GH Update Wednesday 12/10/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/10/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is sitting at the coffee on the phone to Spinelli telling him she wishes there is someway to find out where Cesar Faison went when he escaped the other night and bring him to justice. She also informs him that a guy helped Faison escape who held her hostage at gunpoint to prevent the cops from stopping Faison and nobody has been able to find either of the two criminals.

Right then, Dante goes to the docks to ask a guy who operates boats if he's seen or heard or knows anything about Cesar Faison's escape by boat. The guy tells him he's never heard of a Cesar Faison and knows nothing about the escape

We then see the anonymous “Fluke” smirking while he reads the paper at the Quartermaine house. He's very confident that he has beat the charges and nobody will suspect him now that they all mistakenly assume they have found their man who is Faison and not him. Right then, we see Michael walk in and the Fluke knows he needs to be on his guard and continue to have everyone believing he is the real Luke.

Carly goes to visit Sonny in the jail. He has visible cuts and bruises on his face after being assaulted by Johnny Zacchara's men. She is horrified and asks who did this to him.

We see Ava in her bed awakening to Silas telling her that they have found her baby. She sees the little one, smiles at her and holds her, rejoicing in having her precious beautiful baby girl back and that everything is going to be alright. Ava is blissfully happy until she discovers that it's just a dream she is having when she awakens into reality. Silas is there and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she had a dream that she got her baby back. Now she knows that her precious baby is still with those maniacs, Nina and Franco.

Right then, Nina is afraid the baby is gone when she cannot find her. But Franco assures her that the baby is right there, safe and sound. Nina holds her and affirms she wants to name her after Jamie Somers, after the bionic woman. She tells Franco she was just afraid of what could potentially happen, admitting to him that these last few weeks have been some of the best in her life and she's just scared that maybe they could lose all they have

Kiki and Morgan are out looking for Ava's baby and they go to the restaurant where Delia (her grandmother) works. She sees Kiki, hugs her granddaughter and remembers her as Lauren.

Dante asks the guy on the docks why it is that he'd know nothing about Cesar Faison using his boat to escape the cops nor know that Cesar is an international terrorist nor anything about Cesar spending the last year impersonating Luke Spencer when the real Luke has been unlawfully locked up at Miscavige.

The Fluke tells Michael that he's really happy to be back and may owe him an apology. Michael asks about what. He tells Michael that Tracy informed him that Faison put Michael through hell posing as the real Luke. Michael tells him it's not a big deal to him compared to what happened between him and Sonny.

Dante tells the guy who runs the boats on the docks that he suggests he cooperates with this investigation. The guy reaffirms he knows nothing about Luke Spencer or Cesar Faison and has not had a chance to find out anything. Dante then shows him the picture of Cesar and informs the guy that right before it happened, an unidentified man wearing a ski mask helped Cesar escape and drove away in the police van and they have yet to find out who he is or where either this guy or Faison are now.

We then see Sam on the phone asking Spinelli if there is some way he could hack into the security camera to possibly identify that masked man who held her hostage and helped Faison get away. Right on cue, Jake/(Jason?) gets off the elevator and overhears her conversation. He hears her saying she wants to get a good look at that bastard who used her to free Jason's killer.

When Kiki and Morgan go to visit Delia, she asks if this is Michael, her granddaughter's boyfriend. When she sees that is not his name, Delia assumes that she got Kiki's boyfriend’s name wrong He tells her no. His name is Morgan. She then assumes she got the wrong name of Kiki's boyfriend although they explain that she was in a relationship with Michael which has now ended

The Fluke avoids Michael's eye when he tells him he did hear that Corinthos (speaking of Sonny in a harsh manner that the real Luke never did) killed AJ. He tells Michael he's so sorry for his loss and reflects that it must have been terrible for him to find out that his real father is dead and “Corinthos” is responsible. He tells Michael he believes Sonny acted like a coward with no honor and prison is too good for him

Carly tells Sonny, in the jail, that she cannot bear being separated by glass especially now that somebody has hurt him. Sonny tells Carly she need not worry about him and tells her his main concern is finding the baby.

When Delia hears that Kiki broke up with Michael she tells her she's sorry but is glad so see she's “back up on the horse”, observing Morgan and remarks “a good looking one at that”. They clarify that she and Morgan are not currently dating although they were married for a very short time. They admit to her that they are there together on a mission involving finding a baby that could be his that has been kidnapped. Hearing that and remembering that Ava's baby also got kidnapped, Delia remarks that is a “real coincidence”. They explain to her, however, that it was not a coincidence. It's the same baby.

While with Nina and baby Jamie Somers, Franco assures her that everything will be ok for the 3 of them and promises they will not lose him. Nina tells him she's just a bit nervous, now that they have the baby, that somebody might come knocking on the door. He tells her she must trust him that nobody will come knocking on the door. Right then, they hear a knock. Franco goes to get it while Nina and the baby hide.

With Ava, Silas tells her he won't give up until they find the baby. She remarks she cannot believe that he is there with her after all she's put him through. She tells him she is afraid they will be on a wild goose chase, she tells him.

When Sam is on the phone to Spinelli at the coffee shop, Jake (Jason?) comes by and asks to talk to her. She suspects nothing about him and he tells her he knows she was taken hostage last night. He and Elizabeth saw the footage on the news. He asks her if she might know who the gunman is since it appears the cops have no leads.

Right then, we see Dante on the docks with the guy whom he suspects might know about how Faison was aided and abetted in his escape. When he continues to tell Dante he knows nothing about it, Dante angrily pushes him up against the wall and tells him that Faison is an international criminal. Last night another unseen man drove him to the docks where he fled by sea. Dante informs him that his partner has been shot so the guy better start talking. The guy tells him however that he does not know of any person name Faison but knows of another criminal with a last name beginning with an F.

Carly informs Sonny that they have finally found out who Julian's mystery boss is. it's Faison who has been pulling Julian's strings and committing crimes by impersonating Luke Spencer.

The Fluke seems to surprise Michael in telling him that although Sonny is his “friend”, he knows all about Sonny's dirty dealings. Michael is intrigued and finds it odd to hear that Luke who has never spoken ill of Sonny before is now talking unlike he's ever heard Luke to talk before. Luke tells Michael that while being stuck in prison, it changed many of his values. He reminds Michael that Sonny murdered AJ and got away with it

Delia assesses that Morgan had an affair with Ava although he was previously married to Kiki who was Ava's daughter. She finds it odd to find out that Ava later turned on him and slept with his father. She tells him she's sorry about his dad and knows it's no fun to love someone who is behind bars. She also tells them she is sorry about Ava. She asks if they might suspects that she is hiding Ava. She tells them that she would never do that. Ava is her daughter but she knows that Ava committed murder. She assures Kiki and Morgan that she has not seen Ava or anyone who knows her set foot in her establishment. They are able to spot Ava and Silas walk in the door together wearing shades. Kiki goes up and talks to them and tells her father that it is not ok with her that he is helping Ava get away with murder. Morgan tells Ava he feels the same way. She reminds Morgan that he protected her from Sonny when he was after hear. Morgan clarifies to her, however, that as soon as he heard that she murdered Connie and set AJ up to take the rap for it, he told Sonny where to find her.

Carly talks to Sonny on the phone at the jail.

Michael talks to The Fluke about how apparently Faison has Tracy believing he was the real Luke and persuaded her to hand over company money to Larry Ashton. The Fluke assures Michael that he would never do anything as sick as making a pass at a girl young enough to be his daughter. He is surprised to hear that Michael no longer has any contact with Kiki. They have broken up.

At Delia's restaurant, Morgan tells Ava that she lied to him and to Kiki and to Sonny. She murdered Sonny's fiancÚ and framed and innocent man for the crime. She protests to Morgan that he needs to care about finding a baby that is either his sibling or child. She has been taken by Franco who's a psychopath. He asks what Ava's excuse is for her behaviors when she blames everyone except herself for everything. She reminds him that Sonny has threatened her and wants his men to kill her as soon as she has the baby. Does ;he want that? He tells her he does not want her dead but he does want her brought to justice for what she did.

When Sam sees Jake (Jason?) approach her while she's on the phone to Spinelli, she tells him she has to go but asks Spinelli to please “work his magic”. She greets Jake (Jason?) He tells her he hopes he is not interrupting anything there. She suspects nothing and they have a friendly conversation. He jokes that she appears very cheerful for someone who was taken hostage just last night. Sam asks him how he'd know about that. He replies he and Elizabeth saw the footage on the television.

Dante is not going to let the guy on the docks lie to him. He furiously pushes him up against a wall and demands to know what he knows about the escape of Faison and the masked man who helped him. He tells the guy he better start talking or he will be spending some time in prison with them. They guy reminds Dante he already told him he knows nothing but he can point him in the direction of someone else. Another criminal. He tells Dante the name starts with an F.

Franco gets the door when the knocking continues and has Nina and the baby hide from sight.

Meanwhile, Silas tells Ava that there might be a lead at the local coffee shop. So, he encourages her to go with him and see what they can find.

Carly admits to Sonny she's sorry to tell him that there has been no progress made in finding his baby. She also informs him, for the first time, that although Cesar Faison was assumed to be in a maximum security prison in Switzerland for over a year, they discovered that is not the case and uncovered a secret. Sonny asks her what she is talking about. She then tells him that Julian's crime boss who has been pulling all the strings all this while is Faison and he has been posing as Luke Spencer.

Michael tells The Fluke (whom he believes is the real Luke) that he remembers Luke being friends with Sonny for a long time and that Luke was a silent partner in Sonny's club. Michael finds it odd to hear “Luke” telling him he's glad that Sonny is locked up, believes he's a greedy criminal and reminds Michael all he knows about Sonny's sordid history involving taking Michael from AJ when he was born and eventually setting out to kill him. The Fluke tells Michael that although he used to think well of Sonny, being locked up in a mental ward throughout the last year can change things. He then decides to change the subject and talk about less serious things. Michael tells him he needs to go. The Fluke tells Michael before he goes, there is something he needs to discuss with him.

Delia asks Morgan and Kiki to let her get it straight about his being married to Kiki who is Ava's daughter. Later on, he slept with Ava and then Ava “turned” on Morgan and slept with his father, and confirms that he is Sonny Corinthos' kid. She tells him she's sorry about his dad knowing it's no fun to have someone you love behind bars. She also knows the issue with Ava committing murder and being on the run. She then asks them if the reason they have come there is to find out if she is hiding Ava. She assures them that although Ava is her daughter, she does not overlook the fact that her daughter is wanted for murder and tells them that Ava has not set one foot in this establishment since she’s known that Ava's on the run. Kiki and Morgan are able to see Ava and Silas walk in together wearing shades and hats. Kiki rushes to her father and demands to know if he lied to her when they last spoke and he told her he had not seen or heard from Ava. Ava urges her daughter not to be angry with Silas. He is helping her find her daughter who is Kiki's baby sister. Kiki asks her mom if that is really her main concern or if she's just using that to cover herself and get away with murder. Ava then asks Morgan if he is not equally concerned as she is because this baby could be his. He tells her he cares about the baby but no longer about her. She tells Morgan she knows he must still have some feelings for her because he hid her from Sonny. He clarifies he did that before learning that she murdered Connie and lied about it. After finding that out, he gave her up to Sonny and encouraged his father to find her.

Sonny asks Carly if he has it straight that Faison was posing as Luke Spencer. She tells him she should have seen it when she could clearly tell that this imposter was not behaving like her uncle Luke. She admits she is getting most of this information from Lulu. And, she tells Sonny, he needs to know that Faison was faking Luke's identity to try to take over Sonny's territory. Sonny assures her that his territory is well taken care of and Faison will have to pay for what he did to Jason as well as what he did to Luke and asks if she has spoken to her uncle. She admits a little bit and she now knows that Luke is now safe and sound at the Quartermaine's where he belongs.

When The Fluke talks to Michael about Cesar Faison scamming everyone into believing he's Luke, Michael remarks it was hardest on Tracy. She believed she was back with the man she loved and trusted him to hand over her shares of ELQ stock to Jerry Jacks and Larry Ashton. The Fluke reflect that it's “just terrible” that those 3 criminals have teamed up and now have 15% of his company. Michael tells him it could have been worse since Tracy was willing to give them more. She wanted to save Luke. The Fluke then tells Michael because of what happened, he has to prove that he is not the guy who used his face. He assures Michael he would never do anything as sick as making a pass at a girl young enough to be his daughter like Kiki. He tells Michael, he'd really like a chance to apologize to her the next time she comes over to see Michael. Michael then informs him that he and Kiki are no longer together and he does not plan on seeing her any time soon.

Morgan tells Ava she has lied to him and to Kiki telling them the reason she was hiding from his dad was because he knew Sonny killed AJ, which Morgan now knows is a load of crap. The reason she was hiding from Sonny is because she murdered Connie who was a wonderful woman and very special to his father. Connie never did anything to Ava yet Ava murdered her so Ava better not stand there and make it look like she's the victim. He tells her he's not going to play her game anymore but she tells him she is afraid because her daughter, who might also be Morgan's is out there with those two insane lunatics. He tells Ava that Nina is certifiably crazy and Franco is a psychopath but what is her excuse? She remind him that he betrayed her by giving her up to Sonny knowing his father was going to kill her as soon as the baby was born. She asks Morgan if he really wanted to see her dead.

The guy on the docks informs Dante that Franco chartered his boat a few weeks ago. He noticed he was there with a woman and a baby whom he did not expect but later decided to flee with. Dante asks the guy where he took them.

Franco opens the door and holds a big frying pan. He then lowers it to see an innocent looking young girl who does not appear to be a cop or anyone who'd get them in trouble nor even know them. She tells him she saw him outside with that adorable baby and notices he dropped a mitten. She tells him it's cold and she did not want the baby to get frost bite. He then shuts the door but she urges him to wait and asks if she has not seen him before somewhere.

Morgan replies to Ava that of course he does not want to see her dead but believes she should pay for what she did. She should be tried, found guilty and sent to prison for the crime she committed. She then asks them both if that is the reason why they came there. Kiki answers no. They are there to find the baby.

When the girl at the door remarks to Franco that he looks familiar like she's seen him before, he dismisses her and wants to shut the door in her face.

The guy on the docks tells Dante that he needs some incentive in order to help him find the missing baby, that the cops won't prosecute him. He tells Dante his word is not enough. He needs the details in writing.

Kiki explains to her mom and her dad that she and Morgan thought perhaps they could find someone who might have a connection to Franco while there or to possibly run into one of Franco's old friends from the art world.

The Fluke tells Michael he needs to take back his identity and prove that he is the real Luke Spencer. He knows the damage that Faison did to all of them and he'd like to repair it. Michael can then tell that “Luke” is implying that he would like to work for the company. The Fluke knows he needs to sound like the real Luke with his misgivings about the corporate world and ELQ. Michael tells him there might some complications since a guy wearing his face has been committing crimes. The Fluke then tells Michael for that very reason, he wants to prove himself.

Sonny tells Carly he is not worried about his safety even if she is. She tells him even if he deserved to go to prison, he does not deserve to be assaulted. He tells her he does not want to exhibit any signs of weakness. He assures her he knows how power works and that he can make all his fellow inmates respect him and not want to threaten him. She then promises him she will get on Anna Devane about finding his baby and if that doesn't work, she will go to the mayor. She tells him she hopes she has good news for him the next time she visits. Sonny tells Carly he does not want her to come back.

Sam talks comfortably to Jake (Jason?) about how Faison killed her husband. She wanted to be able to tell her son that the man who took his father has been brought to justice but now she won't have the chance to do that. This masked gunman took that from her. She remarks how this guy was a pro. He knew perfectly how to use her as a human shield to prevent the cops from doing what they needed to do. He knew of the perfect time to shoot one of the detectives and she knew he did not intend to kill the Nathan but knew how to perfectly distract the others to enable him to get away. He knew what he was doing. It was very calculated. She tells Jake (Jason?) that the cops are no match for this guy and it's not realistic to think they can apprehend him. He was a pro. She's sure that Faison paid him well but she does not want to give him a chance to spend it. He asks her if she intends to find the gunman. She informs him that she has resources that the cops don't. She tells him about her friend, Spinelli and asks if Jake (Jason?) might know him. He says he does not but Sam informs him that Spinelli probably has the best computer skills and hacking capabilities of anybody on earth. And, she informs Jake (Jason?) assuming she can trust him with the information she is about to give him, that she asked Spinelli to see if he could use the footage from the subservience camera to identify the gunman who helped Faison escape. He then asks her how long she'd estimate until Spinelli can come up with the goods. She tells him she thinks it will be quick and she asks why he's now at the Metro Court and if he's still staying with Elizabeth. He admits he was looking for work and might apply with the owner of The Metro Court. Sam asks him if he might know Carly. He admits he met and spoke to her before she was ready to marry Franco. They both reflect they believe Carly is much better off without Franco. Sam admits she did not understand why Carly would want to marry that guy in the first place. Jake (Jason?) sounds like he knows better than anyone, all about Carly and the fact that she is not over her ex. They also talk about Sonny being in prison for murdering his son's biological father and it appears this guy who's never met nor heard of Sonny has a bond with him that only Jason would know.

At the restaurant, Ava urges Morgan and Kiki to forget just for a while that she is a fugitive just long enough to find her baby.

Dante is having problems getting help from the guy who might know where Franco and Nina went with the baby.

The girl at the door tells Franco she knows who he is.

The Fluke “plays nice” to Michael but as soon as he is alone, he remarks that Michael is a power hungry no good person just like his father and vows that both father and son are going down. He then gets a call and tells the caller that the two of them have a lot to discuss.

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