order to comply with his boss. He tells her, however, that he realizes, unfortunately, that it's too late now since Ric is dead. Alexis then clarifies to him he's wrong about that. Ric is alive. Hearing that, Julian is startled realizing it's news to him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth sees Sam, asks her if she's ok after being held hostage and informs her she heard and saw it all on the news. Sam assures her she's fine although she might have an idea who the guy was who held her hostage in order to help Faison escape.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Jake that the reason Sonny is locked up serving a life sentence for murdering AJ is because he pleaded guilty in order to get the DA to drop charges against her for her part in it.. She talks about how AJ was a drunk and a one-man wrecking crew and the night Sonny killed him, he found AJ attempting to strangle a woman with his bare hands. He seems to understand all too well as Carly tells him she helped Sonny cover it up for good reasons. Not just to save Sonny but for their son. She admits she's not ok with the fact that Sonny is not giving her a choice except to let him stay in prison. She tells Jake the last time she went to see Sonny, he told her he does not want her coming to visit him anymore.

In the prison, Johnny continues to taunt Sonny about how he's helpless to protect his own infant daughter or granddaughter from being kidnapped by maniacs. He laughs about how Sonny does not know whether he or his teenage son is the baby daddy. He laughs about how it would be awkward to have the whole Corinthos clan gathered for Christmas with the current situation of paternity. Sonny is able to wipe the humor off of Johnny's face by physically slamming him up against the wall and holding a sharp instrument to his throat. He tells Johnny he won't hesitate to cut his throat. Johnny continues to laugh telling Sonny he needs to know that this time, none of his cronies will come to his rescue, as they did before he got in there. He asks Sonny how it feels to be powerless. Sonny asks Johnny how he will feel with his tongue cut out of his head.

Julian asks Alexis how it could be possible that Ric is alive, that Anna has had everyone falsely believing he's dead after a cop shot him in self defense. She explains it was so that Ric could be in witness protection somewhere secretly, all of his friends and family would be safe and they could buy some time and hopefully flush out the really criminal in the mean time. He then tells Alexis now that Rick is alive, he no longer has the bear the burden of his death for the rest of his life. Also, now that they’ve found the real crime boss, Ric can now come out of hiding, get his life back and the people who loved him will feel a lot better knowing he's alive. Alexis tells him, however, it's not that simple. They have another complication. Ric has now disappeared.

When the cops, as well as Ava, Silas, Kiki and Morgan all surround Franco, he tells them if they come one step closer, he will “drop” the baby. They are all horrified to think that he would harm a baby but he protests he and Nina have done nothing wrong. The baby is theirs' and they'd all be fine if the people who want the baby would just leave them alone and let them get on with their lives. He reminds them that Ava is hardly fit to be a mother to the baby when she's in prison. She protests she has no intention of going to prison. She intends to be there for her baby. He reminds her that he does not believe a word she says about anything, remembering she ones professed she loved him yet she lied to him over and over again throughout the course of 20 years. She admits she was wrong and deserves to be punished but not like this. Her daughter needs her. She needs her family. Franco tells her the baby has a family. She has two parents who love her and will take care of her. She does not belong to Ava. She belongs to him and Nina, he tells her. Ava and Morgan face him while Dante and the cops point a gun at him. Silas goes to the door, knocks and calls to Nina who is inside.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Sam if she really believes she knows who grabbed her. Sam replies she is following up on a potential suspect. She's put some theories together and believes it's someone they both know. Elizabeth asks who. Sam replies it's her “friend”. Her house-guest, Jake.

Meanwhile Carly sits at the Metro Court pouring her heart out by confiding in Jake about all of Sonny's traits. She talks about how Sonny is mistaken to believe he can be “noble” by asking her to get out of his life and to sacrifice himself. That's crazy, she tells him because that is not who Sonny is. He listens intently, as if he knows Sonny as well as she does. He asks what Sonny is sacrificing himself for. She replies their son Michael who has cut them both of his life. He then informs her that he met Michael the night before the wedding that didn't happen, in the hospital. He admitted that he was just recovering from his traumatic brain injury and Michael told him he, also had that happen to him and was in a coma. He informs Carly that Michael gave him great advice about needing to ask one to help them even if they don't want to. She informs Jake that Michael is her first born and she doesn’t know what to do with him. He asks her what she thinks would be the best choice to make. Carly then remarks (just like she did with the Jason she knew) that he is asking for her opinion the way Sonny never did. She informs him that Sonny is making decisions for her about whether she can visit him. She loves Sonny and he is the father of her two sons and she may never see him again. Jake tells her he gets it. Although he's “never met” her ex, he knows Sonny is a powerful guys used to giving orders and being in charge and maybe cutting her off and sending her back to her son is the only power he has left, he tells her. She then tells Jake, that she needs to get another drink. She remarks that she doesn't have a bartender on staff right now and she needs to hire another one. He then tells her that is part of the reason why he is there. He's looking for a job. She then tells Jake she'd like to see him in action and see if he can make a decent martini.

Sam talks to Elizabeth at the hospital about her suspicions of Jake Elizabeth cannot believe that a guy with whom she has had no suspicions whatsoever, could be the man who held her hostage, who shot Detective West and who fled in the van driving Faison away so he could get away with his crimes. Sam tells her she believes that is the case.

While Carly is talking to Jake and watching him prepare drinks. Carlos Rivera enters and does not look like he wants them to continue their happy exchange.

Alexis tells Julian that the latest she's now heard is that Ric has disappeared and nobody knows what happened to him. Right when she was ready to tell Molly the joyous news, she heard that from Anna.. She heard that a bomb went off where Ric has been staying and there was no sign of him. Julian asks her how she thinks that could have happened. Alexis asks him to tell her and informs him she has good reason to believe that he caused what happened to Ric.

Johnny Zacchara and his friends surround Sonny and he tells Sonny he knows he has a lot on his plate. His family is crumbling while he's locked up in here. He tells Sonny he needs to have somebody take over his organization. Who better to run it than himself, he tells Sonny?

Silas attempts to talk to Nina through the door although she refuses to answer it. He tries to “sweet talk” her by telling her that it's just the two of them. She just has to open the door Outside, Ava similarly tries to plead with Franco to do whatever he wants to her but please don't hurt the baby. The cops point guns at him. He then sounds very calm and smug as he tells them he won't do things their way. He wants it to end with Ava and Morgan being miserable. He tells them if they want the baby so much they can have her and throw what appears to be the baby on the ground. Ava along with Kiki and Morgan are all horrified to think he would harm her baby. However, he reveals that he is only holding a bag of flour in a blanket to have them believing it's the baby. Ava demands to know where her baby is. Inside, Nina holds the real baby in a blanket and opens the door for Silas as soon as he tells her he wants to be with her and fulfill all her dreams. He comes in and asks her if this is “her” baby while he observes the little one. She tells him yes. Although she knows she did not have her biologically. But she was meant to be after her mom took her baby. He then tells her that she does, in fact deserve to have a baby. But with him instead of Franco. So he asks her if they can raise their little girl together and be the family they were supposed to be. He tells her he wants her to be happy and for all her pain to go away. She asks why he keeps on hurting her. He tells her that when he found out she lied to him, he was angry and couldn't get past it but now things are different. So, he asks her if he can please hold “their” daughter.

Outside, the cops push Franco to the ground and put him in hand-cuffs after he refuses to tell them where Ava's baby is. Kiki then urges him to stop playing these games. Is he doing to do the same thing to Ava that she did to him? She asks him where the baby is. He replies that she is inside with Nina. Dante and the cops place him under arrest and list the charges of stalking, assault and kidnapping of a child and he reads Franco his rights.

Sonny talks to Johnny about how his idea about “self improvement” and how Johnny thinks he can run the organization from inside the jail. Johnny tells Sonny he seriously doubts that Duke Lavery has the cinchonas to run the company. Sonny tells Johnny he can take it and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Alexis probes Julian for what he might know about what happened to Ric. He tells her he swears he had nothing to do with Ric's disappearance and didn't even know the man was alive until a few minutes ago. She then asks if he suspects Faison might know about it. He tells her it's possible but doesn't stand to reason since Ric wouldn't be a threat to Faison nor give him reason to have Ric killed.

Sam asks Elizabeth if she can vouch for Jake's whereabouts when he said he was out looking for work. Elizabeth demands she backs off, tells Sam she's not his babysitter and it's impossible for Jake to have committed the crimes. He has recently gotten out of the hospital with multiple broken bones, could barely walk and would not be able to do these crimes if he wanted to. Sam then asks Elizabeth how she can be so sure that Jake is a good guy. How well does she really know him?

At the Metro Court, Carlos furiously lashes out at Carly for the fact that he got falsely accused of a murder that Sonny committed. He tells her he wants her to suffer like he did and grabs a hold of her. Jake pushes him face down into the table and demands that he humbly apologizes to Carly. In response to that, Carlos does not dare argue with either of them and walks away when Jake tells him he needs to take his business elsewhere. Carly looks at Jake in awe and tells him that was incredible. He had her back. She tastes the drink he mixed, grimaces and tells him it appears bartending may not be his thing. But, she tells him, she'd be happy to give him a job on her security team. In response to that, he tells her he's a lover, not a fighter. She tells him he could have fooled her.

When Sam tells Elizabeth that since Jake has no memory nor identity, Elizabeth cannot rule out the possibility that he could be a dangerous criminal, Elizabeth tells her that makes no sense. Why, if that were the case, would he be hanging out right here in Port Charles after the alleged crime he committed, just waiting to get caught?

At Pentonville, Johnny tells Sonny now is the perfect time for him to take over the territory now that the boss is in custody, Julian is in jail, Ava is on her way there. Sonny tells him he doubts Jerome will roll over easy. Johnny tells him sure he will. He tells Sonny the wheels are already in motion

Julian tells Alexis all he needs is a decent lawyer. She tells him he may contact Diane. He reminds her that that would be a conflict of interests since she is representing Sonny. He tells Alexis he wants her back and won't give up yet she tells him that they are through. She is washing her hands of him and has to go. She tells him good luck and remarks that he needs it as she leaves.

Dante advises Kiki to keep a safe distance from Franco and no longer trust him. Franco tells Dante he would never hurt Kiki. He loves her. In response to that, Dante tells him that is amazing that he could say that when he knows that Franco has said the very same thing about Carly. He has the cops hand-cuff Franco while Kiki waits outside. He has the cops come with him and Ava and Morgan while Silas is in side “negotiating” with Nina.

Inside, Silas is able to convince Nina to believe she can trust him. He tells her he wants to bond with their baby and asks again if he can hold her. She then lets him hold the baby. She smiles and tells Silas the baby's name is Jamie and introduces the baby to her daddy. Ava and Morgan walk in. He grabs a hold of Nina while Silas lets Ava take the baby. Nina demands that Morgan lets go of her and screams at Silas to help her and that he needs to know that this is her baby and not Ava's.

Jake goes to find Elizabeth at the hospital. She asks him how the job search went. He tells her that Carly discovered if she hired him as a bartender, the alcohol consumption would plummet. Elizabeth looks at him and almost seems to consider what Sam has told her. He hesitates to tell her what Carly has discovered and wants to hire him to do. Elizabeth invites him to have lunch with her and they go off together. Not far away, Sam overhears their conversation.

While Kiki waits outside for the others, she asks Franco why he put wrapped a bag of flour in a blanket. He chuckles and tells her he has to resort to desperate means when seen to prevent people from calling the cops. He tells Kiki he can only imagine what she must think of him and it saddens him when he remembers they used to be close. Maybe she's right that he is all of the things she's now thinking of him. But, he tells her, they may never see each other again so he needs her to know why he's done this. He has not done it for himself. He did it for Nina.

Nina pleads with Silas to let her have her baby back and realize she does not belong to Ava. He ignores her and goes off with Ava while Morgan physically restrains Nina from going after them. As soon as Nina is out of range, Silas asks Morgan to let Nina go but he (Silas) then grabs a hold of her. She fights him and demands to know how he could betray her like that. He lied to he rand took her baby from her she tells him.

Ava happily holds the baby and asks Morgan if he does not think she is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. He tells her the baby is gorgeous. He looks a the little one, smiles and tells her she is a miracle and asks to hold her. Ava gives him the baby to hold.

Johnny tells Sonny no matter what he says, sooner or later he will do whatever Johnny wants. If he does not, Johnny tells him, he will cut up Sonny's brother piece by piece. Hearing that, Sonny is silent while Johnny informs him that Ric is alive and Johnny's got him.

As soon as Ava gives Morgan the baby to hold and expresses that she believes she will take her baby home and live happily ever after, Dante places her under arrest for the murder of Connie Falconeri and cuffs her behind her back.

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