GH Update Thursday 12/11/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/11/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Anna visited Nathan at GH. Nathan was frustrated to learn that there were no leads on Nina. He was convinced that she wasn't in her right mind and that she'd feel terrible if something happened to the baby. Anna assured him that they were working on tracking down Nina, Franco and the gunman who shot Nathan. While they talked, Elizabeth busied herself with paperwork. Anna admitted that they assumed the gunman had gotten on the boat with Faison, but she still had Dante canvassing the waterfront. Anna told Nathan to concentrate on getting better. She left. Liz made small talk with Nathan about the standoff and told him about Jake's comment that Sam could have been killed. Nathan was frustrated that he was stuck at GH instead of searching for Nina and the gunman. He asked Liz if she'd be willing to look the other way while he slipped out. Liz pointed out that his mom was her boss and that she'd probably get fired if Nathan snuck out on her watch. Nathan groaned, but he stayed put.

A woman walked in holding a plant in front of her face, which she then lowered; it was Maxie. Nathan smiled, but he reminded Maxie that she wasn't supposed to be there. Maxie replied that she was a hospital volunteer, giving her valid reason to be in his room. She sat on his bed and read the card to him – the plant was from Britt. Nathan wondered why Britt didn't bring it herself. Maxie wasn't sure, but she was glad Britt didn't, since it gave her an excuse to visit. Nathan was concerned that the judge would realize that Maxie just became a volunteer today. Maxie countered that she'd been a volunteer for at least ten years. She asked Liz to back her up. “Oh yeah. With a slight gap in the middle” Liz chimed in. Liz asked when the custody hearing was – it was tomorrow. Maxie was optimistic that she'd soon have Georgie and Nathan. Liz teased them to get a room, then she left. Maxie and Nathan kissed. They were interrupted when another nurse came in and gave Maxie some other assignments. Maxie left.

Anna ran into Dante at GH. Dante confided that Hooper, the ferry captain, was willing to tell the cops where he took Franco, Nina and the baby, in exchange for immunity. Dante wasn't sure Scott would sign off on a deal that might end in his son's arrest. Anna thought that Scott would be eager to distance himself from Franco and that he cared about his reputation more than his son. Anna contacted Scott. Scott made the deal, then he texted the location to Dante.

A panicked Nina cowered behind the door, while Franco tried to convince Zoe, his neighbor and fan, that she was mistaken about him being Franco. The star-struck woman didn't fall for the trick. Zoe asked if she could get a look at Franco's latest work of art – the baby. Franco claimed she was sleeping, and on cue, she started to cry. Nina brought the baby to the doorway. Zoe assumed that Nina was Franco's wife, and Nina and Franco played along. Zoe admired the child and noted that she didn't look like Nina and Franco. Nina and Franco insisted that the baby looked just like Franco did as a child. Zoe bought the lie, then she announced that she couldn't wait to tell everyone she met Franco. Franco explained that he was trying to stay out of the spotlight, and Zoe agreed not to say anything. She left. Nina wanted to run. Franco thought it was too risky to run without a plan. He was satisfied that Zoe wouldn't Google him or tell anyone about him. Nina argued that they had to protect their daughter. That resonated with Franco, and he told Nina he'd get rid of Zoe. Nina reminded Franco that he was a father and that he needed to be a good role model. Franco countered that Jaime was young and that she'd never know about this. He asked Nina if she wanted him to do it.

Later, Franco left the building carrying something bundled in a pink baby blanket. He was intercepted by Dante and two Mounties.

Ava, Silas, Kiki, Delia, and Morgan were at Ryan's in NYC. Ava asked Kiki and Morgan to put the horrible things she'd done aside and focus on finding the baby. Kiki and Morgan felt that Ava was minimizing her crime, and they were appalled. Silas assured them that Ava would pay for killing Connie, but he supported Ava's belief that the baby should be the priority. Delia asked Kiki and Morgan to give Ava and break and remember that this baby was their family. Kiki and Morgan relented. Silas had been contacted by someone who might have a lead on the baby. Just as he began to worry that the person wouldn't arrive, she walked in. It was Betsy Frank, Franco's adoptive mother. Betsy was hesitant to tell them anything about Franco, until Ava told her that Franco had kidnapped a baby. Betsy looked disappointed, and she admitted that Franco had kidnapped Liz's baby several years ago. Betsy, who didn't recognize Ava, theorized that Franco took the child because he was upset that the “hideous” Ava robbed him of his daughter Lauren. It was clear that Ava was uncomfortable, but she kept quiet. Silas clarified that he, and not Franco, was Lauren's father. Betsy wondered why that “harpy” had tormented her son. Ava introduced herself as the baby's mother and assured Betsy that they only wanted the baby and didn't want to get Franco in trouble. Just after Betsy agreed to help them, Delia slipped up and called Ava by name. Betsy accused Ava of ruining Franco's life. Ava argued that Franco was twisted long before she met him. Betsy changed her mind about helping out. Morgan introduced himself as the child's father. He assured her that he wouldn't let Ava near the baby. Morgan drew a comparison between what he felt and what Franco went through when he'd been separated from Lauren, and he begged Betsy to help. Betsy agreed.

Delia was elated that her granddaughter was going to be rescued. She acknowledged that it must be difficult for Betsy to inform on her son, and she told her that Ava appreciated it. Betsy snapped that she didn't do this for Ava, whom Betsy felt was a louse. Delia stated that both Ava and Franco seemed to be missing part of their moral compass, but Delia and Betsy loved them anyway. Betsy agreed that she loved Franco, but she wished he'd stop breaking the law.

At Pentonville, Sonny told Carly that he was breaking off all contact with her. Startled, Carly asked if he was breaking up with her. Sonny told her to go tell Michael that she regretted helping Sonny. Carly insisted that it wasn't a mistake and that she'd cover up his crime all over again. Sonny's eyes filled with tears and he told Carly how much he appreciated her allowing him to parent Michael. Sonny blamed himself for the destruction of Carly and Michael's relationship, and he felt that it was of utmost importance that she reconcile with her son. Carly insisted that Franco was to blame, not Sonny. Sonny maintained that he had to take responsibility for killing AJ and that Carly had to take responsibility for keeping the secret. He warned her that she would lose her son if she didn't. Carly thought it was very noble of Sonny to try and help her get Michael back, but she wondered what would become of her relationship with Sonny. “I love you and I know you love me,” she stated. Sonny reminded Carly that he'd be in prison for the rest of his life. He encouraged her to move on with someone else. Carly was adamant that she didn't want anyone but Sonny. Sonny pointed out that she'd said that before and gotten over it. Carly insisted that she was serious. According to Sonny, Carly loved with her whole heart. Sonny found that endearing about her. He added that he known she wasn't serious about Franco, because she never would have been drawn in by Sonny if she had been.. Carly regretted wasting so much time with Franco, and spending so many years away from Sonny. Sonny felt that they needed the years apart, so that they could finally find their way back to each other. Carly swore she'd never make the mistake of turning her back on Sonny again.

Frustrated, Sonny asked Carly to make this easy on him and move on. Carly tearfully asked if Sonny really wanted her to turn her back on him, and Sonny confirmed that he did. He urged her to walk away and get Michael back. Carly vowed to both get Michael back, and to make sure Michael reconciled with Sonny. Sonny wanted Carly to go find someone who'd make her happy. Carly was angry that Sonny expected her to walk away after he'd spent months telling her that they belonged together. Carly made it clear that she intended to keep visiting Sonny. Sonny told her he'd decline the visits. The thought of never seeing Sonny again made Carly cry, and she insisted that she couldn't do it. Sonny told her that if she loved him, she would do it. He assured her that he loved her and always would, then he told her to go and don't look back. Carly wanted to argue, but Sonny hung up the phone and turned away. When Carly left, Sonny wept. Sonny had a series of flashbacks of recent meaningful moments with Carly.

Sam was at the Metro Court. Jake happened to be there, waiting for Carly. He accepted Sam's invitation to wait with her. Spinelli sent Sam some surveillance video from the PCPD. Sam was hopeful that she'd be able to ID the man who held her hostage and freed Faison. Jake decided to leave Sam to her work. Sam assured Jake that he could stay, but she warned him that she was looking at hacked material and that staying could put him on the wrong side of the law. Jake stayed, and he and Sam watched the video of her being taken hostage. Afterward, Jake asked Sam if she was okay. Sam was disappointed that the video didn't yield more clues; all she could tell was that the gunman had a very common build. Jake noted that it could even have been him. Sam smiled and asked if Jake had an alibi for that night. Jake replied that he'd been job hunting, then he checked and made sure Sam didn't really think it was him. Sam assured him that she didn't. She wished Jake luck with the job search and hoped that Carly hired him. Jake said he could wait. “It's not like I haven't got all day,” Jake said. Sam looked rattled, and she had a flashback to the gunman using a similar phrase. Jake noticed and asked if she was okay. Sam announced that she should go. She hurriedly gathered her things and rushed out. Later, Carly arrived. She went straight to the bar to pour herself a drink, but her hands shook too badly to do it. Jake walked over and offered to help.

Fluke was on the pier. “Come out, come out wherever you are” he said. Helena emerged from the shadows, and Fluke greeted his partner. Fluke told Helena that the plan was working brilliantly; everyone thought he was the real Luke and that Faison had been the Fake Luke. However, Fluke thought that Faison's escape should have been more low key. Helena explained that she thought giving Faison a public, eye catching escape would help convince everyone that he really was the true mob boss. She was filled with admiration for the way her operative had carried it out. Helena did admit that Obrecht was angry that her son had been shot. Fluke was also concerned that a cop had been shot. Helena assured him that her operative had been careful not to kill Nathan and bring heat on himself as a cop killer. Fluke wondered if Helena's faith in her operative was misplaced, but Helena stated that the gunman was a total professional. Helena heaped praise on the “spectacular” way the gunman outmaneuvered the cops. Fluke asked who “soldier-boy” was. Helena didn't answer, and she asked if Fluke was jealous. Fluke grumbled that it wasn't a good idea to become involved with the help. Helena told Fluke that he shouldn't feel threatened. She assured him that soldier-boy wasn't his rival; he was a skilled operative who'd been “mentally conditioned” by a professional team. Helena revealed that soldier-boy had no memory of breaking Faison out or of her being his boss. “He is the perfect weapon to use against anyone who gets in our way,” Helena stated.

Fluke was annoyed that Michael turned down Fluke's offer to work at ELQ. Fluke thought that Michael was power-hungry, just like Sonny. Helena reminded Fluke that they owned 15.5% of the company. Fluke didn't think that the other shareholders would be willing to hand over their stock. Helena replied that they could use soldier boy, if necessary.

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